Steam Leak Leads to Asbestos Worries in Boston

by Sokolove Law

In the midst of hosting the campaign headquarters for a U.S. presidential candidate and preparing for a potential nor’easter, the city of Boston is dealing with an asbestos exposure issue following a downtown steam pipe break early Wednesday morning.

Shortly after 1 A.M., Boston firefighters responded to an underground steam leak near the Haymarket T stop, which is part of the city’s subway system. The T stop was closed, as well as some nearby streets, as the hazardous materials cleanup got underway.

By the morning commute, some streets near the explosion site remained closed.

Asbestos exposure is a concern following steam pipe explosions because the pipes are often lined with insulation that contains asbestos. This concern is heightened even further in cities where pipes may be older and therefore surrounded by antiquated insulation that contains asbestos.

Boston’s response to the pipe explosion and potential release of asbestos could also be negatively affected by a number of inconvenient circumstances for the city. The explosion occurred blocks from the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, where Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney had just finished delivering his concession speech.

Additionally, only one week after being hit by stormy weather caused by Superstorm Sandy that caused damage across the region, Boston is in line to get hit by a nor’easter on Wednesday and Thursday. Any bad weather that hits the area could not only worsen any asbestos issues that were caused by the explosion, but also impede workers from quickly containing any dangerous asbestos products.

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