UN Headquarters Undergoing Asbestos Abatement

by Sokolove Law

Like many older buildings, the United Nations headquarters in New York City still contains potentially dangerous asbestos products that are only now being removed as part of a $2 billion renovation project.

According to the Associated Press, the UN headquarters is currently undergoing its first major renovation in its 60-year history ago. While many of the renovations are intended to increase the building’s security and safety in the event of a terrorist attack, asbestos abatement is a project that is being undertaken as well.

The abatement process has not been without its missteps, some of which may have put UN employees at an increased risk of developing illnesses such as asbestosis or mesothelioma. Some asbestos abatement work in the building began before U.N. staff were able to move from their offices to a temporary work location. The mistake led to accusations by the U.S Staff Union that the workers had been lied to about their safety during the construction.

Any level of asbestos exposure can be dangerous and increase the odds of developing an asbestos-related illness later in life.

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