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Mesothelioma Resources

Sokolove Law has been helping mesothelioma victims for nearly 40 years. We know that informative resources can be extremely valuable for patients and their families. Since mesothelioma is a rare cancer, finding the most essential information may be a challenge. That is why we have created a series of free, downloadable PDFs about mesothelioma, as well as tips for pursing your legal options.

Why Sokolove Law

Learn why Sokolove Law may be the right law firm to help you pursue a mesothelioma claim.

Pursuing a Legal Claim

Want to take legal action, but not sure how it works? Read about pursuing a legal claim.

Tips for Family Conversations

Sharing the news about a mesothelioma diagnosis can be extremely difficult — get tips for how to have tough conversations with your family.

Centers for Medical Excellence

If you are looking for the best mesothelioma specialists in the country, consult this list of U.S. medical centers that offer mesothelioma treatment.

Mesothelioma Symptoms Checklist

During early stages of mesothelioma, symptoms can sometimes be mistaken for the common cold or flu — bring this full list of symptoms to your next doctor’s appointment.