California Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in California to find any companies you may have worked for.

C H Sugar - Crockett
C F And I Steel Corporation - San Francisco
C F Braun - Los Angeles
C J Fagoni Meat - 19th Tennessee Street - San Francisco
C P O Club - Treasure Island
C T Supply Company - 41099 Boyce Road - Fremont
C. H. Sugar - Crocket
C. H. Sugar - Benicia
C. H. Sugar Refinery - Crockett
C. Itoh Textile Machinery, Incorporated - Cucamonga
C.a. Smith Lumber Company - Bay Point
C.c. Moore - San Francisco
C.c. Moore Company - San Francisco
C.f. Braun Company - Alhambra
C.f. Braun Company For Shell Oil - Martinez
C.n. Pickett - Calistoga
C.r. Fedrick, Inc. - Mckinleyville
C.w. Clark Walnut Grove - Sacramento
Cabrillo Ave. School - San Pedro
Cabrillo Avenue School - San Pedro
Cabrillo Bahia Apartments - Oxnard
Cabrillo Center - Point Loma
Cabrillo College - Aptoe
Cadwallader Gibson Commpany - Long Beach
Caelum - Terminal Island
Cal St. University - Hayward
Cal State University - Hayward
Cal Tech - Pasadena
Cal Tech - Los Angeles
Cal Tech Alles Laboratory - Pasadena
Cal Tech Campus, Central Plant #3 - Pasadena
Cal Themes - Inglewood
Cal Tuf Division - Alhambra
Calandor Pine Corporation - Alturas
Calaveras Cement - Calaveras
Calaveras Cement Co - Kentucky House
Calaveras Copper Company - Milton
Caldwell - San Francisco
Caldwell Banker - 57 Sutter Street - San Francisco
Calif State Prison Maintainance Dep - San Quentin
Califelt Insulation Manufacturing Company - Los Angeles
California Hawaiian Sugar Co. - Crockett
California Hawaiian Sugar Refinery - Crockett
California Hawaiian Sugar Refinery Aka Ch,american - Crockett
California Alabama Pipe Co - South Gate
California And Hawaiian Sugar Co - Crockett
California And Hawaiian Sugar Refining Company - Crockett
California And Hawaiian Sugar Refining Company - Port Costa
California And Hawaiian Sugar Refining Company - Brockett
California Aqueduct - Fish Protective Facility- San Joaquin Valley - Tracy
California Associated Raisin Company - Fresno
California Bear - San Francisco
California Blowpipe And Steel (aka California Steel And Blowpipe) - Los Angeles
California Canadian Bank - 340 Pine Street - San Francisco
California Canners Growers - Richmond
California Canners Growers - Merced
California Canners Growers - San Jose
California Canners And Grow - Richmond
California Cap Company - Stege
California Carbonic Co. - Los Angeles
California Carbonic Company - Los Angeles
California Carbonic Company - Bell Gardens
California Cedar - Stockton
California Cedar Products Company - Spur Stockton
California Cedar Products Company - Stockton
California Central Creameries - Arcata
California Central Creameries - Arleta
California Central Creameries - Ferndale
California Ceramics - Richmond
California Chemical - Richmond
California Chemical Company - Anaheim
California Chemical Company - Newark
California Chemical Company - San Francisco
California Clay Manufacturing Company - Los Angeles
California Club 528 S Flower St, - Los Angeles
California Conservation Center - Susanville
California Conservation Center - Lassen Country 7 Miles East Of Susa - Susanville
California Conserving Company - Hayward
California Consumers Corporation - Los Angeles
California Consumers Corporation - Pasadena
California Container Corporation - Vernon
California Container Corporation - Emeryville
California Container Corporation, Division Of Container Corporation Of America - Los Angeles
California Container Corporation, Division Of Container Corporation Of America - Vernon
California Cooperative Producers Company - Oakland
California Cotton Mills - East Oakland
California Cotton Mills - Oakland
California Cyanide Company - Cudahy
California Department Of Water - Edward Hyatt Hydroelectric Plant - Oroville
California Division Of Highways - Maintenance Station - Alimany Boulevard Richard Street - San Francisco
California Doran - Los Angeles
California Drop Forge - Los Angeles
California Electric Power Co - San Bernardino
California Electric Power Co - Highgrove
California Electric Power Co - Daggett
California Electric Power Co - Cool Water Plnt - Daggett Barstow Cool Water
California Electric Power Co - High Grove Plnt - High Grove/highgrove/colton
California Electric Power Co. - Riverside
California Electric Power Co. - Coolwater Unit No. 2 - Daggett
California Electric Power Co. - Highgrove Generating Station - Colton
California Electric Power Co/san Bernardino #1 - San Bernardino
California Electric Power Company - Highgrove
California Electric Power Company - Cool Water Steam Station - Daggett
California Farm Insurance Company - 2855 Telegraph Avenue - Berkeley
California Federal Bank -
California Fireproof Door Co - Los Angeles
California Florida Grower - Fremont
California Fruit Canners Association - San Francisco
California Fruit Canners Association - Los Angeles
California Fruit Processors, Llc - Stockton
California Gasoline Company - Santa Fe Springs
California Growers And Canners - San Jose
California Highway Patrol - San Bernardino
California Highway Patrol - Sacramento
California Industrial Company - Los Angeles
California Ink Company - Berkeley
California Ink Company - 711 Camelia Street - Berkeley
California Institute For Deaf And Blind - Berkeley
California Institute For Women - Corona
California Institute For Women - Chino
California Institute Of Technology - Pasadena
California Institution For Men - Chino
California Juice Company - Anaheim
California Lands Office Building - 260 Sheridan Birch Streets - Palo Alto
California Marine Curing And Packing Co - Terminal Island
California Mart - 110 East 9th Street - Los Angeles
California Meat Company - 750 Brannan Street - San Francisco
California Medical Facility - Vacaville
California Metal Enameling Company - Los Angeles
California Milk Products Company - Gustine
California Oil Mining Corporation - San Luis Obispo
California Oil Purification Co - Ventura
California Oregon Paper Mill - Vernon
California Original Ceramics Co. - Torrance
California Packing - Oakland
California Packing - San Leandro
California Packing Co - Santa Ana
California Packing Co - San Diego
California Packing Co - San Pedro
California Packing Co - Terminal Island
California Packing Corporation - San Jose
California Packing Corporation - Berkeley
California Packing Corporation - Fruitvale
California Packing Corporation - Oakland
California Packing Corporation - San Francisco
California Packing Corporation - San Leandro
California Packing Corporation - Stockton
California Packing Corporation - Yuba City
California Packing Corporation - Kingsburg
California Packing Corporation - Emeryville
California Packing Corporation - Sacramento
California Packing Corporation - Tuba
California Packing Corporation - Kingsburgh
California Paper And Board Mills - Antioch
California Paper Board Mills Plant - Antioch
California Paperboard Corporation - Santa Clara
California Peanut - 500 Ohio Street - Richmond
California Petroleum Co - Watson
California Petroleum Refineries - San Francisco
California Physicians Service - 1 Beach Street - San Francisco
California Pipe Services - San Jose
California Podiatry Hospital - Eddy Street Farren Street - San Francisco
California Polytechnic School - San Luis Obispo
California Portland Cement - Mojave
California Portland Cement - Colton
California Portland Cement Co (aka Clamat) - Colton
California Portland Cement Co. - Mojave
California Portland Cement Company - Colton
California Powder Works - Pinole
California Redwood Company - Humboldt
California Rendering Company - Vernon
California Research - Richmond
California Roto - Los Angeles
California Sanitary Canning Company - Los Angeles
California Savings Loan - 830 Market Street - San Francisco
California School For Deaf And Blind - Sacramento
California School For Deaf And Blind - Berkeley
California School For The Deaf Blind - Fremont
California Sea Products Company - Moss Landing
California Shipbuilding - Terminal Island
California Shipbuilding - Wilmington
California Shipbuilding - Long Beach
California Shipbuilding Dry Dock - Long Beach
California Shipbuilding Dry Dock - Terminal Island
California Shipbuilding Dry Dock - Wilmington
California Shipbuilding And Drydock Co - Long Beach
California Shipbuilding, Terminal Island - Long Beach
California Shipyard - Terminal Island
California Shipyard - Wilmington
California Shipyard - San Pedro
California Sorghum And Syrup Products Company - Modesto
California State Auto Association - 565 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard - Larkspur
California State College - Carson
California State Correctional Facility - Susanville
California State Polytechnic College - San Luis Obispo
California State Polytechnic College - Steam Distribution - San Luis Obispo
California State Polytechnic University - Pomona
California State Prison - San Quentin
California State University - North Ridge
California State University - Chico
California State University - Sacramento
California State University - Founders Hall - Arcata
California State University - Northridge Campus - Engineering Building - Northridge
California State University East Bay - Music Building - Hayward
California State University East Bay - Pioneer Gym - Hayward
California State University East Bay - Robinson Hall - Hayward
California Street Cable Railway Company - San Francisco
California Stucco - Los Angeles
California Sweep Company - San Jose
California Technical Institute - Los Angeles
California Technical Institute - Alfred Street - Santa Clara
California Trucking - Bayshore Highway Broadway - Burlingame
California Vegetable - Modesto
California Water Service Co. - Stockton
California Wine Association - Fresno
California Wine Association - Richmond
California Youth Association - Stockton
California Youth Authority - Chino
California Youth Authority - Paso Robles
California Youth Authority - Stockton
California Zonolite - Los Angeles
California/alabama Pipe Co (capco) - South Gate
Calistoga Electric Light And Power Company - Calistoga
Calistoga Electric Light And Power Company - St. Helena
Callaghan - San Pedro
Callaway (apa-35) - San Francisco
Callifornia Flax Mills - Oakland
Calloway - San Francisco
Calmat - Colton
Calmo Engineering Company - Terminal Island
Calmo Engineering Company - Los Angeles
Calo Pet Food - Oakland
Calstrip Steel Corporation - Los Angeles
Caltech - Pasadena
Caltex Boiler Works - Inglewood
Caltrans Maintenance Station - Kyburz
Camarillo State Hospital - Camarillo
Cambria Spring - San Francisco
Camino Alto Medical Building - Sycamore Drainage Canal - Mill Valley
Camp Anza - Arlington
Camp Cook - Lompoc
Camp Pendleton - Oceanside
Camp Pendleton (western Elec.) - San Clemente
Camp Pendleton Marine Base - Oceanside
Camp Ross - San Pedro
Camp Ross - Wilmington
Campbell Industries - San Diego
Campbell Industries Shipyard - San Diego
Campbell Machine - San Diego
Campbell Machine Shipbuilding Repair - San Diego
Campbell Soup - Sacramento
Campbell Soup Company - Sacramento
Campbell Soup Company - Pescadero
Campus Shops - San Diego
Can Ritefood Products Company - Modesto
Canadian Industries Ltd - Toronto
Canner's Steam Plant - Terminal Island
Cannon Electric - Los Angeles
Canoga Park Elementary School - Canoga Park
Cape - San Pedro
Cape Catawba - San Pedro
Cape Davies - Point Loma
Cape Davies - Building 560 - Point Loma
Capital Building - Sacramento
Capital Gas Company - Sacramento
Capital Metals Co - Livermore
Capital Westward Inc - Paramount
Capitol Foundry - Los Angeles
Capri Theatre - Willow Pass Road Market - Concord
Captain John D.p. - Sausalito
Captain N.b. Palmer - Terminal Island
Carad Chemical Corporation - Palo Alto
Carbassemo Products Company - Burbank
Carbide Carbon Chemical Company- Torrance
Carbide Carbon Chemicals Company - Torrance
Carbide And Carbon Chemicals Corporation - Torrance
Cardinal Newman Gym - 50 Mark West Springs Road - Santa Rosa
Cardinal Newman High School - Santa Rosa
Career Academy - Fox Plaza Market Hayes Streets - San Francisco
Cargill Company - 3rd Street - Oakland
Cargill, Incorporated - San Francisco
Caribbean Refining Corporation - San Juan
Carleton Victory - Richmond
Carlisle Company - 1st Floor - 2nd Harrison Street - San Francisco
Carlsbad Powerhouse - Carlsbad
Carlton Ellis - Terminal Island
Carlton Forge Company - Paramount
Carlton Forge Works - Paramount
Carmel Valley Manor - Carmel
Carnation - Oakland
Carnation Co - Culver City
Carnation Company - North Hollywood
Carnation Company - Los Angeles
Carnation Company - Stockton
Carnation Company - Gustine
Carnation Company - Gustine
Carnation Company - Oakland
Carnation Company, Contadina Foods Division - San Jose
Carnation Milk Products Company - Oakland
Carnation Milk Products Company / J.h. Spohn Company - Stockton
Carolina - Sausalito
Carrier Corporation - Los Angeles
Carson High School - Torrance
Carson High School - Los Angeles
Carson Oil - Carson
Carson Yard - Wilmington
Cascade Carbon - Bakersfield
Cascade Laundry Company - Los Angeles
Casper's Industries - Oakland
Casper's Machine Shop - Oakland
Cassin Young - San Pedro
Castilleja School - Dormitory Class Room Building - 1310 Bryant Street - Palo Alto
Castle Air Force Base - Merced
Castle And Cooke Limited - San Francisco
Castlemont High School - 2351 84th Avenue - Oakland
Castlewood Country Club - 707 Country Club Circle - Pleasanton
Castro Valley Community Center Building - 18988 Lake Chabot Road - Castro Valley
Catahoula - Terminal Island
Catalina Island Brick And Tile Company - Catalina Island
Caterpillar Tractor Company - San Leandro
Cathedral At The Crossroads - Castro Valley
Cathedral School For Boys - Jones Sacramento Streets - San Francisco
Cavanaugh Machine Works - Wilmington
Cbs / Columbia Broadcasting System - Hollywood
Cbs Steel And Forge (aka California Blowpipe And Steel Co) - Vernon
Cc Moore And Co Engineers - Los Angeles
Cedar Sinai Medical Center - Los Angeles
Cedars Of Lebanon Hospital - Los Angeles
Cedars Sinai Hospital La Cienega/3rd, - Los Angeles
Celestial - Oakland
Celite Company (jm) - Long Beach
Celite Company (jm) - Lompoc
Celotex - Los Angeles
Cement Plant - Big Bear
Cement Plant - Mojave
Cement Plant - Tehachapi
Cementos Guadalajara S.a. - San Diego
Center Mall - San Bernardino
Centerville - Oakland
Centerville Junior High School - Fremont Boulevard - Fremont
Central Bag And Supply Co - Los Angeles
Central Heating And Cooling Plant - Pasadena
Central Library - 2635 Homestead Road - Santa Clara
Central Plant, Boiler #2, Central Plant - Pasadena
Central Plant, Central Plant #1 - Pasadena
Central Plants Incorporated - Los Angeles
Central Police Station - San Francisco - San Francisco
Central Repair Shop - Yermo
Central School - 525 Middle Road - Belmont
Central Screw Co - Sonoma
Century City Service Center - Los Angeles
Century City Service Center - West Los Angeles
Century City Shopping Center - Century City
Century Metalcraft Manufacturing - Los Angeles
Century Oil Co - Long Beach
Century Plaza Hotel - Los Angeles
Ceramic Products Corporation - Huntington Beach
Ceramics By Aline - Norco
Certain Teed Products Company - Riverside
Certain-teed Products Corp. - Riverside
Certainteed - Richmond
Certainteed - Riverside
Certainteed - Santa Clara
Cetus - Richmond
Cf Braun - Alhambra
Cf Braun Co. - Alhambra
Cf Braun Co. - Brea
Chabot College - Soil Testing Laboratory - Hayward
Chaffey Union High School - Ontario
Chaffey Union High School District - Ontario
Chalmette And Gramercy - Los Angeles
Champion Building Products - Anderson
Champion Oil Refinery - Wilmington
Champion Packages Company - 425 Hester Street - San Leandro
Champlin Oil Refinery - Wilmington
Champlin/union Pacific Oil - Wilmington
Chanslor Lyons - Warehouse - Valey Drive - Brisbane
Chapel Of Sunset - 2532 Irving Street - San Francisco
Chapman Metals - Chino
Charles C. Moore And Company - San Francisco
Charles Coutant - Richmond
Charles E Smith - Richmond
Charles E Wardman Co - Compton
Charles J Folger - Richmond
Charles M. Conrad - Richmond
Charles P Steinmetz - Richmond
Charles Pfizer Inc - Cushenbury
Charles R. Mccormick Company - San Diego
Charles R. Richards - San Diego
Charleston Navy Yard - Charleston
Chas Pfizer And Co - Victorville
Chase Nusery Company - Riverside
Chasular Elementary School - Lincoln Street - Chasular
Chatham Iron Metal - Savannah
Cheleb - Richmond
Chemical Milling International Corporation - El Segundo
Chermetron Corporation - Cardox Division - Co2 Tank - San Diego
Cherry Valley School - Cherry Street - Petaluma
Chevrolet Division Of General Motors Co. - Los Angeles
Chevrolet Motor Company Of California - Oakland
Chevron - Richmond
Chevron - El Segundo
Chevron - Research Laboratory D - 6th Floor - Richmond
Chevron Asphalt Company - 4525 San Leandro Street - Oakland
Chevron Chemical - Richmond
Chevron Chemical Company - Richmond
Chevron Oil - El Segundo
Chevron Oil - Richmond
Chevron Oil - San Francisco
Chevron Oil - Laboratory D - 6th Floor - 576 Standard Avenue - Richmond
Chevron Oil - San Pablo Avenue - San Pablo
Chevron Oil Company - San Francisco
Chevron Oil Refinery - Richmond
Chevron Oil Refinery - Wilmington
Chevron Oil Refinery - San Francisco
Chevron Oil Refinery - El Segundo
Chevron Products Company, #1 Power Plant - Richmond
Chevron Refinery, Standard Refinery - Richmond
Chevron Research - Richmond
Chevron Shipping - Los Angeles
Chevron Shipping - San Pedro
Chevron Usa Inc (standard Oil) - El Segundo
Chicago - Vallejo
Chicago Bridge Iron - Fremont
Chicago Bridge Iron Shipyard - Eureka
Chicago Bridge And Iron - Eureka
Chicksan Co - Brea
Chico State College - Chico
Chico Water Company - Chico
Child Care Center - 8th Street - Richmond
Children`s Hospital - Los Angeles
Children`s Hospital - San Francisco
Children`s Hospital - Building A - 5th Floor - 3700 California Street - San Francisco
Children`s Hospital Of Los Angeles - El Segundo
Children`s Receiving Home - Industrial Highway - Martinez
Childrens Hospital - Los Angeles
Childrens Hospital (vermont Ave) - Los Angeles
Chilton - South San Francisco
China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station - China Lake
China Lake Naval Ordnance Test Station - China Lake
China Lake Naval Ordnance Test Station - Building #14530 - Boiler Plant #4 - China Lake
China Lake Naval Ordnance Test Station, Building #14530, Boiler Plant #4 - China Lake
China Victory - Terminal Island
Chinese Ymca - 855 Sacramento Street - San Francisco
Chino Basin M.w.d. - Cucamonga
Chino State Prison - Chino
Chino Valley Beet Sugar Company - Chino
Chowchilla Water District - Chowchilla
Chp Main Building - Sacramento
Christ King Church - Gregirt Kabe Brandon Road - Pleasant Hill
Christensen And Lyons - South Gate
Christian Brothers - Redwood Road - Napa
Christian Brothers Of California - Napa
Christian Church - Torrey Pines
Christian Ladies Homes - 251 28th Street - Oakland
Christopher Dairies - 555 Fulton Street - San Francisco
Christopher L Sholes - Terminal Island
Chromalloy - Industry
Chromizing Co - Gardena
Chronicle Building - San Francisco
Chrysler Corporation - Maywood
Chryss Jane - Sausalito
Chula Vista Jail - Chula Vista
Chula Vista Power Plant - Chula Vista
Church Of Nazarene - Pasadena
Cia Supervisora De Ingenios - Central Algodones Camaquery
Cinclare Central Factory - Los Angeles
Circus Peanuts - San Francisco
Citadel Victory - Richmond
Citibank Bldg - Los Angeles
Citibank Building - Los Angeles
City Dairy - Pasadena
City Electric Company - San Francisco
City Hall - Long Beach
City Hall - Monrovia
City Hall - Room 12 - San Francisco
City Hall Annex - Los Angeles
City Linen Service - Los Angeles
City Of Alameda Municipal Lighting Plant - Alameda
City Of Berkeley - Firehouse #1 - 2442 8th Street - Berkeley
City Of Beverly Hills - Beverly Hills
City Of Buena Park Water Main - Intersection Of Orangethorpe Ave And Valley View St - Buena Park
City Of Burbank - Burbank
City Of Burbank -
City Of Burbank - Steam Elec Gen Plant - Burbank
City Of Burbank Powerhouse - Burbank
City Of Burbank Steam Plant - Burbank
City Of Glendale - Glendale
City Of Glendale -
City Of Glendale - Public Service Building - Glendale
City Of Glendale Power - Glendale
City Of Glendale, Public Service Building - Glendale
City Of Los Altos - Fire Station House - Almond Avenue - Los Altos
City Of Los Angeles - Harbor Steam Plant - Los Angeles
City Of Los Angeles - Haynes Steam Plant - Seal Beach/los Angeles
City Of Los Angeles - Scattergood Steam Plant - Playa Del Rey/los Angeles
City Of Los Angeles - Sludge Plant - Los Angeles
City Of Los Angeles Power - Sun Valley
City Of Los Angeles, - Los Angeles
City Of Modesto - Dept. Of Public Works - Modesto
City Of Pasadena - Pasadena
City Of Pasadena - Light Power Department - Pasadena
City Of Pasadena - Pasadena Power Plant - Pasadena
City Of Pasadena Power Plant - Pasadena
City Of Pasadena Water And Power - Broadway Steam Plant - Fuel Oil Storage Pump Facility - Pasadena
City Of Pomona, Pomona, Ca - Pomona
City Of Sacramento Sewage Pumping Station - Sacramento
City Of San Diego - San Diego
City Of San Diego - Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant - San Diego
City Of Santa Clara - Gas Turbine Station - Santa Clara
City Of Santa Rosa - West College Avenue Sewage Treatment Plant - Santa Rosa
City Of Signal Hill, - Signal Hill
City Of South San Francisco - Orange Memorial Park - Municipal Pool - Orange Avenue - South San Francisco
City Of Sunnyvale - Wastewater Treatment Plant - Sunnyvale
Civic Center - Los Angeles
Civil Service Employment Insurance Company - 989 Market Street - San Francisco
Ck Williams And Company - Lucerne Valley
Clara Consolidated Gold And Copper Mining Company - Los Angeles
Claremont College - Claremont
Claremont Hotel Company - Oakland
Claremont Hotel Company - Berkeley
Claremont Retirement Home - Claremont
Clark Chemical Company - Bartlett
Claus Spreckels Building - San Francisco
Clay Jones Apartments - San Francisco
Clayton Manufacturing - El Monte
Clayton Manufacturing Company - El Monte
Clearwater Victory - Richmond
Clement Building - 696 Trimble Road - San Jose
Clementina Apartments - San Francisco
Clemoore And Company - West Oakland
Cleveland Erectors - Wilmington
Cleveland Wrecking - San Francisco
Clever Casting - Cloverdale
Clift Hotel Company - San Francisco
Cliftons Cafeteria - Los Angeles
Climate Conditioning Corporation - Stanton
Climate Conditioning Corporation - Fullerton
Climax Uranium Company - San Francisco
Clipper Car Loading - San Pablo Yerba Buena Avenues - Emeryville
Clorox Company - 850 42nd Avenue - Oakland
Clougherty Brothers Meat Packing Co - Vernon
Clougherty Packing Company - Vernon
Cm Millwork Company - Arcadia
Cmi Industries - 610 Pastoria - Sunnyvale
Co-op Yard - Turner Court - Hayward
Coalinga Hills - Sausalito
Coalinga Mine Facility - Coalinga
Coast Fisheries Div Of The Quaker Oats Co - Wilmington
Coast Fishing Company - Wilmington
Coast Guard Mess Hall - Building 39 - Government Island - Alameda
Coast Guard Mess Hall - Building 9 - Government Island - Alameda
Coast Insulating Products - Los Angeles
Coast Packing Company - Vernon
Coast Painting - Watsonville
Coastal Machine Boiler Works - Wilmington
Coastal Sentry - Alameda
Coastal Services - Alameda
Coats Clark Inc - Toccoa
Coca Cola - 11th Mission Streets - San Francisco
Coca Cola - 1500 Mission Street - Po Box 880 - San Francisco
Cocos Restaurant - Los Angeles
Coen Company - Burlingame
Coen Company - Lampoe
Coen Company - San Francisco
Coen Company Inc - Burlingame
Coghlan - San Francisco
Colbergs Shipyard - Stockton
Cold Metal Products Company Of Ca, The - Los Angeles
Cold Storage Building 228 - San Diego
Coldwell Banker And Co - Los Angeles
Cole De Graas - San Francisco
Colgate Palmolive Company - Berkeley
Colgate Palmolive Company - Berkeley
Coline Gasoline Corp - Ventura
Coline Gasoline Corporation - Torrance
College Of Alameda - Aircraft Maintenance Training Facility - Oakland
College Of Marin - Lakspur
College Of Marin - Harlan Hall - Kentfield
College Of Marin - Olney Hall - Kentfield
College Of Marin Kentfield Campus - Olney Hall - Kentfield
College Of San Mateo - College Drive Skyling Boulevard - San Bruno
College Of The Redwoods Eureka Campus - Student Services - Eureka
College Plaza Market - Hillsdale Boulevard Scenic Way - San Mateo
Colley Engineers And Construction Company - Watson
Collier Carbon And Chemical - Brea
Collier Carbon And Chemical Corporation - Brea
Collier Carbon And Chemical Corporation - Wilmington
Collier Carbon And Chemical Corporation - Santa Maria
Collier Carbon And Chemical Corporation - Brea
Collier Carbon And Chemical Corporation - Brea
Collier Carbon And Chemical Corporation (aka Rt Collier) - Los Angeles
Collier Chemical Company - Brea
Collings School - Cupertino School District - 10301 Vista Drive - Cupertino
Collins And Webb - Los Angeles
Colonial - Richmond
Color America - Los Angeles
Colorado Fuel - South San Francisco
Colorado Fuel Iron Corporation - South San Francisco
Colorado Springs Victory - Richmond
Colton Cement - San Bernardino
Colton Cement - Colton
Columbia Geneva Steel - Pittsburg
Columbia Mills Inc The - Los Angeles
Columbia Phonograph - Los Angeles
Columbia Phonograph Company - Oakland
Columbia Pictures Studios - Los Angeles
Columbia Record Div Of Cbs Inc - Los Angeles
Columbia Southern Chemical Company - Bartlett
Columbia Steel - Pittsburg
Columbia Steel - 7th Street - Union City
Columbia Steel Co - Pittsburg
Columbia Steel Co - Torrance
Columbia Steel Co. - Pittsburg
Columbia Steel Company - Pittsburg
Columbia Steel Corporation - Los Angeles
Columbia Wolf - Terminal Island
Columware Incorporated - Lynwood
Combustion Engineering - Los Angeles
Combustion Power Co - Menlo Park
Combustion Power Co - Torrance
Combustion Power Co - Ivanpah
Commercial Air Conditioning - 500 Sansome Street - San Francisco
Commercial Box Factory - San Francisco
Commercial Enameling Company - Huntington Park
Commercial Iron Works - Los Angeles
Commercial Steam Power Works - San Francisco
Commercial Union Insurance Group - 410 Bush Street - San Francisco
Commonwealth Bank - 451 Montgomery Street - San Francisco
Community Hospital - Fresno
Community Laundry Service Ltd - Bellflower
Community Linen Rental Service - Santa Monica
Community Presbyterian Church - 222 West El Pintado - Danville
Compass - Terminal Island
Compton Auto Dock - Compaton
Compton Community College - Compton
Compton Courthouse - Compton
Computer Area Control Data - San Diego
Computer Usage Development - 330 Jackson Street - San Francisco
Con Agra Flour Milling Company - Oakland
Conagra Foods - Oakdale
Concord Community Hospital - Concord
Concord High School - Concord
Concord Naval Weapons Station - Enlisted Mens Barracks - Concord
Concord Police Station - Willow Pass Road - Concord
Concord Theatre - Willow Pass Market - Concord
Concrete Machinery And Supply - Fontana
Congregate Our Ladies Home - 35th Foothill - Oakland
Congress Springs School - Phase 2 - Glen Brae Drive - Saratoga
Conlin Roberts - San Francisco
Connor Springs - Monterey Park
Conoco Oil - Ventura
Conoco Phillips Company - Wilmington
Conocophillips - Carson
Conocophillips, Dht-3 Unit - Carson
Conseco-whittaker Corporation - San Leandro
Conservative Life Insurance Company Building - Los Angeles
Conservative Water Co. - Los Angeles
Consolidate Foods - Brisbane
Consolidated Aircraft - San Diego
Consolidated Aluminum - City Of Industry
Consolidated Chemical Industries, Incorporated - Bayshore
Consolidated Cod Of Cana - Luscar
Consolidated Film Industries - Hollywood
Consolidated Freightways - Hayward
Consolidated Gold Mining Company - Jamestown
Consolidated Light And Power Company - Redwood City
Consolidated Lumber Co - Wilmington
Consolidated Orange Growers Assn - Orange
Consolidated Service Center - 7101 Edgewater Drive - Oakland
Consolidated Ship - Wilmington
Consolidated Shipyard - Wilmington
Consolidated Steel - Wilmington
Consolidated Steel Co - Wilmington
Consolidated Steel Corporation - Wilmington
Consolidated Steel Corporation - Los Angeles
Consolidated Steel Corporation - Los Angeles
Consolidated Steel Shipbuilding - San Diego
Consolidated Steel Shipyard - Wilmington
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Co. - Pomona
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Co. - San Diego
Consolidated Western Steel (us Steel Corp) - Los Angeles
Consumer Tech Prod - City Of Industry
Consumer Glass Co Ltd - Ville Pierre
Consumer Glass Co Ltd - Toronto
Consumers Ice Company - San Francisco
Contadina Foods - San Jose
Contadina Foods, Incorporated - Hanford
Contadina Foods, Incorporated - Hollister
Contadina Foods, Incorporated, Division Of Carnation Company - San Jose
Contadina Tomato Plant - Woodland
Container Corp Of America - Los Angeles
Container Corporation - Breeching - 2500 De La Cruz Boulevard - Santa Clara
Container Corporation Of America - Fresno
Container Division, International Paper Company - Los Angeles
Continental Baking Co - Beverly Hills
Continental Baking Company - 1525 Bryant Street - San Francisco
Continental Can Company - Los Angeles
Continental Can Company - San Leandro
Continental Can Company - Union Pacific
Continental Can Company - Wilmington
Continental Can Company - Van Nuys
Continental Can Company - Los Angeles
Continental Can Company - Pittsburg
Continental Can Company - City Of Commerce
Continental Can Company - Hayward
Continental Can Company - Mulford
Continental Can Company - Antioch
Continental Can Company, Incorporated - Oakland
Continental Carbon Company - Bakersfield
Continental Carbon Company - Carbon Black Plant - Bakersfield
Continental Development And Reduction Company - Newport Beach
Continental Forge - Compton
Continental Oil (conoco) - North Belridge
Continental Oil (conoco) - Seal Beach
Continental Oil (conoco) - Wasco
Continental Oil (conoco) - Ventura
Continental Oil Company - Torrance
Continental Oil Company - Fruita
Continental Oil Company - Los Angeles
Continental Oil Company - Long Beach
Continental Oil Company - Kentura
Continental Smelting - South San Francisco
Continental Smelting Refining Company - San Francisco
Contra Costa College - Art Building - San Pablo Avenue - San Pablo
Contra Costa College - Humantities Annex - Castro Road - San Pablo
Contra Costa Company - Water Distribution Administration Center - Concord
Contra Costa County Admin Building - Martinez
Contra Costa Junior College - San Pablo
Contra Costa Laundry Company - Oakland
Contra Costa Power Plant - Antioch
Contra Costa Station Unit #6 - Antioch
Contra Costa Station Unit #7 - Antioch
Contra Costa Water District - Concord
Control Data Center - 3145 Porter Drive - Palo Alto
Control Data Center- 4455 Miramar Road - La Jolla
Control Data Corporation - Moffet Boulevard - Sunnyvale
Convair Division General Dynamics - San Diego
Convair Plant #2 - Washington Street - San Diego
Convalescent Hospital - Redwood City
Convalescent Hospital - Fontana
Convalescent Hospital - Pleasanton
Convalescent Hospital - San Rafael
Convalescent Hospital - 809 Fremont Avenue - Los Altos
Convalescent Hospital - Eqquela Cerro Drive - Daly City
Convent Of The Shepherd - Cambridge Bacon - San Francisco
Conway School - Escondido
Cook Manufacturing Co - Puente
Cook's Heat Treatment - Vernon
Cool Water Powerhouse (sce) -
Cooper Lumber Co - Los Angeles
Coors Company Inc - Inglewood
Copper King Limited - San Francisco
Copper State - South San Francisco
Coppers - Oroville
Copra Oil And Meal Co - Wilmington
Copra Oil Co - Wilmington
Corn Product Company - Ammonia Lines - 1890 Bryant Street - San Francisco
Corn Products Company - San Francisco
Cornelius Cole - Terminal Island
Corning Bell Products - Corning
Corona Box Lumber Company - Red Bluff
Coronado Beach Company - Coronado
Coronado Beach Company - San Diego
Coronado Beach Hotel - San Diego
Corpus Christi Church - 37891 2nd Street - Fremont
Corrugate Plant - East Los Angeles
Corte Madera Library - Medowsweet Drive - Corte Madera
Cosco Fire Protection - Los Angeles
Cosmopolitan Restaurant - Embarcadero Center Clay Front Street - San Francisco
Costa Mesa - Escondido
Cottage Hospital - Santa Barbara
Coulter S F - Emeryville
Coulter Steel And Forge Co - Emeryville
County Administration Building - Sacramento
County Adminsitration Building - 5th Floor - Martinez
County Building - Santa Barbara
County Courthouse Admin Bldg - Stockton
County Courthouse Admin Building - Stockton
County Of Los Angeles (500 W Temple St) - Los Angeles
County Services Building - 9th Main Street - El Centro
County Services Building - West Main Street - El Centro
Cove Explorer - Sausalito
Covelo Lumber - Covelo
Covina Welding Works - Covina
Cow Palace - Refrigeration Equipment Rooms - San Francisco
Cow Palace Company - South San Francisco
Cowell - San Pedro
Coyote Hills - Sausalito
Cp Hancock And Son - Riverside
Crager Industries - Compton
Craig Shipbuilding - Long Beach
Craig Shipyard - Wilmington
Crane Company - Colton
Crane Limited - Barrie
Crane Timber Mills - Corning
Credit Union #6 - 2051 Harrison Street Broadway - Concord
Creekside Park Apartments - Santa Rosa
Crescent Creamery Company - Los Angeles
Crescent Park Child Center - Richmond
Crescent Parks School - Library Resource Center - Palo Alto
Crescent Towel And Linen Supply Co - Los Angeles
Crestlite Div Susquehanna - San Clemente
Crestlite Products Co - San Clemente
Crittenton Home - 850 Broderick Street - San Francisco
Crocker Anglo Bank - 5th Chapel Avenue - Sacramento
Crocker Citizen`s Bank - 595 Mission Street - San Francisco
Crocker Citizen`s Bank - Geary Webster Streets - San Francisco
Crocker Hotel Company - San Francisco
Crocker-angle - Petaluma
Crosby (aka Crosby And Overton) - Long Beach
Crosby And Overton - Wilmington
Crowers Container Corporation - Fullerton
Crown Central Petroleum Corporation - Pasadena
Crown Columbia Paper Company - San Francisco
Crown Columbia Pulp And Paper Company - San Francisco
Crown Cork And Seal - Fullerton
Crown Simpson - Eureka
Crown Simpson - All Ca Locations
Crown Simpson Pulp Co - Eureka
Crown Simpson Pulp Co. - Eureka
Crown Simpson Pulp Company - Eureka
Crown Willamette Paper Company - Floriston
Crown Zellerbach - San Francisco
Crown Zellerbach - Antioch
Crown Zellerbach - Pittsburg
Crown Zellerbach - 2199 Williams Street - San Leandro
Crown Zellerbach Corporation - Antioch
Crown Zellerbach Corporation - San Francisco
Crown Zellerbach Corporation - Eureka
Crown Zellerbach Corporation - Los Angeles
Crown Zellerbach Corporation - San Leandro
Crown Zellerbach Los Angeles,ca - Los Angeles
Crown Zellerbach Papermill - Eureka
Crown-zellerbach - San Francisco
Crude Oil Beneficiation Plant - Wilmington
Crude Oil Reforming Corp (aka Crude Oil Recovery Corp) - Colton
Crystal Baths - San Francisco
Crystal Chemical Company - Anaheim
Crystal Cream Butter - Sacramento
Crystal Petroleum Products Corp - Los Angeles
Cs Mcanley - Signal Hill
Cudahy Packing Company - Los Angeles
Cupertino City Hall - Cupertino
Curtis Corporation _long Beach, Ca - Long Beach
Custom House Packing Corporation - Monterey
Cutler Lubinger Company - Oakland
Cutter Lab - Berkeley
Cutter Laboratory - Laboratory Animal Quarters - 740 Dwight Way - Berkeley
Cutting Engineering Works - Los Angeles
Cuyamaca Conservation Facility - Cuyamaca Street Park - San Diego
Cuyamaca School Camp - Cuyamaca
Cyclone Fence - Oakland
Cyclops Refrigerator - 1490 Donner Street - San Francisco
Cyman Hall - San Francisco
Cynberg Field Airport - San Diego
Cypress Hill Memorial - Pitaluma
Cypress Hill Memorial Park - Petaluma
Cypress Lawn Cemetery - Colma
Cyprus Tubing And Conduit Co - Torrance
Cyrus W Field - Richmond