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The Regulatory Accountability Act: Trump’s New Method for Keeping the Asbestos Industry Alive

The first week of 2017 saw the Congressional introduction to of a deceitful, poisonous bill entitled the Regulatory Accountability Act... (Continue)

EPA Firings Latest in Trump Administration Efforts to Swing Climate Change Conversation Away from Science

With Donald Trump’s nomination of business-friendly Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), he began a drastic... (Continue)

If Trump’s Health Care Bill Becomes Law, It Will Mean the Death of Millions of Americans

What do you call a bill that will take away health care for millions of Americans? What do you call... (Continue)

CDC and EPA Under Attack as Mesothelioma Rates Rise

Move over lobster, Maine has a new claim to fame. A March report by the Centers for Disease Control and... (Continue)

Chicken, Donald? Trump Refuses to Release Tax Returns, Instead Slashing Workers’ Protections and EPA Regulations

Tax Day — the due date for filing one’s tax returns — traditionally falls on April 15. This year, millions... (Continue)

Asbestos Continues to Put Millions at Risk Due to Shortcomings of Federal Regulations

Earlier this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new data concerning the ongoing effects of asbestos... (Continue)

U.S. Senate Passes 13th Resolution to Warn Public About the Dangers of Asbestos-Related Disease and Exposure

Last week, the United States celebrated National Asbestos Awareness Week (NAAW): an important annual campaign aiming to address prevention of... (Continue)

Mesothelioma and Immunotherapy: New Study Suggests Antibody Drugs Could Be an Effective Anti-Tumor Alternative

Malignant pleural mesothelioma, a rare and deadly cancer that attacks the lining of the lungs, presents a poor chance of... (Continue)

Gold Star Wives of America Seeks Support and Awareness for Families of Deceased Veterans This April

When a person decides to join the United States military, they are choosing to commit their lives to 7 core... (Continue)

Asbestos Murders 190,000 People Worldwide Each Year – This Week ADAO Brings Awareness toward Potential Ban

When most folks hear the word “asbestos,” a number of unwelcome thoughts come to mind. The latest horror story about... (Continue)

Asbestos in Our Nation’s Schools: A Ticking Time Bomb

As our nation’s school buildings age and begin to deteriorate, literally millions of people – teachers and students – are... (Continue)

The Conspiracy to Kill the Men & Women Who Built America

Millions of construction workers are exposed to toxic chemicals every year. Over 80,000 of the chemicals used in the U.S.... (Continue)