Workplace Injury Lawsuit Ends in $4.8 Million Award

by Sokolove Law

A workplace injury lawsuit has resulted in a New Jersey jury awarding $4.8 million to the family of a man who was injured in a truck accident that his former employer was found to be liable for.

According to the Gloucester County Times, James Wilkerson was injured in 2005 while he was on the job for Campbell’s Express operating a pallet truck. The vehicle’s electronic breaking system failed and hit a steel shelving rack that Wilkerson was pinned against. He suffered severe injuries to his abdomen, which led to complications and a number of surgeries.

Eighty percent of his bowels had to be removed and he had to be given nutrients through a port in his body, which led him to develop infections. He died in 2009.

The jury found that Campbell’s Express was 75 percent responsible for the accident due to the malfunction of the company’s equipment.

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