New York Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in New York to find any companies you may have worked for.

H Sand Co Inc Refrigeration Plant - Albany
H Y S Tunnel Project - Albany
H. Batterman - Brooklyn
H. Bridgman Smith Company - Brooklyn
H. Callahan - Bethlehem
H. Clausen Son Brewing Company - New York City
H. Herrmann - New York City
H. Koehler And Company - New York City
H. Kohnstamm Company, Incorporated - Brooklyn
H. P. Knowles, Architect - New York City
H. Pomeroy - New York City
H. S. Chaffee Co., Inc. - Liverpool
H. S. Chaffee Co., Inc. - Buffalo
H. Sand Co. - State Univ. Ny - Stony Brook
H. Waterburg And Sons Company - Oriskany
H. Wolff Book Manufacturing Co. Inc. - New York
H.a. Vatable Son - New York City
H.b. Coho And Company - New York City
H.b. Kimmey Co., Inc. - Albany
H.c. Abell Engineering - New York City
H.c. Bohack Manufacturing - Maspeth
H.c. Havemeyer Company - Brooklyn
H.h. Franklin Manufacturing Company - Syracuse
H.j. Heinz Company - Medina
H.k. Hammett - Troy
H.l. Doherty Company - New York City
H.p. Beardsley - New York City
H.p. Stephenson Company - New York City
H.r. Worthington - Brooklyn
H.r. Worthington - New York City
H.s. Chaflant Paper Company - Rock City Falls
Haberman Building, 61st Street And Madison Avenue - New York City
Habirshaw Cable And Wire Corporation - Yonkers
Habirshaw Wire Company - Yonkers
Hadley Paper Corporation - Hadley
Haff Supply Co. - Amityville
Hai Lung - Brooklyn
Halcomb Steel Company - Syracuse
Half-orphan Asylum - New York City
Hall Of Records - New York City
Hall, Hartwell Company - Albany
Hall, Hartwell Company - Troy
Halsey Powell - New York City
Hamburg Avenue Baths - Brooklyn
Hamburg Railroad Company - Blasdell
Hamilton Club - Brooklyn
Hamilton College - Clinton
Hamilton College - Library Building - Clinton
Hamilton Grange Station Post Office - New York City
Hamilton Sewage - Brooklyn
Hammermill Corp - Oswego
Hammond Irving, Incorporated - Auburn
Hammond Irving Steel Company - Auburn
Hancock Air Force Base - Syracuse
Hangar 8, Laguardia Airport - New York
Hankins Container Company - Elimer Heights
Hanna Furnace Corporation - Buffalo
Hanna Furnace/ Union Ship Canal Site - Buffalo
Hanna Paper - Norwood
Hanna Paper Corporation - Norwood
Hanover National Bank Building - New York City
Hanyan Higgins Company Inc. - Utica
Harbor Marine Contracting - Brooklyn
Harder Knitting Company - Hudson
Hardman, Peck Company - New York City
Hardy Fassett Schools - Elmira
Hardy, Voorhees And Company - Brooklyn
Harlem Hospital - "j" Building, 506 Lenox Avenue - New York
Harlem Hospital - New York City
Harlem Lighting Company - New York City
Harlem River Houses Ii - Manhattan
Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center - Wingdale
Harlem Valley State Hospital - Bldg #3 - Wingdale
Harmeyer Sugar Refining Company - Brooklyn
Harmon Paper Company - Brownville, Jefferson County
Harold H. Clapp, Incorporated - Rochester
Harper College - Vestal
Harper College - Boiler Room - Vestal
Harper College - Fine Art Bldg - Binghamton
Harper Electric Furnace Company - Lancaster
Harper Robinson Co. - Brooklyn
Harper Robinson Co. - New York
Harpur College - Vestal
Harpur College - Administration Building - Vestal
Harpur College - Dining Hall Dorms - Vestal
Harpur College - Dormitories D E - Vestal
Harpur Library Bldg - Binghamton
Harris Supply Co. - Wellsville
Harrisburg Foundry Machine Company - New York City
Harrison Radiator - Lockport
Harrison Radiator Division - Lockport
Harrison Radiator Division - Dockport
Harrison Radiator Division Of General Motors Corporation - Buffalo
Harrison Radiator Division Of General Motors Corporation - Lockport
Harshaw Chemical Co. - Hastings On Hudson
Hart Company - Brooklyn
Harts Island Power House - Harts Island
Hartwick College - East Dorm - Oneonta
Hastings Paving Company - Hastings On Hudson
Haulands Ln. Westchester Ave. - Harrison
Havana Central Railroad Company - New York City
Havemeyer Brothers Company - Brooklyn
Havemeyer Brothers Company - Greenpoint
Havemeyer Sugar Refining Company - Brooklyn
Havemeyers Elder Sugar Refinery - Brooklyn
Hawkeye Plant - Rochester
Haxton Foods, Incorporated - Oakfield
Hayes Ave Siding - Broome County - Endicott
Heart's Delight Farm - Chazy
Heat Research Corporation - New York
Heating Burner Specialties - New York
Hebrew Infant Asylum - New York City
Hebrew Orphan Asylum - New York City
Hegeman-holland Farm - New York
Helderberg Cement Company - Howes Cave
Helderberg Cement Company - Howes Cove
Hell Gate Station - New York City
Hellgate Powerhouse - New York
Helmsley Spear, Incorporated - Queens
Hemenway Estate, 35 Broadway - New York City
Hempstead Apartment House - Hempstead
Hendricks Dormitory - Syracuse University - Syracuse
Henri Nestle - Fulton
Henry And Allen - Auburn
Henry Bonnard Bronze Company - Mt Vernon
Henry Corn Building - New York City
Henry Heide - New York City
Henry Heide Candy Co. - New York
Henry Heide, Incorporated - New York City
Henry J. Davison - New York City
Henry L. Doherty Company - New York City
Henry R. Kent And Company - New York City
Henry R. Worthington - Brooklyn
Henry R. Worthington - New York City
Herald Square Hotel - New York City
Hercules Incorporated - Glen Falls
Hercules Packing Co - Alden
Hercules Plant - Middletown
Herkimer Fibre Company - Herkimer
Herkimer Municipal Commission - Herkimer
Herly Mfg Sales Corp - Yonkers
Hermance Cold Storage And Refrigeration Company - Greenwich & Reade Sts
Hermet Inc - Corona (queens)
Hess Oil Chemical Corp - Roseton
Hess Oil Chemical Corp - Stoney Point
Hess Oil Company - Syracuse
Heuri Nestle - Fulton
Hewitt Robbins Rubber - Buffalo
Hewitt Robins, Incorporated, Hewitt Rubber Division - Buffalo
Hexagon Labs - Bronx
Hickling Station - East Corning
Hicks Johnson Company - Garrison
Hicksville Office Building - Hicksville
Higbee Rubber Co - Syracuse
Highland School - Niagara Falls
Hillside Coal And Iron Company - New York City
Hillside Homes - Bronx
Hilton Hotel - New York
Hinckley Fibre Company - Hinckley
Hind Harrison Plush Co. - Clark Mills
Hinde And Dauch Paper Company - Buffalo
Hippodrome Theatre - New York City
Hittleman Brewing Company - Brooklyn
Hoboken Land And Improvement Company - Hoboken
Hof Brau Haus - New York City
Hoffman House Addition - New York City
Hofstra University - Hempstead
Holland Patent Junior Senior High School And Bus Garage - Halland Patent
Hollingsworth And Vose Company - Greenwich
Holly Manufacturing Company - Lockport
Holmes Coutts Biscuit Works - New York City
Home Club - New York City
Home Club New York City - New York City
Home For Incurables - New York City
Homeopathic Hospital - Gowanda
Homer Anderson - Peekskill
Homer Folks Tuberculosis Hospital - Oneonta
Hooke Electrochemical Company - Echota Niagara Falls
Hooker Chemcial - Niagara Falls
Hooker Chemcial Aka Occidental - Niagara Falls
Hooker Chemical - Tonawanda
Hooker Chemical - Grand Island
Hooker Chemical - North Tonawanda
Hooker Chemical - Niagara Falls
Hooker Chemical - Buffalo
Hooker Chemical And Plastics Corporation - Niagara Falls
Hooker Chemical Co - Buffalo
Hooker Chemical Company - Niagara Falls
Hooker Chemical Corporation - Niagara Falls
Hooker Chemical Corporation - North Tonawanda
Hooker Chemical Plant - Buffalo
Hooker Chemical, Buffalo Avenue - Buffalo
Hooker Chemical, Buffalo Avenue - Niagara Falls
Hooker Electro-chemical Company - Niagara Falls
Hooker Electro-chemical Company - Echota Niagara Falls
Hooker Electrochemical - Niagara Falls
Hoole Manufacturing Company - New York City
Hoosick Falls Central School - Hoosick Falls
Hoosick Falls Illuminating Company - Hoosick Falls
Horn And Hardhart Company - New York City
Horowitz Brothers - Long Island City
Horse Shoe Forestry Company - Grass River
Horse Shoe Forestry Company - Horse Shoe
Horse Shoe Forestry Company - Maple Valley
Horse Shoe Forestry Company - Wake Robin
Horstmann Lumber Company - Schenectady
Horton Lumber Company - Altmar
Horton Memorial Hospital - Middletown
Hospital For Joint Diseases - New York City
Hospital Of The Good Shepherd - Syracuse
Hot Oil Loop Bldg #7 - Waterford
Hotaling-warner Company - Syracuse
Hotel Barclay - New York
Hotel Edicott - New York City
Hotel Iroquois - Buffalo
Hotel Martin - New York City
Hotel Martinique - New York
Hotel Rennaisance - New York City
Hotel Seville - New York City
Hotel Thayer - West Point
Hotel Waldorf - New York City
Hotel Winthrop - New York City
Houghton College - Dormitory Building - Houghton
House Of The Good Shepherd - Syracuse
Housing For The Aged - Watertown
Housing For The Elderly - Ithaca
Howard Johnson Restaurant - Kingston
Howard Stores Corporation - Brooklyn
Howards Childs - New York City
Howe Lard Oil Company - Brooklyn
Howell-hinchman Company - Middletown
Howell, Hinchman Company - Middletown
Howland Hook Containerport - Staten Island
Hubbell O W Sons Inc - New York
Hudson Avenue Powerhouse - Brooklyn
Hudson Avenue Powerhouse - New York
Hudson Avenue Station - Brooklyn
Hudson Carpet - Bronx
Hudson Engineering And Contracting Company - New York City
Hudson Engineering Company - New York City
Hudson Engineering Company, 90 West Street - New York City
Hudson Gas Electric - Newburgh
Hudson Manufacturing - Brooklyn
Hudson Pulp And Paper Corporation - New York City
Hudson River Aniline Color Works - Albany
Hudson River Aniline Color Works - Rensselaer
Hudson River Electric Power Company - Glens Falls
Hudson River Electric Power Company - Utica
Hudson River Mill - Corinth
Hudson River State Hospital - Poughkeepsie
Hudson Valley Asbestos Co. - Albany
Hudson Valley Fuel Corp.(a/k/a Ny Power & Light; Niagara Mohawk Power) - Water Street Plant - Troy
Hudson Valley Lightweight Aggregate Corporation - Mt. Marion
Hudson Valley Railroad Company - Mechanicville
Hudson View Gardens, Incorporated - New York City
Hudson Wire Company - Ossining
Hudson/tompkins Cove Plant - Orange Rockland Utilities, Inc. - Tomkins Cove
Hugh Kelly - New York City
Hughes Trailer Manufacturing - Garden City
Hugo Kaines And Company - New York City
Hugo Neu Corporation - New York City
Hugo Tollner Taaffe Place - Brooklyn
Human Resources Building, 90-75 Sutphin Boulevard - New York
Humphrey's Glasgow - Glasgow
Huntley Powerhouse - Buffalo
Huntley Powerhouse/station - Tonawanda
Huntley Station - Buffalo
Huntley Station #1 - Tonawanda
Huntley Station #2 - Tonawanda
Hutchinson High School - Buffalo
Huyck Corporation - Rensselaer
Huyck Felt Company, Division Of Huyck Corporation - Rensselaer
Hyde Plumbing Supply, Inc. - Massena
Hydraulic Dredge - Brewton
Hydro-blast Corporation - Brooklyn
Hydro-electric Plant - Oswego
Hygeia Refrigerating Company - Elmira
Hypersoncis Lab. - Niskayuna