Illinois Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in Illinois to find any companies you may have worked for.

W G Krummrich Plant - Sauget
W I Steel Works - Chicago
W R Brown Corp - Chicago
W T Grant - Granite City
W. A. Whitney Manufacturing - Rockford
W. F. Hall Printing Co. - Chicago
W. G. Krummrich Plant - Monsanto
W. R. Grace - Chicago
W. R. Grace - W. Chicago
W.c. Fairbanks - Carrollton
W.d. Boyce - Marseilles
W.h.g. Moore - Turner
W.s. Hook - Jacksonville
W.w. Grainger - Niles
W.w. Kimball And Company - Chicago
W.w. Kimball Company - Chicago
Wabash Power - Wheeling
Wabash Power Equip. Co. - Wheeling
Wabash Power Equipment Company - Chicago
Wabash Power Equipment Company - Wheeling
Wabash Railway Company - Decatur
Wabash Railway Company - Landers
Wabash Refining Company - Robinson
Wabco Dresser - Peoria
Wacker And Birk Brewing Company - Chicago
Wagner Casting Co - Decatur
Wagner Casting Company - Decatur
Wagner Castings Co - Decatur
Wagner Castings Co. - Decatur
Wagner Electric - Plant - Edwardsville
Wagner Electrical Corporation - Mt Vernon
Wagner Sheet Metal - Chicago
Wagners Casting - Decatur
Wahl Brothers - Chicago
Wahlfeld Mfg Co - Peoria
Waldron Paint Line - Mccook
Walgreen Company - Chicago
Walker Laundry Cleaners Dryers - Aurora
Walker Process Equipment - Aurora
Wallace Powerhouse - Peoria
Wallace-murray Corp. - Salem
Walther Memorial Hospital - Chicago
Walworth Co - E St Louis
Walworth Company - Kewanee
Walworth Company - Washington Park
Wanzenberg W Company - Des Plaines
Ward Baking Company - Chicago
Ward Baking Corp - Chicago
Warner Electric Brake - South Beloit
Warner Electric Brake - South Beliot
Warner Lambert Company - Rockford
Warner Sugar Refining Company - Chicago
Warner Sugar Refining Company - Waukegan
Warren Springer Company - Chicago
Warrn D. Murray Children's Center - Centralia
Warwick Manufacturing Corporation - Zion
Warwick O H Co - Wheeling
Warwick, O H - Wheeling
Washburn And Moen Manufacturing Company - Waukegan
Washburn Trade School - Chicago
Washburne Trade School - Chicago
Washington National Life Insurance - Evanston
Washington Paint - Chicago
Washington Park Race Track - Homewood
Water Works - Joliet
Waterloo High School - Waterloo
Waterloo Powerhouse - Waterloo
Waterway Paper Products Company - Chicago
Watseka Electric Light And Heat Company - Watseka
Watubo Industries - Chicago
Wauconda Bank - Wauconda
Waukegan #6 - Waukegan
Waukegan Generating Company - Waukegan
Waukegan Generating Company Public Service Company Of Northern Illinois - Waukegan
Waukegan Generating Station, Commonwealth Edison - Waukegan
Waukegan Powerhouse - Waukegan
Waukegan Powerhouse, Station 16 - Waukegan
Waukegan Station #6 - Chicago
Waukegan Township High School - Waukegan
Wavco - Peoria
Waverly Milling Company - Waverly
Weatherproof Company - Litchfield
Webber School - Urbana
Weber Costello Company - Chicago
Weber High School - Chicago
Weber R I Industries - Peoria
Weber Stephens Co - Arlington Heights
Weber Wagon Company - Chicago
Wednagel Steel Mill - Rosemont
Wedron Silica Company - Wedron
Weiland Bros - Aptakisic
Weiland Bros Grnhs - Apiskisio
Weiland Brothers Greenhouses - Aptakisic
Weiland Dairy Company, Incorporated - Chicago
Weis Paper Mill Company - Quincy
Weiss Hospital - Chicago
Weiss Memorial Hospital - Chicago
Weiss-spandikow Company - Rhodes
Wellington Starch Company - Decatur
Wells And French Company - Chicago
Wells Brothers Company - Chicago
Wells Gardner Company - Chicago
Wells Manufacturing - Skokie
Wells Mfg Co - Skokie
Wells Pet Food Corp. - Monmouth
Wells School Ashland Agusta - Chicago
Welworth Co - Kewanee
Wendnagel And Company - Chicago
West Asphalt - Gurnee
West Chicago Street Railway Company - Chicago
West Irving Die Casting - Bensenville
West Power Plant - Chicago
West Southern Sewage Treatment Works - Stickney
West Suburban Hospital - Oak Park
West Town Management - Chicago
Westbrook School, Westbrook School - Glenview
Westclox Div. Of Gen. Time Corp. - Lasalle
Westcott Hindmarsh Incorporated - South Central Avenue - Oak Lawn
Western Arcadia - Chicago
Western Asbestos Co - Chicago
Western Asbestos Co. - Lemont
Western Asbestos Co. - Chicago
Western Austin Company - Aurora
Western Brick - Danville
Western Cartidge Company - Springfield
Western Cartridge Co - East Alton
Western Clock Company - Lasalle
Western Cold Storage Company - Chicago
Western Dry Color Co. - Chicago
Western Dry Color Company - West 52nd Street - Chicago
Western Edison Electric Light Company - Chicago
Western Electric - Chicago
Western Electric - Montgomery
Western Electric - Cicero
Western Electric - Hawthorne Works - Cicero
Western Electric Co - Cicero
Western Electric Co. - Cicero
Western Electric Company - Warrenville
Western Electric Company - Chicago
Western Electric Company - Hawthorne
Western Electric Company - Data Center - Warrenville
Western Electric Company - Hawthorne Works - Cicero
Western Electric Company, Inc.- Hawthorne Works - Chicago
Western Electric Hawthorne Works - Cicero
Western Felt Works - Chicago
Western Fire Brick - Granite City
Western Glucose Company - Chicago
Western Hospital For Insane - Watertown
Western Illinois Power - Pearl
Western Illinois Power Company - Jacksonville
Western Illinois Power Company - Jacksonville
Western Intramural Railroad - Chicago
Western Packing And Prov Company - Chicago
Western Packing Co. Union Stockyards - Chicago
Western Paper Bag Company - Batavia
Western Percipitation Corp. - South Chicago Heights
Western Pipe Supply Co. - E Chicago
Western Refrigerating Company - Chicago
Western Shade Cloth Co - Chicago
Western Steel Car And Foundry Company - Hegewisch
Western Tube Company - Kewanee
Western Union - South Western Avenue - Chicago
Western United Gas And Electric Company - Aurora
Western United Gas Corporation - Aurora
Western United Gas Service Electric - Elgin
Western United Gas Service Electric - Aurora
Western Wheeled Scraper Company - Aurora
Westinghouse - Muncie
Westinghouse - Peoria
Westinghouse Electric Company - Lake Bluff
Westinghouse Electric Company - Burr Ridge
Westinghouse Power Plant - Chicago
Westinghouse, Church, Kerr And Company - Chicago
Westminster Place Of The Presbyterian Home - Evanston
Weyman-bruton Company - Chicago
Wheelers Garage - Canton
Whippler Brothers - Rockford
White-stokes Company - Chicago
Whiting Corporation - Harvey
Whiting Corporation - Rock Island
Whitman And Barnes Manufacturing Company - West Pullman
Whitting Corporation - Harvey
Wicks Organ Factory - Highland
Wieboldt Stores - Chicago
Wiebolts Dept Store - Chicago
Wieland Dairy Company - Chicago
Wiggins Ferry Company Roundhouse - East St. Louis
Wilder Tanning Company - Waukegan
Wilker Process Equipment, Inc. - Aurora
Will County Generating Station, Commonwealth Edison - Romeoville
Will County Power Station - Romeoville
Will County Powerhouse - Romeoville
Will Power Station - Will
William A. Pope Co - Bldg 609 - Chicago
William A. Pope Company - Chicago
William F Jobbins, Incorporated - Aurora
William F. Jobbins Inc - North Lake Street Road - Aurora
William Heggie - Joliet
William M Bell Company - North Franklin Street - Chicago
William M. Bedell Achievement - Wood River
William Smith Bakery - Chicago
William Wrigley Jr. Company - Chicago
Wilson Co Inc - Chicago
Wilson And Company - Calumet City
Wilson Athletic Goods - River Grove
Wilson Athletic Goods Manufacturing Company - Chicago
Wilson Company - Chicago
Wilson Laby Division Wilson Pharmeceutical And Chemical Corporation - Chicago
Wilson Metal Products - Chicago
Wilson Sporting Goods - River Grove
Wilson Steel And Wire Co - Chicago
Windermere Hotel - Chicago
Winnebago Furniture Manufacturing Company - Chicago
Winnetka Village Elec System - Winnetka
Winnetka, Village Of - Winnetka
Winslow Brothers Company - Chicago
Wisc Steel Div Of I H Co - Chicago
Wisc Steel Div Of Ih Co - Chicago
Wisconsin Steel - Chicago
Wisconsin Steel Coke Plt - Chicago
Wisconsin Steel Company - Irondale
Wisconsin Steel Corporation - Chicago
Wisconsin Steel Division - International Harvester Company - Chicago
Wisconsin Steel Works - C E Refractories - Chicago
Witco Chemical - Mcook
Witco Chemical Company - Chicago
Witco Chemical Company - Forest View
Witco Chemical Company - Lawrenceville
Witco Chemical Corporation - Organics Division - Chicago
Witco Chemical Plant - Lawrenceville
Witco Corporation - Clearing
Witeco Chemical - Chicago
Wito Chemical Company - Chicago
Wittick Golf Range - Chicago
Wm Adams Engineers, Inc. - Chicago
Woare Builders Supply Co - Decatur
Wolworth Store - Springfield
Wonder Bread - Belleville
Wood Brooks - Rockford
Wood Preserving Company - Carbondale
Wood River - Peoria
Wood River Oil Refinery Company - Hartford
Wood River Power - Peoria
Wood River Power Plant - East Alton
Wood River Powerhouse - Wood River
Wood River Project - Peoria
Wood River Refinery - Wood River
Wood River Township Hospital - Wood River
Woodall Industries, Inc. - Skokie
Woodmansee-davidson - Chicago
Woodrow Wilson Hi School - Moline
Woodruff Ice Company - Peoria
Woodson North, Woodson North - Chicago
Woodson South, Woodson South - Chicago
Woodstock Die Casting - Woodstock
Woodstock High School, Woodstock High School - Woodstock
Woolner Distilling Company - Peoria
Worlds Columbian Exposition - Chicago
Wrighley Jr Co - Chicago
Wrightwood Investments - Chicago
Wurlitzer Co - Dakalb
Wurlitzer Company - Dekalb
Wurster Sanger - Chicago
Wyman Gordon Co Ingalls - S Harvey
Wyman Gordon Company - Harvey
Wyman-gordon Company - Harvey
Wyman-gordon Company, Ingalls Shepard Division - Harvey