Volkswagen Sued in Consmer Fraud Lawsuit

by Sokolove Law

Volkswagen Consumer Fraud LawsuitVolkswagen Group of America Inc. is being sued in a class action consumer fraud lawsuit by a California man claiming the automaker’s vehicles go through motor oil at an unusually high rate.

According to Law360 (subscription required), Young Kim alleges that after he purchased a new Audi A4 in 2010, the car’s low oil light came on often, even when the oil had recently been changed. He claims that service workers at the dealership told him that it was normal for the vehicle to burn through a quart of oil every 1,000 miles.

The consumer fraud lawsuit alleges that the vehicle should not burn through oil at such a high rate and that the problem should be covered under warranty, but the company refuses to do so.

Kim charges Volkswagen with breach of express warranty, fraud, unfair business practices under California law, and negligent misrepresentation.

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Photo courtesy of Christian Giersin via Wikimedia Commons.

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