New York Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in New York to find any companies you may have worked for.

B. Altman Company - New York City
B. F. Goodrich - Niagara Falls
B. F. Goodrich Chemical Co - Niagara Falls
B. Kreischer - Kreischerville
B.e. Shell Company - Gloversville
B.f. Sturtevant Company - Rochester
B.i.d.i. - Rochester
B.t. Babbitt, Incorporated - New York City
Babcock Wilcox - New York City
Babcock Wilcox - Bayonne
Babcock Wilcox - New York
Babcock Wilcox - New York
Babcock Wilcox Company, Henry Corn Building - New York City
Babcock School Of Physics - Alfred
Babylon Electric Light Company - Babylon
Babylon Powerhouse - Babylon
Bache - Staten Island
Badger Aluminum Extrusion Corp - Brooklyn
Badger Aluminum Extrusions - Brooklyn
Bag And Paper Company, New York - Sandy Hill
Bag And Paper Company, New York - Hudson Falls
Baildon Manufacturing - Odensburg
Bailey - Staten Island
Baisley Park Library, 117-11 Sutphin Boulevard - New York
Bakelite Corporation - New York City
Baker Underwear Company - Peekshill
Baker Underwear Company - Peekskill
Baker, Smith Company - New York City
Baldwin Engineering Company - New York City
Baldwin-ehert-hill Inc - Buffalo
Baldwin-ehert-hill Inc - Long Island City
Ballard Company - Au Sable Forks
Ballston Fibre Products Company - Ballston
Ballston Terminal Railroad Company - Ballston
Bank Of Buffalo - Buffalo
Bank Of Commerce - New York City
Bank Of Manhattan, Union Square Branch - New York City
Bank Of Metropolis - New York City
Bank Of N.y. Bldg. - New York
Bank Of New York - New York
Bankers Trust - New York
Bankers Trust Bldg - New York
Bankers Trust Building - New York City
Bankers Trust Building, 14 Wall St. - New York
Bankers Trust Co. Building - New York
Banner Yarn Dyeing Corporation - Brooklyn
Barber Asphalt Paving Company - New York City
Barclay And Vesey St. Building - New York City
Barclay Building - New York City
Barclay Building - New York
Barrand Creelman - Rochester
Barrett - Semi Hardboard Plant - Deposit
Barrett Manufacturing Company - New York City
Barrett Powerhouse - Island Park
Bartlett Hayward Company - New York City
Barton Mines, Inc. - North Creek
Bartram Brothers - New York City
Baruch College - New York
Basf Corporation - Rensselaer
Bataan Refractory Corp - New York
Batavia Downs Raceway - Batavia
Batavia Downs Raceway - Grand Stand - Batavia
Batavia Downs Raceway, Grand Stand - Batavia
Batavia Metal Production - Batavia
Batavia Metal Products Co - Batavia
Battenville Mills - Battenville
Batterman Building - Brooklyn
Bay Ridge Dock Company - Brooklyn
Bayard House Restaurant - New York
Bayer Company, Incorporated - Rensselaer
Bayshore Gas Works - Bay Shore
Bayway Refinery - Linden
Beach Channel Drive High School - Queens
Beach Nut Packing Co. - Rochester
Beacon Electric Light Company - Lansingburgh
Beacon Terminal Atlas Fibre Company - Beacon
Beadleston Woerz - New York City
Beale - Staten Island
Bear Mountain Prison - Ft. Montgomery
Beardslee Nickel And Manufacturing Company - New York City
Beaunit Fibers - Utica
Beaunit Mills Incorporated - 261 North 5th Avenue - New York
Beaunit Mills, Incorporated, 261 North 5th Ave. - New York
Beaunit Textiles - Oneida County
Beaver Board Companies - Black Rock
Beaver Mills, Incorporated - New York City
Becco Inc - New York
Bechtel Corporation - West Haverstraw
Beckers Aniline And Chemical Works Incorporated - Brooklyn
Beckers Works - Brooklyn
Beckett Mcdowell Manufacturing Company - New York City
Bedford District Health Center, 485 Throop Avenue - New York
Bee Hive Hygienic Ice Company - Brooklyn
Beech Nut Packing Company - Rochester
Beech Nut Packing Company - Canajoharie
Beech-nut Company - Canajoharie
Beech-nut Life Safers - Port Chester
Beech-nut Life Savers - Port Chester
Beech-nut Packing Company - Canajoharie
Beech-nut, Incorporated - Port Chester
Beechnut Life Savers, Incorporated - Rochester
Beeco - Long Island - Franklin Square
Behr Manning - Troy
Behr Manning - New Office Building - Watervliet
Behrer Nason Co. - Mineola
Bell Aerospace Company - Niagara Falls
Bell Aerospace Company - Wheatfield
Bell Aerospace Company, Laminer Cleaning Rooms #3 #4 - Wheatfield
Bell Aircraft Corp. - Kenmore
Bell Aircraft Corporation - Niagara Falls
Bell Engineering - Rochester
Bellacicco Bakery - Queens Village
Bellevue Hospital - New York
Bellevue Hospital - East River
Bellevue Hospital - New York City
Bellevue Hospital - Maspeth
Bellknap Moran Allen - Brooklyn
Bellock Sons - New York
Belmont Area Vocational School - Belmont
Belmont Hotel - New York City
Belwood Apt. House - New York City
Bendix Corp - Elmira
Bendix Corp. - Troy
Bendix Corporation Motor - Elmira
Bendix Corporation, Scintilla Division - Sidney
Benisch Brothers - Brooklyn
Benjamin Franklin Houses - New York
Benjamin G. Hitchings, Incorporated - Brooklyn
Bennett Building - New York City
Bennett High School - Buffalo
Benrer Nason Co. - New York
Benrer Nason Co. - Mineola
Benson Hansen - Brooklyn
Benson Mining Company - Benson Mines, St. Lawrence County
Berlin New Jersey - Buffalo
Bernard Karp Company, Incorporated - New York City
Bernarr Mac Fadden Foundation - Dansville
Berst-forster-dixfield Company - Plattsburgh
Berst-forster-dixfield Company - Ogdensburg
Bert-forster Dixfield Co. - Plattsburg
Beth Israel Hospital - New York City
Beth Israel Hospital - New York
Beth Isreal Hospital Association - New York
Bethelhem Steel Corporation - Steel Mill - Buffalo
Bethelhem Steel Corporation - Steel Mill - Lackawanna
Bethlehem Chile Iron Mines Co - Staten Island
Bethlehem Steel - Blasdell
Bethlehem Steel - Lackawanna
Bethlehem Steel - Quincy
Bethlehem Steel - Buffalo
Bethlehem Steel - Lackawana
Bethlehem Steel - New York
Bethlehem Steel Co - Stores Department - Lackawanna
Bethlehem Steel Company - Lackawanna
Bethlehem Steel Company - Brooklyn
Bethlehem Steel Company - Buffalo
Bethlehem Steel Company - West Milton
Bethlehem Steel Company - Lackawanna
Bethlehem Steel Company - Buffalo
Bethlehem Steel Company - New 45 By 90 Slabbing Mill - Lackawanna
Bethlehem Steel Corporation - Lackawanna
Bethlehem Steel Corporation - Lackawanna
Bethlehem Steel Corporation - Staten Island
Bethlehem Steel Corporation - Lackawanna
Bethlehem Steel Corporation - West Milton
Bethlehem Steel Corporation - Brooklyn
Bethlehem Steel Plant, Basic Oxygen Furnace - Lackawanna
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard - Brooklyn
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard - Stanten Island
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard - Staten Island
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard - Mariner's Harbor
Bethlehem Steel Yard - Staten Island
Bethlehem Steel, Lackawanna Plant - Lackawanna
Bethlehem Transportation Corp. - Lackawanna
Beverwyck Breweries Incorporated (a/k/a Schaeffer Brewery) - Albany
Big Branch Coal Company And Henry Clay Coal Company - Henry Clay
Bigelow Blue Stone Company - Malden
Bigelow-sanford Carpet Company, Incorporated - Amsterdam
Billy Rose Enterprises - New Yrok
Binghamton City Hall - Binghamton
Binghamton General Hospital - Binghamton
Binghamton High School - Binghamton
Binghamton Housing - Binghamton
Binghamton Housing Authority - Binghamton
Binghamton Industrial Supply Co., Inc. - Binghamton
Binghamton Light, Heat And Power Company - Binghamton
Binghamton Railway Company - Binghamton
Binghamton School District - Binghamton
Binghamton State Hospital - Binghamton
Binghamton State Hospital - Broadmore Building Number 10 - Binghamton
Binghamton Street Railway Company - Binghamton
Bird Company, Incorporated - New York City
Birney Buildings - Troy
Bishop And Babcock Company - New York City
Bishop Gutta Percha Company - New York City
Bittle Purchasing Co. - New York
Bivay And Prince St. - New York City
Black Clawson Company - Fulton
Black Building - New York City
Black Clawson - Paper Machine Division - Watertown
Black Clawson Company, Incorporated - Watertown
Black River Mills - Black River
Black Rock Station - Buffalo
Blackrock Freighthouse - Buffalo
Blair Building - New York City
Blair Shipyard - Yonkers
Blake And Williams - New York City
Blake Williams - New York City
Blaw-knox Pure Carbon Co. - Niagara Falls
Blodgett School - Oswego Street - Syracuse
Bloomingdale Brothers - New York City
Bloomingdale Hospital - White Plains
Blue - New York City
Board Of Public Utilities - Jamestown
Board Of Transportation - New York City
Board Of Water And Light Commission - Hamilton
Board Of Water And Light Commission - Jamestown
Board Of Water And Light Commission - Falconer
Boath School - Elmira
Boettger And Heinz - New York City
Boiler Feed Systems - W. Babylon Li
Boiler House - Rochester
Boiler House - Binghamton
Boise Cascade Corporation- Beaver Falls
Boise Cascade Spec Paperboard Dv - Beaver Falls
Boise Griffin Steamship Company - New York
Bonfield Long Contracting Co. - Sayville
Booneville Furniture, Division Of Baumritter Corporation - Booneville
Borden Chemical Company - New York
Borden Chemical Company - Bainbridge
Borden Chemical Division Of Borden, Incorporated - Antwerp
Bordens Condensed Milk Company - New York City
Bordens Office Building - New York City
Borough Of Richmond Garbage Destructor - Staten Island
Bossert Hotel - Brooklyn
Bourne Building - New York City
Bourne Building Addition - New York City
Bowery Bay Building And Improvement Company - North Beach
Bowery Savings Bank Building - New York City
Bowline Point Plant - Haverstraw
Bowline Powerhouse - West Point
Bowline Powerhouse - Haverstraw
Bowline Powerhouse, Orange Rockland - Haverstraw
Bowling Green Office Bldg - New York
Bradford N. Swett Management, Llc - Blue Island
Bradford Supply Company - Bolivar
Bradford Supply Company - Wellsville
Braendly Dye Works - Beacon
Brambach Piano Company - New York City
Brand Union Warehouse - Mt. Kisco
Breakstone Foods - Walton
Brewer-titchener Corporation, Cortland Forging Division - Cortland
Breyers Ice Cream - Long Island
Brian Piccolo High School - Queens
Bridgeport Chemical - Farmingdale
Brighton Towers - Syracuse
Brillo Manufacturing Company - Brooklyn
Bristol Laboratories - Syracuse
Bristol Laboratories, Building #21 A - Syracuse
Bristol Laboratories, Division Of Bristol Myers Company - Syracuse
Bristol Laboratories, Incorporated - East Syracuse
Bristol Labs - East Syracuse
Bristol Myers Squibb - Brooklyn
Bristol-myers Company - Brooklyn
Broadalbin Warehouse - Broadalbin
Broadhead Worsted Mills - Jamestown
Broadway And 64th St. - New York City
Broadway Temple - New York City
Brockport Dorms - Rochester
Brockport State Teachers College - Education Demo Building - Brockport
Brockport Student Union - Rochester
Brokaw Brothers - New York City
Brone Gas And Electric Company - Westchester
Bronx Borough Courthouse, 3rd Ave. And 161 St. - New York City
Bronx County Court House - Bronx
Bronx County Courthouse (mott Ave. E. 161 Street) - Bronx
Bronx Gas And Electric Company - Westchester
Bronx General Hospital - Bronx
Bronx General Hospital/morricania Hospital - 167th 168th Street And Walton - New York
Bronx H.s. Of Science, 75 West 205th Street - Bronx
Bronx Hospital - Fulton Ave 169th Street - New York
Bronx Municipal Hospital-nurse, 1 Morris Park Avenue - Bronx
Bronx Power House - Van Nest
Bronx Regional Alternative Hig, 1010 Stebbins Avenue - Bronx
Bronx State Hospital - Bronx
Bronx State Hospital - Medical Now Medical Staff Bldg - Bldg Nbr 12 - Bronx
Bronx Va Medical Center - Bronx
Bronx Zoo - Bronx
Brookdale Hospital - New York
Brookdale Hospital Center - East New York, Brooklyn
Brookdale Hospital Center - Brooklyn
Brookfield Glass Company - Brooklyn
Brookhaven Laboratory - New York
Brookhaven National Laboratories - Upton
Brookhaven National Laboratory - Brookhaven
Brookhaven National Laboratory - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Long Island
Brookhaven National Labs - Alternating Gradient Synchrotron - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Bldg 100 - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Bldg T 89 - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Bldg T-100 - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Bldg T-83 - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Bldg T-89 - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Bldg. P-100 - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Receiving Dept - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Receiving Dept - Bldg 100 - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Receiving Dept - Bldg T 89 - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Receiving Dept - Bldg T-89 - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Receiving Station - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Service Bldg. - Upton
Brookhaven National Labs - Warehouse #100 - New York
Brookhaven National Labs - Warehouse #100 - Upton
Brookhaven National Sales - Bldg No 463 - Upton
Brooklyn - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Academy Of Music - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Army Base - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Army Terminal - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Blower Pipe - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Borough Gas Company - Gasification Plant - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Bridge, Arch #5 - New York City
Brooklyn Center School - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Central Court House - Schermerhorn Smith State Streets - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Central Library,grand Army Place - Brooklyn
Brooklyn City Railroad Company - Brooklyn
Brooklyn College - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Cooperage Company - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Edison Co - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Edison Company - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Elks Lodge 22 - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Gas Light Company - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Heights Railroad Company - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Home For Consumptives - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Hospital Center - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Hospital, Ashland Ave. De Kalb Ave. - Brooklyn
Brooklyn House Of Detention For Men - New York City
Brooklyn Hygienic Ice Company - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Municipal Building - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Naval Base - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Naval Shipyard - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Naval Yard - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Navy Shipyard - New York
Brooklyn Navy Yard - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Navy Yard/new York Nsy - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Oil Refinery - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Polytech Inst (a/k/a American Safety Razor) - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Post Office - Brooklyn
Brooklyn R.i. Company - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Rapid Transit - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company - Brooklyn
Brooklyn State Hospital - Brooklyn
Brooklyn State Hospital - New York
Brooklyn Steel Warehouse Co. - Maspeth - Long Island
Brooklyn Steel Warehouse Co. - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Steel Whse - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Sugar Refining Company - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Supreme Court - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Technical High School - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Thor Hospital - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Union Gas Co - Brooklyn
Brooklyn Union Gas Company - Greenpoint
Brooklyn Union Gas Company - Williamsburg Works
Brooklyn Union Gas Company, Office Building - Brooklyn
Brooks And Company - New York City
Brooks Locomotive Works - Dunkirk
Brooks Works - Dunkirk
Brookshaven Lab - Upton
Broome County Infirmary - Binghamton
Brown Linseed Co. - Port Richmond
Brown Linseed Co. - Staten Island
Brown-lipe Gear Company - Syracuse
Brown-lipe-chapin Division Of General Motors Corporation - Syracuse
Brown, Lipe And Chapin Company - Syracuse
Brownsville Health Center, 259 Bristol Street - New York
Brownsville Paper Company - Brownsville
Brownville Board Co - Brownville
Brownville Paper Company - Brownville
Brunswick Site Building. - New York City
Brunswick-balke-collender Company - Long Island City
Brush - New York City
Buchanan And Lyall - Brooklyn
Bucki And Hirsch - New York City
Budge-wood Laundry Service, Incorporated - New York City
Budweiser Plant - Bultonsville
Buffalo And Lake Erie Traction Company - Buffalo
Buffalo And Susquehanna Iron Company - Buffalo
Buffalo Athletic Club - Buffalo
Buffalo Bellevue And Lancaster Railway Company - Cheektowaga
Buffalo Board Of Education - Buffalo
Buffalo Chemical Company - Buffalo
Buffalo China - Buffalo
Buffalo City Hospital - Buffalo
Buffalo Cold Storage Company - Buffalo
Buffalo Color Corporation - Buffalo
Buffalo Cooked Shrimp Siding - Buffalo
Buffalo Distributors - Buffalo
Buffalo Dry Dock Company - Buffalo
Buffalo Electrochemical Company - Buffalo
Buffalo Engineering Company - Buffalo
Buffalo Forge Company - Buffalo
Buffalo Furnace Company - Buffalo
Buffalo Gas Company - Buffalo
Buffalo General Electric Company - Tonawanda
Buffalo General Electric Company - Black Rock
Buffalo General Electric Company - Black Rock
Buffalo General Electric Company - Huntley Station Power Plant - Tonawanda
Buffalo General Electric Company- Buffalo
Buffalo General Hospital, Community Mental Health Center - Buffalo
Buffalo Grape Sugar Company - Buffalo
Buffalo Hamburg And Aurora Railway - Buffalo
Buffalo Insulation Distributors - Buffalo
Buffalo Milk Bone Bakery - New York City
Buffalo Niagara Electric Co.- Dunkirk Steam Station - Dunkirk
Buffalo Niagara Electric Company - Tonawanda
Buffalo Public Schools - Buffalo
Buffalo Railway Company - Buffalo
Buffalo State Hospital - Buffalo
Buffalo State Hospital, Elmwood Ave. - Buffalo
Buffalo Station Railroad Frontier Yard - Buffalo
Buffalo Steam Pump Company - Buffalo
Buffalo Street Railway Company - Buffalo
Buffalo Technical High School - Buffalo
Buffalo Union Furnace Company - Buffalo
Buffalo Y.m.c.a. - Buffalo
Buffalo, Ny Board Of Education - Buffalo
Buffalo, Rochester Pittsburgh Railroad Company - Rochester
Building 174th St. And Grand Concourse - New York City
Building 26 - Broadway
Building 54, Jfk Airport, Building 54 - New York
Building 56, Jfk Airport, Building 56 - New York
Building Maintenance Foreman (albany Main Telephone Bldg.) - Albany
Building On Grand Elm St. - New York City
Building Specialties - Sayville
Bulldog Drummond Insulation - Bellmore - Long Island
Bulldog Drummond Insulation - Bellmore
Burden And Company - Brooklyn
Burden Iron Co. - Troy
Bureau Of Child Welfare Office, 1274 Bedford Avenue/40 Brevoor - New York
Bureau Of Equipment, Us Navy Yard - Brooklyn
Bureau Of Ordnance - Brooklyn
Bureau Of Provision And Clothing - Brooklyn
Bureau Of Yards And Docks - Brooklyn
Bureau Of Yards And Docks - New York City
Bureau Of Yards And Docks, Us Navy Department - New York City
Bureau Of Yards And Docks, Us Navy Yard - Brooklyn
Burgard Vocational High School - Buffalo
Burns Lyman Smith - Syracuse
Burns Supply Inc - Syracuse
Burns Supply Inc - Watertown
Burrows Paper Corporation - Little Falls
Bush Terminal Associates - Brooklyn
Bush Terminal Bldgs Co - Basement Storeroom - Brooklyn
Bush Terminal Buildings Co. - Brooklyn
Bush Terminal Company - Brooklyn
Bush Terminal Company - New York City
Bush Terminal Company, 33nd St. Power Plant - Brooklyn
Bush Terminal Company, 40th St. Power Plant - Brooklyn
Bush Terminal Company, Bush Docks - Brooklyn
Bushwick High School, 400 Irving Avenue - Brooklyn
Business Properties, Incorporated - New York City
Bust Terminal Company - Brooklyn
Butler Mcdonald Company - New York City
Butterick Building - New York City
By G.a. Suter And Company - New York City