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Scott Pruitt Quits, Leaving Behind a Weakened, Embattled EPA in His Wake

Citing “the unrelenting attacks” from the public and media on him and his family, Scott Pruitt has resigned from his... (Continue)

Celebrating Independence Day? Don’t Forget the Sacrifices Our Veterans Made

Happy Independence Day! For many of us, today is a day off work to celebrate American independence with barbecues, parades,... (Continue)

Trump and Pruitt’s EPA Gutting the Lautenberg Act and Refusing an Asbestos Ban

Just when it seemed like the American public would finally have safeguards against asbestos, a deadly carcinogen that causes mesothelioma,... (Continue)

Philadelphia Public School under Scrutiny for Extremely High Asbestos Count

The latest, in a series of local investigative reports led by the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, found a higher-than-estimated... (Continue)

U.K. Prime Minister: Artificial Intelligence to Help Prevent 22,000 Cancer Deaths a Year

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May recently unveiled a “new weapon” in cancer research: artificial intelligence (AI). She and medical experts... (Continue)

39,000 Deaths Caused Every Year by Asbestos, Rivaling Breast Cancer and Traffic Fatalities

As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prepares to release information on how it will assess the dangers of hazardous substances... (Continue)

June Is Men’s Health Month: Here’s What You Should Know

Every year, over 1 million men die in the United States, many from preventable causes that bring life to an... (Continue)

June 3rd Is National Cancer Survivors Day: Adding Years and Quality to Survivors’ Lives

This Sunday, June 3, is National Cancer Survivors Day, an annual celebration for the millions of Americans living with a... (Continue)

Myth-Busting Memorial Day: The True Origin and Reasons for Honoring America’s Heroes

Today we celebrate Memorial Day. People all over the nation come together this long weekend to celebrate the unofficial start... (Continue)

Johnson & Johnson to Pay $25.7M in Second Trial Loss over Claims Linking Baby Powder to Mesothelioma

For the second time in 2 months Johnson & Johnson (J&J) finds itself facing a multimillion-dollar verdict in an asbestos-contaminated-talc... (Continue)

The Cancer Risks of Working for the U.S. Government: USDA Exposes Employees to Asbestos

One of the last places you’d want to find asbestos, a mineral that kills more than 39,000 Americans every year,... (Continue)

The EPA’s Failure to Ban Asbestos ‘Is a Crime,’ Says EWG, So Why Is It Still Legal?

We know asbestos kills people, but we’ve never known precisely how many. What we do know is that U.S asbestos... (Continue)