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June 3rd Is National Cancer Survivors Day: Adding Years and Quality to Survivors’ Lives

This Sunday, June 3, is National Cancer Survivors Day, an annual celebration for the millions of Americans living with a... (Continue)

Myth-Busting Memorial Day: The True Origin and Reasons for Honoring America’s Heroes

Today we celebrate Memorial Day. People all over the nation come together this long weekend to celebrate the unofficial start... (Continue)

Johnson & Johnson to Pay $25.7M in Second Trial Loss over Claims Linking Baby Powder to Mesothelioma

For the second time in 2 months Johnson & Johnson (J&J) finds itself facing a multimillion-dollar verdict in an asbestos-contaminated-talc... (Continue)

The Cancer Risks of Working for the U.S. Government: USDA Exposes Employees to Asbestos

One of the last places you’d want to find asbestos, a mineral that kills more than 39,000 Americans every year,... (Continue)

The EPA’s Failure to Ban Asbestos ‘Is a Crime,’ Says EWG, So Why Is It Still Legal?

We know asbestos kills people, but we’ve never known precisely how many. What we do know is that U.S asbestos... (Continue)

Will the EPA Take Action Against a Paint Stripper Chemical That’s Killing People?

Barely a day goes by without the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cropping up in the news, but the press isn’t... (Continue)

Investigative Reporting Finds Asbestos and Lead in Philadelphia Schools

In the past decade, it has become increasingly apparent that many of our nation’s school buildings contain a significant amount... (Continue)

Asbestos ‘Protection’ Bills Protect Corporate Profits, Not Victims and Their Families

A number of bills that claim to help asbestos victims and their families have recently been introduced in state legislatures... (Continue)

Jackson Leaves, Pruitt Deceives, Trump Administration Falls Apart at Critical Crossroads

It’s been a rough stretch for the Trump administration. Ronny Jackson, whom President Donald Trump picked to lead the Department... (Continue)

Scott Pruitt Throws Another Curveball at TSCA and Asbestos Regulation, Undermines Scientific Data Needed to Protect Public Health

Under yet another pretense of “transparency,” the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its intent to stop making decisions using... (Continue)

Patriots’ Day 2018 and a Tribute to America’s Modern-Day Freedom-Fighters

Today is Patriots’ Day, the day that people all over the world know more commonly as the day the Boston... (Continue)

Johnson & Johnson, Imerys Talc America Hit With $80 Million Punitive Damages Verdict for ‘Malicious Indifference’ to Baby Powder’s Mesothelioma Risks

The first mesothelioma victim to win an asbestos-in-talc case against Johnson & Johnson (J&J) will now receive $80 Million in... (Continue)