California Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in California to find any companies you may have worked for.

B F Goodrich Company Bom Press Line 5400 East Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles
B S P Corp Subs Envirotech Co Brisbane
B. J.s. Doe San Francisco
B.f. Goodrich Chemical Company Long Beach
B.f. Goodrich Company Los Angeles
B.f. Goodrich Company Commerce
B.f. Goodrich Company, B.o.m. Press Line, 5400 East Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles
B.h. Loveless San Francisco
B.h. Loveless Company Alameda
Baash Ross Tool Co Los Angeles
Babcock Wilcox La Mirada
Babcock Wilcox San Francisco
Babcock Wilcox Alhambra
Babcock Wilcox Benecia
Babcock Wilcox La Mirada
Babcock Wilcox San Francisco
Babcock Wilcox Mexico
Badger Co. Los Angeles
Bahrein Petroleum Co. San Francisco
Baker Commodities Los Angeles
Baker Iron Works Los Angeles
Bakersfield General Hospital Bakersfield
Bakersfield Refining Company Bakersfield
Balaklala Consolidated Copper Mining Company Redding
Balaklala Consolidated Copper Mining Company Coram
Balboa Brewing Co (aka Chief Brewing Co), Los Angeles
Balboa Brewing Company Los Angeles
Balboa Tsps Center 7500 Balboa Arms Drive San Diego
Balboa Water Treatment Plant Los Angeles
Baldwin Hills Sausalito
Baldwin-ehret-hill, Inc. Daly City
Ball Corporation El Monte
Banchero Restaurant 20102 Mission Hayward
Bandini Fertilizer Co Vernon
Bank Of America 1 Powell Street San Francisco
Bank Of America 1 South Van Ness 6th Floor Mechanical Room San Francisco
Bank Of America 1 South Van Ness San Francisco
Bank Of America 1200 A Street Hayward
Bank Of America 1450 Mission Street San Francisco
Bank Of America Santa Barbara
Bank Of America 1715 3rd Street Santa Rosa
Bank Of America Anaheim
Bank Of America San Francisco
Bank Of America Pinole
Bank Of America San Rafael
Bank Of America 2225 Quimby Road San Jose
Bank Of America 300 Montgomery Street San Francisco
Bank Of America 315 Montgomery Street San Francisco
Bank Of America 4120 Sam Pablo Avenue Emeryville
Bank Of America 6065 Thorton Avenue Newark
Bank Of America 8th Broadway Oakland
Bank Of America Bon Air Magnolia Larkspur
Bank Of America California Street San Francisco
Bank Of America Garage California Van Ness San Francisco
Bank Of America Grand Lake Branch Oakland
Bank Of America Market New Montgomery Streets San Francisco
Bank Of America Market Street Van Ness San Francisco
Bank Of America Noriega 38th Street San Francisco
Bank Of America Stockton Washington San Francisco
Bank Of America Sunset Vine Hollywood
Bank Of America Washington Petaluma Boulevard Petaluma
Bank Of America World Headquarters San Francisco
Bank Of America World Headquarters 555 California Street San Francisco
Bank Of America Computer Center San Francisco
Bank Of America Headquarters San Francisco
Bank Of America Hoffman Plaza San Francisco
Bank Of America World Headquarters San Francisco
Bank Of California San Francisco
Bank Of California J Street Sacramento
Bank Of La Jolla La Jolla
Bank Of La Jolla Ivan Hoe Avenue La Jolla
Bank Of Marin 1108 5th Avenue San Rafael
Bank Of Montreal 333 California Street San Francisco
Bankline Oil Company Bakersfield
Bankline Oil Refinery Bakersfield
Banneker School Los Angeles
Banning Company Los Angeles
Baragua Sugar Estates Baragua
Barbara Lykes Oakland
Barber-greene Company South San Francisco
Barclays Bank 111 Pine Street San Francisco
Bard Parker 14300 Winchester Boulevard Los Gatos
Barium Products Modesto
Barnes-hind Laboratory 895 Kifer Road Sunnyvale
Barnsdall Oil Company Ellwood
Barnsdall Oil Company Newhall
Barnstable South San Francisco
Baron Industries Los Angeles
Barrett And Hilp Belair Shipyard San Francisco
Barrington Mobar Inc Torrance
Barrington Plaza Apartments Los Angeles
Barron-gray Packing Company San Jose
Bartlett Snow Pacific Brisbane
Bartlett Snow Pacific San Francisco
Basalt Basalt Rock
Basalt Napa
Basalt Rock Company Napa
Basic Vegetable Plant Vacaville
Bates Marine Line San Pedro
Bates Trucking Cottonwood
Battenfeld Grease And Oil Corporation Compton
Battery Exchange San Francisco
Battle Creek Victory Richmond
Baxman Gravel Company Fort Bragg
Bay And River Navagation Co Pier 3 San Francisco
Bay And River Navigation Company, Pier 3 San Francisco
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Ashby Station Adeline Ashby Streets Berkeley
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Ashland Avenue Underpass Pumping Station Hayward
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Berkeley Station Shattuck Center Streets Berkeley
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Cash Handling Building 515 8th Street Oakland
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Civic Center Station Market Hyde Streets San Francisco
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Concord Station Concord
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Fremont Station Fremont
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power North Berkeley Station Berkeley
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Orinda Station Orinda
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Pleasant Hill Station Pleasant Hill
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Powell Street Station 830 Market Street San Francisco
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Rock Ridge Station Keith College Avenues Berkeley
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Walnut Creek Station Ygnacio Valley Road Freeway 680 Walnut Creek
Bay Brand Shrimp 240 Enterprise Newark
Bay Cities Asbestos Oakland
Bay Cities Water Company Coyote
Bay Harbor Hospital Harbor City
Bay Photo Company Oakland
Bayfair Shopping Center Bakery Shop- East 14th 155th Avenue San Leandro
Beacon Oil Company Hanford
Beagles Manufacturing Co. El Monte
Beale Afb Yuba County
Beale Air Force Base Roseville
Beale Air Force Base Marysville
Beale Air Force Base Yuba County
Beardsley And Clark Genesse
Beatrice Victory Richmond
Beavers Industrial Furnace Long Beach
Bechtel Wilmington
Bechtel Building 350 Mission Street San Francisco
Bechtel Building Front Street San Francisco
Bechtel Corporation El Segundo
Bechtel Corporation Richmond
Bechtel Corporation San Francisco
Bechtel Corporation Torrence
Bechtel Corporation San Francisco
Bechtel Corporation Los Angeles
Bechtel Corporation San Ofre
Bechtel Corporation San Francisco
Bechtel Corporation For Union Oil Callender Spur
Bechtel Corporation- Los Angeles
Bechtel Mccone Corporation Los Angeles
Bechtel Power Corporation San Francisco
Bechtel Power Corporation Huntington Beach
Bechtel-price-callahan San Francisco
Bechtel, Edison Steam Plant El Segundo
Bechtel, Union Oil Oleum
Bechtel, Union Oil Rodeo
Beckford Junior High School Porter Ranch
Beckman Instruments Palo Alto
Beckman Instruments Fullerton
Beckman Instuments 1117 California Avenue Palo Alto
Beech Nut Packing Company San Josa
Beech Nut Packing Company San Jose
Beeson Engineering Co Los Angeles
Bel Arbor Apartments 300 Davey Glenn Road Belmont
Belair Market Fair Oaks
Bell And Howell Company Irvine
Bell Foundry South Gate
Bell Oil And Refining Santa Maria
Bell Telephone Labs Newburgh
Bellamine Residence Hall Elm Univeristy Streets San Jose
Bellridge Oil Company Bakersfield
Belmont High School Los Angeles
Belmont Hills Psychiatric Hospital 1301 Ralston Avenue Belmont
Belmont Pump Station Pulgas Tower Belmont
Belmont School Belmont
Belmont School San Francisco
Belmont Tool Company Belmont
Belridge Hills Sausalito
Belridge Oil Co Mckittrick
Belridge Oil Co. Los Angeles
Belvedere Junior High School Lausd Los Angeles
Benda Tool Model Works Berkeley
Bendix Hollywood
Benicia Industrial Benicia
Benicia Industrial Park Benicia
Benjamin D Wilson Terminal Island
Benjamin E. Piza Costa Rica
Benjamin Franklin Terminal Island
Benjamin Franklin Junior High San Francisco
Benjamin Franklin School 2385 Trusdale Millbrae
Benner Madrone Schools Sunset Mckinley Avenues Sunnyvale
Benz Engineering, Inc. Montebello
Bercut Richards Packing Company Sacramento
Bercut-richards Packing Co Sacramento
Berg Iron And Metal Corporation (aka Berg Foundry Los Angeles
Berg Metals Company Los Angeles
Bergie Plumbing 3570 Haven Avenue Redwood City
Bergman Manufacturing Company 632 Irwin Street San Rafael
Beringer Brothers Winery 2000 Main Street Saint Helena
Berkeley City College Oakland
Berkeley Forge Tool Berkeley
Berkeley Library 774 Gragmont Avenue Berkeley
Berkeley Public Health Building Berkeley
Berkeley Steel Construction Berkeley
Berkeley Victory Richmond
Berman Steel Co Watsonville
Bermuda Building 2150 Franklin Street Oakland
Berry Mccarthy San Francisco
Berry Mccarthy Shipping Los Angeles
Berry Victory Richmond
Berwin Victory Richmond
Besco Elementary School Lot 1040 Tract 2950 Pleasanton
Best Foods, Inc. San Francisco
Best Fertilizer Lathrop
Best Fertilizers Rathrop
Best Fertilizers Company Lathrop
Best Foundry Alameda
Bethel Fellowship Hall Golden Gate Avenue Laguna San Francisco
Bethlehem Pacific Coast Steel Corporation San Francisco
Bethlehem Pacific Coast Steel Corporation Alameda
Bethlehem Shipbuilding San Pedro
Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation San Francisco
Bethlehem Shipyard Wilmington
Bethlehem Shipyard San Pedro
Bethlehem Steel Pinole
Bethlehem Steel San Francisco
Bethlehem Steel Terminal Island
Bethlehem Steel Alameda
Bethlehem Steel San Pedro
Bethlehem Steel Vernon
Bethlehem Steel Los Angeles
Bethlehem Steel Wilmington
Bethlehem Steel Pinole Point
Bethlehem Steel Galvanizing Plant Richmond
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard San Francisco
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard San Pedro
Bethlehem Steel (aka Bethlehem Pacific Coast Steel Corporation) Vernon
Bethlehem Steel Company Pinole Point
Bethlehem Steel Company Pinole
Bethlehem Steel Corporation Terminal Island
Bethlehem Steel Corporation Alameda
Bethlehem Steel Corporation Maywood
Bethlehem Steel Corporation Richmond
Bethlehem Steel Corporation Vernon
Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Shipbuilding Division San Francisco
Bethlehem Steel Shipbuilding San Francisco
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard Alameda
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard Monterey Park
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard San Francisco
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard San Pedro
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard Los Angeles
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard Wilmington
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard Long Beach
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard (aka Bethlehem Pacific Coast Steel Corporation) San Pedro
Bethlehem Steel Yard San Francisco
Bethlehem Steel, Alameda Alameda
Bethlehem Steel, Bethlehem Shipyard San Francisco
Bethlehem Steel, San Francisco San Francisco
Bevan Porcelain Company Los Angeles
Beverly Hillcrest Los Angeles
Beverly Hills Hotel Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills Hotel Los Angeles
Beverly Hills Hotel (sunset Blvd) Beverly Hills
Beverly Manor Convalecent Hospital 100 Oddstead Tuolomme Vallejo
Bf Goodrich Los Angeles
Bf Goodrich Chemical Co Long Beach
Bf Goodrich Company Norwalk
Big Creek Power Company Watsonville
Big Three Industries Etiwanda
Big West Of California, Llc Bakersfield
Bigelow Liptak Los Angeles
Biggs Crane And Rigging Company San Leandro
Bilicke Rowan Fireproof Building Company Los Angeles
Bill Williams Welding Shop Long Beach
Billy Sunday Terminal Island
Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles
Bimini Bath Los Angeles
Biochemical Laboratories Hollywood
Bird Son Martinez
Bird Son Wilmington
Bird And Sons Inc Wilmington
Birmingham General Hospital Van Nuys
Birmingham High School Van Nuys
Bishop Company Los Angeles
Bixby Hotel Long Beach
Black Angus Los Angeles
Black Dragon Richmond
Black Panther Company Americus
Blackies Blacksmith And Welding Shop Burbank
Blackstone Apartment Hotel Los Angeles
Blagen Lumber Company White Plains
Blagen Lumber Company Toyton
Blankenship Terminal 64th Street Emeryville
Blaw Knox Construction Company Anaheim
Bliss And Laughlin Los Angeles
Blood Bank Florio Street Claremont Avenue Oakland
Bloomquist Oil Service Redwood City
Blossom Hill Hospital Hot Water Tank 350 Desoto Drive Los Gatos
Blue Anchor Building Sacramento
Blue Bird Laundry Los Angeles
Blue Print Exhaust Pacific Highway San Diego
Blue Seal Linen Supply Co Los Angeles
Blue Shield Building San Francisco
Bluefield Victory Terminal Island
Bm Holt Co Alhambra
Board Of Education Shop Building 834 Tollen Street San Francisco
Board Of Trustees Palo Alto
Boaz Plumbing Co Inglewood
Bob Leaverton Plumbing Anaheim
Bohemian Club San Francisco
Boiler Drum Richmond
Boiler House Rest Room Fullerton
Boise Cascade Corporation Ukiah
Boise Cascade Corporation Ft. Bragg
Boise Cascade Corporation- Fort Bragg
Boldmann Chocolate Company 1515 Pacific Street Union City
Bonanza Store Mac Donald San Pablo Avenues Richmond
Bone Engineering Corporation Burbank
Borax Boron
Borax Plant Wilmington
Borden Chemical Co Los Angeles
Borden Chemical Co Fremont
Borden Chemical Company Dominguez
Borden Chemical Company Newark
Borden Chemical Company Union City
Borden Chemical Company 38083 Cherry Street Newark
Borel Estates Office Building El Camino Borel Avenue San Mateo
Borel Estates Office Building #3 Bovet Road Borel Avenue San Mateo
Boro-solvay Company Boro Solvay
Boron Refinery Lancaster
Boss Uniform Rental 777 139th Avenue San Leandro
Bouder Carpet Palo Alto
Boulll Sausalito
Bovee Crail Construction Fountain Valley
Bowdoin Victory Richmond
Bowie Pie Co Los Angeles
Bowman School Mission Jefferson Hayward
Boyd San Pedro
Boys And Girls Aid Society San Francisco
Bradbury Building Los Angeles
Bradford San Pedro
Brand Whitlock Terminal Island
Brantley Sales Service Emeryville
Bray Chem Co Los Angeles
Bray Chemical Co Los Angeles
Brayley Elementary School 675 Gail Avenue Sunnyvale
Brea Chemical Brea
Brea Chemicals Inc Brea
Brentwood Middle School First Street Brentwood
Bret Hart School 1099 East Street Hayward
Bridgeport Brass Co Riverside
Brigham Victory Richmond
Bright Foods Turlock
Bringham Victory Richmond
Bristol San Pedro
Broadway Powerhouse (pasadena Wtr And Pwr Dept)
Broadway Steam Plant Fuel Oil Storage Pump Facility Pasadena
Brock Glass Santa Ana
Brock Glass Irvine
Brockway Glass Company Oakland
Brockway Glass Company Pomona
Brockway Glass Company 8717 G Street San Leandro
Brooks Staff Office Room 3430 2700 Watt Avenue Sacramento
Brookside Hospital Richmond
Brookside Medical Building 2023 Vale Road San Pablo
Brown Boveri Company Seal Beach
Brown Company 2435 Lafayette Street Santa Clara
Brunswick Radio Corp. Hollywood
Buckeye Pacific South San Francisco
Buckeye Victory Terminal Island
Buckingham And Hecht San Francisco
Bud Antle Holtville
Bud Antle Watsonville
Buds Cooling Corporation Watsonville
Budweiser Brewery San Fernando Valley
Budweiser Brewery Van Nuys
Buena Vista Hills Sausalito
Buffalo Brewing Company Sacramento
Buffalo Mechanical 1245 Space Park Way Mountain View
Building 24 Air Conditioning Point Loma San Diego
Building 864 North Island
Bullock Jones Mezzanine 340 Post Street San Francisco
Bullocks Department Store Pasadena
Bullocks Palm Springs
Bullocks Pasadena
Bullocks Stanford Center 200 Arboretum Road Palo Alto
Bullocks Steam System 135 Constitution Drive Menlo Park
Bullocks Wilshire Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles
Bumstead Woolford Co. San Francisco
Burbank Canning Co Burbank
Burbank High School Burbank
Burbank Powerhouse Burbank
Burbank Victory Richmond
Burdett Oxygen Company Los Angeles
Bureau Of Electricity Grand Clement Street Alameda
Bureau Of Yards Docks Navy Mare Island
Bureau Of Yards Docks Hunters Point
Bureau Of Yards And Docks Mare Island
Burke Rubber Company 2250 South 10th Street San Jose
Burlingame City Hall Bellevue Primrose Avenue Burlingame
Burlingame Intermediate School 1715 Quesada Way Burlingame
Burlingame Recreation Center 850 Burlingame Avenue Burlingame
Burlingame Waste Water Treatment Plant Old Bayshore Burlingame
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway San Bernardino
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Los Angeles
Burlington Northern-santa Fe Los Angeles
Burlington Tricot Fabrics Pomona
Burn Pacific Cucamonga
Burney Lumber Company Truckee
Burnham Chemical Company Westend
Burns Steamship Co Wilmington
Burry Biscuit Bakery 6655 Knott Avenue Buena Park
Bush Kearny Streets San Francisco
Bush St. Station San Francisco
Byington Steel Santa Clara
Byron Jackson Co Vernon
Byron Jackson Co Huntington Beach
Byron Jackson Co Long Beach