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Breaking News: GMC Yukon Lawsuit Blames Death of 3 on Faulty Parts

In September 2020, a grandmother and her two grandchildren were killed when a woman driving a GMC Yukon collided with their vehicle. The car's tire pressure system failed to warn the driver that a tire was low on pressure and it exploded. This, according to a lawsuit filed in March 2021, is what caused the fatal accident. The victims’ family is seeking over $100 million in the case.

GMC Yukon Tire Pressure System Linked to Defects

The GMC Yukon allegedly has had a history of problems with its tire pressure system. Lawyers representing the victims in the March 2021 lawsuit claim that GM knew about the issues back in 2009 but didn’t recall the system.

Since the passage of the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation Act (TREAD Act), most cars have been built with some sort of system to monitor tire pressure.

A TPMS allows the driver to regularly keep an eye on their vehicle’s tire pressure. However, if the TPMS is not functioning properly, people may drive their cars while they are low on tire pressure, unknowingly risking blowouts and accidents.

GM Also Under Fire for Poor Wheel Design

In addition to the problems with the tire pressure system, the GMC Yukon lawsuit also claims the design of the car’s wheels contributed to the accident.

Lawyers for the victims claim that the aluminum wheels on the GMC Yukon are more likely to corrode. This corrosion can cause air to quickly leak from the tire, leading to a blowout.

The lawyers also noted that GM knew about the corrosion problem before the accident occurred. In fact, GM even reported it to the National Traffic Safety Administration but a formal recall was never issued to drivers.

Choosing a GMC Yukon Lawyer

If you or a loved one was severely injured or killed in an accident involving one of these vehicles, working with a GMC Yukon lawyer may be an important step.

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This March 2021 lawsuit may only be the first related to defective products found in GMC Yukons. Other car accidents might have been caused by the same faulty tire pressure system and poor wheel design.

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