Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Cerebral palsy lawyers work with families to determine if their child’s condition may have been caused by medical malpractice. If a health care professional made a mistake before, during, or after your child’s birth, you may be able to hold them accountable through a cerebral palsy lawsuit.

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Why Work with Our Cerebral Palsy Lawyers?

Children with a disability like cerebral palsy may require medical care throughout their lives. Unfortunately, treatment costs can add up over time and present serious financial challenges for families.

The lifetime cost of care for a person with cerebral palsy is nearly $1 Million, according to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Cerebral palsy is often caused by a medical error during pregnancy or labor. This is known as medical malpractice or negligence — something cerebral palsy lawyers can help with.

By working with a cerebral palsy lawyer, you can get help: 

  • Holding negligent medical professionals accountable for their mistakes
  • Seeking justice and compensation for your family
  • Preventing other families from going through the same thing

At Sokolove Law, there are no upfront costs or hourly fees to work with our cerebral palsy attorneys. We only get paid if we recover compensation for you, so there is no financial risk to taking legal action. 

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Understanding Cerebral Palsy Video Thumbnail
Video Summary: Cerebral palsy is often caused by medical malpractice during delivery. We may be able to help you seek compensation for your child's injury.

Most of your cerebral palsy cases are caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain of the nnborn child. This is a case type I'm very familiar with. I have a nephew with cerebral palsy that somewhere during the pregnancy there is an impediment of airflow. The longer the unborn child goes out oxygen, the more likelihood the cerebral palsy will occur. Which is basically part of the brain dying without oxygen going to it. As a childbirth injury lawyer, we're here to help families who believe at birth, something occurred that shouldn't have that has left their child with an injury. It could also be at any time during the pregnancy that there's been a deviation from the standard of medical care that's acceptable. We work with families to determine what happened. We work closely with our experts who will form opinions on that and then we present that evidence to whoever the defendants are in the case, which could be any doctor that provided care. Once we've determined who all those folks are and we've determined, you know, which defendants we want to bring a case against, we will then present the evidence. If you believe your child suffered from a birth injury, don't lose out on the opportunity to bring a claim. Contact Sokolove Law today at 800-647-3434.

We Have Registered Nurses on Staff

At Sokolove Law, we have registered nurses on staff with decades of labor and delivery experience. Our nurses work directly with our cerebral palsy lawyers and the families they represent to provide guidance throughout the legal process.

Nurses at Sokolove Law can:

  • Listen to your story and answer any questions you may have
  • Help you understand what may have happened to your child, even if they don’t have a diagnosis yet
  • Determine if medical malpractice played a role in your child’s birth injury
  • Speak with you about the legal resources available to you as you consider next steps
  • Provide emotional support as you navigate the justice system
Kristin Proctor, Registered Nurse with Sokolove Law

“Anyone who's had a child with a birth-related injury, I talk to them about what happened during their pregnancy, the delivery, and how the child's doing to see if it's something we can assist with.”
– Kristin Proctor, Registered Nurse with Sokolove Law

Our nurses are prepared to help you figure out what may have caused your child to develop cerebral palsy — and if a negligent health care professional may be at fault.

Speak with a Registered Nurse
  • Determine if malpractice took place
  • Find out about treatment options
  • See if you qualify for compensation
Talk to a Nurse
Beth Carter, RN20+ Years' ExperienceLegal Nurse
Consultant Certified

What Does a Lawyer for Cerebral Palsy Do?

Our cerebral palsy attorneys strive to make a difference in the lives of children and families impacted by birth injuries like cerebral palsy.

If you have a case, our cerebral palsy lawyers will handle every step of the legal process for you, so you can focus on spending time with your child.

At Sokolove Law, your CP lawyer and legal team can help:

  • Figure out if your child’s injury may have been the result of medical malpractice
  • Determine whether taking legal action is the right choice for you and your family
  • Prove your case in court by gathering evidence from medical records and experts
  • File your cerebral palsy lawsuit within any state-specific deadlines
  • Negotiate a settlement with the defendants
  • Present your case in court if a settlement is unable to be reached

Due to state-specific laws known as the statute of limitations, you only have a limited time to file a cerebral palsy claim.

Let us handle the legal legwork for you. Call (800) 995-1212 now to get started.

Our Past Cerebral Palsy Settlements & Verdicts

As of June 2024, Sokolove Law has helped secure over $917 Million on behalf of families affected by birth injuries like cerebral palsy.

A few of our past cerebral palsy settlements and verdicts include: 

  • Over 10.4 Million secured for the family of a child in Pennsylvania
  • $5.9 Million for a child in Texas who received delayed medical care
  • $9 Million awarded to the family of a 5-year-old in Colorado
  • $6.75 Million for a family in Florida
  • $3.35 Million secured for a child in New Hampshire
  • $4.1 Million for a New Jersey child who suffered fetal distress and umbilical cord strangulation
  • $8 Million for a California child with CP from vacuum extractor injuries
  • $1.3 Million for a child in South Carolina
  • $2.4 Million for the family of a child in Massachusetts

When you work with Sokolove Law, our cerebral palsy attorneys will fight hard to get you everything you’re entitled to.

Compensation from a CP lawsuit can help you pay for adaptive equipment, caregivers, medication, therapy, and other cerebral palsy treatments.

"My baby had to stay in the NICU. Now, she is almost 3 and isn’t developing like other kids. Sokolove Law helped us fight for justice and get the money we needed to give our child special care and treatments. I can’t thank Sokolove Law enough."
– Mother in Massachusetts & Firm Client

Who Can Cerebral Palsy Lawyers Help?

Our cerebral palsy lawyers have worked with thousands of families across the country to pursue compensation following a birth injury caused by medical malpractice.

Our cerebral palsy attorneys may be able to help you if:

  • Your child has cerebral palsy
  • Their condition was caused by a birth injury
  • The injury was preventable and a medical professional is to blame

Even if your child has not received an official cerebral palsy diagnosis yet, you may still be able to file a birth injury lawsuit. Our nurses will work to determine if malpractice may have played a role in your child’s injury.

Your child should not have to suffer because of someone else’s mistake. Let us try to find out what happened — and work to get you results.

Get the Help Your Child Deserves

If you have a case, our cerebral palsy lawyers can fight for the justice and compensation your family deserves.

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What to Look for in Cerebral Palsy Attorneys

It’s important to find an experienced cerebral palsy lawyer with the resources to take on powerful insurance companies that will do everything in their power to avoid paying victims what they deserve.

When choosing a cerebral palsy attorney, be sure to look for a law firm with:

  • Free Case Reviews: The easiest way to see if you may be eligible to file a birth injury lawsuit over your child’s injuries is to get a free, no-obligation case review.
  • A Nationwide Reach: Sokolove Law is a national birth injury law firm, which means we can help people in all 50 states fight for the results they deserve.
  • No Upfront Costs or Hourly Fees: Our CP lawyers work on a contingency-fee basis, which means we only get paid if your case leads to a successful settlement or verdict.
  • Decades of Experience: Sokolove Law has over 45 years of experience pursuing compensation on behalf of clients injured by medical malpractice or negligence.
  • A Track Record of Success: Our birth injury lawyers have secured over $917 Million for families affected by birth-related injuries like cerebral palsy.

“After a traumatic birth, our daughter faces numerous issues, and I can't work as I need to care for her. Sokolove Law stepped in and helped us fight for justice. With their help, we can breathe a little easier, knowing our daughter's needs will be met.”
– Sokolove Law Birth Injury Client

6 Questions to Ask a Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

To find the best cerebral palsy lawyer for your birth injury case, be sure to ask the following questions:

  1. How long have you handled cases involving cerebral palsy caused by medical malpractice?
  2. How many cerebral palsy cases have you handled?
  3. Have you had success with cerebral palsy lawsuits in the past?
  4. Can you handle cerebral palsy cases in my state?
  5. Is there a nurse on your staff who understands the challenges of cerebral palsy?
  6. Will I be able to get in touch with you when I need to?

Get Help from Experienced Cerebral Palsy Lawyers

A mother and her baby with an attorney in a law firmAs a national birth injury law firm, Sokolove Law has the resources and experience necessary to help families stand up against negligent health care providers and their insurance companies.

If you believe a medical mistake may have been made before, during, or after your child’s birth, you may be entitled to compensation that our CP lawyers can fight for on your behalf.

We have worked with families across the country to find answers and take the next steps toward getting the financial compensation they need for their child’s future.

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Cerebral Palsy Attorney FAQs

What is a cerebral palsy lawyer?

A cerebral palsy lawyer is an attorney who helps families take legal action against negligent medical professionals that may be responsible for their child’s birth injury.

At Sokolove Law, our CP lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to fight for compensation and accountability on your child’s behalf.

Call (800) 995-1212 now to see if our CP lawyers can help your family.

Is cerebral palsy caused by negligence?

Approximately 85% of cerebral palsy cases involve brain damage that happens before or during a child’s birth — often caused by a medical professional’s mistake.

 Common medical errors that can result in cerebral palsy include not:

  • Noticing or treating jaundice, which may result in a type of brain damage known as kernicterus
  • Ordering a C-section for a difficult delivery
  • Setting up the delivery room or equipment in time
  • Using assisted delivery devices like forceps or vacuum extractors properly

Get free help now to determine if medical negligence played a role in your child’s injury.

Can you sue if your child has cerebral palsy?

Yes. You may be able to file a cerebral palsy lawsuit if your child's cerebral palsy resulted from a preventable birth injury caused by a negligent health care provider.

We have registered nurses on staff that can listen to your story and help determine if a medical professional may be at fault for your child’s injury.

Call (800) 995-1212 to learn more about your legal options. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have.

Why should I work with a cerebral palsy attorney?

If you have a case, a cerebral palsy attorney can handle every aspect of the legal process for you, so you can spend more time focusing on your child.

Additionally, hiring an experienced CP attorney may improve your chances of receiving compensation.

Medical malpractice lawsuits are notoriously complex, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the legal system. Even just a small mistake while pursuing your case could potentially cost you thousands of dollars.

When should I contact a cerebral palsy attorney?

It is important to contact a CP attorney as soon as possible. The statute of limitations, which differ from state to state, are laws that limit the amount of time you have to take legal action for your child’s condition.

Once this deadline passes, you won’t be able to sue for cerebral palsy again.

We have registered nurses on staff who can listen to your story and help you understand what your next steps are — even if your child hasn’t received an official CP diagnosis yet. 

How much do lawyers for cerebral palsy cases cost?

At Sokolove Law, there are no hourly or out-of-pocket costs to work with our cerebral palsy lawyers.

Our team works on a contingency basis, which means we only get paid if your case results in compensation.

Have your birth lawyers had success with cerebral palsy cases in the past?

Yes. Our birth injury attorneys have secured over $917 Million on behalf of families across the country, including those impacted by cerebral palsy.

Some of our past cerebral palsy results include: 

  • $5 Million for a child with CP after suffering a birth injury
  • $1.75 Million for a mother whose son has CP
  • $7.8 Million on behalf of a family in Florida
  • Over $4 Million awarded to a 7-year-old child with cerebral palsy
  • $3 Million for a child who suffered fetal distress and developed CP
  • $2.85 Million for a Georgia family
  • $3.25 Million on behalf of a child in Tennessee

Get a free consultation today to see if you have a case that we can help with too.

What types of cerebral palsy can a lawyer help with?

A birth injury attorney may be able to help with cerebral palsy cases that are caused by medical negligence or malpractice before, during, or immediately after birth.

This can include the four main types of cerebral palsy, which are:

  • Ataxic cerebral palsy
  • Dyskinetic or athetoid cerebral palsy
  • Mixed cerebral palsy
  • Spastic cerebral palsy

Showing signs of developmental delays may be a symptom of cerebral palsy. Call (800) 995-1212 now.

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