Town Hall Requires Additional Asbestos Cleanup

by Sokolove Law

The discovery of more asbestos products in the town hall of Woodstock, NY during renovations has led to an expansion of the project that will cost the town nearly $15,000 more than expected.

According to The Daily Freeman, the renovations of Woodstock Town Hall were originally expected to include a budget of $46,000 for asbestos removal from the building.

We knew all along there was asbestos in there, said Town Supervisor Jeremy Wilbesaid. Obviously we didn’t know there was as much as there is and this is just part of the gig. In almost every single old building you’re going to find asbestos in it.

After renovations got underway, officials learned that secondary testing had revealed 20 to 25 percent more asbestos in the building than the budget had initially accounted for. According to Wilbesaid, an overwhelming majority of the asbestos found in the building was friable and located in the air ducts.

In order to cover the additional asbestos abatement needs, the Town Board approved an additional $11,894 for the asbestos removal, along with $1,885 more for air monitoring, the development of a removal plan, and post-removal inspections.

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