Worker With Mesothelioma Gets Payout from University of Cambridge

by Sokolove Law

The University of Cambridge offered a compensation payout to a worker who was employed to tear down an old building on campus and claims he was exposed to asbestos that resulted in his mesothelioma diagnosis.

The BBC reported that the university improperly handled the destruction of a barn in 2008 that was part of a larger project to construct a new building for the Kavil Institute for Cosmetology. Sixty-five-year-old Bob Murphy worked on the barn destruction, and claimed that he was given only a paper mask and a special hoover to protect himself from any dangerous asbestos fibers that he encountered.

Murphy was not the only worker on the campus to notice the dangerous working conditions. Some university workers secretly filmed as products being ripped out of the barn were left out in the open, allowing any asbestos in them to potentially be released into the air.

As for Murphy, he was later diagnosed with mesothelioma, and eventually claimed in his lawsuit that the asbestos exposure at the university led to his illness.

“I was just a worker. At the end of the day you’re given a job and you just get on with it and now in hindsight I would have touched nothing, he told the BBC. “I am suffering because of my ignorance.

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Photo courtesy of Benjah-bmm27, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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