Treatment Options For Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is an incurable disease but it does not get worse over time. Although it is possible that complications can come up due to abnormal muscle tone and other issues. Below are different treatment options for those with cerebral palsy to improve their quality of life.

  • Physical Therapy

    Muscle Training and exercises can improve strength, balance, and mobility eventually leading to a greater sense of independence.

  • Medication

    Medications can serve to relax tight muscles as well as reduce tremors and muscle spasms. Botox and phenol have been used to reduce areas of muscle spasticity.

  • Orthotic Devices

    Cerebral Palsy makes it so a child’s muscles don’t grow at the same rate as their bones. Special braces can help a child’s muscles to grow along side growing bones at a similar rate.

  • Surgery

    Sometimes surgery on muscles, tendons, nerves, or joints is necessary to place child with cerebral palsy’s arms or legs in the correct position. Surgery can also help facilitate sitting or walking, improved ability to use one’s hands, and decrease pain.

  • Speech Therapy

    Not only can speech therapists help to improve speech and language skills, but in certain circumstances other means of communication can be taught.

  • Hearing Aids, Eyeglasses, & Eye Surgery

    Hearing aids can improve hearing where there may be difficulty. Some people who suffer from cerebral palsy have difficulty focusing their eyes together properly. Glasses have been known to help correct this problem but in some instances surgeries on the eyes have been used.

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Last modified: June 23, 2009