Illinois Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in Illinois to find any companies you may have worked for.

S And W Industries Peoria
S M Wilson Granite City
S. J. Reynolds Co Power House Chicago
S. Karpen And Brothers Chicago
S.b. Wilkins Company Rockford
S.s. Girdler Chicago
S.s. Joseph S. Young Chicago
S.s. Normacpine Chicago
Sc Electric Chicago
Sw Manufacturing Company East Moline
Sw Manufacturing Company Riverdale
Sacony Vacuum Sauget
Sahara Coal Harrisburg
Sahara Coal Co Harrisburg
Sahara Coal Company Saline County
Sahara Coal. Saline Cty.
Saint Ann`s Hospital Chicago
Saint Clair County Courthouse Belleville
Saint Elizabeth Hospital Belleville
Saint Elizabeth`s Hospital Granite City
Saint John`s Hospital Springfield
Saint Luke`s Presbyterian Church Chicago
Saint Margaret Mary`s Church Granite City
Saint Martin Church Washington
Samuel Shapiro Development Center Kankakee
Sandberg Manufacturing Chicago
Sandberg Village Apartments Chicago
Sandusky Cement Company Dixon
Sandusky Portland Cement Company Dixon
Sandwich Manufacturing Company Sandwich
Sangamo Electric Co Springfield
Sangamo Electric Company Marion
Sangamon Electric Plant Marion
Sanitary District Of Chicago Stickney
Sanitary District Of Chicago Chicago
Sanitary District Of Chicago West Chester
Santa Fe Railroad Sites Chicago
Santa Fe Railroad Sites Savanna
Santa Fe Railroad Sites St Louis
Saraha Coal Company Saline County
Sargent Lundy Dixon
Sargent-welch Scientific Co Skokie
Sauganash School, Sauganash School Chicago
Savanna Ordnance Depot Savanna
Sawyer Biscuit Company Melrose Park
Sc Yingling Oil Company Robinson
Schawk Graphics Chicago
Schlesinger And Mayer Building Chicago
Schlink Eugene T Son Peoria
Schmauss Company Rockford
Schneible Company Chicago
Scholl Manufacturing Company Chicago
Schroeder Hall Annex, Schroeder Hall Normal
Schroeder Hall, Schroeder Hall, Illinois State Normal
Schudel Brothers Laundry And Cleaning Company Decatur
Schudels Model Laundry Decatur
Schuller International Waukegan
Schumann Piano Company Rockford
Schutter Candy Company Chicago
Schutter Candy, Division Of Universal Match Corporation Chicago
Schwarzchild And Sulzberger Company Chicago
Schwinn Bicycle Factory Chicago
Scott Air Force Base Belleville
Scott County Drainage And Levee District Meredosia
Scott County Drainage And Levee District Winchester
Scott Forsman Co Glenview
Scott Street Works Joliet
Scottish Amer Dist Limited Peoria
Scully Steel And Iron Company Chicago
Sea Wall East Saint Louis
Seagrams Lawreneburg
Sealtest Foods Peoria
Searle Chemicals, Incorporated Chicago
Sears Roebuck Alton
Sears Tower Chicago
Sears, Roebuck Chicago
Sears, Roebuck And Company Chicago
Sefton Manufacturing Company Chicago
Sehall Manufacturing Company Chicago
Semet-solvay Company Waukegan
Semet-solvay Company Solvay
Semet-solvay Company South Chicago
Semet-solvay Company Chicago
Seneca Petroleum Lemont
Seneca Petroleum Crestwood
Seneca Shipyards Seneca
Senior High School Granite City
Service Refractories Pekin
Service Refractories Co Peoria
Service Refractories Co Rock Island
Servus Rubber Co Rock Island
Sesser, Ill Sesser
Shea Smith And Company Chicago
Sheet Metal Products Peoria
Shelbyville Water Company Shelbyville
Shell International Shoe Company Tannery Hartford
Shell Oil Roxana
Shell Oil Wood River
Shell Oil Company Wood River
Shell Oil Company Roxana
Shell Oil Company Wood Ricer
Shell Oil Company Wood River
Shell Oil Company Woud River
Shell Oil Company Roxana
Shell Oil Company Roxana
Shell Oil Company Roxanna
Shell Oil Company Woodriver
Shell Oil Company East St. Louis
Shell Oil Company, Incorporated Wood River
Shell Oil Refinery Wood River
Shell Oil Refinery Roxana
Shell Petroleum Roxana
Shell Petroleum Corp Wood River
Shell Petroleum Corporation Roxana
Sheraton Chicago Hotel Chicago
Sheraton Hotel Chicago
Sherex Peoria
Sherman Hospital Elgin
Sherman Hospital Chicago
Sherman Hospital Association Elgin
Sherman Move Company West 47th Street Chicago
Sherwin Williams Chicago
Sherwin Williams Bldg 17 Chicago
Sherwin Williams Co Chicago
Sherwin Williams Co. Chicago
Sherwin Williams Company Chicago
Sherwin Williams Company Kensington Champlain Chicago
Sherwin Williams Paint Chicago
Sherwin Williams Paint Bldg 891 Chicago
Sherwin-williams Chicago
Sherwin-williams Company Kensington
Sherwin-williams Company Chicago
Shield Ware Inc. Belvidere
Shoolner And Company Peoria
Shore Line Towers Chicago
Short Milling Kankakee
Shotwell Manufacturing Company Chicago
Shure Brothers Inc. Evanston
Sid Harvey Central Supply Lombard
Siemens Halske Electric Company, Chicago Chicago
Sieureus And Halski Elec Company Chicago
Silver Skillet Food Skokie
Silver St Team Track East Peoria
Simonds Abrasive Div, Wallace-murray Corp Salem
Simonds Manufacturing Company Chicago
Simpson Powelson Lumber Sterling
Simpson School, Simpson School Chicago
Sinclair Oil Lab Harvey
Sinclair Oil Refinery Hartford
Sinclair Oil Refinery East Saint Louis
Sinclair Oil Refinery Wood River
Sinclair Oil Refinery Powerhouse East Chicago
Sinclair Refining Company Harvey
Sinclair Refining Company Hartford
Sinclair Refining Company, Pipeline Division Dahinda
Sinclair Refining Company, Pipeline Division Kernan
Singer Manufacturing Company Cairo
Sinner Brothers Chicago
Sinner Brothers Rogers Park
Sioux City Eng. Works Moline
Sipi Metals Company Chicago
Sisters Of Christian Charity Ridge Road Wilmette
Siuc/the Education Building Carbondale
Skandia Co. Rockford
Skil Corp Berkley
Skil Corp Chicago
Skokie Valley Asphalt Company Waukegan
Skokie Valley Community Hospital Skokie
Skolic Packaging Co. East St. Louis
Slide Rule Scale Engineering Company Mount Olive
Smeeths Copper And Bronze Company Chicago
Smith And Barnes Piano Company Chicago
Smith And Company Champaign
Smith Form A Truck Co Chicago
Smurfit-stone Chicago
Smyth School, 1059 W 13th St Chicago
Snger Manufacturing Company Cairo
Socony Mobil Oil Company East Chicago
Socony Mobile Oil Company East Saint Louis
Socony Vacuum Sauget
Socony Vacuum Oil Company St Louis
Socony Vacuum Oil Company East St. Louis
Socony-vacuum Oil Company Chicago
Socony-vacuum Oil Company East St. Louis
Sohio Pipe Line Company Stoy
Sokol Hall Chicago
Solomon Terry Cairo
Solutia Incorporated, W.g. Krummrich Plant Sauget
Sooline Railroad Shops Not Provided
South Chicago City Railway South Chicago
South Chicago City Railway St. Chicago
South Chicago City Railway Company Chicago
South Chicago Community Hospital Chicago
South Chicago Furance Company South Chicago
South Chicago Furnace Company Chicago
South Chicago Furnace Company South Chicago
South Chicago Furnace Company Irondale
South Chicago Works Chicago
South Chicago Works, Defense Plant Corporation South Chicago
South Elementary School, South Elementary School Pittsfield
South Illinois Power Cooperative Marion
South Illinois Power Plant, Unit 4 Marion
South Junior High School Inc, South Junior High School Arlington Heights
South Lasalle Building Corporation Chicago
South Shore Hospital Chicago
South Side Elevated Railroad Company Chicago
South Side Laundry Company Chicago
South Works Chicago
Southeast High School Springfield
Southern Clay Olmsted
Southern Clay* Olmsted
Southern Cotton Oil Chicago
Southern Gem Coal Corporation Sesser
Southern Il University Carbondale
Southern Illinois Gas Company Murphysboro
Southern Illinois Light And Power Company Hillsboro
Southern Illinois Light And Power Company Collinsville
Southern Illinois Power Cooperative Marion
Southern Illinois Power Cooperative, Incorporated Marion
Southern Illinois Power Corporation Marion
Southern Illinois Univers Carbondale
Southern Illinois University Education Building Carbondale
Southern Illinois University University Park Resident Halls Carbondale
Southern Indiana Railway Company Chicago
Southern Mfg. Co. Miami
Southwest Incinerator Plant Chicago
Southwestern Illinois Coa Percy
Southwestern Illinois Coal Percy
Southwestern Illinois Coal Steelville
Space Center Kankakee
Space Mark, Incorporated Decatur
Spanks Milling Company Alton
Spartan Aluminum Products Sparta
Spartan Aluminum Products, Inc. Sparta
Spartan Printing Sparta
Spaulding High School Chicago
Specified Plating Company Chicago
Spectrulite Consortium Incorporated Madison
Speed Queen Corporation Algonquin
Spencer Kellogg Sons Decatur
Spencer Kellogg Sons, Incorporated Chicago
Spencer Kellogg Plant Decatur
Sportsmen Golf Inc. Melrose Park
Spring Lake Drainage Levee District Tazewell County
Springfield And Peoria Railroad Company Peoria
Springfield Ave Pumping S Chicago
Springfield Electric Light And Power Company Springfield
Springfield Gas And Electric Company Springfield
Springfield Light Heat And Power Company Springfield
Springfield Powerhouse Springfield
Springfield Regional Office Bu, Cms Regional Office Springfield
Springfield Sanitary District Springfield
Springhan Sons Corp Peoria
Springside Coal Mining Company Pana
Sprinkman Sons Peoria
Sprinkman Sons Corp Peoria
Sprinkman Sons Corp Of I Peoria
Sprinkman Sons Corporation Peoria
Sprinkman Sons Corporation Baldwin
Sprinkman Sons Of Illinois Peoria
Sprinkmann Sons Peoria
Sprinkmann Sons Corp Peoria
Sprinkmann Sons Corp Of I Peoria
St Elizabeth Hospital Granite City
St Francis Hospital Litchfield
St Louis Blow Pipe Heater Norris City
St M. Byllesley Company, Engineers Chicago
St. Andrews Home Niles
St. Annes Hospital Chicago
St. Anthonys Care Rock Island
St. Anthonys Hospital Rock Island
St. Bernard Hospital Chicago
St. Boniface Catholic Church Peoria
St. Charles Condensing Company Chemung
St. Charles Country Club St Charles
St. Charles School St Charles
St. Charles School For Boys St Charles
St. Clair County Gas And Electric Company Belleville
St. Clair County Gas And Electric Company East St. Louis
St. Clements Hospital Red Bud
St. Elizabeths Hospital Belleville
St. Elizabeths Hospital Danville
St. Elizabeths Hospital Granite City
St. Francis Hospital Blue Island
St. George High School Evanston
St. Ignatius High School Chicago
St. James Hospi Chicago Heights
St. Johns Hospital Springfield
St. Joseph Hospital Chicago
St. Joseph Hospital Bldg 17 Chicago
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Aurora
St. Louis Independent Pacing Company Chicago
St. Louis Smelting And Refining Company Collinsville
St. Mary Of Nazareth Hospital Chicago
St. Mary Of The Lake Seminary Mundelein
St. Marys Mission House Techny
St. Marys Training School Des Plaines
St. Marys Mundelien
St. Marys Academy Of Benedictine Sisters Nauvoo
St. Procopius Abbey Lisle
St. Therese Hospital Waukegan
St. Therese Medical Center Waukegan
Stagg School, 7424 S. Morgan Chicago
Stainless Processing Co Chicago
Staley Decatur
Staley A F Mfg Co Decatur
Staley A. E. Decatur
Staley Mfg Co Decatur
Staleys Decatur
Stampings Inc Rock Island
Stanadyne Corp Bellwood
Standard Oil Chicago
Standard Asbestos Manufacturing Company Chicago
Standard Boiler Tank Chicago
Standard Brands Inc Pekin
Standard Brands, Incorporated, Curtiss Candy Division Franklin Park
Standard Brands, Incorporated, Fleischmann Manufacturing Division Pekin
Standard Distilling And Distributing Company Peoria
Standard Distilling And Distributing Company, Globe Distillery Pekin
Standard Forging East Chicago
Standard Hatcheries South Moffet Street Decatur
Standard Heat Treating Co. Lyons
Standard Lime Cement Mccook
Standard Metal Company Chicago
Standard Office Company Chicago
Standard Oil Wood River
Standard Oil Chicago
Standard Oil Naperville
Standard Oil Building Chicago
Standard Oil Company Chicago
Standard Oil Company Wood River
Standard Oil Company Of Indiana Chicago
Standard Oil Company Of Indiana Wood River
Standard Oil Refinery East Alton
Standard Paint Co Chicago
Standard Paint Co. Joliet
Standard Paint Company North Joliet
Standard Paving Chicago
Standard Rate Data Chicago
Standard Silica Sand Company Ottawa
Stanolind Pipe Line Co. Laura
Stanolind Pipe Line Company East Fort Madison
Stanton Park Bldg 17 Chicago
Star Enterprises Inc Olmested
Star Enterprises Inc Olmsted
Star Manufacturing Company Carpentersville
Star Union Products Co Peru
State Bar Building Springfield
State Capital Building Springfield
State Farm Building Bloomington
State Farm Insurance Bloomington
State Hospital Anna
State Hospital Alton
State Line Energy Chicago
State Of Illinois Lincoln
State Of Illinois Mental Hospital Chicago
Stateline Powerhouse, Commonwealth Edison Chicago
Stateville Prison Joliet
Station Number 9 Joliet
Stauffer Chemcial Co. Chicago Hghts.
Stauffer Chemical Company Chicago
Stauffer Chemical Company Chicago Heights
Stauffer Chemical Company Chicago
Stauffer Chemical Company Hammond
Stauffer Chemical Company Joliet
Stauffer Chemical Company Chicago Hgts
Stauffer Chemical Company Chicago Height
Stauffer Chemical Company Bldg 17 Chicago
Stauffer Chemical Company (a/k/a Victor Chemical Works) Chicago Heights
Stauffer Chemical Company Plant Chicago Heights
Steamer Det. Edison Chicago
Stearns-roger Mfg. Co. Freeburg
Steel Company Granite City
Stein, Hirsh Company Chicago
Steiner Corporation (a/k/a American Linen) Chicago
Stepan Chemical Company Elwood
Stepan Chemical Company Northfield
Stepan Chemical Company Millsdale
Stephan Chemical Chicago
Stephan Chemical Company Millsdale
Stephan Chemical Company Millsdale, Will County
Stephan Gale School Chicago
Stephens Engineering Company Chicago
Stephens-adamson Aurora
Stephens-adamson Manufacturing Aurora
Sterling Commer. Steel Ball Sterling
Sterling Dixon Eastern Railway Sterling
Sterling Steel Casting E St Louis
Sterling Steel Castings Monsanto
Sterling Steel Castings Co Monsanto
Steven Building Chicago
Stevens And Denel Manufacturing Company Rockford
Stevens Hotel Service Building Chicago
Stevenson Hall, Stevenson Hall Normal
Stewart Warner Chicago
Stielow Brothers Skokie
Stockton School, Stockton School Chicago
Stokely Van Camp Inc Hoopeston
Stone Container Corporation Chicago
Stonebridge Paper Company Wilmington
Stonefort Corporation Wyoming
Stratford Hotel Chicago
Streator Aqueduct Company Streator
Streator Brick Co Streator
Streator Brick Systems In Streator
Streator Clay Pipe Co Streator
Streator Railway Company Streator
Strombeck Manufacturing Moline
Structo Manufacturing Company Freeport
Structural Clay Products Geneva
Strutco Co Freeport
Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company Chicago
Studebaker Plant Chicago
Suburban Home Laundry Park Ridge
Suburban Railroad Company Riverside
Sucrest Corporation Chicago
Sullivan Machinery Company Chicago
Sulzberger And Sons Company Chicago
Sun Chemical Corp Franklin Park
Sun Electric Chicago
Sunbeam Chicago
Sunbeam Corporation Chicago
Sunbeam Corporation Cicero
Sunbeam Products Company Chicago
Sundstrand Aviation Rockford
Sundstrand Corp Sundstrand Rockford
Sunshine Hatcheries Corydon
Sunstrand Corp Sunstrand Rockford
Sunstrand Corp. Rockford
Super Power Company Of Illinois Powerton
Superintendent Of Public Service Of Cook County Chicago
Superior Chemical Company Joliet
Superior Coal Company Benld
Superior Coal Company Chicago
Superior Coal Company, Mine #2 Benld
Superior Foundry Co E Peoria
Superior Gasket Packing Co Chicago
Superior Tanning Company Chicago
Supreme Packing Company Elburn
Supreme Wet Wash Laundry Chicago
Swartz Products Company Chicago
Swedish American Hospital Rockford County
Swedish Covenant Hospital Chicago
Swift Co,union Stockyards Chicago
Swift Company Champlaign
Swift Company Bradley
Swift Company Hinsdale
Swift Company Champaign
Swift Company East St. Louis
Swift Company National Stock Yards
Swift Company Agri Chemical Divn Calumet City
Swift Company Agrichem Division National Stock Yards
Swift Company Bldg 17 Chicago
Swift Company Machine Shop Engine Room Rochelle
Swift Company Mech Store Room Rochelle
Swift Company Store Room National Stock Yards
Swift And Co/national Stockyards Saint Clair County
Swift And Company Bradley
Swift And Company Chicago
Swift And Company East St. Louis
Swift And Company, Union Stock Yards Chicago
Swift Company National City
Swift Independent Packing Company Chicago
Swift Packing National City
Swift Packing Company National City
Swindell Dressler Co. Joliet
Swindell-dressler Co. Decatur
Swords Veneer Rock Island
Swords Veneer Lumber Co Rock Island
Sycamore Systems Sycamore
Syn-sol Corporation Chicago
Synthetic Natural Gas Plant Elwood