California Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in California to find any companies you may have worked for.

F. J. Luckenbach South San Francisco
F.a.c. Muhlenburg Terminal Island
F.h. And F.s. Johnson San Francisco
F.j. Khorp San Francisco
F.m. Crawford Lumber Potter Valley
F.m. Smith East Oakland
F.s. Bickner Long Beach
Faa Automation Building 5125 Central Avenue Fremont
Fabrica De Papel San Francisco
Fabrication Shop Long Beach
Fabrication Shop Los Angeles
Fabriform Metal Products Inc Los Angeles
Facelle Paper Company Oxnard
Fairchild Silicon Valley
Fairchild Intersil San Jose
Fairchild Camera Healdsburg
Fairchild Camera 4001 Umipero Serra Boulevard Palo Alto
Fairchild Camera Stanford Industrial Park 3500 Deer Creek Road Palo Alto
Fairchild Instrumentation 974 Arques Avenue Lawrence Expressway Sunnyvale
Fairchild Liquid Nitrogen Junipero Serra Palo Alto
Fairchild Liquid Nitrogen Wing C 4001 Miranda Avenue Palo Alto
Fairchild Semi-conductor San Rafael
Fairchild Semiconducting Mountain View
Fairchild Semiconducting San Diego
Fairchild Semiconducting San Rafael
Fairchild Semiconducting 4300 Redwood Highway San Rafael
Fairchild Semiconducting 5625 Kearny Villa Road San Diego
Fairchild Semiconducting Air Handler Building 19 369 Whisman Road Sunnyvale
Fairchild Semiconducting Building 13 441 Whisman Road Mountain View
Fairchild Semiconducting Building 14 401 Ellis Street Mountain View
Fairchild Semiconducting Building 19 Mountain View
Fairchild Semiconducting Building 2 Fairchild Drive Mountain View
Fairchild Semiconducting Building 3 Basement Whisman Road Mountain View
Fairchild Semiconducting Mask Making Area 369 Whisman Road Mountain View
Fairchild Semiconducting Northgate Industrial Park San Rafael
Fairchild Semiconducting Plating Facility 644 National Avenue Mountain View
Fairchild Semiconducting Po Box 880 P Mountain View
Fairfax High School Fairfax
Fairfax School Los Angeles
Fairfield Camera Healdsburg
Fairfield Shopping Center San Francisco
Fairland Elementary School West Las Pasitas Road Pleasanton
Fairmont Dietary Hospital 15400 Foothill Boulevard San Leandro
Fairmont Hotel San Francisco
Fairmount Hotel San Francisco
Fairview Packing Hollister
Fairview Packing Company Inc (a/k/a Fairview Canning) Hollister
Fairview State Hospital Costa Mesa
Faith Lutheran Church Ferris Avenue Los Gatos
Fall River School Mcarthur
Fallbrook Hospital Fallbrook
Fallbrook Public Utilities Fallbrook
Falstaff Brewery Oakland
Farmer John Meats Vernon
Farmer Johns Los Angeles
Farmer Johns Vernon
Farr Filter Co 2301 Rosecrans Ave El Segundo
Fashion Center Paseo Padre Fremont
Fashion Valley Stores Mission Valley
Fashion Valley Stores San Diego
Fashion Village Shops Fashion Valley East San Diego
Fast Flux Test Facility Hanford
Fatted Calf Restaurant 441 Pine Street San Francisco
Fay Companys Laundry Los Angeles
Feather River Lumber Company Loyalton
Fed Met Refractories San Francisco
Federal Sausalito
Federal Bldg Q And Truxton Bakersfield
Federal Building Sacramento
Federal Building, Q And Truxton Bakersfield
Federal Facilities Corp Aliso Street Plant Los Angeles
Federal Facilities Corporation Torrance
Federal Facilities Corporation Los Angeles
Federal Mogul Los Angeles
Federal Pacific Electric Milpitas
Federal Paper Board City Of Industry
Federal Reserve Bank Building San Francisco
Federal Reserve Bank Of San Francisco Los Angeles Branch Los Angeles
Federal Security Company San Francisco
Federated Metals Vernon
Federated Metals (div Of Asarco) Los Angeles
Feedstuffs Processing Company San Francisco
Fellows Stewart Shipyard Wilmington
Fellows And Stewart Inc Terminal Island
Fellows And Stewart Shipyard Terminal Island
Fenco San Francisco
Fenn Victory Richmond
Ferdinand Westdahl Richmond
Ferer, Aaron And Sons Inc Los Angeles
Fernholtz Machinery Co Van Nuys
Fernstrom Paper Mills Pomona
Fernstrom Paper Mills, Incorporated Pomona
Ferristrom Paper Pomona
Ferro Corporation Maywood
Ferro Enameling Company Oakland
Ferry Building San Francisco
Ferry Building 3rd Floor Mechanical Room San Francisco
Ferry Steel Products 25th Minnesota San Francisco
Ferry-morse Seed Company 111 South Wisman Road Mountain View
Fiberboard Corp. Antioch
Fiberboard Office 1789 Montgomery Commerical Street San Francisco
Fiberboard Paper Products Vernon
Fiberboard Products Antioch
Fiberboard Products, Incorporated Antioch
Fiberglas Engineering Supply Co. Sacramento
Fiberglas Engineering Supply Co. San Francisco
Fiberglas Engineering Supply Co. Watson
Fiberglass Engineering Supply San Francisco
Fiberglass Factory Santa Clara
Fiberglass Shop San Francisco
Fibreboard South Gate
Fibreboard Vernon
Fibreboard Antioch
Fibreboard Paper Mill Antioch
Fibreboard Corp. Los Angeles
Fibreboard Corporation Emeryville
Fibreboard Paper Products Emeryville
Fibreboard Paper Products Redwood City
Fibreboard Paper Products Southgate
Fibreboard Paper Products Corporation South Gate
Fibreboard Paper Products, Corp. Flooring Covering Rec. Dock Emeryville
Fibreboard Papermill San Francisco
Fibreboard Plant Antioch
Fibreboard Plant, 1550 Powell Street Emeryville
Fibreboard Plant, 537 Brannan Street San Francisco
Fibreboard Plant, Harbor Blvd. Redwood City
Fibreboard Products Inc San Joaquin Division Antioch
Fibreboard Products, Incorporated San Francisco
Fibreboard Products, Incorporated East Antioch
Fibreboard Products, Incorporated East Antoich
Fibreboard Products, Incorporated Southgate
Fibreboard Products, Incorporated Stockton
Fibreglass Engineering Los Angeles
Fibreglass Engineering Supply Los Angeles
Fiedler, Incorporated Devils Den
Fig Power Refrigeration Company Warehouse -jennings Street San Francisco
Filice Berrilli Gilroy
Filice Perelli Canning Richmond
Filice And Perrelli Canning Company Richmond
Filper Corporation Crow Canyon Road Highway 21 San Ramon
Filtered Rosin Products Baxley
Filtrol Los Angeles
Filtrol Chemical Los Angeles
Filtrol Corporation Los Angeles
Filtrol Corporation Vernon
Finch, Leon Ltd Los Angeles
Fine C Oil Company Santa Maria
Finkbine Guild Lumber Company Rockport
Finkelstein Supply Company Los Angeles
Fir Oakland
Fire Brick Supply Company Emeryville
Fire Department Albany
Fire Station Almond Avenue San Antonio Los Altos
Fire Station #3 San Romon San Marin Novato
Fire Station #3 Santa Rita Road Los Posits Pleasanton
Fire Station #46 441 12th Avenue San Francisco
Firehouse #1 C Main Street Hayward
Firehouse #28 814 Stockton San Francisco
Firehouse #37 2245 Jerrold Avenue San Francisco
Firehouse Main Station 6th Cumberland Pittsburg
Firestone South Gate
Firestone Tire Rubber Salinas
Firestone Tire Rubber South Gate
Firestone Tire Rubber Co Los Angeles Plant Los Angeles
Firestone Tire Rubber Company Los Angeles
Firestone Tire Rubber Company Southern Pacific Spur Los Angeles
Firestone Tire And Rubber South Gate
Firestone Tire And Rubber Co Salinas
Firestone Tire And Rubber Co Southgate
Firestone Tire And Rubber Company Salinas
Firestone Tire And Rubber Company Los Angeles
First America Office Building North 1st Taylor Street San Jose
First Baptist Church Pasadena
First Baptist Church Long Beach
First Baptist Church Sonoma Boulevard Yulupa Avenue Santa Rosa
First Federal Building Los Angeles
First Methodist Church Dolores Mond Avenues San Leandro
First National Bank San Diego
First Presbyterian Church Santa Clara Chestnut Streets Alameda
First Savings Shattuck Avenue Center Street Berkeley
First Savings Loan Foothill B Streets Hayward
Firth Steamship Co Long Beach
Firth Sterling Inc Los Angeles
Fisher Body Division Of General Motors Oakland
Fisher Klosterman Inc Los Angeles
Fisk Victory Richmond
Fitzmourice Residence Alamo
Five C Refining Company Santa Maria
Flaming Pit Restaurant Serramonte Shopping Center Serra Monte Boulevard Daly City
Flax`s Artists Materials 254 Sutter San Francisco
Fleet Asw School San Diego
Fleischmann Company San Francisco
Fletcher Oil Carson
Fletcher Oil Refining Wilmington
Fletcher Oil Company Wilmington
Flight Kitchen Burlingame
Flight Simulation Building Building 210 Moffett Field
Flintkote Los Angeles
Flintkote (flooring Division) Vernon
Flintkote Co. Vernon
Flintkote Co. Los Angeles
Flintkote Company Los Angeles
Flintkote Company Vernon
Flintkote Company San Leandro
Flintkote Company (a/k/a Orangeburg, Mfg., Co.) Newark
Flintkote Company, The Vernon
Flintkote Genstar Domtar (2116 East 55th St) Vernon
Flo Systems, Inc. Burbank
Florence Ceramics Pasadena
Floriston Pulp And Paper Company Floriston
Florsheim Shoe Store 201 Sutter Kearny San Francisco
Flotill Products, Incorporated Stockton
Flour Corp. Los Angeles
Flour Corporation Carson
Fluid Packed Pump Company Los Angeles
Fluid Systems Division Of Uop San Diego
Fluor Corporation Los Angeles
Fluor Corporation Los Angelos
Fluor Corporation Ltd. South San Francisco
Fluor Corporation- Scotia
Flying Mist Oakland
Flying Yankee Oakland
Fmc Corporation Carson
Fmc Corporation Vernon
Fmc Corporation Newark
Fmc Corporation Modesto
Fmc Corporation P4 Line Heating 8800 Enterprise Drive Newark
Fmc Corporation, Inorganic Chemicals Division Newark
Fmc Corporation, Plant Nbr 3 San Jose
Folgers Coffee San Francisco
Folgers Coffee South San Francisco
Folgers Coffee Building 229 Littlefield Street South San Francisco
Folgers Coffee Building Basement 101 Howard Street San Francisco
Folgers Coffee Co Compton
Folsom Company Coaling
Fontana Powerhouse Fontana
Fontana Steel Mill Fontana
Fontenoy Apartments Los Angeles
Food Basket #204 6501 University Avenue San Diego
Food Machinery San Jose
Food Machinery Chemical Company Newark
Food Machinery And Chemical Corporation Los Angeles
Food Machinery Corporation Chula Vista
Foodmaker Company 9330 Balboa Avenue San Diego
Ford Aeronutronics Space Technology Building Newport Beach
Ford Aeronutronics, Space Technology Building Newport Beach
Ford Motor Milpitas
Ford Motor Co Los Angeles
Ford Motor Co Long Beach
Ford Motor Co Torrance
Ford Motor Company 1100 South Main Street Milpitas
Ford Motor Company Los Angeles
Ford Motor Company Milpitas
Ford Motor Company Milpitas
Ford Motor Company Los Angeles
Ford Motor Company Richmond
Ford Motor Company Los Angeles Assembly Plant Pico Rivera
Ford Motor Company Po Box 2006 Milpitas
Ford Motor Company Warehouse Capital Avenue Milpitas
Fordham Victory Richmond
Fore Terminals Alameda
Foremost Chemical Oakland
Foremost Chemical Company 11x13 Tank 1401 Middle Harbor Road Oakland
Foremost Dairies Los Angeles
Foremost Dairies 314 Abbott Street Salinas
Foremost Dairies 366 Guerrero Street San Francisco
Foremost Dairy San Francisco
Foremost Food Chemical Oakland
Forest Lawn Memorial Park/mortuary Glendale
Forrester Building Los Angeles
Forster Shipbuilding Terminal Island
Fort Churchill Spur Richmond
Fort Erwin Bastrow
Fort Irwin Mars Operations Support Center Fort Irwin
Fort Mason San Francisco
Fort Ord Sewage Plant Fort Ord
Fort Ord Army Base Monterey Bay
Fortifiber Corporation Los Angeles
Fortune Sea Terminal Island
Foster And Wood Canning Company Lodi
Foster City Apartments 1111 1125 Balclutha Drive Foster City
Foster Farms 843 Davis Street Livingston
Foster Wheeler St Catherines
Foster`s Cafe 1419 Broadway Oakland
Fotiel Products Modesto
Fountain Valley Desalting Test Facility Fountain Valley
Fowler Graham Boat Builders Shipyard Long Beach
Fox Plaza 1200 California Street San Francisco
Fox Plaza Office Apartment Building San Francisco
Fox School 3100 Street James Road Belmont
Fox Theater Town Country Village San Jose
Fox Theatre Willow Pass Road Concord
Fr. H. Rosenbaum Valley Springs
Francis B. Parkman Terminal Island
Francis Preston Blair Sausalito
Francis V. Guinanos Richmond
Francisco M. Quinones Richmond
Francisco Sugar Company San Francisco
Frank Enderle Co. Los Angeles
Frank D Phinney Richmond
Frank Gallagher San Francisco
Frank H. Dodd Richmond
Frank Howard Hospital Poplar Street Willits
Frank M. Wilson Company Stockton
Frank P. Dow Co. Los Angeles
Franklin Hospital San Francisco
Franklin Hospital Castro Duboce Streets San Francisco
Franklin Hospital Castro Duboce Streets 4th Floor Corridor San Francisco
Franklin Hospital Castro Duboce Streets Dietary Kitchen San Francisco
Franklin Hospital Castro Duboce Streets Kitchen San Francisco
Franklin Hospital Castro Duboce Streets Ltc Building San Francisco
Franklin Hospital Castro Duboce Streets Tenant Building San Francisco
Franklin K Lane Terminal Island
Frankling Hospital South San Francisco
Franrica Manufacturing Stockton
Fratellanza Club 1140 66th Street Emeryville
Frazier San Francisco
Fred Meyer Glendale
Frederick Obrien Paint And Varnish Works Los Angeles
Frederick Whitman Company 6th Floor Penthouse 233 Post Street San Francisco
Fredericksen School Tamarack Road Pleasanton
Fredrickson Watson Construction Co. San Francisco
Freemark Abbey Winery Saint Helena
Freiden Laboratory 3406 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto
Freight Terminal Department Oakland
French Bank Of Paris International 130 Montgomery Street San Francisco
French Sardine Company San Pedro
Fresno Brewing Company Fresno
Fresno County Courthouse Fresno
Fresno County General Hospital Fresno
Fresno County Hospital Fresno
Fresno High School Fresno
Fresno Linen Service Fresno
Fresno S C South San Francisco
Fresno State Hospital Fresno
Fresno State Office Building Fresno
Friden Singer Buildings 26 27 2350 Washington Avenue San Leandro
Friden, Incorporated San Leandro
Frito Lay Incorporated 650 North King Road San Jose
Frito Lay, Incorporated Kern County
Frito Lay, Incorporated Cucamonga
Frito Lay, Incorporated San Jose
Fruit Growers Supply Company Hilt
Fruit Growers Supply Company Susanville
Fruitvale Cannery Oakland
Fruitvale Canning Company Oakland
Fruitvale Mut. Water Co. San Jacinto
Fruitvale Mut. Water Co. Fruitvale
Fruitville Cannery Oakland
Fs Bitgood Inc El Segundo
Ft. Irwin, Mars Operations Support Center Ft. Irwin
Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery San Diego
Fujiya Restaurant Embarcadero Center Sacramento Battery San Francisco
Fullerton High School Fullerton
Fullerton Hill Sausalito
Fullerton Hills Sausalito
Fullerton Manufacturing Fullerton
Fulton Engineering And Shipbuilding Company San Francisco
Fulton Engineering And Shipbuilding Works San Francisco
Fulton Shipyard Antioch
Furness Withy And Co Ltd Los Angeles
Fury Sausalito