California Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in California to find any companies you may have worked for.

T B A Alma Mall Mountain View
T X I Riverside Cement Oro Grande
T.h.r. Company Red Bluff
T.j. Fields Soledad
T.r.w., Incorporated Lawndale
T.r.w., Incorporated Redondo Beach
Ta Quality Foundry (2707 East 26th Street) Los Angeles
Tabershaw Cooper Associates South San Francisco
Table Linen Supply Los Angeles
Table Linen Supply Company Los Angeles
Taco Bell Los Angeles
Tacoma San Francisco
Taconic La Verne
Taffy Meat Company San Francisco
Tahoe School District Office Truckee
Tahoe Truckee Sanitation Truckee
Talbot Building Novato
Talley Corporation Newberry Park
Talmalpias High School Field House Mill Valley
Tam Valley School Marin Avenue Mill Valley
Tamco Etiwanda
Tamco Division Of Ameron Etiwanda
Tamco-ameron Affiliate Co. Rancho Cucamonga
Tampa Sausalito
Tank Insulation San Francisco
Tank Insulation 701 Indiana Avenue San Francisco
Tank T8 8800 Enterprise Drive Newark
Tatum And Bowen San Francisco
Taylor Estate Oakland
Taylor Fibre Company Vernon
Taylor Fibre Company La Uerne
Taylor Forge Pipe Works Fontana
Taylor Forge And Pipe Works Fontana
Taylor Pipeworks Fontana
Tbilisi Terminal Island
Technibilt Corporation Burbank
Technical High School Homemaking Rooms 4351 Broadway Oakland
Technicolor Motion Picture Los Angeles
Tecumseh Richmond
Tehachapi Prison Tehachapi
Teledyne Incorporated Amelco Semiconductor Mountain View
Teledyne Mechanical Corporation 3165 Porter Drive Palo Alto
Telegraph Avenue Elec And Railway Company Oakland
Telemetary Building Pillar Point
Temple Hospital Los Angeles
Tempress Research Company Lark University Los Gatos
Tender Loving Care Nursing Home El Cajon
Tenet Incorporated Thompson Place Po Box 25365 Sunnyvale
Tenneco Chemical Company Pasadena
Tenneco Heating Corporation Camelia 4th Berkeley
Terminal Annex Post Office Los Angeles
Terminal Island Federal Prison, Terminal Island
Terminal Island Naval Shipyard Terminal Island
Terminal Island Powerhouse, Terminal Island
Terminal Island Shipyard Wilmington
Terminal Island Shipyard San Francisco
Terra Linda High School Terra Linda
Terra Nova High School 1450 Terra Nova Boulevard Pacifica
Terrel Jewelers Pine Broadway Walnut Creek
Terrell Elementary School Pearl San Jose
Tesoro Corporation, Los Angeles Refinery Wilmington
Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery Martinez
Test Range Telemetry Building Pillar Point
Texaco Santa Fe Springs
Texaco Coalinga
Texaco Huntington Beach
Texaco Fillmore
Texaco Castaic
Texaco San Ardo
Texaco Compton
Texaco Wilmington
Texaco Los Angeles
Texaco (aka Texaco Company) Wilmington
Texaco Incorporated Wilmington
Texaco Incorporated San Ardo
Texaco Incorporated Los Angeles
Texaco Incorporated Wilmington
Texaco Incorporated Gas Compression Plant Wilmington
Texaco Incorporated Refinery Wilmington
Texaco Marine Wilmington
Texaco Marine Terminal Island
Texaco Oil Wilmington
Texaco Oil Refinery Wilmington
Texaco Oil Refinery Torrance
Texaco Refinery Dominguez
Texaco Refinery Long Beach
Texaco Refinery Wilmington
Texaco Refinery Bakersfield
Texaco Research Carson
Texaco Research Daggett
Texaco Research Laboratory Montebello
Texaco Service Station Long Beach
Texaco Shiels Canyon, Ca Shields Canyon
Texaco Tank Farm Los Alamitos
Texaco Tank Farm Terminal Island
Texaco Usa, Kinetics Tech Wilmington
Texaco Wisconsin Sausalito
Texaco, Incorporated Wilmington
Texaco, Incorporated- Wilmington
Texaco, Incorporated, Gas Compression Plant Wilmington
Texallano Plant Los Angeles
Texas Aluminum Co Inc Mojave
Texas Company Kettleman Hills
Texas Company Yorba Linda
Texas Company Wilmington
Texas Company Wilmington Refinery W. J. Ryan Wilmington
Texas Company (fillmore Works) Fillmore
Texas Company, The Montebello
Texas Inc Long Beach
Texas Trader Sausalito
Textured Coatings Of San Francisco San Francisco
Textured Fibres Incorporated Ontario
Th Seavy Los Angeles
Thailand Bear South San Francisco
Thalia Sausalito
Thatcher Glass Saugus
Thatcher Glass Mfg Co Saugus
The Alameda San Jose
The Conveyor Co Irwindale
The Fluor Corporation Banister
The Geysers Geothermal Power Station Middletown
The Irvin Deutscher Family Ymca Pleasant Hill
The La Brewing Company Los Angeles
The Learner Company Oakland
The Mason Manufacturing Company Los Angeles
Theo Hamm Brewing Company 1550 Bryant Street San Francisco
Theodore Hamm Brewing Company Los Angeles
Theological Seminary Married Students Housing San Anselmo
Therma Trane Exar Sunnyvale
Therma-bond Asphalt Compton
Thermal Energy Developmetn Company (tedco) Tracy
Thermal Refractories Co San Pedro
Thermo Steam Services Oildale
Thomas A Short Co Oakland
Thomas Corwin Richmond
Thomas H Gallaudet Terminal Island
Thomas Hart Benton Sausalito
Thomas Havesty Company Los Angeles
Thomas Industries Baldwin Park
Thomas Jefferson San Francisco
Thomas Kearns Richmond
Thomas Lynch San Francisco
Thomas Paine Terminal Island
Thompson Aircraft Tire Ccorporation 160 Beacon Street South San Francisco
Thompson Die Casting Company Burbank
Thornton Canning Company Thornton
Thorp Mining Company Fourth Crossing, Calaveras County
Thorpe Insulation Los Angeles
Thorpe Insulation Co San Diego
Thorpe J T Son Inc Emeryville
Thorpe J T And Sons Inc Emeryville
Thorpe J T Inc Carson
Thorpe J T Inc Los Ang/wilmington
Thorpe J Y And Sons Inc Emeryville
Thorsen Manufacturing Co Emeryville
Thorton Canning Company Thornton
Thums Long Beach
Thurston Inc Torrance
Tiburon Lodge Tiburon Boulevard Tiburon
Tice Valley School Tice Boulevard Walnut Creek
Tide Water Associated Oil Company Ventura
Tidewater Associated Oil Co Los Angeles
Tidewater Associated Oil Company Avon
Tidewater Associated Oil Company Ventura
Tidewater Associated/ Phillips 66/ Avon/lyon/ Getty/ Tosco Avon
Tidewater Oil Seal Beach
Tidewater Oil Watson
Tidewater Oil Co Coalinga
Tidewater Oil Co Martinez
Tidewater Oil Company Avon
Tidewater Oil Company Martinez
Tidewater Oil Pump Station Kettleman
Tiegel Manufacturing Comp Belmont
Tiffany`s Jewelers 252 Grant Avenue San Francisco
Tillie Lewis Canning Co (a/k/a Moore Dry Dock) Stockton
Tillie Lewis Foods Stockton
Tingey San Francisco
Tishman Building Los Angeles
Tishman Building Westwood
Tishman Building San Francisco
Title Guarantee And Trust Building Los Angeles
Tl Artz Foundry Los Angeles
Tlc Nursing Home El Cajon
Todd Pacific Shipyard And Shipbuilding (aka Los Angeles Shipbuilding San Pedro
Todd San Pedro San Pedro
Todd Shipyard Alameda
Todd Shipyard San Francisco
Todd Shipyard San Pedro
Todd Shipyard Long Beach
Todd Shipyard Los Angeles
Todd Shipyard 710 Front Street San Pedro
Todd Shipyard [alias] Alameda
Todd Shipyard Corp San Pedro
Todd Shipyard Corp. Alameda
Todd Shipyard Corp., Los Angeles Div. San Pedro
Todd Shipyard/alameda Naval Shipyard Alameda
Todd Shipyards Alameda
Todd Shipyards Los Angeles
Todd Shipyards Oakland
Todd Shipyards Corporation San Pedro
Todd/nassco/national Steel San Diego
Tom Sisney Whse Chico
Tomales Bay Creamery 561 Eccles Avenue South San Francisco
Tonapath Tidewater R.r. Company Los Angeles
Tonolli Co Of Canada Ltd Cooksville
Topeka Drive School Los Angeles
Torino Del Flores Convalescent Hospital Torino Del Flores Lane Los Gatos
Toronto Dominion Bank San Francisco
Torrance Gasoline Company Torrance
Torrance Hills Sausalito
Torrance Tubing Torrance
Tosco Oil Bakersfield
Tosco Oil Avon
Tosco Oil Martinez
Tosco Oil Refinery (aka Avon Associated/getty/tidewater Phillips) Martinez
Tosco Refinery Avon
Toucan Long Beach
Towers Plaza Sacramento
Town Country Convention Center Hotel Circle North San Diego
Town Park Tower 3rd Saint John Street San Jose
Town Park Tower 3rd Santa Clara San Jose
Town Park Tower 4th Santa Clara San Jose
Town School For Boys Scott Jackson San Francisco
Townsend Company Santa Ana
Toyota Wash System Benicia Industrial Park Benicia
Track No 1181 Spots 1 And 2 Emeryville
Tractor Exhaust San Jose
Tracy Engineering Company San Francisco
Traingle Conduit West Pittsburg
Trans-dyn Corp. Redwood City
Trans-dyn Corp. Fairfield
Transamerica Building Los Angeles
Transamerica Building 3rd Floor 4 Columbus Avenue San Francisco
Transamerica Title Insurance 1515 Webster Street Oakland
Transamerica Title Insurance 1525 Webster Street Oakland
Transamerica Title Insurance 17th Franklin Oakland
Transcarribean Richmond
Transmarine Navigation Corp Wilmington
Transnorthern Terminal Island
Transpacific Company, Limited Long Beach
Transwestern South San Francisco
Trathen San Francisco
Travelers Insurance Ontario
Travelodge Fremont Street Monterey
Travis Air Force Base Fairfield
Travis Air Force Base Aircraft Maintenance Shop Fairfield
Travis Air Force Base Elementary School Fairfield
Travis Air Force Base Pull Thru Hangar Solano County
Travis Air Force Base, Pull Thru Hangar Fairfield
Travis Miller Company Blythe
Treasure Craft Compton
Treasure Craft Ceramics Lynwood
Treasure Island Building 415 San Francisco
Treasure Island Nova Station Operations Control Building 1 San Francisco
Treasure Island Base Treasure Island
Treasure Island Naval Station San Francisco
Trent Tube Corporation Fullerton
Tretolite Corporation Brea
Tri Craft Welding Co South Gate
Tri Valley Growers Thornton
Tri Valley Growers Sacramento
Tri Valley Growers Stockton
Tri Valley Growers Modesto
Tri Valley Growers, Plant t Thornton
Tri Valley Packing San Jose
Tri/valley Growers 2 (a/k/a Turlock Cooperative Growers) Modesto
Triangle Oil Company Venice
Triangle Oil Company Santa Monica
Trifty Drug Greenback Auburn Sacramento
Trigen Central Plants Los Angeles
Triple A Machine San Diego
Triple A Machine Ship San Francisco
Triple A Machine Shop San Francisco
Triple A Machine Shop Inc San Diego
Triple A Machine Shop Inc San Francisco
Triple A Shipyard San Francisco
Triple A Shipyard Pier 64 San Francisco
Trizec Northstar Building, T.h.s. Northstar Association Winnipeg
Truck Rail 7th Ferry Street Oakland
Truckee Lumber Company Oroville
Truitt White Lumber Company Berkeley
Trumbull Asphalt San Leandro
Trumbull Asphalt Company Compton
Trumbull Asphalt Company Martinez
Trumbull Asphalt Company San Leandro
Trw Los Angeles
Trw Corporation El Segundo
Trw Corporation Los Angeles
Trw Incorporated Lawndale
Trw Incorporated Redondo Beach
Tuburon Lodge Tiburon
Tulane Victory Richmond
Tulare County Power Company Tulare
Tulocay Cemetery Napa
Tuolomme County Hospital Addition Sonora
Tuolumme County Hospital Addition Sonora
Tuolumne City Tuolumne
Turbo Product Pacoima
Turek Meck Refrigeration 865 Burl Way Burlingame
Tuttle Manufacturing Berkeley
Twa Los Angeles
Twining San Francisco
Twining Laboratories Long Beach
Twyman Engineering Company Orange
Twyman Engineering Company Buena Park
Tyrrell Jewlers Broadway Walnut Creek