Illinois Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in Illinois to find any companies you may have worked for.

Ibm Chicago
Ibm Bldg Chicago
Ideal Industries Sycamore
Ij Case Tenneco Rock Island
Il State University Normal
Illinois Ap Green Chicago
Illinois Ap Green F B C Chicago
Illinois Athletic Club Chicago
Illinois Bell Edgemont
Illinois Bell Springfield
Illinois Bell Telephone Co. No 5 Cross Bar Station Galena
Illinois Brick Co Blue Island
Illinois Brick Company Blue Island
Illinois Brick Company Chicago
Illinois Brick Company Shermerville
Illinois Brick Company Bernice
Illinois Brick Company Broadview
Illinois Brick Company, Yard #24 Chicago
Illinois Brick Company, Yard #3 Evanston
Illinois Brick Company, Yard #42 Blue Island
Illinois Canning Co. Hoopeston
Illinois Canning Co. (a/k/a Joan Of Arc Co.) Hoopeston
Illinois Car Equipment Company Chicago
Illinois Cement Company Lasalle
Illinois Central Gulf Shops Not Provided
Illinois Central R.r. Co. I. C. Roundhouse Clinton
Illinois Central Railroad Chicago
Illinois Central Railroad Clinton
Illinois Central Railroad Co Centralia
Illinois Central Railroad Co Chicago
Illinois Central Railroad Company Chicago
Illinois Central Railroad Company Clinton
Illinois Central Railroad Company Centralia
Illinois Central Rr Champaign
Illinois Central Rr Clinton
Illinois Central Rr* Chicago
Illinois Central System Centralia
Illinois Cereal Mills Inc Paris
Illinois Cereal Mills, Incorporated Paris
Illinois Chemical Company Chicago Heights
Illinois Clay Products Joliet
Illinois Clay Products Co. Gooselake
Illinois Eastern Hospital Kankakee
Illinois Fibre Speciality Chicago
Illinois Fire Proof Covering Chicago
Illinois Glass Alton
Illinois Granite City Steel Granite City
Illinois Inst. Of Mentally Retarded Centralia
Illinois Inst. Of Technology Chicago
Illinois Institute Of Technology Chicago
Illinois Insulation Const Co Chicago
Illinois Insulation Construction Chicago
Illinois Iron And Bolt Company Carpentersville
Illinois Maintenance Co Quincy Plant Chicago
Illinois Maintenance Company Chicago
Illinois Masonic Hospital Chicago
Illinois Meat Co Chicago
Illinois Northern Hospital For The Insane Elgin
Illinois Ordnance Marion
Illinois Ordnance Plant Marion
Illinois Packing Co Chicago
Illinois Plastic Molding Chicago
Illinois Pork Corporation Monmouth
Illinois Power Havana
Illinois Power Tuscola
Illinois Power Belleville
Illinois Power Bloomington
Illinois Power Danville
Illinois Power Oakwood
Illinois Power Hennepin Power Station Hennepin
Illinois Power And Light Alton
Illinois Power Co Galesburg
Illinois Power Co Havana
Illinois Power Co Danville
Illinois Power Co All Il Locations
Illinois Power Co Maryville
Illinois Power Co Hennepin Station Decatur/hennepin
Illinois Power Co Vermilion Oakwood / Danville
Illinois Power Co Wood River East Alton/wood River
Illinois Power Co-vermillion Oakwood
Illinois Power Co. Danville
Illinois Power Co. Decatur
Illinois Power Co. Havana
Illinois Power Co. Maryville
Illinois Power Co. Clinton Power Station Clinton
Illinois Power Company Baldwin
Illinois Power Company Danville
Illinois Power Company Havana
Illinois Power Company Decatur
Illinois Power Company Oakwood
Illinois Power Company East Alton
Illinois Power Company Depeu
Illinois Power Company Morants
Illinois Power Company Baldwin Energy Station Unit 1 Baldwin
Illinois Power Company Baldwin Power Station Baldwin
Illinois Power Company Baldwin Power Station Track 5 Baldwin
Illinois Power Company Freeburg Gas Storage Freeburg
Illinois Power Company Route 13 Freeburg
Illinois Power Company Vermilion Power Station Oakwood
Illinois Power Company Wood River Station Alton
Illinois Power Company- Havana Power Station Havana
Illinois Power Company- Wood River Power Station E Alton
Illinois Public Service Company Meredosia
Illinois Rail Road Central Company Chicago
Illinois Rural Electric Co. Pittsfield
Illinois Sanitary District (decatur) Harristown
Illinois Shade Cloth Company Chicago Heights
Illinois Soldiers And Sailors Home Quincy
Illinois State Fairgrounds Springfield
Illinois State Farm Vandalia
Illinois State Highway Department Springfield
Illinois State Penitentia Pontiac
Illinois State Penitentia Menard
Illinois State Penitentiary Joliet
Illinois State Penitentiary Menard
Illinois State Penitentiary Vienna
Illinois State Penitentiary Pontiac
Illinois State School Jacksonville
Illinois State University Normil
Illinois State University Normal
Illinois Steel Company Chicago
Illinois Steel Company South Chicago
Illinois Steel Company Joliet
Illinois Strawboard Paper Corporation Rock Falls
Illinois Supply Aurora
Illinois Traction Company Decatur
Illinois Traction System Peoria
Illinois Traction System Riverton
Illinois Tube Skokie
Illinois Vinegar Co. Chicago
Illinois Vinegar Manufacturing Company Chicago
Illinois Wesleyan Univers Bloomington
Illinois Western Hospital For The Insane Watertown
Illinois Zinc Company Peru
Illinois-iowa Power Company (a/k/a Illinois Power) Danville
Illinova Power Marketing, Incorporated Havana
Immaculate Conception Church Chicago
Incinerator Inc. Cicero
Incobrasa Industries Gilman
Incobrosa Farms Gilman
Indeck Power Wheeling
Indeck Power Equipment Company Wheeling
Independent Boiler And Tank Chicago
Independent Brewing Association Chicago
Independent Engineering O'fallon
Independent Packing Company Chicago
Independent Pneu Tool Aurora
Independent Pneumatic Tool Company Aurora
Indian Refinery Lawrenceville
Indian Refining Co. Lawrenceville
Indian Refining Company Lawrenceville
Indian Refining Limited Partnership Lawrenceville
Indiana And Michigan Power Fairbanks
Indiana Quarries Company Chicago
Indiana Steel Company Chicago
Indlex Pharmaceutical Co. Park Forest S.
Industrial Castings Cicero
Industrial Die Casting Co Chicago
Industrial Engineering Equipment Company Rock Island
Industrial Filter Chicago
Industrial Plumbing Heating Benton
Industrial Roller Co Smithton
Industrial Roller Co. Smithton
Industrial Tape Division Chicago
Ingalls-shepard Division Of The Wyman-gordon Company Harvey
Ingalls-shepard Forging Company West Harvey
Ingalls-shepard Forging Company Harvey
Ingersoll Milling Machine Rockford
Ingersoll Products Chicago
Inland Insulation Company Chicago
Inland Insurance Chicago
Inland Rubber Company Ottawa
Inland Steel East Chicago
Inland Steel Chicago
Inland Steel Mcleansboro
Inland Steel Team Track Chicago
Inland Steel Co Sesser
Inland Steel Co Bldg 17 Chicago
Inland Steel Co Plant No. 2 East Chicago
Inland Steel Co Plant Number 2 Galvanizing Line East Chicago
Inland Steel Co Plant Number 2 No 1 Slab Casten New Locker Bldg East Chicago
Inland Steel Co. Bldg 17 Chicago
Inland Steel Coal Mine Sesser
Inland Steel Company Chicago
Inland Steel Company Chicago Heights
Inland Steel Company East Chicago
Inland Steel Company Sesser
Inland Steel Inland Mine Waltonville
Inland Supply Company Elgin
Inland Supply Company Danville
Institute Of Gas Technology Chicago
Institute Of Mentally Retarded Centralia
Institution For Mentally Retarded Centralia
Insul-matic, Incorporated Summit
Insulation Materials Robinson
Insulation By Western Chicago
Insulation Services Company Hartford
Insulmastic. Summit
Insurance Exchange Chicago
Inter Ocean Publishing Company Chicago
Inter Ocean Refining Company Mccook
Interchemical Corporation Chicago
Intercoastal Paint East St. Louis
Intercontental Alloys Corp. Joliet
Intercontinental Alloy Corporation Joliet
Intercontinental Alloys Joliet
Intercontinental Alloys C Joliet
Interlake Chicago
Interlake Riverdale
Interlake Coke, Inc. Chicago
Interlake Inc Chicago
Interlake Inc Riverdale
Interlake Inc. Chicago
Interlake Iron Chicago
Interlake Iron Corporation South Chicago
Interlake Iron Corporation Chicago
Interlake Steel Chicago
Interlake Steel Co Chicago
Interlake Steel Corp Riverdal
Interlake Steel Corp Kiserdale
Interlake Steel Corp Riverdale
Interlake Steel Corp. Chicago
Interlake Steel Corporation Riverdale
Interlake Steel Corporation Chicago
Interlake Steel Corporation Reverdale
Interlake, Inc. Riverdale
International West Pullman Works Chicago
International Combustion Tar And Chemical Co. Granite City
International Harvester Chicago
International Harvester Libertyville
International Harvester Melrose Park
International Harvester Peoria
International Harvester Canton
International Harvester Rock Island
International Harvester C E Moline
International Harvester Co Canton
International Harvester Co Wisconsin Steel Chicago
International Harvester Co. Chicago
International Harvester Company South Deering
International Harvester Company Chicago
International Harvester Company Canton
International Harvester Company Melrose Park
International Harvester Company East Moline
International Harvester Company Rock Island
International Harvester Company E Moline
International Harvester Company Hinsdale
International Harvester Company Wisconsin Steel Works Chicago
International Harvester Company – Tractor Works Chicago
International Harvester Company – Wisconsin Steel Works Chicago
International Harvester Company, Wisconsin Steel Works Chicago
International Harvester Corp. Chicago
International Harvester/farmall Rock Island
International Nickel Mining Company Chicago
International Paper Co Litchfield
International Paper Company Northlake
International Paper Company Chicago
International Paper Company, Container Division North Lake
International Pump Filter Chicago
International Rolling Mills Company Chicago
International Shoe Co. Evansville
International Shoe Co. Hartford
International Shoe Company Olney
International Shoe Company South Wood River
International Vermeculite Girard
International Vermiculite Girard
Interstate Water Company Danville
Intramural Railway, Worlds Fair Chicago
Iowa Illinois Gas And Elect Moline
Iowa Illinois Gas And Electric Co. Moline
Iowa Illinois Gas And Electric Company, Moline Power Plant Moline
Iowa Valve Company Chicago
Iowa-illinois Gas Electric Company Moline
Iowa-illinois Gas And Electric Company Moline
Iowa-illinois Gas And Electric Company Moline Generating Station Oakwood
Iowa, Illinois Gas Electric Company Moline
Ipsen Industries Rockford
Ipsen International Cherry Valley
Iron, Seneca Shipyard Chicago
Iroquois Iron Company Chicago
Iroquois Iron Company South Chicago
Island Insulation Chicago
Isvi Gym Pool, Isvi Jacksonville
Ivex Corporation Joliet