Georgia Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in Georgia to find any companies you may have worked for.

Sacred Heart Church Atlanta
Salvey Chemical Brunswick
Samdee Brunswick
Samuel T. Darling Savannah
Samvannah Savannah
Sandoz Laboratory Atlanta
Sanitary Plumbing Heating Co. Rabun Mills, Inc. Rabun Gap
Sargent Builders Specialties Valdosta
Sargent Incinerators Atlanta
Savannah Civic Center, Oglethorpe And Montgomery St. Savannah
Savannah Convalescent Center Savannah
Savannah Country Day School Savannah
Savannah Creosoting Company Savannah
Savannah Electric Power Port Wentworth Station Savannah
Savannah Electric Power Riverside Station Savannah
Savannah Electric Power Company
Savannah Electric Power Company Savannah
Savannah Electric Power Company Kraft Plant Port Wentworth
Savannah Electric Power Company Port Wentworth
Savannah Electric And Power Company Rincon
Savannah Electric And Power Company Savannah
Savannah Electric Company Savannah
Savannah Electric Power Plant Savannah
Savannah Gas Company Savannah
Savannah Gas Company Savannah
Savannah Lumber Company Savannah
Savannah Machine Foundry Savannah
Savannah Machine Shipyard Savannah
Savannah Machine And Foundr Savannah
Savannah Machine And Foundry Savannah
Savannah Machinery Foundry Co Savannah
Savannah Marine Shipyard Savannah
Savannah Memorial Hospital Savannah
Savannah Mill Savannah
Savannah Plant Site, Old Louisville Rd. Savannah
Savannah Power Company Savannah
Savannah River Nuclear Site Savannah
Savannah Shipyard Savannah
Savannah State College Central Heating Plant Savannah
Savannah State College Dormitory T-6 Savannah
Savannah Street Railway Company Savannah
Savannah Sugar Refinery Savannah
Savannah Sugar Refining Corporation Port Wentworth
Savannah Sugar Refining Corporation Savannah
Savannah Sugar Refining Corporation Savannah
Savannah Sugar Refining Corporation Port Wentworth
Scapa Dryers Waycross
Scapa Incorporated Waycross
Schnedl-jones Company West Point
School Fort Benning
Scm Glidco Brunswick
Scottdale Mills Scottdale
Seaboard Chemical Co Atlanta
Seaboard Coastline Railroad Augusta
Seaboard Coastline Railroad Waycross
Seaboard Coastline Railroad Waycross
Seabord Coastline Railroad Waycross
Sears Fashion Pool, Hugh Howell Rd. Tucker
Sears Retail Fashion Center Tucker
Sears Roebuck – Ponce De Leon Atlanta
Sears Roebuck Company Atlanta
Sears, Jefferson St. Atlanta
Sears, Roebuck And Company Atlanta
Sergeant Incinertors Atlanta
Sewell Mfg Co Bremen
Seydel Woolley And Co Atlanta
Sgoda Corporation Huber
Sgoda Corporation Phillips
Shell Oil/shell Chemical Augusta
Sheraton Biltmore Hotel Atlanta
Shinnecock Bay Savannah
Shock And Fletcher Insulation Atlanta
Shook Fletcher Atlanta
Sierra Pine Adel
Silver Creek Furnace Company Rome
Simmons Engineering Toswell
Simons Refractories Co Savannah
Smith Hughes Vocational School Atlanta
Snively Groves Waycross
Solar Therm Roswell
Solvay Process Division Chlorine Plant Brunswick
Solvay Process Division, Allied Chemical And Dye Corporation Brunswick
South Georgia Ice Company Drawer 416 Tifton
South Georgia Ice Company, Drawer 416 Tifton
Southeast Equipment Supply Atlanta
Southeast Paper Manufacturing Company Dublin
Southeast Paper Manufacturing Company Dublin
Southeastern Distribution Center Dock Nbr 4 Atlanta
Southeastern Furniture Company Atlanta
Southeastern Pipe Line Company Griffin
Southeastern Pipe Line Company Macon
Southeastern Pipe Line Company Marshallville
Southeastern Pipe Line Company Newton
Southeastern Pipe Line Company North Rome
Southeastern Refractories Atlanta
Southeastern Refractories Marietta
Southeastern Shipbuilding Corp. Savannah
Southeastern Shipyard Savannah
Southern Automatic Equip Co Atlanta
Southern Bell Telephone Company West End Building Atlanta
Southern Bell Telephone Company Building Atlanta
Southern Cement Co Atlanta
Southern Cotton Oil Company Savannah
Southern Cotton Oil Company Valdosta
Southern Cotton Oil Company Savannah
Southern Division Nixon
Southern Gum Processing Helena
Southern Industrial Servi Atlanta
Southern Land Timer Paper Corp Nearest Rr Station In Saffold, Ga Cedar Springs
Southern Lead Co E Columbus
Southern Marine Company Savannah
Southern Marine Supply Co Inc Savannah
Southern Nitrogen Company Savannah
Southern Nitrogen Company Fort Wentworth
Southern Nitrogen Company Pt Wentworth
Southern Nitrogen Company Bainbridge
Southern Nitrogen Company Port Wentworth
Southern Nitrogen Company Port Wentworth
Southern Paint Products Co. Atlanta
Southern Paper Board Corp. Port Wentworth
Southern Paperboard Co. Savannah
Southern Paperboard Co. Port Wentworth
Southern Paperboard Co. Fort Wentworth
Southern Pipe Line Company Americus
Southern Pipe Line Company Atlanta
Southern Pipe Line Company Bainbridge
Southern Railway Atlanta
Southern Railway Co Atlanta
Southern Railway Company Atlanta
Southern Railway System Macon
Southern Railway System Atlanta
Southern States Equipment Co Hampton
Southern States Phosphate Savannah
Southern States Phosphate Fertilizer Co Savannah
Southern States Phosphates Fertilizer Company Savannah
Southern States Portland Cement Company Rockmart
Southern Team Track Valdosta
Southern Technical Institute Chamblee
Southern Wood Preserving Company Atlanta
Southland Pecan Company Columbus
Southwestern Cotton Oil Company Savannah
Southwire Company Carrollton
Spalding Knitting Mills Griffin
Sparta Cotton Mills Sparta
Speedy Mcquiag Sons Incorporated Waycross
Spelman College Atlanta
Spencer Equipment Company 1220 Linwood Boulevard Columbus
Spencer Equipment Company, 1220 Linwood Blvd. Columbus
Spring Industries Griffin
Springdale Plant Dalton
St Marys Kraft Corp St Mary's
St. Josephs Catholic Church Macon
St. Josephs Hospital Savannah
St. Josephs Infimary Atlanta
St. Josephs Infirmary Atlanta
St. Josephs Hospital Atlanta
St. Marys Kraft Corp. St Mary's
St. Marys Kraft St Mary's
St. Marys Kraft Division St Mary's
St. Marys Paper Company St Mary's
St. Regis Paper Company Lumber City
St. Regis Paper Company Atlanta
Standard Brand Chemical Industries Kensington
Standard Brand Ind Inc Kensington
Standard Coosa Thatcher Corp. National Plant Rossville
Standard Coosa-thatcher Company Washington
Standard Handle Company Macon
Standard Processing Statesboro
Standard Processing Swainsboro
Starr Davis Company Inc Manchester
Starr Finishing Co. Dalton
State Linen Service East Point
State Mental Hospital Milledgeville
State Of Georgia Milledgeville
State Wholesale Food Company 507 5th Street Macon
State Wholesale Food Company, 507 5th St. Macon
Steam Distr Systems Robins Afb Atlanta
Steel Incorporated Scottdale
Stein Mens Clothing, 72 Broad St, N.w. Atlanta
Stevens Fire Brick Co Macon
Stevens Industries Inc Dawson
Stone Webster, Columbus Power Company Columbus
Stone Container Corporation (a/k/a Southern Paperboard Corp.) Port Wentworth
Stone Savannah River Pulp And Paper Port Wentworth
Stored Products Insects Research Lab Savannah
Streitmann Biscuit Company Macon
Strickland Plumbing Brunswick
Stromquist Company Atlanta
Styro Fabricators Conyers
Summerville Cotton Mills Summerville
Sunny Land Meat Packing Plant Cassidy Road Thomasville
Supreme Laundry Dye Co. Dalton
Swainsboro Lumber Co. Swainsboro
Swainsboro Printing And Finishing Company Swainsboro
Swainsboro Supply Co Swainsboro
Sweetlake Land Oil Company Lake Charles
Sweetwater Paper Board Company Austell
Sweetwater Rug Corporation Ringgold
Swift Company D P Plant Gainesville
Swift Company Store Room Moultrie
Swift And Co Aga And Chem Div Albany
Swift And Company Atlanta
Swift And Company Albany
Swift And Company, Soak Works Atlanta
Swift Cotton Mill Columbus
Swift Manufacturing Co. Columbus
Swift Manufacturing Company Columbus
Swift Mfg Co Columbus
Swift Mfg. Co. Columbus
Swift Textile Columbus
Swift Textiles Columbus
Synagogue, Lee Blvd. White Bluff Rd. Savannah
Synthetic Latex Bulk Storage Plant, Goodyear Tire Plant Calhoun
Syracuse Insulation Distributors Inc Conyers