Causes of Birth Injuries

When parents are anticipating the birth of a healthy baby, but their baby is delivered unhealthy or injured they are often left wondering “How did this happen?” In many cases, the cause is medical negligence or malpractice, stemming from improper care provided by a doctor or other health care professional, before, during and immediately after delivery.

Factors that may contribute to a birth injury:

  • Lack of sufficient oxygen to the baby’s brain during labor and delivery
  • Failure to use proper delivery techniques while attempting to assist a delivery.
  • Higher birthweight babies that may be too large for a vaginal birth.  During delivery, their shoulder’s could become stuck, leading to a birth injury.
  • Large fetal head that could delay or prolong delivery
  • Baby presents in a position other than headfirst during delivery
  • Improper use of Pitocin, a drug which is used to induce or facilitate labor
  • Improper use of delivery instruments such as forceps and vacuum to assist in the vaginal delivery of an infant. Injuries can include facial nerve damage with resulting facial paralysis, bleeding into the brain, or skull fracture
  • Failure to accurately interpret fetal ultrasounds
  • Failure to promptly recognize signs of fetal distress seen on the fetal heart monitor and provide the appropriate treatment
  • Failure to expedite delivery of the baby, or to perform a cesarean section (c-section), when the condition of the baby and/or mother requires it
  • Failure to properly resuscitate or care for the newborn after delivery

Medical Negligence may also be due to a physician’s improper management of a complicated pregnancy or delivery situation such as:

  • Abnormal maternal bleeding or fetal bleeding
  • Compressed or prolapsed umbilical cord
  • Prolonged labor
  • Detached placenta (placental abruption)
  • Maternal infections

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Last modified: September 10, 2020