California Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in California to find any companies you may have worked for.

G H Corliss - Richmond
G M E Industries - Kern Avenue Lawrence Station Road - Sunnyvale
G. Philpott - Pittsburg
G.t.e. - Los Angeles
G.w. Hume Company - Turlock
G.w. Price Pump And Engine Company - Sacramento
G.w. Price Pump Company - Grand Island
Ga Mckenzie General Contractor - Laguna Beach
Ga Technologies - Carson
Gaffer And Sattler Company - Gardena
Gaffer And Sattler Company - Los Angeles
Gaffers And Sattler - Vernon
Gaffers And Sattler - Los Angeles
Gafflers Sattlers - Los Angeles
Galileo Salami - Bauman Street Grant - San Lorenzo
Galland Mercantile Laundry Co - San Francisco
Gallo Glass Co - Modesto
Gallo Glass Co. - Modesto
Gallo Salami Company - 230 Brannan - San Francisco
Gallo Winery - Fresno
Gangi Brother Packing Company - Santa Clara
Gangi Brothers Packing Company - Santa Clara
Ganymede - Richmond
Garage - 2835 Geary Street - San Francisco
Garden City Paper Company - Los Angeles
Garden City Paper Company - Pomona
Garden Grove Medical Center - Garden Grove
Garden Oaks School - O`conner Pulgas - East Palo Alto
Garden Of Memories Park - Salinas
Garden School - Poway
Garden School - San Diego
Garden State Paper Co - Pomona
Garden State Paper Co. - Pomona
Garden State Paper Company - Pomona
Garden State Paper Mill - Pomona
Gardena High School (lausd) - Gardena
Gardena School - Los Angeles
Garfield High School - Los Angeles
Garfield Hospital - Monterey Park
Garfield Square - Field House - 26th Treat Avenue - San Francisco
Garfield Swim Center - Hopkins Carlotta Streets - Berkeley
Gargi Jayanti - Richmond
Garner Heat Treat, Incorporated - Oakland
Garrett Air Research - Inglewood
Garrett Company W.j. - San Francisco
Garrett Research And Development - La Verne
Gas Processors Inc - Brea
Gate City Ice Pre-cooling Company - San Bernardino
Gateway Project - Office Building 1 - 222 West Brokaw - San Jose
Gay Engineering Corporation - Los Angeles
Gaylord Container Corporation - Antioch
Gaylord Container Corporation - East Antioch
Gaylord Container Division - Gilroy
Gaylord Container Division - Industry
Geary Street Park And Ocean Railroad Company - San Francisco
Gem Enamel Products - Downey
Gemco - Pomona
Gemco Department Store - El Camino Real Charter Street - Redwood City
Gemco Store #512 - Ygnacia Road Main Street - Walnut Creek
Gendreau - San Francisco
General Alexander M. Patch - Alameda
General Aluminum And Chemical Corp - Torrance
General American Transportation Corporation - Los Angeles
General American Transportation Corporation - Compton
General Atomic - Serrento Valley Road - San Diego
General Brewery Company - Azusa
General Brewing Co - Azusa
General Brewing Company - Azusa
General Brewing Company - San Francisco
General Cable Co - Emeryville
General Cable Corp. - Los Angeles
General Cable Corporation - Colusa
General Cable Corporation - Los Angeles
General Chemical - El Segundo
General Chemical - Richmond
General Chemical - Anhyrous Plant - San Francisco
General Chemical Company - Port Chicago
General Chemical Corporation, Decomposition Chamber #2 - Richmond
General Chemical Corporatoin - Richmond
General Chemical Division - El Segundo
General Chemical Division, Nichols Chemical Company - El Segundo
General Controls Co - Burbank
General Daniel I. Sulton - Alameda
General Dynamic - San Diego
General Dynamics - Pomona
General Dynamics - San Diego
General Dynamics - Chem-etch Facility - San Diego
General Dynamics - Convair Division - San Diego
General Dynamics Convair - San Diego
General Dynamics Corporation - Oakland
General Dynamics Corporation Liquid Carb Div - Los Angeles
General Dynamics, Chem-etch Facility - San Diego
General Edwin D. Patrick - Alameda
General Electric Co.mpany - San Jose
General Electric Company - Huntington Park
General Electric Company - Anaheim
General Electric Company - Los Angeles
General Electric Company - Ontario
General Electric Company - Ontario
General Electric Company - Pleasanton
General Electric Company - Pleasanton
General Electric Company - Oakland
General Electric Company - Nuclear Energy - Building H - San Jose
General Electric Company - Nuclear Energy - Building J - San Jose
General Electric Company - Nuclear Energy - Building L - San Jose
General Electric Company - Radio Station - Oakland
General Electric Company- Nuclear Division - San Jose
General Electric Company- Nuclear Energy Facility - San Jose
General Engineering Drydock - Alameda
General Engineering Drydock - Oakland
General Foods - 150th Avenue - San Leandro
General Foods - San Leandro
General Foods - Maxwell House Division - 3rd Floor - 150 Avenue Washington Street - Oakland
General Foods Corp. - San Leandro
General Foods Corporation Maxwell House Division - San Leandro
General Hospital - Los Angeles County
General Hugh J. Gaffey - Alameda
General Industrial Insulation - Benicia
General Knit - Cucamonga
General Maurice Rose - Alameda
General Metals - Vernon
General Metals Corporation - Vernon
General Mills - Lodi
General Mills - Retail Plant - Lodi
General Mills Plant - Lodi
General Mills, Incorporated - Lodi
General Motors - Van Nuys
General Motors - Fremont
General Motors - San Pedro
General Motors - Santa Fe Springs
General Motors - South Gate
General Motors - Building 2747 - Fremont
General Motors - Chevrolet Plant - Van Nuys
General Motors Corporation - Oakland
General Motors Corporation, Liquid Carbonic Division - Oakland
General Motors Fisher Body Division - Oakland
General Motors Truck Plant - San Leandro
General Motors Truck Plant - Van Nuys
General Nelson M. Walker - Alameda
General Paint Corporation - Los Angeles
General Petroleum - Lebec
General Petroleum - Burrell
General Petroleum - Terminal Island
General Petroleum - Long Beach
General Petroleum - Vernon
General Petroleum - Torrance
General Petroleum - Santa Fe Springs
General Petroleum - Wilmington
General Petroleum Bldg - Los Angeles
General Petroleum Co. - Los Angeles
General Petroleum Co. - San Pedro
General Petroleum Co. - Torrance
General Petroleum Company - Los Angeles
General Petroleum Corp. - Chemicak Warehouse Spur - Torrance
General Petroleum Corporation - Torrence
General Petroleum Corporation - Torrance
General Petroleum Corporation - Terminal Island
General Petroleum Corporation - Kettleman Hills
General Petroleum Corporation - Los Angeles
General Petroleum Corporation - Vernon
General Petroleum Corporation Of California - Torrance
General Petroleum Refinery - 190th Wilmington - Wilmington
General Petroluem Company - Los Angeles
General Portland Incorporated - Los Robles Cement Plant - Lebec
General Precision Systems Incorporated - 1077 East Arques Avenue - Sunnyvale
General Refractories - Los Angeles
General Refractories - Vernon
General Shops - Los Angeles
General Simon B. Buchner - Alameda
General Steamship Co - Terminal Island
General Telephone (gte) - Long Beach
General Tire Rubber Company - Orange
General Veneer Manufacturing - Los Angeles
General Veneer Manufacturing Co. - South Gate
General W. S. Benson - Alameda
General Walker Naval Air Station - Alameda
General Water Heater - Burbank
General Water Heater Corporation - Burbank
General Welding And Manufacturing Company - Los Angeles
General Welding And Manufacturing Company - Alhambra
General Welding And Ship Repair - Long Beach
General William O. Darby - Alameda
Genesee Mill Company - San Francisco
Genevieve Peterkin - Richmond
Genie Ceramics - South Gate
Genstar Cement Lime - Redding
Gentry Inc - Oxnard
George B. Cortelyou - Richmond
George B. Mcclellan - Richmond
George Bancroft - Terminal Island
George Berkeley - Richmond
George Cobrea - Torrance
George Crawford Company - San Diego
George H. Tay - Ft. Baker
George Kenny - Terminal Island
George Lithograph Company - 650 2nd Street - San Francisco
George Raymond Company - Montebello
George Rogers Clark - Richmond
George Ross - Richmond
George Taylor - Richmond
George W. Mcnear - San Francisco
George W. Mcnear - Vallejo
George Westinghouse - Richmond
Georgetown - Sausalito
Georgia Growers Distilling Company - Albany
Georgia Pacific - Ft. Bragg
Georgia Pacific Company - Madera
Georgia Pacific Corporation - Scotia
Georgia Pacific Corporation - West Oroville
Georgia Pacific Corporation - Feather Falls
Georgia Pacific Corporation - W Oroville
Georgia Pacific Corporation - Samoa
Georgia Pacific Corporation - Woodleaf
Georgia Pacific Corporation - Samoa
Georgia Pacific Corporation - Fort Bragg
Georgia Pacific Paper Mill - Eureka
Georgia Pacific Pulp Paper - Samoa
Georgia-pacific Corporation (a/k/a Louisiana Pacific) - Samoa
Gerber Foods - Oakland
German Hospital - San Francisco
Getty Oil - Brea
Getty Oil Co - Bakersfield
Getty Oil Company - Bakersfield
Getty Oil Company - Mckittrick
Getty Oil Company - Kern River Generating Plant - Bakersfield
Getty Oil Refinery - Bakersfield
Ghiradelli Square - San Francisco
Ghiradelli Square - 3rd 4th Floors - San Francisco
Ghiradelli Square - Chocolate Building - Polk North Point Streets - San Francisco
Ghiradelli Square - Chumley`s Restaurant - Polk North Pointstreets - San Francisco
Ghiradelli Square - Theatre Restaurant - Polk North Point Streets - San Francisco
Ghirardelli Chocolate - San Francisco
Ghirardelli Company, Cocoa And Chocolate - San Francisco
Ghirardelli Square - San Francisco
Giant Powder Company - San Francisco
Giant Powder Company, Consolidated - San Francisco
Giant Powder Company, Consolidated - Giant
Gibraltar Savings Loan - 9100 Wilshire Boulevard - Westwood
Gillig Brothers - Hayward
Gilmore And Nolan Inc - Los Angeles
Gilmore Dabney Gasoline Plant - Signal Hill
Gilmore Oil Co - Long Beach
Gilmore Oil Company - Los Angeles
Gino`s Restaurant - Spring Alley - San Francisco
Girl`s Residence Juvenile Hall - Marin County - Lucas Valley
Giroux Consolidated Mines Company - Los Angeles
Gladding Mcbean - Aberhill
Gladding Mcbean - Santa Monica
Gladding Mcbean - Corona
Gladding Mcbean - Monrovia
Gladding Mcbean - Los Angeles
Gladding Mcbean - South Gate
Gladding Mcbean - Glendale
Gladding Mcbean And Co - Los Angeles
Gladman Nursing Home - 24th Avenue - Oakland
Gladman Nursing Home - East 27th Street - Oakland
Glass Container - Los Angeles
Glass Containers Corp - Antioch
Glass Containers Corp - Hayward
Glass Containers Corp - Vernon
Glass Containers Corporation - South Gate
Glass Containers Corporation - Los Angeles
Glass Containers Corporation - Vernon
Glendale Adventist Medical Center - Glendale
Glendale Campfire Girls, - Glendale
Glendale Federal Savings Bank - Glendale
Glendale Memorial Hospital - Glendale
Glendale Power House - Glendale
Glendale Powerhouse - Glendale
Glendale Public Service - Grayson Powerhouse - Glendale
Glendale Public Service Department - Glendale
Glendale Sanitarium - Glendale
Glendale Sanitarium And Hospital - Glendale
Glendara Irrigation Company - Glendara
Glenview School - Escondido
Glenwood Hotel Company - Riverside
Glidden Durkee Co - Anaheim
Glidden Food Products Company - Berkeley
Global Air Cargo - San Francisco
Global Bulk Transport Co - Terminal Island
Globe Explorer - Sausalito
Globe Grain And Milling Company - Wilmington
Globe Grain And Milling Company - San Francisco
Globe Laundry - Los Angeles
Globe Lumber Company Ltd - Los Angeles
Globe Metals Company - Oakland
Globe Metals Company - San Francisco
Globe Mills - Los Angeles
Globe Oil Tools Company - Los Angeles
Globe Theater - San Diego
Globe Union Manufacturing Company - Fullerton
Gloler Grain And Milling Company - Los Angeles
Gluck Company - Northridge
Gnb Battery - Los Angeles
Gnb Battery - Vernon
Goldberg Metal Refining Co - Gardena
Golden Bear - San Francisco
Golden Bear Oil Co - Oildale
Golden Bear Oil Co - Bakersfield
Golden Bear Refinery - Bakersfield
Golden Eagle Refinery - Torrance
Golden Eagle Refining Company Inc - Torrance
Golden Gate Bridge - Toll Station - Computer Room - San Francisco
Golden Gate Flour Mills - San Francisco
Golden Gate Garage - Alcoa Building - Clay Front Streets - San Francisco
Golden Gate Magazines - Warehouse - 1400 6th Street - San Francisco
Golden Gate National Bank - San Rafael
Golden Gate Theological Center - Baptist Seminary - Tiburon
Golden Gate University Building - San Francisco
Golden Gate Woolen Mills Manufacturing Company - San Francisco
Golden Gateway Center - Gateway Cinema - Jackson Street - San Francisco
Golden Grain - San Leandro
Golden Mariner - San Francisco
Golden Rich Dairy - Creamery - 2nd Addison Street - Berkeley
Golden Sail - Richmond
Golden State Canning Company - Kingsburg
Golden State Canning Company - Ontario
Golden State Co - Long Beach
Golden State Company Limited - Lemoore
Golden State Company Limited - Tulare
Golden State Creamery - Los Angeles
Golden State Milk Products Company - San Francisco
Golden State Milk Products Company - Merced
Golden State Milk Products Company - Goshen Junction
Golden State Sea Food Company - Long Beach
Golden State Woolen Mills - Long Beach
Golden Streetate Meat Company - 315 4th Street - San Francisco
Golden West Brewing Company - Oakland
Golden West Potato Chip Co - South Gate
Golden West Refinery - Santa Fe Springs
Golden West Savings Tower - 20th Broadway - Oakland
Goldman Sons - 109 Stevenson Street - San Francisco
Gonzales And Blanco - San Luis Rey
Good Samaritan Hospital - 15825 Samritan Drive - San Jose
Good Samaritan Hospital - Los Angeles
Good Samaritan Medical Center - National Avenue - Los Gatos
Good Shepard Church - Harbor Street Shoreman Avenue - Pittsburg
Good Shepard Lutheran Church - Clayton Road - Concord
Goodrich Tire Rubber - 13031 Temple Street - City Of Industry
Goodrich Tire Rubber, 13031 Temple St. - City Of Industry
Goodyear - Los Angeles
Goodyear Plant - Los Angeles
Goodyear Rubber Company - San Francisco
Goodyear Tire Rubber - 1415 East Olympic - Los Angeles
Goodyear Tire Rubber - Los Angeles
Goodyear Tire Rubber Company - Vernon
Goodyear Tire Rubber Company - Los Angeles
Goodyear Tire Rubber Company - Garden
Goodyear Tire Rubber Company - Torrance
Goodyear Tire Rubber Plant - Pasadena
Goodyear Tire Rubber, 1415 East Olympic - Los Angeles
Goodyear Tire And Rubber Co - Los Angeles
Goodyear Tire And Rubber Company - Los Angeles
Gordon Sand Company - El Segundo
Gotham Industries - Norwalk
Gotham Industries - Los Angeles
Government Center - Santa Cruz
Graham Dry Docks, Ship Repair - Oakland
Granada Hotel - San Francisco
Granada School - 50 El Camino Drive - Corte Madera
Granada School #2 - 54 El Camino Drive - Corte Madera
Granada Shopping Center - Holmes Catalina - Livermore
Granat Brothers Jewlers - 105 Grant Avenue - San Francisco
Grand Madonna - Oakland
Grande Ronde Pine Company - Chester
Graning Enameling Company - El Monte
Granite Hills Ductwork - 1917 Madison Avenue - El Cajon
Granite Hills Plumbing - El Cajon
Granite Hills Plumbing - San Diego
Granite Rock Products - Redwood City
Granny Goose - San Leandro
Grano Steel - Los Angeles
Grano Steel - Santa Fe Springs
Grants Store - Novato Shopping Center - Novato
Granville Stuart - Terminal Island
Grassi American Company - 111 South Maple - South San Francisco
Graver Water Condition Company - Los Angelos
Gray Bar Electric - 250 Lawrence - South San Francisco
Gray Dress Shop - Oakland
Gray Eagle Copper Company - Happy Camp
Grays Funeral Chapel - Los Angeles
Grayson Controls - Long Beach
Grayson Power Plant - Glendale
Great Falls Victory - Richmond
Great Lakes Carbon - Lompoc
Great Lakes Carbon - Rompac
Great Lakes Carbon Corp - Los Angeles
Great Lakes Carbon Corp - Palos Verdes
Great Lakes Carbon Corp - Torrance
Great Lakes Carbon Corp - Walteria
Great Lakes Carbon Corp - Lompoc
Great Lakes Carbon Corp - Rosamond
Great Lakes Carbon Corp - Wilmington
Great Southwest Cleaners And Dyers - Los Angeles
Great Western Electric Chemical Company - Pittsburg
Great Western Electro Chemical Company - Pittsburg
Great Western Power Company - Oakland
Great Western Power Company Of California - 20th Street Station - Oakland
Great Western Power Company, Bush Street Station - San Francisco
Great Western Sugar Company - Loveland
Greco Canning Company - San Jose
Green Brothers - Altadena
Green Gables School - Library Resource Center - Palo Alto
Green Hill Apartments - San Francisco
Green Island - Richmond
Greenback - Greenback Lane Auburn Boulevard - Sacramento
Greenhouses 13 20 - San Pablo Avenue - Richmond
Greenstar - Terminal Island
Greenwood Memorial Park - San Diego
Greer Products Inc - Los Angeles
Grefco - Lompoc
Gregg Iron Foundry - El Monte
Gregory Electric Co - Wilmington
Gretna Victory - Richmond
Griffith Co - Los Angeles
Griffith Company - Santa Fe Springs
Griffith Company - Los Angeles
Griffith Wheel Co - Colton
Griffth Company - Los Angeles
Grinding And Flotation System - Bishop
Grinnell Company - 601 Brannan - San Francisco
Grinnell Victory - Richmond
Grodin`s - Building G - Stonestown Shopping Center - Winton Street 19th Avenue - San Francisco
Grodin`s Mens Store - Kaiser Center - Oakland
Grossmont District Hospital - San Diego
Grossmont District Hospital - Newport Beach
Grossmont Hospital Sharp Healt - La Mesa
Group #128 Schools - Huntington Park
Group #808 Schools - Los Angeles
Group #813 Schools - Los Angeles
Grove City Victory - Richmond
Grove Street Pier - Oakland
Grove Valve And Regulator Co - Oakland
Growers Ice Development Company - 1124 Abbott Street - Salinas
Growers Refirigeration - 2050 Galvez Street - San Francisco
Gsa Building - 390 Main Street - San Francisco
Gsa Building - Computer Room - 49 4th Street - San Francisco
Gsa Rough And Ready Island - Stockton
Gsa Supply Distribution Facility - Stockton
Guadalupe - Sausalito
Guadalupe School - Redmond Coleman - San Jose
Guaranty Building - Hollywood
Guatamala Victory - Richmond
Guatemala Victory - Richmond
Guide Dogs For The Blind - Highway 101 Terra Linda - San Rafael
Gulf Energy Environmental Systems - San Diego
Gulf General Atomic - San Diego
Gulf Oil Company - Santa Fe Springs
Gulf Oil Corporation - Norwalk
Gulf Oil Corporation - Santa Fe Springs
Gulf Oil Refinery (aka Gulf Oil Corporatio, Gulf Oil Company) - Santa Fe Springs
Gunlax Plumbing - Bakersfield
Gus Kroesen Navy Tailor - Oakland
Guy Atkinson Company - Richmond
Guy F Atkinson - 10 West Orange Avenue - South San Francisco
Guy T Martin Company Incorporated - Gardena
Guy T. Martin Company, Incorporated - Gardena
Gypsum Company - Los Angeles