Lincoln Financial Long-Term Disability Denial

Lincoln Financial is one of the largest and most profitable insurance companies in America. The primary goal of this multibillion-dollar company is to create wealth for its executives and investors. Unfortunately, this wealth may be generated at the expense of policyholders through Lincoln’s routine denial of long-term disability claims.

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Lincoln Financial Long-Term Disability Complaints

Even loyal, long-term policyholders who have been paying regular premiums for years can fall victim to Lincoln disability insurance denials.

Insurance companies hold a legal duty to their policyholders to act in good faith and fair dealing. If your insurance company has failed to uphold this responsibility, you may be able to sue on a bad faith claim.

Unfair long-term disability insurance claim denial is one way in which Lincoln Financial may not have fulfilled its duty as an insurer and has resulted in countless bad faith lawsuits throughout the nation.

If you become ill or injured and are unable to work, you may need to depend on your long-term disability insurance for your financial security.

Facing a denial of these benefits could result in the:

  • Denial of your health care
  • Immediate loss of your regular income
  • Loss of your savings
  • Loss or foreclosure of your home

These losses can devastate a person’s finances, but a denial is not necessarily final. Our Lincoln Financial long-term disability lawyers may be able to help you appeal — and/or file a lawsuit — to secure the benefits you need and deserve.

Lincoln Financial Long-Term Disability Denied?

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How to File a Lincoln Financial Disability Appeal

Every state has laws banning bad faith insurance practices, but big insurance companies like Lincoln Financial have vast legal teams dedicated to squashing complaints.

With more than four decades of experience successfully handling long-term disability cases, Sokolove Law is ready to step in and fight for what you are owed.

An attorney with experience handling LTD denials may be able to help you reclaim the benefits and compensation you’re entitled to, whether through a Lincoln Financial appeal or a Lincoln long-term disability lawsuit settlement.

“After a challenging legal battle, Sokolove Law achieved a favorable outcome, and I finally received the benefits I had paid for. I can’t express enough gratitude to Sokolove Law for being my ally in the fight. They stood by me and advocated for my rights.”
– Illinois Truck Driver with a Denied LTD Claim

Get Help from a Lincoln Financial Disability Lawyer

If you have received a Lincoln Financial long-term disability denial, it’s time to take action. We have disability insurance attorneys across the country who have experience successfully recovering LTD benefits for Lincoln Financial policyholders.

To ensure everyone has access to justice, our disability insurance lawyers don’t charge upfront or out-of-pocket fees — we get paid only if your case results in compensation.

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Lincoln Financial Lawsuit FAQs

Why was my Lincoln Financial long-term disability denied?

If you have been denied your long-term disability benefits, Lincoln Financial may have claimed:

  • You failed to disclose a pre-existing health condition
  • Your medical examinations were insufficient or inadequate
  • There were problems with your paperwork or documentation
  • Your medical condition is not a “covered” disability
  • Your procedure was elective, not medically necessary

These reasons may or may not be legitimate, as bad faith denials are unfortunately quite common by insurance providers.

You should speak with an attorney if you suspect that your Lincoln Financial long-term disability denial should have been approved.

Who can file Lincoln Financial disability appeals?

Anyone who has had a Lincoln Financial short- or long-term disability insurance claim denied can file an appeal seeking to reverse this decision.

That said, working with a disability insurance lawyer may boost your chances of a successful appeal. An attorney may also be able to file a lawsuit on your behalf in the event that your appeal is also denied.

Can I sue Lincoln Financial?

Potentially, yes. Many of Lincoln Financial’s disability insurance denials are bad faith denials, meaning these are valid claims that should have been approved.

If this is the case, and you’ve gone through the appeals process, a disability insurance attorney may be able to file a Lincoln Financial lawsuit on your behalf seeking benefits and/or compensation.

Reach out today to see if you qualify for a Lincoln Financial lawsuit. Our long-term disability lawyers work on a contingency-fee basis, which means we only get paid if and when your case results in compensation.

How long does long-term disability last with Lincoln Financial?

The length of a Lincoln Financial LTD plan will vary depending on the individual policy. Some long-term disability policies last two years, some five, some 10, and some will last until retirement or a certain age (such as 70).

Check your Lincoln long-term disability policy to see when your LTD benefits are scheduled to expire.