California Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in California to find any companies you may have worked for.

W C Oil Industries Inc - Richmond
W J Sloan - San Rafael
W.e. Dowling - Sausalito
W.f. Lawrence Company - Los Angeles
W.f. Lawrenece Company - Anaheim
W.h. Slankard - Branscomb
W.p. Fuller And Company - San Francisco
W.p. Fuller Company - San Francisco
W.s. Kilpatrick Co. - Los Angeles
W.w. Henry - Huntington Park
Wabash Oil Company - Coalinga
Wabash Oil Company - San Francisco
Waite Siding - Kern County
Walgreen Drug Store - 1336 Stockton Street - San Francisco
Walkers Department Store - Long Beach
Wall Street Jouranl - 1701 Page Mill Road - Palo Alto
Wall Street Journal - 1701 Page Mill Road - Palo Alto
Wallace Buckley - Stockton
Wallace China Company, Limited - Vernon
Wallace Welding Works - Wilmington
Wallinder Corporation - Los Angeles
Walnut - Oakland
Walnut Creek – Wastewater Treatment Plant - Walnut Creek
Walnut Growers Association - Stockton
Walnut Growers Of Sacramento - Sacramento
Walt Disney Productions - Burbank
Walter Hays School - 1525 Middlefield School - Palo Alto
Walter Williams - Richmond
Walters Lino - Santa Maria
Waltham Victory - Richmond
Walti Shilling Company - Highway 1 Coast Highway - Santa Cruz
Wang Archer - Richmond
Wang Dispatcher - Sausalito
Warco Steel - Paramount
Warman Steel Casting Company, - Vernon
Warner Brothers Studios - Burbank
Warner Welded Products - Glendale
Washington - Sausalito
Washington High School - Los Angeles
Washington Hospital - Fremont
Washington Mail - San Pedro
Wastewater Treatment Plant - 7399 Johnson Drive - Pleasanton
Water Works Department - Wilmington
Watergate Apartments - Powell Street - Emeryville
Waterloo Gold Mines - Raymond
Watkins Johnson Company - 3333 Hillview Avenue - Palo Alto
Watkins Johnson Company - 3333 Hillview Avenue - Building 2 - Palo Alto
Watkins Johnson Company - 3333 Hillview Avenue - Building 5 - Palo Alto
Watson Carbon And Chemical - Wilmington
Watson Carbon And Chemical - Long Beach
Watson Refinery - Wilmington
Watsonville Canning Company - Watsonville
Wax Loading Line - Unit 212 - Compound - Rodeo
Wayside Honor Rancho - Castaic
Wc Hardesty Company - Los Angeles
Webber Aircraft - Burbank
Weber Baking - Los Angeles
Webster Cobberly Holmes Schools - Long Beach
Wedderburn - San Francisco
Weed Lumber Co - Weed
Weed Lumber Company - Weed
Weed Lumber Company - San Francisco
Weisfield Jewelers - Mayfield Mall - Mountain View
Well Fargo - San Francisco
Welling Boiler - 3600 East 8th Street - National City
Wellington Boiler - San Diego
Wells Die Casting - San Francisco
Wells Fargo - San Francisco
Wells Fargo - Oakland
Wells Fargo American Trust - San Anselmo
Wells Fargo Bank - 16010 Hesperian Boulevard - San Lorenzo
Wells Fargo Bank - Redwood City
Wells Fargo Bank - 22nd Mission Street - South San Francisco
Wells Fargo Bank - 5th Capital Mall - Sacramento
Wells Fargo Bank - 62 1st Street - San Francisco
Wells Fargo Bank - Cliff Grant Street - Santa Cruz
Wells Fargo Bank - Diamond Branch - 3442 Fruitdale - Oakland
Wells Fargo Bank - East Concord Office - 4599 Clayton Valley Road - Concord
Wells Fargo Bank - Estudillo East 14th Street - San Leandro
Wells Fargo Bank - Ignacio Garden Shopping Center - Oak Grove Road - Concord
Wells Fargo Bank - Marco Way - South San Francisco
Wells Fargo Bank - Mayfield Mall - Palo Alto
Wells Fargo Bank - Southland Shopping Center - Hayward
Wells Frago Bank - Broadway Chula Vista - Burlingame
Wesco Pipe Blower Co. - Oakland
Wesco Steel Rolling Mills Corporation- Los Angeles
Wesley Palms Retirement Home - 2404 Loring Street - San Diego
Wesleyan Victory - Richmond
Weslock Company - Huntington Park
West Coast Burner Co - Eureka
West Coast Cannery - Long Beach
West Coast Ins. - San Francisco
West Coast Paperboard Mills - Rancho Cucamonga
West Coast Refining - Placentia
West Coast Refining Co - Atwood
West Coast Refining Co - Placentia
West Coast Refining Co - Richfield
West Coast Rendering Company - Vernon
West Coast Sanitary Manufacturing Co -
West Coast Soap Company - Oakland
West Coast Transmission - Fort Nelson B C
West Elementary School - Antioch
West Lake Joe's Restaurant - Daly City
West Marin School - Point Reyes
West Petaluma Junior High School - Petaluma
West Rialto Water Co. - Rialto
West Side Lithograph Company - Los Angeles
West Stanislaus Irrigation Distribution - Wesley
West Vaco Cehmical Division, Food Machinery - Chula Vista
West Winds - Port Hueneme
West Winds Inc - San Francisco
West Winds Shipyard - San Francisco
Westborough Shopping Center - Westborough Callan Boulevards - South San Francisco
Westchester Elementary School - Westchester Menette - Danville
Westchester School - Westchester Drive - Danville
Westend Chemical Co - Westend
Western Air And Refrigeration, Inc - Compton
Western Airlines - Air Freight Facility - San Bruno
Western Apartments - Webster Steiner - San Francisco
Western Asbestos - Oakland
Western Asbestos - San Francisco
Western Asbestos / Western Macarthur - San Francisco
Western Asbestos Company - San Mateo
Western Asbestos Company - San Francisco
Western Beet Sugar Company - Salinas
Western Beet Sugar Company - Watsonville
Western Belt Sugar Company - Salinas
Western Borax Co - Muroc
Western Brass - Los Angeles
Western Cal-allen Meat Company - Davidson Lane - San Francisco
Western Castings Company - Santa Clara
Western Chemical And Mfg. - Los Angeles
Western Chemical Company - Downey
Western Colloid - Oakland
Western Condensing Company - Smith River
Western Cooperage Co - Huntington Park
Western Corrugated Box, Incorporated - Oakland
Western Corrugated Manufacturing - 2800 Alverado Street - San Leandro
Western Die Casting - Emeryville
Western Die Casting Co - Los Angeles
Western Distilleries - Agnew
Western Diversified Metals - Cucamonga
Western Drop Forge - Los Angeles
Western Electric - 1615 Foxworthy Avenue Facility - San Jose
Western Electric - Doolittle Drive Williams Street Facility - San Leandro
Western Electric Company - San Leandro
Western Fibrous Glass Prod - Burlingame
Western Fibrous Glass Prod - Los Angeles
Western Fibrous Glass Prod - San Diego
Western Fish Products Company - Monterey
Western Forge - Santa Clara
Western Forge Flange - Santa Clara
Western Forge And Flange - Albany
Western Forge And Flange - San Francisco
Western Forge And Flange Co - Santa Clara
Western Galvinizing Co - Santa Fe Springs
Western Gear Corporation - Belmont
Western Gear Works - Lynwood
Western Girl Incorporated - 117 Front Street - San Francisco
Western Gold Plumbing - Harbor Boulevard - Belmont
Western Grape Productions - Kingsburgh
Western Grape Products - Kingsburg
Western Gulf Oil Co - Paloma
Western Gulf Oil Company - Baskersfield
Western Incorporated Furniture - Huntington Beach
Western Kraft Corporation - Compton
Western Kraft Corporation - Richmond
Western Lead Products Co - City Of Industry
Western Macarthur - Sacramento/stockton
Western Macarthur Co. - San Francisco
Western Meat Company - San Francisco
Western Meat Company - South San Francisco
Western Microwave - 16845 Hicks Road - Los Gatos
Western Mill And Lumber Co - Vernon
Western Mill And Lumber Co - Los Angeles
Western Oil And Refining Co - Wilmington
Western Pacific - Basement Room #5 - 526 Mission Street - San Francisco
Western Pacific Railroad Company - Sacramento
Western Pipe Steel - South San Francisco
Western Pipe Steel - Los Angeles
Western Pipe Steel - San Pedro
Western Pipe Steel - Long Beach
Western Pipe Steel / Us Steel / American Bridge, Shaw Butcher Shipyard - San Francisco
Western Pipe Steel Co. - San Francisco
Western Pipe Steel Co. - South San Francisco
Western Pipe Steel Shipyard - Wilmington
Western Pipe Steel Shipyard -
Western Pipe And Steel - San Pedro
Western Pipe And Steel - Wilmington
Western Pipe And Steel Shipyard - San Francisco
Western Pipe And Steel Shipyard - San Pedro
Western Precipitation Corporation - Los Angeles
Western Precipitator - Los Angles
Western Refining Corp - Los Angeles
Western Refrigeration - San Martin
Western States Gasoline Company - Kettleman Hills
Western States Lacquer Company - Los Angeles
Western Stove - Culver City
Western Sugar Refinery - San Francisco
Western Talc Company - Los Angeles
Western Title Insurance Company - 350 Bush Street - San Francisco
Western True Vapor Phase Corporation - Wilmington
Western Tube And Conduit - Long Beach
Western Wax Paper Company - San Leandro
Western Waxed Paper Company - Los Angeles
Western Waxide - Los Angeles
Western Wheel - Fresno
Western-kraft Company - Port Hueneme
Westfab Manufacturing Com - Fremont
Westgate Shopping Center - San Jose
Westinghouse - Sunnyvale
Westinghouse - 410 Bush Street - San Francisco
Westinghouse Elec Co - Los Angeles
Westinghouse Electric - Sunnyvale Manufacturing Plant - Sunnyvale
Westinghouse Electric Corp. - Sea Water Conversion Plant - San Diego
Westinghouse Electric Corporation - San Francisco
Westinghouse Electric Corporation - Manufacturing Plant - San Francisco
Westside Health Center - Distribution Center #2 - Ellis Pierce - San Francisco
Westvaco Chemical Division, Food Machinery And Chemical Corporation - Newark
Westward Ho - Oakland
Westward Ho Hotel - San Diego
Westwind Shipyard - San Francisco
Westwood Elementary School - 1748 West Street - Concord
Westwood Hotel - 411 Hotel Circle - South San Diego
Weyerhaeuser Co - Arcata
Weyerhaeuser Co - Arcota
Weyerhaeuser Co - Areata
Weyerhaeuser Steamship Co - Terminal Island
Wg Johnson And Son Tile Manufacturing Company - Pomona
Wheeler Hills - Sausalito
Wheeler Roofing - Modesto
Whesthcester School - Westchester Drive - Danville
Whitaker Company, Bermite Division - Los Angeles
Whitco Chevrolet - Lynwood
White Front Store - San Diego
White Front Store - Mowery Avenue - Fremont
White Front Store - Spruce El Camino - South San Francisco
White Front Store Tire Shop - 3800 Grossmont Boulevard - La Mesa
White Heat Treating Company - Huntington Park
White House - 150 Post - San Francisco
White House Department Store - Third D Street - Santa Rosa
White Memorial Hospital - Los Angeles
White Memorial Medical Center - Cesar E. Chavez Avenue - Los Angeles
White Rogers - San Francisco
Whitehall - Oakland
Whitley - Oakland
Whittaker Corporation - Monrovia
Whittaker Gyro Division - Van Nuys
Whittier Hills - Sausalito
Whittier Jr High School Whittier Ave, - Whittier
Whittler, Mh, Company, Ltd - Los Angeles
Wide Awake - Oakland
Wilbur Wright - Richmond
Wilcox And Company, Inc - Los Angeles
Wilkinson Company - Santa Monica
Willamette Industries - Port Hueneme
Willamette Iron And Steel - Richmond
Willamette Shipyard - Richmond
Willard Keith - San Pedro
Willet M. Hays - Richmond
William A Coulter - Richmond
William A Richardson - Sausalito
William A. Rapp Company - Sonoma
William A. Rapp Company - Chico
William A. Rapp Company - Modesto
William A. Rapp Company - Redding
William A. Rapp Company - Sacramnto
William Beaumont - Richmond
William C. Lawe - San Francisco
William C. Ralston - Richmond
William Dean Howell - Richmond
William E. Downing - Sausalito
William Ellery - Richmond
William Fox Studios - Hollywood
William H Hutchinson And Sons - Carson
William H. Allen - Richmond
William Hopkins Junior High School - Driscoll Road - Fremont
William I Kip - Terminal Island
William J. Fields - Sausalito
William Keith - Richmond
William Kent - Sausalito
William Luckenbach - South San Francisco
William M. Stewart - Terminal Island
William P Andrews Oil Co - Long Beach
William P Andrews Oil Co - Newhall
William T Coleman - Sausalito
William T. Garrett And Company - San Francisco
William Taafe Tanning Company - San Francisco
William Taaffe Meat Company - 3rd Evans - San Francisco
William Vaughn Moody - Richmond
William W Mayo - Richmond
Williamette - Richmond
Williamette Shipyard - Richmond
Williams Sons - Los Angeles
Williams Deawond And Company - San Francisco
Williams Dimond And Company - San Francisco
Willis Moore - Los Angeles
Willis Van Devanter - Terminal Island
Wilmington Boat Works - Wilmington
Wilmington Gasoline Co - Terminal Island
Wilmington Powerhouse - Wilmington
Wilmington Refining - Wilmington
Wilmington Transportation Company - Wilmington
Wilmington Welding And Boiler Works - Wilmington
Wilsey Bennett Co - Los Angeles
Wilsey Bennett Vegetable Oil Products - 2300 Army Street - San Francisco
Wilshire Oil - Santa Fe Springs
Wilshire Oil - Los Angeles
Wilshire Oil Co - Norwalk
Wilshire Oil Co - Santa Fe Springs
Wilshire Oil Co. - Santa Fe Springs
Wilshire Oil Company - Santa Fe Springs
Wilshire Oil Company, Incorporated - Norwalk
Wilshire Plaza - Los Angeles
Wilson And Company - Los Angeles
Wilson Meat Company - 4th Townsend - San Francisco
Wilson School - San Francisco
Wilson Sporting Goods Company - 570 Barneveld Street - San Francisco
Wilson, Ak Lumber Co - Compton
Wine Industries - San Francisco
Winer Metal - Paramount
Wings Of The Morning - Oakland
Winning And Pepelow - Los Angeles
Winston Bros Co - Martinez
Winters Hardware - Winters
Winthrop Victory - Los Angeles
Winton Lumber Co - Martell
Winton Lumber Company - Martell
Wisconsin - Sausalito
Wismer And Becker Contractng Engineers - Daggett
Witco Chemical - Oildale
Witco Chemical - Carson
Witfield Chemical Company - Watson
Witfield Chemical Corp - Los Angeles
Wl Dixon Company - Dominguez
Wm. A. Richardson - Sausalito
Wolf Range Co - Compton
Woman's State Hospital - San Francisco
Womens Housing Facility - Terminal Island
Woodlake Apartments - Humboldt Penninsula Avenue - San Mateo
Woodland School - Ignacio Valley Road - Walnut Creek
Woodlawn Memorial Park - Colma
Woodrow Wilson School - 400 Mansell - San Francisco
Woodsbridge Vineyard Association - Lodi
Woodside Gardens Apartments - Housing For The Elderly - Woodside Drive Isadora - San Francisco
Woodside Priory - 302 Portola Valley Road - Woodside
Woodside Road United Methodist Church - Sanctuary Building - Redwood City
Woolworths - Alma Mayfield Mall - Alma San Antonia - Mountain View
Working Machine Company - Los Angeles
World Distribution Center - Freitas Road Lakeville Highway - Petaluma
World Oil Lunday-thagard Company - South Gate
World Trade Center - Los Angeles
Worlds Fair Restaurant - Eastridge Shopping Center - Quimby Tully Roads - San Jose
Worthington Pump Machinery Corporation - Alhambra
Wp Fuller And Co - Los Angeles
Wp Fuller Company - Compton
Wr Chamberlin And Co - Wilmington
Wr Grace - South Gate
Wr Grace And Co - San Pedro
Wright And Callender Building Company - Los Angeles
Wright Corp. - Stockton
Wright Manufacturing - Cupertino
Wrigley Company - Highway 1 - Santa Cruz
Wulff Process Co - Maywood
Wyatt Earp - Terminal Island