Illinois Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in Illinois to find any companies you may have worked for.

S And W Industries - Peoria
S M Wilson - Granite City
S. J. Reynolds Co - Power House - Chicago
S. Karpen And Brothers - Chicago
S.b. Wilkins Company - Rockford
S.s. Girdler - Chicago
S.s. Joseph S. Young - Chicago
S.s. Normacpine - Chicago
Sc Electric - Chicago
Sw Manufacturing Company - East Moline
Sw Manufacturing Company - Riverdale
Sacony Vacuum - Sauget
Sahara Coal - Harrisburg
Sahara Coal Co - Harrisburg
Sahara Coal Company - Saline County
Sahara Coal. - Saline Cty.
Saint Ann`s Hospital - Chicago
Saint Clair County Courthouse - Belleville
Saint Elizabeth Hospital - Belleville
Saint Elizabeth`s Hospital - Granite City
Saint John`s Hospital - Springfield
Saint Luke`s Presbyterian Church - Chicago
Saint Margaret Mary`s Church - Granite City
Saint Martin Church - Washington
Samuel Shapiro Development Center - Kankakee
Sandberg Manufacturing - Chicago
Sandberg Village Apartments - Chicago
Sandusky Cement Company - Dixon
Sandusky Portland Cement Company - Dixon
Sandwich Manufacturing Company - Sandwich
Sangamo Electric Co - Springfield
Sangamo Electric Company - Marion
Sangamon Electric Plant - Marion
Sanitary District Of Chicago - Stickney
Sanitary District Of Chicago - Chicago
Sanitary District Of Chicago - West Chester
Santa Fe Railroad Sites - Chicago
Santa Fe Railroad Sites - Savanna
Santa Fe Railroad Sites - St Louis
Saraha Coal Company - Saline County
Sargent Lundy - Dixon
Sargent-welch Scientific Co - Skokie
Sauganash School, Sauganash School - Chicago
Savanna Ordnance Depot - Savanna
Sawyer Biscuit Company - Melrose Park
Sc Yingling Oil Company - Robinson
Schawk Graphics - Chicago
Schlesinger And Mayer Building - Chicago
Schlink Eugene T Son - Peoria
Schmauss Company - Rockford
Schneible Company - Chicago
Scholl Manufacturing Company - Chicago
Schroeder Hall Annex, Schroeder Hall - Normal
Schroeder Hall, Schroeder Hall, Illinois State - Normal
Schudel Brothers Laundry And Cleaning Company - Decatur
Schudels Model Laundry - Decatur
Schuller International - Waukegan
Schumann Piano Company - Rockford
Schutter Candy Company - Chicago
Schutter Candy, Division Of Universal Match Corporation - Chicago
Schwarzchild And Sulzberger Company - Chicago
Schwinn Bicycle Factory - Chicago
Scott Air Force Base - Belleville
Scott County Drainage And Levee District - Meredosia
Scott County Drainage And Levee District - Winchester
Scott Forsman Co - Glenview
Scott Street Works - Joliet
Scottish Amer Dist Limited - Peoria
Scully Steel And Iron Company - Chicago
Sea Wall - East Saint Louis
Seagrams - Lawreneburg
Sealtest Foods - Peoria
Searle Chemicals, Incorporated - Chicago
Sears Roebuck - Alton
Sears Tower - Chicago
Sears, Roebuck - Chicago
Sears, Roebuck And Company - Chicago
Sefton Manufacturing Company - Chicago
Sehall Manufacturing Company - Chicago
Semet-solvay Company - Waukegan
Semet-solvay Company - Solvay
Semet-solvay Company - South Chicago
Semet-solvay Company - Chicago
Seneca Petroleum - Lemont
Seneca Petroleum - Crestwood
Seneca Shipyards - Seneca
Senior High School - Granite City
Service Refractories - Pekin
Service Refractories Co - Peoria
Service Refractories Co - Rock Island
Servus Rubber Co - Rock Island
Sesser, Ill - Sesser
Shea Smith And Company - Chicago
Sheet Metal Products - Peoria
Shelbyville Water Company - Shelbyville
Shell International Shoe Company Tannery - Hartford
Shell Oil - Roxana
Shell Oil - Wood River
Shell Oil Company - Wood River
Shell Oil Company - Roxana
Shell Oil Company - Wood Ricer
Shell Oil Company - Wood River
Shell Oil Company - Woud River
Shell Oil Company - Roxana
Shell Oil Company - Roxana
Shell Oil Company - Roxanna
Shell Oil Company - Woodriver
Shell Oil Company - East St. Louis
Shell Oil Company, Incorporated - Wood River
Shell Oil Refinery - Wood River
Shell Oil Refinery - Roxana
Shell Petroleum - Roxana
Shell Petroleum Corp - Wood River
Shell Petroleum Corporation - Roxana
Sheraton Chicago Hotel - Chicago
Sheraton Hotel - Chicago
Sherex - Peoria
Sherman Hospital - Elgin
Sherman Hospital - Chicago
Sherman Hospital Association - Elgin
Sherman Move Company - West 47th Street - Chicago
Sherwin Williams - Chicago
Sherwin Williams - Bldg 17 - Chicago
Sherwin Williams Co - Chicago
Sherwin Williams Co. - Chicago
Sherwin Williams Company - Chicago
Sherwin Williams Company - Kensington Champlain - Chicago
Sherwin Williams Paint - Chicago
Sherwin Williams Paint - Bldg 891 - Chicago
Sherwin-williams - Chicago
Sherwin-williams Company - Kensington
Sherwin-williams Company - Chicago
Shield Ware Inc. - Belvidere
Shoolner And Company - Peoria
Shore Line Towers - Chicago
Short Milling - Kankakee
Shotwell Manufacturing Company - Chicago
Shure Brothers Inc. - Evanston
Sid Harvey Central Supply - Lombard
Siemens Halske Electric Company, Chicago - Chicago
Sieureus And Halski Elec Company - Chicago
Silver Skillet Food - Skokie
Silver St Team Track - East Peoria
Simonds Abrasive Div, Wallace-murray Corp - Salem
Simonds Manufacturing Company - Chicago
Simpson Powelson Lumber - Sterling
Simpson School, Simpson School - Chicago
Sinclair Oil Lab - Harvey
Sinclair Oil Refinery - Hartford
Sinclair Oil Refinery - East Saint Louis
Sinclair Oil Refinery - Wood River
Sinclair Oil Refinery - Powerhouse - East Chicago
Sinclair Refining Company - Harvey
Sinclair Refining Company - Hartford
Sinclair Refining Company, Pipeline Division - Dahinda
Sinclair Refining Company, Pipeline Division - Kernan
Singer Manufacturing Company - Cairo
Sinner Brothers - Chicago
Sinner Brothers - Rogers Park
Sioux City Eng. Works - Moline
Sipi Metals Company - Chicago
Sisters Of Christian Charity - Ridge Road - Wilmette
Siuc/the Education Building - Carbondale
Skandia Co. - Rockford
Skil Corp - Berkley
Skil Corp - Chicago
Skokie Valley Asphalt Company - Waukegan
Skokie Valley Community Hospital - Skokie
Skolic Packaging Co. - East St. Louis
Slide Rule Scale Engineering Company - Mount Olive
Smeeths Copper And Bronze Company - Chicago
Smith And Barnes Piano Company - Chicago
Smith And Company - Champaign
Smith Form A Truck Co - Chicago
Smurfit-stone - Chicago
Smyth School, 1059 W 13th St - Chicago
Snger Manufacturing Company - Cairo
Socony Mobil Oil Company - East Chicago
Socony Mobile Oil Company - East Saint Louis
Socony Vacuum - Sauget
Socony Vacuum Oil Company - St Louis
Socony Vacuum Oil Company - East St. Louis
Socony-vacuum Oil Company - Chicago
Socony-vacuum Oil Company - East St. Louis
Sohio Pipe Line Company - Stoy
Sokol Hall - Chicago
Solomon Terry - Cairo
Solutia Incorporated, W.g. Krummrich Plant - Sauget
Sooline Railroad Shops - Not Provided
South Chicago City Railway - South Chicago
South Chicago City Railway - St. Chicago
South Chicago City Railway Company - Chicago
South Chicago Community Hospital - Chicago
South Chicago Furance Company - South Chicago
South Chicago Furnace Company - Chicago
South Chicago Furnace Company - South Chicago
South Chicago Furnace Company - Irondale
South Chicago Works - Chicago
South Chicago Works, Defense Plant Corporation - South Chicago
South Elementary School, South Elementary School - Pittsfield
South Illinois Power Cooperative - Marion
South Illinois Power Plant, Unit 4 - Marion
South Junior High School - Inc, South Junior High School - Arlington Heights
South Lasalle Building Corporation - Chicago
South Shore Hospital - Chicago
South Side Elevated Railroad Company - Chicago
South Side Laundry Company - Chicago
South Works - Chicago
Southeast High School - Springfield
Southern Clay - Olmsted
Southern Clay* - Olmsted
Southern Cotton Oil - Chicago
Southern Gem Coal Corporation - Sesser
Southern Il University - Carbondale
Southern Illinois Gas Company - Murphysboro
Southern Illinois Light And Power Company - Hillsboro
Southern Illinois Light And Power Company - Collinsville
Southern Illinois Power Cooperative - Marion
Southern Illinois Power Cooperative, Incorporated - Marion
Southern Illinois Power Corporation - Marion
Southern Illinois Univers - Carbondale
Southern Illinois University - Education Building - Carbondale
Southern Illinois University - University Park Resident Halls - Carbondale
Southern Indiana Railway Company - Chicago
Southern Mfg. Co. - Miami
Southwest Incinerator Plant - Chicago
Southwestern Illinois Coa - Percy
Southwestern Illinois Coal - Percy
Southwestern Illinois Coal - Steelville
Space Center - Kankakee
Space Mark, Incorporated - Decatur
Spanks Milling Company - Alton
Spartan Aluminum Products - Sparta
Spartan Aluminum Products, Inc. - Sparta
Spartan Printing - Sparta
Spaulding High School - Chicago
Specified Plating Company - Chicago
Spectrulite Consortium Incorporated - Madison
Speed Queen Corporation - Algonquin
Spencer Kellogg Sons - Decatur
Spencer Kellogg Sons, Incorporated - Chicago
Spencer Kellogg Plant - Decatur
Sportsmen Golf Inc. - Melrose Park
Spring Lake Drainage Levee District - Tazewell County
Springfield And Peoria Railroad Company - Peoria
Springfield Ave Pumping - S Chicago
Springfield Electric Light And Power Company - Springfield
Springfield Gas And Electric Company - Springfield
Springfield Light Heat And Power Company - Springfield
Springfield Powerhouse - Springfield
Springfield Regional Office Bu, Cms Regional Office - Springfield
Springfield Sanitary District - Springfield
Springhan Sons Corp - Peoria
Springside Coal Mining Company - Pana
Sprinkman Sons - Peoria
Sprinkman Sons Corp - Peoria
Sprinkman Sons Corp Of I - Peoria
Sprinkman Sons Corporation - Peoria
Sprinkman Sons Corporation - Baldwin
Sprinkman Sons Of Illinois - Peoria
Sprinkmann Sons - Peoria
Sprinkmann Sons Corp - Peoria
Sprinkmann Sons Corp Of I - Peoria
St Elizabeth Hospital - Granite City
St Francis Hospital - Litchfield
St Louis Blow Pipe Heater - Norris City
St M. Byllesley Company, Engineers - Chicago
St. Andrews Home - Niles
St. Annes Hospital - Chicago
St. Anthony's Care - Rock Island
St. Anthony's Hospital - Rock Island
St. Bernard Hospital - Chicago
St. Boniface Catholic Church - Peoria
St. Charles Condensing Company - Chemung
St. Charles Country Club - St Charles
St. Charles School - St Charles
St. Charles School For Boys - St Charles
St. Clair County Gas And Electric Company - Belleville
St. Clair County Gas And Electric Company - East St. Louis
St. Clements Hospital - Red Bud
St. Elizabeth's Hospital - Belleville
St. Elizabeth's Hospital - Danville
St. Elizabeths Hospital - Granite City
St. Francis Hospital - Blue Island
St. George High School - Evanston
St. Ignatius High School - Chicago
St. James Hospi - Chicago Heights
St. John's Hospital - Springfield
St. Joseph Hospital - Chicago
St. Joseph Hospital - Bldg 17 - Chicago
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital - Aurora
St. Louis Independent Pacing Company - Chicago
St. Louis Smelting And Refining Company - Collinsville
St. Mary Of Nazareth Hospital - Chicago
St. Mary Of The Lake Seminary - Mundelein
St. Mary's Mission House - Techny
St. Mary's Training School - Des Plaines
St. Marys - Mundelien
St. Marys Academy Of Benedictine Sisters - Nauvoo
St. Procopius Abbey - Lisle
St. Therese Hospital - Waukegan
St. Therese Medical Center - Waukegan
Stagg School, 7424 S. Morgan - Chicago
Stainless Processing Co - Chicago
Staley - Decatur
Staley A F Mfg Co - Decatur
Staley A. E. - Decatur
Staley Mfg Co - Decatur
Staleys - Decatur
Stampings Inc - Rock Island
Stanadyne Corp - Bellwood
Standard Oil - Chicago
Standard Asbestos Manufacturing Company - Chicago
Standard Boiler Tank - Chicago
Standard Brands Inc - Pekin
Standard Brands, Incorporated, Curtiss Candy Division - Franklin Park
Standard Brands, Incorporated, Fleischmann Manufacturing Division - Pekin
Standard Distilling And Distributing Company - Peoria
Standard Distilling And Distributing Company, Globe Distillery - Pekin
Standard Forging - East Chicago
Standard Hatcheries - South Moffet Street - Decatur
Standard Heat Treating Co. - Lyons
Standard Lime Cement - Mccook
Standard Metal Company - Chicago
Standard Office Company - Chicago
Standard Oil - Wood River
Standard Oil - Chicago
Standard Oil - Naperville
Standard Oil Building - Chicago
Standard Oil Company - Chicago
Standard Oil Company - Wood River
Standard Oil Company Of Indiana - Chicago
Standard Oil Company Of Indiana - Wood River
Standard Oil Refinery - East Alton
Standard Paint Co - Chicago
Standard Paint Co. - Joliet
Standard Paint Company - North Joliet
Standard Paving - Chicago
Standard Rate Data - Chicago
Standard Silica Sand Company - Ottawa
Stanolind Pipe Line Co. - Laura
Stanolind Pipe Line Company - East Fort Madison
Stanton Park - Bldg 17 - Chicago
Star Enterprises Inc - Olmested
Star Enterprises Inc - Olmsted
Star Manufacturing Company - Carpentersville
Star Union Products Co - Peru
State Bar Building - Springfield
State Capital Building - Springfield
State Farm Building - Bloomington
State Farm Insurance - Bloomington
State Hospital - Anna
State Hospital - Alton
State Line Energy - Chicago
State Of Illinois - Lincoln
State Of Illinois Mental Hospital - Chicago
Stateline Powerhouse, Commonwealth Edison - Chicago
Stateville Prison - Joliet
Station Number 9 - Joliet
Stauffer Chemcial Co. - Chicago Hghts.
Stauffer Chemical Company - Chicago
Stauffer Chemical Company - Chicago Heights
Stauffer Chemical Company - Chicago
Stauffer Chemical Company - Hammond
Stauffer Chemical Company - Joliet
Stauffer Chemical Company - Chicago Hgts
Stauffer Chemical Company - Chicago Height
Stauffer Chemical Company - Bldg 17 - Chicago
Stauffer Chemical Company (a/k/a Victor Chemical Works) - Chicago Heights
Stauffer Chemical Company Plant - Chicago Heights
Steamer Det. Edison - Chicago
Stearns-roger Mfg. Co. - Freeburg
Steel Company - Granite City
Stein, Hirsh Company - Chicago
Steiner Corporation (a/k/a American Linen) - Chicago
Stepan Chemical Company - Elwood
Stepan Chemical Company - Northfield
Stepan Chemical Company - Millsdale
Stephan Chemical - Chicago
Stephan Chemical Company - Millsdale
Stephan Chemical Company - Millsdale, Will County
Stephan Gale School - Chicago
Stephens Engineering Company - Chicago
Stephens-adamson - Aurora
Stephens-adamson Manufacturing - Aurora
Sterling Commer. Steel Ball - Sterling
Sterling Dixon Eastern Railway - Sterling
Sterling Steel Casting - E St Louis
Sterling Steel Castings - Monsanto
Sterling Steel Castings Co - Monsanto
Steven Building - Chicago
Stevens And Denel Manufacturing Company - Rockford
Stevens Hotel Service Building - Chicago
Stevenson Hall, Stevenson Hall - Normal
Stewart Warner - Chicago
Stielow Brothers - Skokie
Stockton School, Stockton School - Chicago
Stokely Van Camp Inc - Hoopeston
Stone Container Corporation - Chicago
Stonebridge Paper Company - Wilmington
Stonefort Corporation - Wyoming
Stratford Hotel - Chicago
Streator Aqueduct Company - Streator
Streator Brick Co - Streator
Streator Brick Systems In - Streator
Streator Clay Pipe Co - Streator
Streator Railway Company - Streator
Strombeck Manufacturing - Moline
Structo Manufacturing Company - Freeport
Structural Clay Products - Geneva
Strutco Co - Freeport
Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company - Chicago
Studebaker Plant - Chicago
Suburban Home Laundry - Park Ridge
Suburban Railroad Company - Riverside
Sucrest Corporation - Chicago
Sullivan Machinery Company - Chicago
Sulzberger And Sons Company - Chicago
Sun Chemical Corp - Franklin Park
Sun Electric - Chicago
Sunbeam - Chicago
Sunbeam Corporation - Chicago
Sunbeam Corporation - Cicero
Sunbeam Products Company - Chicago
Sundstrand Aviation - Rockford
Sundstrand Corp Sundstrand - Rockford
Sunshine Hatcheries - Corydon
Sunstrand Corp Sunstrand - Rockford
Sunstrand Corp. - Rockford
Super Power Company Of Illinois - Powerton
Superintendent Of Public Service Of Cook County - Chicago
Superior Chemical Company - Joliet
Superior Coal Company - Benld
Superior Coal Company - Chicago
Superior Coal Company, Mine #2 - Benld
Superior Foundry Co - E Peoria
Superior Gasket Packing Co - Chicago
Superior Tanning Company - Chicago
Supreme Packing Company - Elburn
Supreme Wet Wash Laundry - Chicago
Swartz Products Company - Chicago
Swedish American Hospital - Rockford County
Swedish Covenant Hospital - Chicago
Swift Co,union Stockyards - Chicago
Swift Company - Champlaign
Swift Company - Bradley
Swift Company - Hinsdale
Swift Company - Champaign
Swift Company - East St. Louis
Swift Company - National Stock Yards
Swift Company - Agri Chemical Divn - Calumet City
Swift Company - Agrichem Division - National Stock Yards
Swift Company - Bldg 17 - Chicago
Swift Company - Machine Shop Engine Room - Rochelle
Swift Company - Mech Store Room - Rochelle
Swift Company - Store Room - National Stock Yards
Swift And Co/national Stockyards - Saint Clair County
Swift And Company - Bradley
Swift And Company - Chicago
Swift And Company - East St. Louis
Swift And Company, Union Stock Yards - Chicago
Swift Company - National City
Swift Independent Packing Company - Chicago
Swift Packing - National City
Swift Packing Company - National City
Swindell Dressler Co. - Joliet
Swindell-dressler Co. - Decatur
Swords Veneer - Rock Island
Swords Veneer Lumber Co - Rock Island
Sycamore Systems - Sycamore
Syn-sol Corporation - Chicago
Synthetic Natural Gas Plant - Elwood