Legal Marketing

What Are Your Goals?

At Sokolove Law, we’ll work with you to identify case opportunities and then build targeted marketing campaigns based on your goals. We know how to create demand in the competitive legal market and are focused on only delivering the most relevant, high quality cases to our co-counsel firms.

Sokolove Law’s comprehensive marketing approach enables you to reach more qualified prospects at the lowest cost for the greatest potential return. Our strengths include:

  • Precise targeting. Our product management team invests in research and data to assure that we are reaching the right prospect at the right time.
  • Integrated cross-channel campaigns. This enables us to maximize the impact of direct-response television, online marketing and other channels so that all channels are working together to create results.
  • Expanded digital marketing capabilities. We’ve recently ramped up our digital team of marketing experts to take advantage of all paid (search, mobile) and non-paid (organic, social) channels to drive efficiencies across our campaigns.
  • Speed to market. When a new litigation opportunity arises, we often have advertising running in market within days, and we can be online in just hours.
  • A strong national footprint and long-term media relationships. Sokolove Law wields tremendous national buying power resulting in extraordinary pricing.
  • Campaign management. Our experienced media analysts can quickly determine what’s working and what’s not. With our channel-agnostic approach, we have the ability to optimize media and shift dollars into the hardest working channels to drive even greater efficiency.

Customized Campaigns

Our marketing approach is multi-faceted, reaching targeted audiences through a combination of websites, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, on-line display and mobile advertising, national and local television, radio and print advertising, direct mail, public relations and more. Sokolove Law strives to stay ahead of the curve and utilize the most advanced marketing methods to ensure success.

As a co-counsel firm, you’ll gain access to our proven experience, significant buying power and brand recognition, keeping you ahead of the competition. Focus your time and resources on litigating cases, while Sokolove Law takes on the upfront administrative work associated with marketing, client screening, and qualifying leads.

When you partner with Sokolove Law, you are assigned a dedicated marketing team that is focused on customizing your campaign and actively managing it to ensure your objectives are being met. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • A deep and ongoing focus on your campaign from a seasoned marketing team with expertise in media buying, analytics, and digital media
  • A highly targeted and efficient multi-channel marketing program informed by customer insights and driven by the daily review of program analytics
  • Cost effective, quality leads generated through digital marketing channels as well as through our national TV media buying power and targeted regional buys

Intake, Customized Screening and Client Sign-up

  • 24/7 inbound lead handling capability ensures we have the ability to speak with clients whenever they call so we can generate the most amount of leads for our co-counsel firms
  • Customized Screening: Leads are sent to you based on case-specific criteria
  • Quick Action: Screened and qualified leads are sent instantly to your firm
  • Client sign-up using your client retainers and your medical authorization form


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Sokolove Law Team

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Last modified: April 1, 2021