New York Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in New York to find any companies you may have worked for.

M G Plumbing Supply Corporation - Brooklyn
M Kramer Sons - Albany
M. Echeverria And Company - New York City
M. Guggenheims And Sons - New York City
M. W. Kellogg Company - New York
M.a. Hanna And Company, The Buffalo Union Furnace Company - Buffalo
M.b. Williams And Company - Piermont
M.j. Kelly Co. - Brooklyn
M.w. Kellogg Co - New York
Mabstoa, 100th St. Depot - New York
Macgovern And Company Incorporated - New York City
Mackenzie And Quarrier And Ferguson - New York City
Mackey Eng. Company - New York City
Macler Industries - Friendship
Macrthur Airport - Islip
Macy Building - New York City
Macy's - Brooklyn
Macy's - New York
Macy's Department Store - New York
Maddox Table Co - Jamestown
Maddox Table Company - Jamestown
Mader Plastering - Buffalo
Madison Ave Team Track - Albany
Madison County Gas And Electric Company - Oneida
Madison Square Garden - New York
Maeter And Chambers - New York City
Mafidi Enterprises, Inc. - Newburgh
Magnesia Asbestos - New York
Maher Son Incorporated - Flushing
Mail And Express Building - New York City
Maimodes Hospital - Brooklyn
Maimonides Medical Center - Brooklyn
Main Place Mall - Buffalo
Maine Ship Repair - New York
Maitland Phelps And Company - New York City
Majestic Weaving Co. (a/k/a Firth Carpet) - Cornwall
Malcom Brewing Company - Brooklyn
Mallard - New York City
Mancini Klimchuck Co., Inc. - Endicott
Mandel Foods - Jamaica
Manhattan Boiler Equipment Co - Brooklyn
Manhattan College Power System - New York
Manhattan Criminal Court - New York City
Manhattan Day School - New York
Manhattan Elevated Rway Company - New York City
Manhattan Eye, Ear And Throat Hospital, E 64 St - New York
Manhattan Hotel - New York City
Manhattan Paste And Glue Company - Brooklyn
Manhattan Refrigerating Company, West Horatio Sts. - New York City
Manhattan State Hospital - Wards Island
Manhattn Railway Power House, East 74th St. - New York
Manning Paper - Green Island
Manning, Maxwell And Moore, Incorporated - New York City
Manor Brewing Company - Staten Island
Manuel Ayala - New York City
Manufacturers Hanover Trust - New York City
Marathon Paper - Oswego
Marbridge Bld - New York City
Marcellus High School - Marcellus
Marcus Mason And Company - New York City
Marcus Mason Company - New York City
Marcy State Hospital - Marcy
Marian Dyeing And Fishing Company - Brooklyn
Marine Basin Shipyard - Brooklyn
Marine Midland Bank - Utica
Marine Midland Trust - New York
Marine National Bank Building - Buffalo
Marine Parts - Ny
Marine Purchasing - New York
Marine Transport Lines - New York
Maritrop - New York City
Maritrop Trading Corporation - New York City
Mark Phelps Dodge - Port Chester
Marlboro Schools - Marlboro
Marquette Cement - Alsen
Marquette Cement - Catskill
Marquette Cement - Howes Cave
Marquette Cement Manufacturing - Alsen
Marquette Cement Manufacturing Company - Catskill
Marquette Cement Manufacturing Company - Howes Cave
Marquette Cement Manufacturing Company - Catskill
Martha Washington Hotel - New York City
Martin Building - New York City
Martin Luther King High School - New York
Martin Pulp Paper - Norwood
Martisco Corporation - Syracuse
Martyn Brothers - Jamestown
Marx And Rawolle - Brooklyn
Mary Immaculate Hospital - Jamaica
Mary Mount College - Tarrytown
Maryvale High School - Buffalo
Masonic Hall - Utica
Masonic Hall Exttension - New York City
Masonic Home - Utica
Masonic Hospital - Utica
Massapequa Telephone Company - Massapequa
Mastic Tile Corp. Of America - Newburgh
Mathieson Alkali Works - Niagara Falls
Matteawan Manufacturing Company - Matteawan
Matthew Balich Corp - Long Island City
Matthew Balich Corporation - Long Island
Maxwell Briscoe Motor Company - Tarrytown
Mayer Malbin Co. - Long Island
Mc Arthur Brothers And Company, Winston And Company - Brown Station
Mc Creery Stone - New York City
Mc Matrie Guiler Company - New York City
Mcgraw Hill Building - New York
Mcgraw Realty Company - New York City
Mcgregor - Albany
Mchenry-millhouse Manufacturing Company - Fulton
Mcintosh Seymour And Company - New York City
Mckesson And Robbins - New York City
Mckinnon Dash Hardware Company - Buffalo
Mckinnon Dash Company - Buffalo
Mclaughlin - Buffalo
Mcmurtrie Guiler Company - New York City
Mcnulty Shipyard - Brooklyn
Mcs Project - Waterford
Mcwane International - Elmira
Meade - New York City
Meade Apartment House - Buffalo
Meadowbrook Hospital - East Meadow
Meadowbrook Hospital - Meadowbrook
Meadowbrook Hospital - New York
Mechanical Technology, Incorporated - Latham
Mechanics Institute - Rochester
Mechanics Laundry Company, Incorporated - Rochester
Medical Center - Erie County - Buffalo
Medina First Methodist Chuch - Medina
Melchior Armstrong And Dessau -
Melchior Armstrong And Dessau - New York City
Memorial Auditorium - Buffalo
Memorial Center For Cancer - Nurses Residence - 488 East 67th Street - New York
Memorial Center For Cancer, Nurses Residence, 488 East 67th St. - New York
Memorial Hospital - Cancer Allied Disease - 417-435 East 86th Street - New York
Memorial Hospital, Cancer Allied Disease, 417-435 East 86th St. - New York
Menands Telephone Company - 11 Ward Lane - Menands
Mendelssohn Club - New York City
Merchants Bank - Syracuse
Mercury Marine Agencies - New York
Mercury Marine Agencies Inc - New York City
Mercury Sales Export Co - New York
Mercy State Hospital - New York
Mergenthaler Linotype Company - Brooklyn
Merrell Soule Co. - Syracuse
Merrell-soule Company - Perry
Merrell-soule Company - Arcade
Merrick Refuse Disposal - Merrick - Long Island
Messrs Bytton Brothers - World Bldg
Messrs. Guild And Garrison - Brooklyn
Metal Incinerating Co - Brooklyn
Metal Stamping Company - Long Island City
Methadone Center - Cross Bay Boulevard - Queens
Methodist Episcopal Hospital - Brooklyn
Methodist Hospital - Brooklyn
Metro Refr Corp - Albany
Metro Refr Corp - Brooklyn
Metropolis Ice Company - Brooklyn
Metropolitan Building - New York
Metropolitan By-products Co. - New York
Metropolitan Club - New York City
Metropolitan Hospital - New York
Metropolitan Life Ins Building - New York City
Metropolitan Life Ins. Buidling - New York City
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. - Maspeth
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. - New York
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company - New York City
Metropolitan Museum Of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue - New York
Metropolitan Museum Of Arts - New York City
Metropolitan Opera House - New York
Metropolitan Refractory - Abany
Metropolitan Roofing - Bronx
Metropolitan Street Railway Company - New York City
Metropolitan Traction Company - New York City
Metropolitan Traction Company, 25th Street Station - New York City
Metropolitan Works - Brooklyn
Metropolitan Works, 12th St. Gowannus Canal - Brooklyn
Mexican National Sugar Refining Company - New York City
Meyer Line - Brooklyn
Mica Insulator Company - Schenectady
Michaels #2 Building, 10 Hanover Sq. - New York
Michelin Tire Corp - Lake Success
Mico Division - Syracuse
Mico Division, Minnesota Mining - Schenectady
Mid Island Shopping Center - New York
Middle County School District - Centereach
Middle County School District - Selden
Middle School - Mamaroneck
Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital - Middletown
Middletown State Hospital - Middletown
Middletown State Hospital Storehouse - Middletown
Middletown State Mental Hospital -
Midvale Paper Board Company - Rossman
Milbank Memorial Baths - New York City
Milford Pink Granite Company - New York City
Military Chemical Works, Incorporated - New York City
Millard Fillmore Hospital - Buffalo
Millcreek School - Buffalo
Millen And Sons - Warners
Miller And Bingham - Troy
Miller And Sons Portland Cement Company - Warners
Miller Apartment - New York City
Miller, Hall And Hartwell - Troy
Milligan And Higgins Corporation - Johnstown
Milligan And Higgins Glue - Gloversville
Milliken Brothers - Brooklyn
Milliken Brothers - New York City
Milliken Brothers - Staten Island
Milliken Brothers, Incorporated - Mariners Harbor, Staten Island
Milliken Station Powerhouse - Syracuse
Mills Building - New York City
Mills Hotel, #1 - New York City
Mills Hotel, #3 - New York City
Milner Hotel - New York City
Milupa Corporation - Canajoharie
Minde And Gauch Paper Company - Watertown
Minfelt Wholesale Company - Syracuse
Mirant Bowline Llc - Haverstraw
Mirant Corporation - Tomkins Cove
Mirant Corporation - West Haverstraw
Mirant Lovett Llc - Tomkins Cove
Missile Complexes - Albany
Mission Of Immaculate Virgin - Mt. Loretto - Staten Island
Mission Of The Immaculate Virgin - Mt. Loretto - Staten Island
Mission Of The Immaculate Virgin-mount Loretto - Staten Island
Missouri - Brooklyn
Mitchel Air Force Base - Uniondale
Mitsubishi International Corp. - New York
Mitsui Co - New York
Mobil International Oil Company - New York
Mobil Oil Company - Albany
Mobil Oil Company - Buffalo
Mobil Oil Company - Brooklyn
Mobil Oil Company - Brooklyn
Mobil Oil Company - Buffalo
Mobil Oil Company - Brooklyn Refining Co. - Brooklyn
Mobil Oil Company - Receiving Dept. - Brooklyn
Mobil Oil Company- Inip Drive - Queens
Mobil Oil Company. - Buffalo
Mobil Oil Corporation - Paulsboro
Mobil Oil Corporation - Buffalo
Mobil Oil Corporation - New York
Mobil Oil Corporation - Staten Island
Mobil Oil Corporation, 1 Babcot St. - Buffalo
Mobil Oil Refinery - Brooklyn
Mobil Oil Refinery - Greenpoint
Mobile Oil Corporation - New York
Moble Oil Corp. - Jersey City
Mohasco Industries Inc - Amsterdam
Mohawk Asbestos, Inc. - Rensselaer
Mohawk Asbestos, Inc. - Broadalbin
Mohawk Brush Company - Albany
Mohawk Bulding - New York City
Mohawk Carpet Mills Inc. - Mccleary Division - Amsterdam
Mohawk Gas Company - Schenectady
Mohawk Paper Mills - Waterford
Mohawk Petroleum Company - Mohwak
Mohawk Valley Cap Company - Utica
Mohawk Valley Community College - Student Union Building - Utica
Mohawk Valley Nursing Home - Ilion
Mohawk Valley Paper Company, Incorporated - Little Falls
Mohican Brick Company - Sandy Hill
Mohican Brick Company - Ft. Edward
Mollenhaur Sugar Refining Company - Brooklyn
Monolith Realty Company - New York City
Monroe County - Pure Water - Hilton
Monroe County Department Of Pure Waters - Northwest Quadrant Wastewater Treatment Plant - Hilton
Monroe Elem. School - Monroe
Monroe Elementary School - Monroe
Monroe Post Office - New York
Monssen - New York City
Montague Street Insinerator - Yonkers
Montana Apartments - New York
Montauk Pumping Station - Jamaica
Montauk Tile - Brooklyn
Montefiore Hospital - New York
Montefiore Hospital - Bronx
Montefiore Hospital, Loeb Center - New York
Montefiore Medical Center - New York
Montgomery Brothers And Company - Buffalo
Montgomery Wards - Niagara Falls
Montrose Va Hospital - Peekskill
Mony Building - Syracuse
Moore Steam - Wellsville
Moore Steam Turbine Division - Wellsville
Moore-mccormack Lines - Brooklyn
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Of New York - New York
Morgan Laundry, Incorporated - New York City
Morgan Linen Supply, Incorporated - Buffalo
Morgan Post Office Annex - New York
Morgan Station - New York
Morgan Steam Laundry Company - New York City
Morquin's Restaurant - New York City
Morrell Brown Fireproofing, Incorporated - New York
Morris Building Company - Brooklyn
Morris Hs, 166 Street Boston Road - Bronx
Morris Machine Works - Baldwinsville
Morrisville At Institute, Student Activities Building - Morrisville
Morrisville Ag Tech Institute - Morrisville
Morrow Manufacturing Company - Elmira
Morse Boulger - Corona
Morse Boulger, Inc. - Wyandanch
Morse Chain Company - Ithaca
Morse Chain Company, Division Borg Warner Corporation - Ithaca
Morse Pollger Construction - New York
Morton F. Plant Residence - New York
Moses Ludington Hospital - Ticonderoga
Mosle Brothers - New York City
Motley And Sterling - New York City
Motley, Green And Company - New York City
Mott Estate - New York City
Mount Pleasant Hotel Company - New York City
Mount Sinai Clinic - Research Pavillion - New York
Mount Sinai Clinic, Research Pavillion - New York
Mount Sinai Hospital - New York
Mount Sinai Medical Center - New York
Movielab, Inc. - New York
Mrs. Mary Bells Building - New York City
Mt Sinai Hospital - New York
Mt Vernon High School - Port Chester
Mt. Morris Water Co. - Mt. Morris
Mt. Sinai Hospital - New York
Mt. Sinai Medical Center - New York
Mt. Vernon Die Casting Corp. - Mt Vernon
Mumford Paper Mills, Incorporated - Mumford
Mundet Cork Co. - Buffalo
Municipal Asphalt Plant - New York City
Municipal Building - New York City
Municipal Commission Of Herkimer - Herkimer
Municipal Gas Co. - Albany
Municipal Lodging House - New York City
Murray Electric Light And Power Company - Monticello
Murray's Hardware - Brooklyn
Muscular Distrophy - Maspeth
Mutual Box Board Co - Utica
Mutual Life Building - New York City
Mutual Life Insurance Building - New York City
Mutual Life Insurance Company - New York City
Mutual Reserve Life Association Building - New York City