New York Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in New York to find any companies you may have worked for.

W G B Aluminum Fdry - Tonawanda
W. And J. Sloane Building - New York City
W. Loaiza And Company - New York City
W. Loiaza And Company - New York City
W. Teschemacher - Brooklyn
W.a. Forman, New York - Buffalo
W.a. Rogers Company - Niagara Falls
W.a. Sweet - Syracuse
W.a. Wood Moving And Reaping Machine Company - Hoosick Falls
W.a. Wood Mowing And Reaping Company - Hoosick Falls
W.c. Greene - New York City
W.c. Harrington - Rome
W.c.k. And Company - Hornell
W.c.k. And Company - New York City
W.d. Wood Company - New York City
W.e. Brice - New York City
W.h. Baker - Red Hook
W.h. Bilbrough - Lansingburgh
W.h. Gahagan - Brooklyn
W.h. Sweeney Manufacturing Company - Brooklyn
W.j. Kingsland, Incorporated - New York City
W.p. Fuller Company - New York City
W.p. Hassett Company Liberty Bank Building - Buffalo
W.r. Grace And Company - New York City
W.s. Barstow And Company - New York City
W.s. Barstow And Company - Johnson City
W.s. Barstowy Company - New York City
W.s. Kimball Branch Of American Tobacco - Rochester
Wadsworth Building, Broadway And 17th St - New York City
Wagner College - Staten Island
Wagner Palace Car Company - Buffalo
Waitt Richards - Sandy Hill
Waldorf Astoria Hotel - New York
Walker And Chambers - New York City
Walker And Chamers Hebrew Orphan Asylum - New York City
Walker Chambers - New York City
Walker Lispenard Telephone Building - New York City
Wall Street Exchange Building - New York City
Wallabout Market - Brooklyn
Wallace Barnes Company - Larchmont
Wallerstein Company, Incorporated - Staten Island
Wallerstein Company, Incorporated - Mariners Harbor, Staten Island
Wallkill Prison, Building #12 - Wallkill
Walloomsac Paper Company - Walloomsac
Walloonsac Paper Mills - Walloomsac
Walt Whitman Junior High School - Yonkers
Walter A. Wood Mowing And Reaping Machine Company - Hoosick Falls
Walter Aiken - Franklin Falls
Walter And Hedden - Schenectady
Walton Architectural Iron Company - Covington
Wanakah Water Co. - Hamburg
Wanakah Water Company - Water Works - Lakeshore Road - Hamburg
Wantagh High School - Wantagh
Warbasse House - New York
Ward And Company - Long Island City
Ward Baking Company - New York City
Ward Bread Company - Brooklyn
Ward Bread Company - New York City
Waring Hat Manufacturing Company - Yonkers
Warner Communication Building - New York
Warner Quinlan Asphalt Company - New York City
Warner Sugar Refining Co. - Edgewater
Warner Theater - New York
Warner-hudnut Building - New York
Warner-lambert Pharmaceutical Company, Incorporated, Nepera Chemical Division - Harriman
Warners Portland Cement Manufacturing Company - Warners
Warren Sh And Biray - New York City
Washburn Wire Co. - New York
Washington Company - New York City
Washington Irving High School, 40 Irving Place - New York
Washington Life Building - New York City
Washington Mills Co. - Washington
Wassaic State School - Amenia
Water Commissioners - Dunkirk
Water Pollution Control Plant - Herkimer
Waterside - New York City
Waterside Generating Station - New York
Waterside Powerhouse - Queens
Watertown Electric Light Company - Watertown
Watervliet Arsenal - Albany
Watervliet Arsenal - Watervliet
Watervliet Arsenal -
Watkins Salt Co - Watkins Glen
Watkins Salt Co. - Watkins Glen
Watkins Salt Company - Watkins Glen
Way Wolff Associates - New York
Wayland Portland Cement Company - Wayland
Wayland Steuben Power Company - Wayland
Weatherguard - Bronx
Weatherguard - Mount Vernon
Web Seal Inc - Rochester
Web Seal Inc - Syracuse
Webb Academy - Fordham Heights
Weidmann Cooperage Company - Brooklyn
Welco Refinery - New York
Well And Newton Company - New York City
Wells And Newton - Brooklyn
Wells And Newton - New York City
Wells And Newton Company - New York City
Wells Newton Company - New York City
Wellsville Refining Co. - Wellsville
Welsbach Company - Gloucester
Welz And Zerweck - Brooklyn
Welz And Zerweck Brewing Company - Brooklyn
West Albany Powerhouse - Albany
West Chester Light Co. - Mt Vernon
West Chester Light Co. - Rye
West Chester Roofing Supply Co. - Mount Vernon
West End Brewing Co - Utica
West End Paper Company, Plant #2 - Carthage
West India Management Company - New York City
West Metal Works Incorporated - Buffalo
West Milton Atomic Energy Plant Powerhouse - West Milton
West Milton Atomic Plant - West Milton
West Milton Nuclear Plant - West Milton
West Point Military Academy - West Point
West Point Miltary Academy - Washington Barricks - West Point
West Side Bakery - New Rochelle
West Side High School - Corning
West Twenty Sixth Street Corporation - New York City
West Virginia Pulp Paper - Mechanicsville
West Virginia Pulp Paper Co - Mechanicville
West Virginia Pulp Paper Co. - Mechanicville
West Virginia Pulp And Paper Company - New York City
Westchester County Brewery - Pelham
Westchester County Court House - White Plains
Westchester County Plumbing Supply - New Rochelle
Westchester Lighting Company - Pelham
Westchester Lighting Company - White Plains
Westchester Lighting Company - New Rochelle
Westchester Lighting Company - Pelham Manor
Westchester Lighting Company - Rye
Westchester Medical Center - Valhalla
Westchester Railway Company - White Plains
Westchester Town House - Yonkers
Western Electric - Manufacturing Plant - Manhattan
Western Electric Building - New York
Western Electric Company - Buffalo
Western N.y. Water Co. - Lackawanna
Western New York Water Co. - Depew
Western New York Water Co. - Blaisdell
Western Union Building - New York City
Western Union International U.p.s. - New York
Western Union Telegraph Company - New York City
Western Union Telegraph Company Building - New York City
Western Water Co. - Forks
Westinghouse - Church Kerr County
Westinghouse Electric - Buffalo
Westinghouse Electric - Manufacturing Plant - Cheektowaga
Westinghouse Electric And Manufacturing Company - Attica
Westinghouse Electric Co - Cathode Ray Tube Facility - Horseheads
Westinghouse Electric Cor - Buffalo
Westinghouse Electric Corp. - Electric Tube Division - Bath
Westinghouse Electric Corporation - New York
Westinghouse Electrical And Manufacturing Company - Attica
Westinghouse Illuminating Company - Schenectady
Westinghouse International - New York
Westinghouse, Church, Kerr And Company - New York City
Westinghouse, Church, Kerr And Company - Niagara Falls
Westmoreland Mill Iron - Westmoreland
Weston Shoppers City - Olean
Westvaco Corp. - Mechanicville
Westvaco Corporation - New York City
Wetco Refinery - New York
Wheeler Madden And Clemson Manufacturing Company - Middletown
White Brothers Rose Corporation - Medina
White Plains Hospital - White Plains
White Plains Medical Center - White Plains
White Plains Office Building - White Plains
White Plains Plaza - White Plains
White Potter And Paige Manufacturing Company - Brooklyn
Whitehall Imp. Corporation - New York
Whitehall Improvement Company - New York City
Whitehaven Memorial Park - Pittsford
Whitehill E And P I M Company - New York City
Whiting Young And Warren - New York City
Whitman And Barnes Manufacturing Company - Syracuse
Whitman Ingersoll Houses - Boiler Plant - New York
Whitmore Rauber Vicinus - Rochester
Wick Wire Steel Company - Cortland
Wickwire Bros - Cortland
Wickwire Brothers - Cortland
Wickwire Brothers Inc - Cortland
Wickwire Spencer Steel Company - Tonawanda
Wickwire Spencer Steel Division, Colorado Fuel - Tonawanda
Wickwire Spencer Steel Division, Colorado Fuel And Oil Corporation - Buffalo
Wickwire Steel Company - Buffalo
Wickwire Steel Company - Harriet
Wickwire-spencer Steel Co. - Buffalo
Wickwire-spencer Steel Co. (division Colorado Fuel Iron) - Tonawanda
Widener Building - Philadelphia
Wilhelms Realty Company - Brooklyn
Will Baumer Candle Co Inc - Liverpool
Will And Baumer Company - Syracuse
Willard State Hospital - Willard
William Bradley And Sons, Greenpoint - Brooklyn
William Edenborn - New York City
William F. Christie - Hastings On Hudson
William F. Devendorf - Rochester
William H - Mckieven
William H Frear And Company - Troy
William Henry White And Company - New York City
William Horne Company, Harts Island Power House - Place
William Marshall Brighton Beach - Coney Island
William Printing Company, Iron Age - New York City
William Randall And Sons - Brooklyn
William Rockefeller - Tarrytown
William Teschemacher Company - Brooklyn
William W. Fitzhugh - Lakeview
Williams And Potter - New York City
Williams-harvey Corporation - Brooklyn
Williamsburg - Brooklyn
Williamsburg Asphalt - Brooklyn
Williamsburg Fireproofing Products - Brooklyn
Williamsburg Gas Light Company - Brooklyn
Williamsburg Power Company - Brooklyn
Williamsburg Power Station - Brooklyn
Williamsburg Sewage - New York
Williamsburgh - Brooklyn
Williamsburgh Gas Light Company - Brooklyn
Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building - Brooklyn
Willis Avenue And Harlem River Bridge - New York City
Willow Street Gas Plant - Staten Island
Willowbrook Hospital - Staten Island
Willys-morrow Company - Elmira
Wilt Wyck School - Yorktown
Windsor Building Supplies Co. - Poughkeepsie
Windsor Building Supplies Co. - Vails Gate
Winefred Masterson Burke Relief Foundation - White Plains
Winermere Apartment House - New York City
Wingate High School, 600 Kingston Ave - Brooklyn
Winston And Company - Katona
Winter Wolf Company - Bronx
Winthrop Laboratories - Rensselaer
Winthrop Laboratories - Wenssel*er
Winthrop Stearns, Inc. - Rensselaer
Wirewick Steel - Buffalo
Witco Refinery - New York
Witherbee, Sherman And Company - Port Henry
Witherbee, Sherman And Company - Mineville, Essex County
Witherbee, Sherman And Company - Mineville
Witte's Yard - Staten Island
Wm Summerhays Sons Corp - Rochester
Wm. P. Higgins Inc. - Jamaica
Wolfe And Munier Incorporated - New York City
Wolff Book Manufacturing - New York
Woman's Hospital - New York City
Wood Craftsmen, Incorporated - Saratoga Springs
Wood Craftsmen, Incorporated - Saratoga
Woodbourne Correctional Inst. - Bldg 44 - Woodbourne
Woodbridge Building - Annex.
Woodstock Elem School - Woodstock
Woolsulate Corp - New Paltz
Woolworth Building - New York City
Woolworth Building - New York
Woolworth Building - Steam Generation Plant - New York
Worcester Salt Company - Silver Springs
Worechester Salt - Sliver Springs
Works . - Long Island City
Works Alpha - New York City
World Steel - Bronx
World Trade Center - New York
World Trade Center - 25th Floor - New York
World Trade Center - Custom House - New York
World Trade Center - Northeast Plaza - New York
World Trade Center - Sub Grade - New York
World Trade Center - Tower A - 108th Flr Mch Eqp Rm - New York
World Trade Center - Tower A - New York
World Trade Center - Tower A - Basement 5 - New York
World Trade Center - Tower B - New York
World Trade Center - Tower B - Northeast Plaza - New York
World Trade Center - U. S. Customs Bldg - New York
Worlds Fair - Queens
Worlds Fair Space Museum -
Worthington - Wellsville
Worthington Corp. - Wellsville
Worthington Corporation - Buffalo
Worthington Corporation - Wellsville
Worthington Pump - Buffalo
Worthington Pump Machinery Corporation - Wellsville
Worthington Pump And Machinery Corporation - Buffalo
Worthington Pump And Machinery Corporation - Wellsville
Wrght Marin Aircraft Corporation - Long Island City
Wtc - New York
Wurtsboro School - Mamakating
Wyckoff, Seaman And Benedict - Ilion
Wyeth Ayerst Laboratories, Incorporated - Rouses Point
Wyeth Ayerst Labs - Rouses Point
Wyeth Ayerst Pharmacuticals - Rouses Point