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Propecia Side Effects – Male Infertility

Propecia’s Affect on Hormones

Stopping male pattern baldness and re-growing hair is what Propecia appears to do. It does this by blocking the production of a male hormone, dihydrotesterone (DHT), which may the key to male pattern baldness.

Side Effects of Propecia

Any drug, including one that affects hormones, has the risk of side effects. What you may not have been told were some of the potential Propecia problems, including male infertility. This specific reproductive problem often shows up as low sperm count. In fact, sperm count is one of a number of tests that fertility specialists use to diagnose and treat male infertility. Low sperm count is a known side effect of Propecia.

Propecia Male Infertility Lawsuit

If you have experienced male infertility while taking, or following treatment with, Propecia, you may consider a Propecia male infertility lawsuit. Request a confidential consultation with Sokolove Law today, by completing the form on this page. Our Propecia lawyers may be able to help you.