Cerebral Palsy Settlements

If your child suffered an injury at birth, your family may be eligible for cerebral palsy settlements that can help with the costs of medical care and more. CP settlements are worth around $1 Million on average and often play a big role in improving a child’s quality of life.

At Sokolove Law, we’ve secured over $917 Million on behalf of children with birth injuries like cerebral palsy. Call (800) 995-1212 now for a free case review to see if your family may qualify for a cerebral palsy settlement.

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CP Settlements: Financial Support for Your Child

Cerebral palsy settlements are compensation for families with children who developed CP as a result of a preventable birth injury.

Birth injuries can be caused by medical malpractice or negligence. If a health care provider played a role in your child’s injury, you may be able to file a cerebral palsy lawsuit and pursue compensation from those at fault.

Cerebral palsy compensation payouts are designed to hold negligent medical professionals accountable and help families pay for both current and future costs associated with their child’s condition.

CP settlements can help pay for: 

  • Assistive devices
  • Current and future medical bills
  • Educational support
  • Lost wages
  • Modifications to your home or car
  • Specialized care
  • Therapies

At Sokolove Law, we have decades of experience pursuing cerebral palsy compensation for children injured at birth. Let us put our skills and resources to work for you, so your child can receive the support they need.

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If you have a case, our cerebral palsy lawyers can fight for the justice and compensation your family deserves.

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Our Past Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit Settlements

As of June 2024, Sokolove Law has secured more than $917 Million for families impacted by birth injuries like cerebral palsy across the country.

Our past cerebral palsy lawsuit settlements and verdicts include:

  • $10.5 Million for a Missouri family
  • Over $10.4 Million to a Pennsylvania family
  • $9 Million for the family of a 5-year-old in Colorado
  • $8.8 Million to an Ohio family whose child experienced severe fetal distress
  • $8 Million to a family in North Carolina
  • $7.8 Million for a Florida child who was injured at birth
  • $7 Million for an Illinois family
  • $6.5 Million for a Washington child who was deprived of oxygen due to a delayed delivery
  • $6 Million to a New York child who developed CP from untreated jaundice
  • $5.9 Million to a child who received delayed medical care in Texas
  • $5.6 Million for a family in Utah
  • $5.5 Million to an Oklahoma family
  • $4.1 Million to a New Jersey family whose child who experienced fetal distress
  • $4 Million for a family in Arizona
  • $3.35 Million for a New Hampshire family
  • $2.4 Million to a child in Massachusetts

While there’s never a guarantee of compensation in any case, our cerebral palsy lawyers will fight hard to maximize your potential settlement and get you everything you’re entitled to.

Average Settlement for Cerebral Palsy

The average settlement for cerebral palsy is $1 Million, as children with CP may require specialized care for the rest of their life.

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Who Qualifies for Cerebral Palsy Compensation?

You may be able to secure compensation from a cerebral palsy lawsuit if:

  • Your child has CP as a result of an injury before, during, or shortly after birth
  • Their injury was caused by a medical professional’s error

Even if your child hasn’t received an official diagnosis yet, we may still be able to help you pursue cerebral palsy compensation.

Find out if you may be eligible for CP compensation now for free.

Understanding Cerebral Palsy Video Thumbnail
Video Summary: Cerebral palsy is often caused by medical malpractice during delivery. We may be able to help you seek compensation for your child's injury.

Most of your cerebral palsy cases are caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain of the nnborn child. This is a case type I'm very familiar with. I have a nephew with cerebral palsy that somewhere during the pregnancy there is an impediment of airflow. The longer the unborn child goes out oxygen, the more likelihood the cerebral palsy will occur. Which is basically part of the brain dying without oxygen going to it. As a childbirth injury lawyer, we're here to help families who believe at birth, something occurred that shouldn't have that has left their child with an injury. It could also be at any time during the pregnancy that there's been a deviation from the standard of medical care that's acceptable. We work with families to determine what happened. We work closely with our experts who will form opinions on that and then we present that evidence to whoever the defendants are in the case, which could be any doctor that provided care. Once we've determined who all those folks are and we've determined, you know, which defendants we want to bring a case against, we will then present the evidence. If you believe your child suffered from a birth injury, don't lose out on the opportunity to bring a claim. Contact Sokolove Law today at 800-647-3434.

Cerebral Palsy & Medical Malpractice

Cerebral palsy can often be caused by medical malpractice, which occurs when a doctor or health care professional’s error causes an injury to the child shortly before, during, or after childbirth.

Approximately 85% to 90% of cerebral palsy cases are congenital, which means the condition was caused by brain damage that occurred before or during birth.

Medical malpractice may cause CP if a health care professional doesn’t: 

  • Perform a C-section when necessary
  • Prepare the delivery room or medical equipment before a birth
  • Properly use tools like forceps or vacuum extractors during delivery
  • Recognize and address signs of fetal distress
  • Treat jaundice in a timely manner, allowing the baby to develop kernicterus

Our team has registered nurses on staff who can listen to your story and help determine if malpractice may have played a role in your child’s condition.

Kristin Proctor, Registered Nurse with Sokolove Law

“Anyone who's had a child with a birth-related injury, I talk to them about what happened during their pregnancy, the delivery, and how the child's doing to see if it's something we can assist with.”
– Kristin Proctor, Registered Nurse with Sokolove Law

How to Pursue Compensation for Cerebral Palsy

At Sokolove Law, we strive to make pursuing compensation for cerebral palsy as stress-free as possible. Our experienced attorneys can file a birth injury lawsuit and fight for a CP settlement on your behalf, so you can focus on spending time with your child.

Steps to pursuing cerebral palsy compensation include:

  • Contacting Sokolove Law for free help determining your eligibility for cerebral palsy compensation
  • Building a strong case by collecting medical records, testimony, and other evidence of malpractice or negligence
  • Filing your claim and completing all necessary paperwork before any deadlines
  • Negotiating cerebral palsy lawsuit settlements with the doctor or hospital responsible for your child’s injury
  • Pursuing a verdict in court before a judge and jury if a cerebral palsy lawsuit settlement isn’t reached

Our team has over 45 years of experience securing meaningful results from birth injury malpractice claims. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Call (800) 995-1212 now to get started. It costs nothing to speak with our team.

“Sokolove Law helped us fight for justice and get the money we needed to give our child special care and treatments. I can’t thank them enough."
– Mother in Massachusetts & Firm Client

Deadlines on CP Settlements

If your child has cerebral palsy, you only have a limited amount of time to pursue CP settlements for their condition due to state laws called the statutes of limitations.

Once the deadline in your state passes, you won’t be able to pursue a cerebral palsy settlement ever again.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Reach out to our team now to find out if you may be entitled to CP compensation.

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7 Determining Factors for Cerebral Palsy Settlement Amounts

Cerebral palsy settlement amounts vary based on the unique details of each case. Our experienced cerebral palsy lawyers can take each of the factors that may impact your potential settlement into account as we fight for justice on your behalf.

1. How Bad the Injury Was

While it’s possible to recover from some birth injuries, others may cause conditions that require a lifetime of care. Some types of cerebral palsy present with minor coordination and balance issues, while others may impair all areas of motor function.

In cerebral palsy cases, the severity of both the initial birth injury and the resulting developmental delays can significantly influence the amount of compensation you may be able to receive.

Injuries that cause more severe cases of CP may result in a higher compensation amount due to the increased challenges and long-term care needs.

2. The Role Malpractice or Negligence Played

The extent of medical malpractice or negligence that took place when your child was injured may influence cerebral palsy compensation amounts from a hospital or health care provider.

Doctors or other medical professionals may engage in a series of poor decisions that put the health of a child at risk during delivery, like:

  • Failing to properly monitor or address signs of fetal distress
  • Not ordering a C-section during a difficult birth, which can prolong labor and lead to oxygen deprivation
  • Applying excessive force when using forceps or a vacuum extractor during delivery, resulting in injuries like bruising, swelling, and brain damage

By talking with witnesses and hospital staff, we can investigate the decisions made by the health care provider who harmed your child and hold them accountable for their actions by seeking a cerebral palsy settlement.

3. How Much the Medical Bills Are

The cost of current and future medical care, adaptive equipment, therapy, and other treatments for your child can add up quickly.

$1 Million

Average lifetime cost of care for someone affected by cerebral palsy

Attorneys will analyze and include the estimated lifetime cost of a child's care when negotiating cerebral palsy settlement amounts, ensuring your child can receive the care they need for the rest of their life.

4. Lost Income

Because children with cerebral palsy often require extensive care throughout their lives, parents or guardians may have to miss work to bring their child to appointments. The caregiver’s loss of potential income can be included when calculating compensation amounts.

“After a traumatic birth, our daughter faces numerous issues, and I can't work as I need to care for her. Sokolove Law stepped in and helped us fight for justice. With their help, we can breathe a little easier, knowing our daughter's needs will be met.”
– Birth Injury Client at Sokolove Law

Additionally, if the symptoms of a child’s condition prevent them from being able to work in the future, their lost earning potential may also be factored into your overall cerebral palsy settlement amount.

5. Where You’re Located

The state where your child’s birth injury took place can also influence CP compensation amounts. Each state has specific laws regarding how much you may be able to secure from a birth injury lawsuit in total.

Depending on where you live, some states may have caps on:

  • Economic damages, which are financial losses like medical expenses or missed wages from being unable to work
  • Non-economic damages, which are losses like diminished quality of life or emotional distress that don’t have a specific dollar amount associated with them

Regardless of where you live in the U.S., our CP lawyers will fight for the maximum amount of compensation possible on your behalf.

6. The Strength of the Evidence

In order to qualify for a cerebral palsy settlement, your legal team must be able to prove that the medical professional’s error contributed to your child’s injury.

The lawyers and nurses on our staff have decades of experience investigating birth injury claims. We have the resources necessary to identify what happened to your child — and who may be at fault for their injury.

Let us build a strong case on your behalf. Call (800) 995-1212 now to get started with a free, no-obligation case review.

7. If Your Case Settles or Goes to Court

Most birth injury malpractice cases result in a settlement without having to go to court. That said, if a CP settlement isn’t reached, your attorneys may still be able to secure a verdict from a trial.

CP cases can result in compensation in one of two ways:

  • Cerebral Palsy Settlements: Negotiated by your legal team with the defendant(s), CP settlements can provide families with compensation faster and often don’t require you to ever step foot in court.
  • Jury Verdicts: Determined by a judge or jury after a trial, verdicts may result in a higher payout, but they can take longer and are considered riskier since there’s no guarantee of compensation.

In any case, our CP attorneys are prepared to fight on your behalf. We’ll fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

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If you have a case, our cerebral palsy lawyers can fight for the justice and compensation your family deserves.

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Sokolove Law: Pursuing Cerebral Palsy Settlements in All 50 States

As a national birth injury law firm, Sokolove Law understands the gravity of a cerebral palsy diagnosis as well as the physical and financial challenges that come with it.

That's why our team is prepared to fight for the highest cerebral palsy settlement possible, so your child can get the support they need throughout their life.

We’ve already secured over $917 Million on behalf of those impacted by birth injuries.

Your family is our top priority. We’re here to support you every step of the way — and there are no upfront or hourly fees to work with our birth injury law firm.

Call (800) 995-1212 right now or fill out our contact form to find out how we may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Cerebral Palsy Compensation FAQs

What is a cerebral palsy settlement?

A cerebral palsy settlement is compensation given to families whose child developed CP due to a preventable birth injury.

Cerebral palsy lawsuit settlements may come from the health care professional or hospital responsible for your child’s injury.

Can I pursue cerebral palsy settlements?

Potentially. If your child suffered an injury at birth and later developed cerebral palsy, you may be able to pursue cerebral palsy lawsuit settlements.

Even if you’re not sure about the cause of your child’s condition, you may still be able to secure cerebral palsy compensation.

Call (800) 995-1212 now to see if you may be eligible for a cerebral palsy settlement.

What is the average settlement for cerebral palsy malpractice?

The average cerebral palsy malpractice settlement is around $1 Million, though compensation amounts will vary based on the unique details of each situation.

Cerebral palsy settlements for malpractice we’ve secured in the past include: 

  • $8.9 Million to a family in Pennsylvania
  • $8 Million for a New York family
  • $7 Million to the family of a 3-year-old in Alabama
  • $7 Million for a New Mexico family
  • $6.75 Million to a child in Florida
  • $6 Million to the family of a child in California
  • $5.99 Million to a family in Colorado
  • $5 Million for an Oklahoma family
  • $5 Million to a family in Maryland
  • $4 Million for a Michigan child with CP
  • $3.25 Million to a family in Tennessee
  • $1.3 Million for a child in South Carolina

Get a free case review now to see if our lawyers can help you pursue a cerebral palsy settlement for malpractice.

What kind of birth injury causes cerebral palsy?

Birth injuries that may cause cerebral palsy include:

  • Brain bleeds
  • Head trauma during or after birth
  • Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (when the baby doesn’t receive enough oxygen)
  • Kernicterus caused by untreated jaundice
  • Placental abruptions
  • Umbilical cord compression or strangulation

If you’re unsure how your child developed cerebral palsy, we have registered nurses on staff who can listen to your story and help you understand what may have happened to your child

Is cerebral palsy caused by negligence?

Yes, in some cases. Approximately 85% of children with cerebral palsy develop this condition because of a head injury before or during birth, which is often a result of medical negligence or malpractice.

Cerebral palsy caused by negligence may result from: 

  • A delay in performing a necessary cesarean section (C-section)
  • Failure to monitor fetal distress during labor
  • Improper use of delivery tools like forceps and vacuum extractors
  • Overlooking signs of oxygen deprivation

How much do you get for a child with cerebral palsy?

The average cerebral palsy lawsuit settlement is $1 Million. While there is no guarantee of a CP settlement, our experienced birth injury malpractice lawyers have a history of securing meaningful results. We’ll do everything we can to get families the most compensation possible.

Cerebral palsy compensation amounts will vary based on a number of factors, like the role that malpractice played in your child’s injury, the severity of their injury, and any related medical costs.

Does it cost anything to pursue compensation for cerebral palsy?

When you work with Sokolove Law, there are no hourly fees or out-of-pocket costs to pursue compensation from cerebral palsy lawsuit settlements.

Our experienced birth injury attorneys work on a contingency-fee basis, which means we only get paid if we successfully secure a cerebral palsy settlement or verdict for you.

How long do I have to pursue cerebral palsy compensation?

You only have a limited amount of time to pursue cerebral palsy compensation due to state laws known as statutes of limitations.

These laws vary from state to state, so it’s important to contact our team as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on potentially life-changing money for your child.

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