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If you or someone you love received a mesothelioma diagnosis, you need to know your legal options. For more than 40 years, Sokolove Law has helped people in all 50 states learn their legal rights and take action.

When you trust Sokolove Law with your mesothelioma case, you are not just another number. You will work with a team that will not rest until you get what you need.

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About Us

Jim Sokolove founded Sokolove Law in 1979. His mission was to help people suffering from asbestos-related diseases. With his guidance, Sokolove Law expanded to become one of the most prominent firms in America. Today, Sokolove Law helps people from all backgrounds get exceptional legal help.

Our Foundation

Jim Sokolove, Founder and Chairman (retired 2013)

In 1979, James “Jim” Sokolove was a new attorney very concerned by the state of the legal system. All too often, he saw that people who needed the most legal help had the greatest trouble finding it. Jim set out to become a personal injury lawyer with one mission. He aimed to give everyone the same opportunity for justice, regardless of race or income.

Jim’s mission was a success. For more than 40 years, Sokolove Law has helped clients get the legal help they need. Thanks to Jim, hundreds of people have received the justice they deserved.

Ricky LeBlanc, Managing Attorney

Ricky LeBlanc is the Managing Attorney at Sokolove Law. As Managing Attorney, Ricky is responsible for the overall risk management of the firm. He also ensures Sokolove Law is in compliance with the rules governing the practice of law, including legal advertising in each of the 50 states.

Ricky directs Sokolove Law’s asbestos practice, which is a hallmark of the firm. Within the large asbestos practice at Sokolove Law, Ricky participates in a number of efforts designed to educate about asbestos awareness and help asbestos victims and their families fight for justice and compensation.

Ricky is a licensed attorney through the Office of the General Counsel for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. This allows him to help prepare, present and prosecute claims for veterans. He recently completed a VA Legal Education seminar renewing his accreditation for 2016-17.

The stress of injury, disability or the death of a loved one can make the legal process more challenging. We want to help. If you or someone you love has been injured, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our personal injury lawyers today.

Why Sokolove Law

At Sokolove Law, our clients are our first priority. Our team will do everything to make the legal process easy and comfortable. We value the trust that people like you have put into our team of attorneys and paralegals. It is this trust that has kept us going for more than 40 years and what will grow us into the future.

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