Military Disability Cases

Military Disability Denials and Harmful Exposure Claims

Every day, brave men and women from all branches of the US military fight for our great nation. Their military service puts them in harm’s way. But who fights for them when they have been denied benefits after returning home injured, or have been stricken with an illness due to unnecessary exposure to harmful materials? Sokolove Law is focused on generating both veterans’ disability denial leads as well as military toxic and harmful exposure claims for co-counsel.

Veteran’s Disability Compensation Claims

The number of military veterans with disability benefit denials is on the rise. The current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as recent rulings allowing new disability claims from Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam and chemical exposure in the first Gulf War are contributing to the record number of veterans’ disability claims. The Veterans Administration states that 17% of disability ratings are incorrect and it’s likely that the current backlog will result in more unjust disability compensation denials.

Military Toxic Exposure Claims

In addition to the tidal wave of veterans’ disability compensation denials, toxic and harmful exposures continue to surface on a frequent basis. Thousands of current military personnel and veterans are suffering from respiratory diseases due to exposure from toxic burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan and the carcinogen sodium dichromate found at the Qarmat Ali water treatment plant in Iraq. Other toxic exposures are being investigated and it’s likely more will surface with the continued overseas military operations.

Targeted Claims:

  • Veterans Disability Denials
  • Military Burn Pits
  • Military Toxic Exposure

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