California Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in California to find any companies you may have worked for.

T B A - Alma Mall - Mountain View
T X I Riverside Cement - Oro Grande
T.h.r. Company - Red Bluff
T.j. Fields - Soledad
T.r.w., Incorporated - Lawndale
T.r.w., Incorporated - Redondo Beach
Ta Quality Foundry (2707 East 26th Street) - Los Angeles
Tabershaw Cooper Associates - South San Francisco
Table Linen Supply - Los Angeles
Table Linen Supply Company - Los Angeles
Taco Bell - Los Angeles
Tacoma - San Francisco
Taconic - La Verne
Taffy Meat Company - San Francisco
Tahoe School District Office - Truckee
Tahoe Truckee Sanitation - Truckee
Talbot Building - Novato
Talley Corporation - Newberry Park
Talmalpias High School Field House - Mill Valley
Tam Valley School - Marin Avenue - Mill Valley
Tamco - Etiwanda
Tamco Division Of Ameron - Etiwanda
Tamco-ameron Affiliate Co. - Rancho Cucamonga
Tampa - Sausalito
Tank Insulation - San Francisco
Tank Insulation - 701 Indiana Avenue - San Francisco
Tank T8 - 8800 Enterprise Drive - Newark
Tatum And Bowen - San Francisco
Taylor Estate - Oakland
Taylor Fibre Company - Vernon
Taylor Fibre Company - La Uerne
Taylor Forge Pipe Works - Fontana
Taylor Forge And Pipe Works - Fontana
Taylor Pipeworks - Fontana
Tbilisi - Terminal Island
Technibilt Corporation - Burbank
Technical High School - Homemaking Rooms - 4351 Broadway - Oakland
Technicolor Motion Picture - Los Angeles
Tecumseh - Richmond
Tehachapi Prison - Tehachapi
Teledyne Incorporated Amelco Semiconductor - Mountain View
Teledyne Mechanical Corporation - 3165 Porter Drive - Palo Alto
Telegraph Avenue Elec And Railway Company - Oakland
Telemetary Building - Pillar Point
Temple Hospital - Los Angeles
Tempress Research Company - Lark University - Los Gatos
Tender Loving Care Nursing Home - El Cajon
Tenet Incorporated - Thompson Place - Po Box 25365 - Sunnyvale
Tenneco Chemical Company - Pasadena
Tenneco Heating Corporation - Camelia 4th - Berkeley
Terminal Annex Post Office - Los Angeles
Terminal Island Federal Prison, - Terminal Island
Terminal Island Naval Shipyard - Terminal Island
Terminal Island Powerhouse, - Terminal Island
Terminal Island Shipyard - Wilmington
Terminal Island Shipyard - San Francisco
Terra Linda High School - Terra Linda
Terra Nova High School - 1450 Terra Nova Boulevard - Pacifica
Terrel Jewelers - Pine Broadway - Walnut Creek
Terrell Elementary School - Pearl - San Jose
Tesoro Corporation, Los Angeles Refinery - Wilmington
Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery - Martinez
Test Range - Telemetry Building - Pillar Point
Texaco - Santa Fe Springs
Texaco - Coalinga
Texaco - Huntington Beach
Texaco - Fillmore
Texaco - Castaic
Texaco - San Ardo
Texaco - Compton
Texaco - Wilmington
Texaco - Los Angeles
Texaco (aka Texaco Company) - Wilmington
Texaco Incorporated - Wilmington
Texaco Incorporated - San Ardo
Texaco Incorporated - Los Angeles
Texaco Incorporated - Wilmington
Texaco Incorporated - Gas Compression Plant - Wilmington
Texaco Incorporated Refinery - Wilmington
Texaco Marine - Wilmington
Texaco Marine - Terminal Island
Texaco Oil - Wilmington
Texaco Oil Refinery - Wilmington
Texaco Oil Refinery - Torrance
Texaco Refinery - Dominguez
Texaco Refinery - Long Beach
Texaco Refinery - Wilmington
Texaco Refinery - Bakersfield
Texaco Research - Carson
Texaco Research - Daggett
Texaco Research Laboratory - Montebello
Texaco Service Station - Long Beach
Texaco Shiels Canyon, Ca - Shields Canyon
Texaco Tank Farm - Los Alamitos
Texaco Tank Farm - Terminal Island
Texaco Usa, Kinetics Tech - Wilmington
Texaco Wisconsin - Sausalito
Texaco, Incorporated - Wilmington
Texaco, Incorporated- Wilmington
Texaco, Incorporated, Gas Compression Plant - Wilmington
Texallano Plant - Los Angeles
Texas Aluminum Co Inc - Mojave
Texas Company - Kettleman Hills
Texas Company - Yorba Linda
Texas Company - Wilmington
Texas Company - Wilmington Refinery - W. J. Ryan - Wilmington
Texas Company (fillmore Works) - Fillmore
Texas Company, The - Montebello
Texas Inc - Long Beach
Texas Trader - Sausalito
Textured Coatings Of San Francisco - San Francisco
Textured Fibres Incorporated - Ontario
Th Seavy - Los Angeles
Thailand Bear - South San Francisco
Thalia - Sausalito
Thatcher Glass - Saugus
Thatcher Glass Mfg Co - Saugus
The Alameda - San Jose
The Conveyor Co - Irwindale
The Fluor Corporation - Banister
The Geysers Geothermal Power Station - Middletown
The Irvin Deutscher Family Ymca - Pleasant Hill
The La Brewing Company - Los Angeles
The Learner Company - Oakland
The Mason Manufacturing Company - Los Angeles
Theo Hamm Brewing Company - 1550 Bryant Street - San Francisco
Theodore Hamm Brewing Company - Los Angeles
Theological Seminary - Married Students Housing - San Anselmo
Therma Trane - Exar - Sunnyvale
Therma-bond Asphalt - Compton
Thermal Energy Developmetn Company (tedco) - Tracy
Thermal Refractories Co - San Pedro
Thermo Steam Services - Oildale
Thomas A Short Co - Oakland
Thomas Corwin - Richmond
Thomas H Gallaudet - Terminal Island
Thomas Hart Benton - Sausalito
Thomas Havesty Company - Los Angeles
Thomas Industries - Baldwin Park
Thomas Jefferson - San Francisco
Thomas Kearns - Richmond
Thomas Lynch - San Francisco
Thomas Paine - Terminal Island
Thompson Aircraft Tire Ccorporation - 160 Beacon Street - South San Francisco
Thompson Die Casting Company - Burbank
Thornton Canning Company - Thornton
Thorp Mining Company - Fourth Crossing, Calaveras County
Thorpe Insulation - Los Angeles
Thorpe Insulation Co - San Diego
Thorpe J T Son Inc - Emeryville
Thorpe J T And Sons Inc - Emeryville
Thorpe J T Inc - Carson
Thorpe J T Inc - Los Ang/wilmington
Thorpe J Y And Sons Inc - Emeryville
Thorsen Manufacturing Co - Emeryville
Thorton Canning Company - Thornton
Thums - Long Beach
Thurston Inc - Torrance
Tiburon Lodge - Tiburon Boulevard - Tiburon
Tice Valley School - Tice Boulevard - Walnut Creek
Tide Water Associated Oil Company - Ventura
Tidewater Associated Oil Co - Los Angeles
Tidewater Associated Oil Company - Avon
Tidewater Associated Oil Company - Ventura
Tidewater Associated/ Phillips 66/ Avon/lyon/ Getty/ Tosco - Avon
Tidewater Oil - Seal Beach
Tidewater Oil - Watson
Tidewater Oil Co - Coalinga
Tidewater Oil Co - Martinez
Tidewater Oil Company - Avon
Tidewater Oil Company - Martinez
Tidewater Oil Pump Station - Kettleman
Tiegel Manufacturing Comp - Belmont
Tiffany`s Jewelers - 252 Grant Avenue - San Francisco
Tillie Lewis Canning Co (a/k/a Moore Dry Dock) - Stockton
Tillie Lewis Foods - Stockton
Tingey - San Francisco
Tishman Building - Los Angeles
Tishman Building - Westwood
Tishman Building - San Francisco
Title Guarantee And Trust Building - Los Angeles
Tl Artz Foundry - Los Angeles
Tlc Nursing Home - El Cajon
Todd Pacific Shipyard And Shipbuilding (aka Los Angeles Shipbuilding - San Pedro
Todd San Pedro - San Pedro
Todd Shipyard - Alameda
Todd Shipyard - San Francisco
Todd Shipyard - San Pedro
Todd Shipyard - Long Beach
Todd Shipyard - Los Angeles
Todd Shipyard - 710 Front Street - San Pedro
Todd Shipyard [alias] - Alameda
Todd Shipyard Corp - San Pedro
Todd Shipyard Corp. - Alameda
Todd Shipyard Corp., Los Angeles Div. - San Pedro
Todd Shipyard/alameda Naval Shipyard - Alameda
Todd Shipyards - Alameda
Todd Shipyards - Los Angeles
Todd Shipyards - Oakland
Todd Shipyards Corporation - San Pedro
Todd/nassco/national Steel - San Diego
Tom Sisney Whse - Chico
Tomales Bay Creamery - 561 Eccles Avenue - South San Francisco
Tonapath Tidewater R.r. Company - Los Angeles
Tonolli Co Of Canada Ltd - Cooksville
Topeka Drive School - Los Angeles
Torino Del Flores Convalescent Hospital - Torino Del Flores Lane - Los Gatos
Toronto Dominion Bank - San Francisco
Torrance Gasoline Company - Torrance
Torrance Hills - Sausalito
Torrance Tubing - Torrance
Tosco Oil - Bakersfield
Tosco Oil - Avon
Tosco Oil - Martinez
Tosco Oil Refinery (aka Avon Associated/getty/tidewater Phillips) - Martinez
Tosco Refinery - Avon
Toucan - Long Beach
Towers Plaza - Sacramento
Town Country Convention Center - Hotel Circle North - San Diego
Town Park Tower - 3rd Saint John Street - San Jose
Town Park Tower - 3rd Santa Clara - San Jose
Town Park Tower - 4th Santa Clara - San Jose
Town School For Boys - Scott Jackson - San Francisco
Townsend Company - Santa Ana
Toyota Wash System - Benicia Industrial Park - Benicia
Track No 1181 Spots 1 And 2 - Emeryville
Tractor Exhaust - San Jose
Tracy Engineering Company - San Francisco
Traingle Conduit - West Pittsburg
Trans-dyn Corp. - Redwood City
Trans-dyn Corp. - Fairfield
Transamerica Building - Los Angeles
Transamerica Building - 3rd Floor - 4 Columbus Avenue - San Francisco
Transamerica Title Insurance - 1515 Webster Street - Oakland
Transamerica Title Insurance - 1525 Webster Street - Oakland
Transamerica Title Insurance - 17th Franklin - Oakland
Transcarribean - Richmond
Transmarine Navigation Corp - Wilmington
Transnorthern - Terminal Island
Transpacific Company, Limited - Long Beach
Transwestern - South San Francisco
Trathen - San Francisco
Travelers Insurance - Ontario
Travelodge - Fremont Street - Monterey
Travis Air Force Base - Fairfield
Travis Air Force Base - Aircraft Maintenance Shop - Fairfield
Travis Air Force Base - Elementary School - Fairfield
Travis Air Force Base - Pull Thru Hangar - Solano County
Travis Air Force Base, Pull Thru Hangar - Fairfield
Travis Miller Company - Blythe
Treasure Craft - Compton
Treasure Craft Ceramics - Lynwood
Treasure Island - Building 415 - San Francisco
Treasure Island - Nova Station - Operations Control Building 1 - San Francisco
Treasure Island Base - Treasure Island
Treasure Island Naval Station - San Francisco
Trent Tube Corporation - Fullerton
Tretolite Corporation - Brea
Tri Craft Welding Co - South Gate
Tri Valley Growers - Thornton
Tri Valley Growers - Sacramento
Tri Valley Growers - Stockton
Tri Valley Growers - Modesto
Tri Valley Growers, Plant "t" - Thornton
Tri Valley Packing - San Jose
Tri/valley Growers 2 (a/k/a Turlock Cooperative Growers) - Modesto
Triangle Oil Company - Venice
Triangle Oil Company - Santa Monica
Trifty Drug - Greenback Auburn - Sacramento
Trigen Central Plants - Los Angeles
Triple A Machine - San Diego
Triple A Machine Ship - San Francisco
Triple A Machine Shop - San Francisco
Triple A Machine Shop Inc - San Diego
Triple A Machine Shop Inc - San Francisco
Triple A Shipyard - San Francisco
Triple A Shipyard Pier 64 - San Francisco
Trizec Northstar Building, T.h.s. Northstar Association - Winnipeg
Truck Rail - 7th Ferry Street - Oakland
Truckee Lumber Company - Oroville
Truitt White Lumber Company - Berkeley
Trumbull Asphalt - San Leandro
Trumbull Asphalt Company - Compton
Trumbull Asphalt Company - Martinez
Trumbull Asphalt Company - San Leandro
Trw - Los Angeles
Trw Corporation - El Segundo
Trw Corporation - Los Angeles
Trw Incorporated - Lawndale
Trw Incorporated - Redondo Beach
Tuburon Lodge - Tiburon
Tulane Victory - Richmond
Tulare County Power Company - Tulare
Tulocay Cemetery - Napa
Tuolomme County Hospital Addition - Sonora
Tuolumme County Hospital Addition - Sonora
Tuolumne City - Tuolumne
Turbo Product - Pacoima
Turek Meck Refrigeration - 865 Burl Way - Burlingame
Tuttle Manufacturing - Berkeley
Twa - Los Angeles
Twining - San Francisco
Twining Laboratories - Long Beach
Twyman Engineering Company - Orange
Twyman Engineering Company - Buena Park
Tyrrell Jewlers - Broadway - Walnut Creek