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Flawed Medical Device Unleashes “Superbug” at UCLA Medical Center

February 27, 2015

A “superbug” contracted from use of a flawed medical device is being blamed for the deaths of 2 patients at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. The device, a type of scope used in approximately 500,000 medical procedures annually, is allegedly so hard to clean properly that federal officials believe its use… Read More

Check for Signs of Securities Fraud During Tax Season

February 18, 2015

Tax season is upon us and you may have already gotten your W-2s, 1099s, and other tax forms together for your trip to the accountant. If you also have investments, you should have received forms from your stockbroker, like a 1099-DIV and a 1099-B. Investing can be a great way to build your net worth,… Read More

Remember Your Elderly Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2015

Why not surprise your grandparent or elderly loved one with a visit on Valentine’s Day?  If you’re visiting a family member in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, use the day as an opportunity to check in. Take the time to see how he or she is doing mentally and physically. Is your… Read More

10 Fun School Vacation Activities for Children with Disabilities

February 9, 2015

Another school vacation week is just around the corner, and kids can’t wait! For many parents, however, it’s a mixed blessing. On one hand, school vacation gives you more quality time with your kids. But how are you going to keep them entertained for an entire week? This is an especially challengingquestion for parents who… Read More

9 Essential Winter Driving Tips

January 26, 2015

Whether you’re a seasoned driver or you recently got your license, there’s one thing that can make any driver grip the steering wheel a little tighter: inclement winter weather. Mother Nature definitely visits certain regions more frequently and intensely than others, but all licensed drivers need to be sure they know how to operate a… Read More

Caring for the Caregiver

January 23, 2015

Taking care of a loved one who is ill or has been injured is a significant responsibility. Whether you’re caring for your disabled child, your husband who was injured in a car accident, or your aging parent who may be dealing with serious illness, you are making a huge difference in that person’s life. But,… Read More

Is Playing Football Worth the Headache?

January 21, 2015

With the Super Bowl approaching, many of us have football on the brain. However, for all of the exciting plays we’ve seen on the field this season, a darker side of the NFL has also found its way into the national news spotlight. A major topic of conversation has been head injuries and how this… Read More

Gene That Increases Mesothelioma Risk Could Also Be Responsible for Long-Term Survival

December 9, 2014

Back in 2011, researchers found that people with a mutation of the BAP1 gene are more likely than others to develop mesothelioma if they are exposed to asbestos. While this information is certainly not very positive — especially for those with the BAP1 mutation — new, encouraging information about extended long-term survival has just been… Read More

Defective Air Bag Recall Affects Millions

November 27, 2014

Automakers have issued nearly 8 million recall notices in the U.S. in response to dangerous – and in some cases deadly – air bags. Takata Corporation, the manufacturer of the air bags, has stated that the propellant used to inflate the air bag is defective. When a crash occurs, the propellant can explode, causing the… Read More

Lawsuits Mounting Against Syngenta® over GMO Corn that Tainted U.S. Corn Supply

November 24, 2014

Obtaining seed is essential to a farmer’s livelihood — it enables the farmer to grow product, sell it, and make an honest living. Some U.S. corn farmers, however, were sold a genetically modified corn seed by global agribusiness Syngenta, which was not yet approved in China. Despite lacking approval in China, Syngenta sold their GMO… Read More