California Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in California to find any companies you may have worked for.

E I Dupont De Nemours Co Antioch
E G G Building Main Street Dublin
E J Lavino Company Newark
E S L Incorporated Research Development Building Crossman 495 Java Street Sunnyvale
E S S Building Birch Chestnut Streets Palo Alto
E T Industries Inc Benicla
E. J. Gallo Winery Fresno
E.b. Eddy Company Limited Hull
E.b. Wiggins Oil Tool Los Angeles
E.d. Hough Los Angeles
E.h. Edwards Wire Rope Company San Francisco
E.h. Edwards Wire Rope Company South San Francisco
E.i. Du Pont De Nemours Company Albany
E.i. Dupont De Nemours Co. Antioch
E.i. Dupont De Nemours Co. Inc. Antioch
E.i. Dupont De Nemours Company Toluca
E.i. Dupont De Nemours Company Antioch
E.i. Dupont De Nemours Powder Company Hercules
E.i. Dupont De Nemours Powder Company Pinole
E.j. Winery Gallo Fresno
E.k. Wood Lumber Company San Pedro
E.k. Wood Lumber Company Los Angeles
E.p. Clark Building Los Angeles
E.r. Stong Building Materials San Diego
E.t.c. Carpet Mills San Gabriel
Eagle Oil And Refining Company Santa Fe Springs
Eagle Wing Oakland
Eakins Co Les Los Angeles
Earle M Jorgensen Company Los Angeles
East Bay Brass Foundry In Richmond
East Bay Dischargers Hayward
East Bay Frass Foundry Richmond
East Bay Municipal Utility District Oakland
East Bay Municipal Utility District South Area Service Center -east Lewelling Blvd San Lorenzo
East Cliff Sanitation District Santa Cruz
East Hills Oakland
East La County Hospital Los Angeles
East Mesa Geothermal Desalting Plant Imperial Valley
East West Refining Company Gardena
Easter Seal Building Telegraph Merrima Oakland
Eastern Iron And Metal Co Ltd Los Angeles
Eastern Pickle Products Inc Los Angeles
Eastern Smelting And Refining Company Los Angeles
Eastman Kodak Co San Ramon
Eastman Kodak Company Los Angeles
Eastman Kodak Company 3250 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco
Eastman Kodak Company 925 Page Mill Road Palo Alto
Eastman Kodak Company Center Village Parking Alcosta Boulevard San Ramon
Eastridge Center Ice Rink 2000 Tully Road San Jose
Eaz Lift Spring Corporation Sunland
Ec Losch Company Paramount
Ecp El Centro Powerhouse El Centro
Ed Brassfield Plastering Hayward
Eds Electric Grenada Hills
Eddie Bauer Retail 120 Kearney Street San Francisco
Edgerly Apartments Santa Barbara
Edible Oil Fresno
Edible Oil Plant Fresno
Edington Oil Los Angeles
Edington Oil Co. Long Beach
Edison Building Long Beach
Edison Ice Company Los Angeles
Edison Light Company Rosemead
Edison Steam Plant El Segundo
Edison Steam Station El Segundo
Edna Maguire School Mill Valley
Educational Center Escobar Los Jantas Street Martinez
Edward Bates Richmond
Edward G. Acheson Richmond
Edward Hyatt Power Plant Oroville
Edward Luckenbach South San Francisco
Edward Paine Terminal Island
Edwards Afb
Edwards Air Force Base Edwards
Edwards Air Force Base Palmdale
Edwards Air Force Base
Edwards Air Force Base Modification Test Stand 1-1 Edwards
Edwards Air Force Base United Tech Center Boron
Edwards Air Force Base United Tech Center Edwards
Edwin Abbey Terminal Island
Egyptian Museum Park Avenue Randall San Jose
Ehmcke Sheet Metal Works San Diego
Ehrhart And Associates Inc Los Angeles
Ehtyl Corporation Pittsburg
Ei Dupont De Nemours And Co Antioch
Eileen Terminal Island
Ej Bartells San Francisco
Ej Stanton And Son Los Angeles
Ek Wood Lumber Co San Pedro
El Cajon Library El Cajon
El Camino Hospital Mountain View
El Camino Hospital El Camino
El Camino Hospital Psychiatric Unit 2500 Grant Road Mountain View
El Camino Medical Building 1750 El Camino Road Burlingame
El Camino Real School Los Angeles
El Camino Shops #1 Carlsbad
El Carmello School 3024 Bryant Street Palo Alto
El Centro Naval Barracks El Centro
El Centro Powerhouse (imperial Irrigation District) El Centro
El Cerrito Community Center San Pablo Avenue El Cerrito
El Cerrito High School Eureka Calusa Streets El Cerrito
El Cerrito Savings Loan Bank El Cerrito
El Dorado Oil Works Oakland
El Granda School Santiago Avenue El Granada El Granada
El Mirado Capital Avenue Sacramento
El Reno Victory Richmond
El Rey Products Company Los Angeles
El Segundo Generating Station, Southern California Edison El Segundo
El Segundo Power Plant El Segundo
El Segundo Power, Llc El Segundo
El Segundo Powerplant El Segundo
El Segundo Refinery El Segundo
El Segundo Steam Plant El Segundo
El Tejon Oil And Refining Corporation Bakersfield
El Torito Los Angeles
El Toro Marine Corps Air Station Irvine
Electric Improvement Company San Jose
Electric Storage Battery 700 Landess Avenue San Jose
Electro Metallurgical Division Of Union Carbide Carbon Corporation Upper Shelite
Electro Metallurgical Division, Union Carbide And Carbon Corporation Upper Shelite Kein County
Electro Optical Ind Inc San Francisco
Elementary School #38 Lassen Drive Martinez
Elementary School 40 Ygnacio Road Walnut Avenue Walnut Creek
Elemir Sausalito
Elgin Victory Richmond
Elite Machine Building 160 East Dana Street Mountain View
Eljer California Company Vernon
Elk Hills Sausalito
Elko Victory Richmond
Elks Club 229 West 20th Avenue San Mateo
Ellis Company Sacramento
Elmhurst Junior High 98th Avenue Oakland
Elwood Hills Sausalito
Embarcadero San Francisco
Embarcadero Sacramento
Embarcadero Post Office Center San Francisco
Emco Derrick Equipment Co. Los Angeles
Emery Air Freight Beacon Street San Francisco
Emery Industries Los Angeles
Emery Industries City Of Commerce
Emery Industries, Incorporated Los Angeles
Emery Industries, Incorporated Commerce
Emery Industries, Incorporated, Western Division Los Angeles
Emery Products Bell Gardens
Empire Castings Inc Petaluma
Empire Navigation Company Stockton
Empire Pacific South San Francisco
Employment Development Department Sacramento
Emporium Building San Francisco
Emporium Capwell San Rafael
Emporium Stack 701 El Camino East Mountain View
Emsco Derrick And Equipment Los Angeles
Emsco Press Forging Co Los Angeles
Emsco Press Forging Company Los Angeles
Emsco Refractories Vernon
Emsco Refractories South Gate
Encina Power Station Carlsbad
Encina Powerhouse (san Diego Gas And Electric)
Encina Station Carlsbad
Encina Steam Plant, Unit 5 Carlsbad
Encina Water Pollution Carlsbad
Encinal Terminals Alameda
Encino Hospital Encino
England (uss) San Francisco
Englehard Minerals And Chem Mcintyre
English And Lauer Inyokern
English And Lauer San Diego
English And Lauer Lynwood
English And Lauer 20th Century Fox Studio Century City
Engstrum And Nourse San Francisco
Enlo Hospital Sacramento
Enloe Hospital Sacramento
Envirogenics El Monte
Envirotech Thermal Systems Insulated Disc Technical Unit Brisbane
Envirotech Systems 101 Spring Valley Road Brisbane
Envirotech Systems Inc San Francisco
Epcor Utilities, Incorporated San Diego
Episcopal Church Wavery Hamilton Palo Alto
Equality State (t Acs 8) San Pedro
Equilon Enterprises, Llc Bakersfield
Equilon Enterprises, Llc Wilmington
Equinox Mechanical Riverside
Equipment Services Co. Long Beach
Equitable Insurance Building San Francisco
Equitable Life Building Wilshire Boulevard Westwood
Equitable Life Insurance 14th Floor 120 Mongomery Street San Francisco
Equitable Savings Building Bryant Hamilton Palo Alto
Esb Inc Los Angeles
Escalon Packers Escalon
Esco Long Beach
Esso International Corporation San Francisco
Estado Petroleum Corp. Long Beach
Estrada`s Kitchen 7440 Mission Street Daly City
Etc Carpet Mills San Gabriel
Ethanac Company Ethanac
Ethiopia Victory Richmond
Ethyl Corporation Pittsburg
Ethyl Corporation Wilmington
Etiwanda Powerhouse Etiwanda
Etiwanda Water Company Etiwanda
Ets Hokin Corporation Wilmington
Eucalyptus Masonic Temple 1074 B Street Hayward
Eucina Water Pollution Carlsbad
Eugene Murray Los Angeles
Eureka Aluminum Pipe Co Riverside
Eureka Convalescence Hospital Sanitarium 2370 Burke Avenue Eureka
Eureka Federal Savings Loan 673 Market Street San Francisco
Eureka Glue Company San Francisco
Eureka Machine Corporation San Francisco
Eureka Milling Company Eureka
Eureka Plywood Company Eureka
Euston Apartments Los Angeles
Evangelical Church 2303 Ygnacio Valley Road Walnut Creek
Evergreen Mariner San Francisco
Examiner Building San Francisco
Excelsior Laundry Company Los Angeles
Exchange Orange Products Co Lindsay
Exchange Orange Products Co Ontario
Exchange Orange Products Co San Dimas
Exchange Orange Products Company Ontario
Executive House 1750 Civic Center Drive Santa Clara
Exeter Refining (hynes Refinery) Long Beach
Exton Richmond
Exxon Benicia
Exxon Refinery Benicia
Exxon Refinery Benecia
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation Goleta
Exxonmobil Refining Supply, Utilities Unit-75f1 Torrance