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New Study: Alarming Teen Distracted Driving Statistics

May 1, 2015

It’s no secret that teens are notorious for distracted driving—but just how distracted are they? A recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and researchers at the University of Iowa found that in 58% of moderate-to-severe teen motor vehicle crashes, distraction was a major factor. Whether or not you are the parent of… Read More

Zimmer Recalls Persona® Knee Implant Device Component

April 15, 2015

Zimmer Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of its Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plate, a component of the Persona Knee replacement system, due to an increase in complaints of device loosening and radiolucent lines. Radiolucent lines, which can be seen on an x-ray, are potential indications that a device may lack proper fixation which could… Read More

Canada Sees Rise in Asbestos Imports; Certain Occupations at-Risk

April 7, 2015

As the 11th annual National Asbestos Awareness Week comes to a close, one thing remains abundantly clear: asbestos is still very much a problem in our country. However, it is also critical to remember that although this week is a national observance in the U.S., asbestos is a global threat. In fact, a recent news… Read More

The History of Asbestos—and Why a New Bill May Change the Future

April 6, 2015

If there were an action you could take to prevent the development of a deadly cancer, would you do it? Mesothelioma could be one of the most preventable cancers. Because asbestos exposure causes this cancer, if we were to ban asbestos and its use in products, we should not have any future cases. If we… Read More

The READ Act and Asbestos: A Call for Transparency

April 4, 2015

The 114th United States Congress began in January 2015, and in this young session, we’ve already seen legislative steps taken to help limit future harm from asbestos. Recently, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) introduced legislation that would help Americans avoid exposure to the deadly substance by increasing the amount of publicly available information on where asbestos… Read More

Obama Seeks to Change How Brokers Act on Behalf of Clients

April 3, 2015

President Obama has voiced support for a change in the way our country’s brokers are held accountable when it comes to acting in the best interest of clients. The White House reported that inconsistent advice from brokers costs working and middle-class families approximately $17 billion in losses every year, and this potential change in policy… Read More

Groundbreaking Bill Introduced That Could Ban Asbestos

April 2, 2015

An important bill was introduced recently on Capitol Hill—and it has the potential to finally ban asbestos in the United States. A press release from Senator Edward Markey’s office notes that the Alan Reinstein and Trevor Schaefer Toxic Chemical Protection Act seeks to: Protect vulnerable populations from harmful toxins Provide stronger safety standards and quicker… Read More

What You Need to Know About ERISA & Long-Term Disability Insurance

April 1, 2015

When you began working for your employer, you may have been impressed by certain benefits they offered, like access to long-term disability insurance. However, if you’re now in a position where you are trying to file a long-term disability claim, you may be encountering an acronym you’ve never heard before: ERISA. What Is ERISA? ERISA… Read More

2015 Asbestos Awareness Week is Here

March 31, 2015

The 11th annual Asbestos Awareness Week will kick off on Wednesday, April 1, and run through Tuesday, April 7. This important week is meant to be an educational event that raises public awareness about asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma, and the dangers of being exposed to asbestos. Sponsored by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), Asbestos… Read More

Learn the Signs of Traumatic Brain Injuries During Brain Injury Awareness Month

March 26, 2015

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are more common than you may think, affecting about 2.4 million children and adults in the United States each year. TBIs are commonly caused by falls, motor vehicle accidents, or sports-related injuries and can impact the brain’s ability to think, reason, and remember. Symptoms of a TBI may not occur… Read More