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Did You Work at Any of These Companies?

We are currently trying to locate potential co-workers for various clients we represent in legal claims. If you were an employee, or know someone who worked for the companies listed below, at the specific locations and years indicated, please call us toll free at 855-403-8644.

Company Location Years
Acri Home Improvement East Peoria, IL 1955-1970
Airport Shell Hazelwood, MO 1969-1971 & 1980-1984
A.J. Canfield Company Chicago, IL 1966-1972, 1966-1972, 1970-1971, 1973-1982, 1984-1988, 1988-1992
Amax Braithwaite, LA 1978-1985
American Aviation (Rockwell International) and Ohio Bell (Ameritech) Columbus, Oh 1960-1965 or 1965-1980
American Brake Shoe/Abex Mahwah, NJ 1950-1988
American Enka Lowland, TN 1955-1970
American Motors Plant Milwaukee, WI 1952-1967
Anaconda Wire & Cable Co. Sycamore, Il 1962-1969
Anheuser Busch Medford, MA 1976-1985
Barrett Standard Hazelwood, MO 1960-1969
Becker Metals St. Louis, MO 1960-1969, 1969-1970, 1970-1979
BFI Waste Company Hazelwood, MO 1984-1990
Block Motors South Bend, IN 1960-1976
Boeing Plant Wichita, KS 1954-1991
Bohling Chrysler-Dodge South Bend, IN 1960-1976
Bowditch Ford Newport News, VA; Williamsburg, VA 1970-1988
Brand Rex (AKZONA) Willimantic, CT 1962-1966
Bruckner Spartanburg, SC 1970-1975
Brunswick Defense Corp Marion, VA 1955-1963
California Jig Grinding Company Inc Pico Rivera, CA 1970-1985
Carpenter Steel Bridgeport, CT 1965-1976
Caterpillar East Peoria East Peoria, IL 1947-1953
Champion International Paper Mill Missoula, MT 1970-1979
Charles Fulker/Farm Bath/Aberdeen, SD no dates
Chester Cable Co. Chester, NY 1962-1986
Coburn Optical Eldon, MO 1970-1990
Colorado Fuel & Iron Pueblo, CO 1950-1990
Dales Shell Service South Bend, IN 1960-1976
DANA Corp Toledo, OH 1970-1975
Danielson Curtain Danielson, CT 1966-1969; 1970-1972
Delco-Remy Anderson, IN 1950-1987
Delta Air Lines Atlanta, GA 1959-1979
Earl G. Thompson Construction Seattle/Tacoma, WA 1975
Eastern Freightways (Associate Transport) Rochester, NY 1963-1978
Eli Lilly Roanoke, VA 1963-1965
Elizabeth Street Foundry Chicago, IL 1966-1972, 1966-1972, 1970-1971, 1973-1982, 1984-1988, 1988-1992
Everco Ottumwa, IA 1972-1975
Farm ALL Foundry East Peoria, IL 1954-1955
Fischer Body Pontiac, MI 1968-1970
Fischer Body Plant 21 (GM Cadillac Plant) Detroit, MI 1970-1982
Fostoria Foundry Fostoria, OH 1964-1980
French Saxon China Company Salem, OH 1968-1969
Garland and Garland Florida 1956-1986
Gatke Corp Warsaw, IN 1965-1969
G.B. Lewis Watertown, WI 1940-1983
GE Pinellas County, FL unknown
GE Lynn, MA or Salem, MA 1966-1990
GE Springfield, MA; Providence, RI 1952-1977; 1977-1979
General Dynamics Electric Boat Division Groton, CT 1963-1994
General Motors Detroit, MI 1970-1982
General Tire Akron, OH 1965-1990
Great Lake Container/Fisher Body Pontiac, MI 1968-1981
Gurley-Leep Ford South Bend, IN 1960-1976
H.B. Buster Hughes Harvey, LA 1955-1968
Herberger Construction Company Iowa 1968-1972
Hevi Duty a/k/a/Lindberg Watertown, WI 1964-1966
H.H. & F.E. Bean Inc. Liverpool, NY 1970
Holiday Designs Inc Sebring, OH 1965-1971
Howard S. Wright Construction Seattle, WA 1975-1988
Hubinger/H. J. Heinz Keokuk, IA 1957-1991
Hurlbut Paper Mill South Lee, MA 1952-1979
HVAC Durham, NC unknown
IBEW Local 760 Workers at Bull Run Stream Plant Oak Ridge, TN 1962-1968
IRC Electronics Boone, NC 1970-1980
J&B Plastics Ottumwa, IA 1972-1975
J & L Steel Pittsburgh, PA 1963-1986
James Tumelson Construction Seattle, WA 1968-1971
Joe Warner Pontiac Dealership Florida, NY 1951-1962
John Morrell Meatpacking Ottumwa, IA 1950-1965
Kuetemeyer Plumbing Co./ Johnson Controls/ Grunau Company Milwaukee, WI 1960-1966; 1966-1972; 1972-1975
Lummus Tech/Lummus Construction or Berry Contracting/Berry Construction Corpus Christi, TX 1965-1967, 1972-1975
Magma Copper Mine San Manuel, AZ 1943-1984
Mason & Hanger Middletown, IA 1952-1992
Mead Paper Mill South Lee, MA 1952-1979
Members of CJA Local 218 Medford, MA 1955-1985
Monsanto Soda Springs, ID 1969-1991
New York Telephone/AT&T/Lucent New York, NY 1960-1999
Oscar Meyer Davenport, IA 1955-1964
Owens Illinois Shippenville, PA 1958-1961
Palatine Dye Company or Sentinel Foam St. Johnsville, NY 1950s-1960s/1960-1981
Pennsylvania Railroad, NY Central Railroad, Penn Central Railroad, or Conrail at the Bay-View Rail Yard Baltimore, MD 1948-1979
Perry Shipbuilding/ Presque Isle Sand & Gravel Erie, PA 1981-1985
Phoenix Iron & Steel Phoenixville, PA 1956-1991
Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Barberton, OH 1950-1969
Pratt & Whitney Hartford, CT 1956-1957; 1966
Public Service Indiana Power House/Duke Energy New Castle, IN 1955-1972
RCA Camden, NJ 1950-1970
R.C. Mahon Warren, MI 1944-1967
Reliance Home Improvement East Peoria, IL 1955-1970
Republic Plastic/Chicago Molded Georgetown, IL 1964-1979
Resinite Corporation Chicago, IL 1966-1972, 1966-1972, 1970-1971, 1973-1982, 1984-1988, 1988-1992
Richardson Company Chicago, IL 1957-1990
Richardson Company Indianapolis, IN 1957-1991
Seattle Housing Authority Seattle, WA 1972-1974
Sherwin Williams Manufacturing Facility Chicago, IL 1954-1968
Simkins Industries Pulp & Paper New Haven, CT 1948-1972
Simplatroll Dana Industrial Webster, MA 1977-1979
Sinclair or Arco Oil Fields Seminole, OK 1950-1969
Sinclair or Arco Oil Fields Maysville, OK 1950-1969
Skokie Teletyper Chicago, IL **
Sugarman Brothers Paper Company Medford, MA 1960-1975
Sunbeam Chicago, IL 1964-1978
T&J Automart South Bend, IN 1960-1976
Tempel Steel Chicago, Il 1965-1980
The Fleming Co Houston, TX 1945-1980
Trans World Airlines (TWA) Kansas City, MO 1968-1986
Tuscon Medical Center Tucson, AZ 1956-1999
U.S. Steel Chicago, IL 1966-1972, 1966-1972, 1970-1971, 1973-1982, 1984-1988, 1988-1992
U.S. Steel Geneva, UT 1950-1986
U.S. Steel Fairless Works (Open Hearth Area) Fairless Hills, PA 1963-1975
Union Pacific Railroad Omaha, NE 1977-1981
Union Painters for Local 109 Omaha, NE 1968-2008
Uniroyal Eau Claire, WY 1958-1988
United Electric Supply Co. St. Louis, MO 1960-1969, 1969-1970, 1970-1979
Universal Builders Seattle/Tacoma, WA 1967-1968
Universal Towing Co. St. Louis, MO 1960-1969, 1969-1970, 1970-1979
Western Electric Chicago, IL 1966-1972, 1966-1972, 1970-1971, 1973-1982, 1984-1988, 1988-1992
Western Electric Co/Hawthorne Works Cicero, IL 1946-1954
Wheaton Plastic Co Newark, NJ 1960-1979