Ohio Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in Ohio to find any companies you may have worked for.

F E I Inc - Cleveland
F. R. Lazarus And Company - Columbus
F. C. Whitner Plumbing Heating - Wauseon
F. Gray Company - Piqua
F. Schumacher - Akron
F. Zimmerman Company - Cleveland
F.a. Pilgrim Ertusion - Youngstown
F.b. Morgan Power Company - Cincinnati
F.b. Zieg Manufacturing Company, Washing Machines - Frederickstown
F.e. Meyers Co. - Ashland
F.e. Myers And Brother - Ashland
F.e. Myers And Company - Place Ashland
F.e. Seitz - Delhi Township
F.e. Shcumacher Company - Hartville
F.e.i. Inc. - Cleveland
F.l. Emmert Company - Cincinnati
F.w. Means And Company - Columbus
F.w. Paulin - Cleveland
F1 F2 Furnaces - Newark
Fabricated Metal Spec. - Bedford
Fabricating Division Of Armco Steel Company - Middletown
Factory Power Company - Cincinnati
Factory Power Company - Oakley
Factory Power Company - Oakley (cincinnati)
Fairfax Ford - Redbank Road - Fairfax
Fairfield Air Depot, Patterson Field - Fairfield
Fairfield Engineering - Marion
Fairfield Engineering Co - Marion
Fairfield Engineering Company - Marion
Fairfield Paper Company - Baltimore
Fairfield School For Boys - Lancaster
Fairfield South Elementary School - Bilbury Road - Fairfield
Fairmount St. Pumping Station - Cleveland
Fairview High School - Fairview
Fairview High School - Fairview Park
Fairview Hospital - Cleveland
Fairview Park Hospital - George H. Scott Research Lab. Bldg - Cleveland
Fairview Park Hospital - Nurses Home - Cleveland
Fairview Park Hospital Nurses Home - Cleveland
Falcon Iron And Nail Company - Niles
Falcon Mills - Niles
Falcon Nail And Iron Company, Mill F - Niles
Falcon Tin Plate Company - Canton
Falls Rubber Company - Cuyahoga Falls
Farish Roofing Siding - Springfield
Farrell Cheek Steel Co. - Sandusky
Farrell-cheek - Sandusky
Fasson - Painesville
Fatigue Text Lab Sonic Wright Patterson Afb - Dayton
Faultless Rubber Company - Ashland
Favorite Stove Range Company - Piqua
Fayette Memorial Hospital - Cincinnati
Federal Building - Cincinnati
Federal Color - Chickering Orient Avenue - Cincinnati
Federal Color Laboratories - Cincinnati
Federal Creosoting Company - Toledo
Federal Glass - Columbus
Federal Glass Company - Columbus
Federal Knitting Mills Company - Cleveland
Federal Mogule Manf. - Gallipolis
Federal Office Building - Toledo
Federal Office Building - 6th Main - Cincinnati
Federal Office Building Courthouse - Cincinnati
Federal Office Building- Cleveland
Federal Paper Board - Steubenville
Federal Reserve - Cincinnati
Federal Reserve Bank - Cleveland
Federal Steel - Cleveland
Feldman Bros. Co. - Cleveland
Fepco - Cincinnati
Feroit Bros. - Akron
Feroslag - Lorain
Ferro - East Liverpool
Ferro Alloys Division - Ashtabula/ceico
Ferro Corporation - Cleveland
Ferro Corporation - East Sparta
Ferro Corporation - Elyria
Ferro Corporation - Perrysburg
Ferro Corporation - Zanesville
Ferro Corporation - Cleveland
Ferro Corporation - Cleveland
Ferro Engineer - Cleveland
Ferro Engineering - Cleveland
Ferro Industrial Products - Cleveland
Ferro Machine And Finery Company - Cleveland
Ferrodyne - Cleveland
Ferroslag - Lorain
Fiberglas Tower - Toledo
Fiberglass Tower - Toledo
Fidelity Coal Supply Co. - Lime
Field W. Swezey - Fostoria
Firelands Supply - Norwalk
Fireproof Block Company - Columbus
Firestone - Akron
Firestone - Canton
Firestone Rubber - Canton
Firestone Synthetic Rubber - Canton
Firestone Synthetic Rubber Latex - Canton
Firestone Synthetic Rubber Latex Company - Akron
Firestone Tire - Akron
Firestone Tire Rubber Co - Firestone Park - Akron
Firestone Tire Rubber Company - Akron
Firestone Tire Rubber Company - Canton
Firestone Tire Rubber Company - Power House - Plant 1 - Akron
Firestone Tire And Rubber Company - Akron
Firestone Tire And Rubber Company - South Akron
First Energy - Lorain
First National Bank - Canton
First National Bank - Tri County - Cincinnati
First National Bank Building - Cincinnati
First U.p. Church - Canton
Firstenergy Corporation - Oregon
Firstenergy Corporation - Geneva
Firstenergy Corporation - Cleveland
Firstenergy Corporation, Ashtabula Plants A, B C - Ashtabula
Firstenergy Nuclear Operating Company - Oak Harbor
Fisher Body - Elyria
Fisher Body And Casting - Coit Rd Plant - Cleveland
Fisher Body Company - Norwood
Fisher Body Corporation - Div. Of General Motors - Cleveland
Fisher Body Div - Boiler House - Euclid
Fisher Body Div Gmc - Columbus
Fisher Body Division - Euclid
Fisher Body Division General Motors Corp - Coit Rd Plant - Cleveland
Fisher Body Division Of General Motors - Euclid
Fisher Body Division Of General Motors Corporation - Mansfield
Fisher Body Division Of General Motors Corporation - Hamilton
Fisher Food - Elyria
Fisher Industries, Incorporated - Cincinnati
Fitzpatrick And Hoepfner - Columbus
Fitzsimons Company - Youngstown
Fleischmann Company - Cincinnati
Flexible Company - Loudonville
Flight Propulsion Lab. Dept. - Evendale Plant Bldg 200 - Cincinnati
Flight Propulsion Laboratory Dept. - Receiving Bldg. 601 - Cincinnati
Flintkote - Ravenna
Flow A Matic - Columbus
Flower Coal Supply Co. - Ashtabula
Floyd Booth Company - Youngstown
Fluor Corporation - Toledo
Fluor Incorporated - Haverhill
Fob Plenums - Cincinnati
Fomoco - Cleveland
Fomoco Duct Insulation - Cincinnati
Food Services - Cleveland
Foos Manufacturing Company - Springfield
Ford - Dearborn
Ford - Lorain
Ford - Engine Plant - Cleveland
Ford Aluminum Foundry - Brook Park
Ford Canton Forge Plant - Canton
Ford Engine Plant 2 - Cleveland
Ford Engine Plant 2 C/o Cleveland Transfer Co - Cleveland
Ford Engine Plant No 2 - Cleveland
Ford Engine Plant No 2 - Cleveland Transfer Co. - Cleveland
Ford Foundry - Brookpark
Ford Foundry - Cleveland
Ford Foundry - Parma
Ford Foundry - Lorain
Ford Foundry - Middleburg Heights
Ford Foundry - North Ridgeville
Ford Foundry - Brook Park
Ford Glass Co. Libby Owens - Toledo
Ford Lorain Assembly Plant - Lorain
Ford Mortor Company - Lorain
Ford Motor - Cleveland
Ford Motor - Canton
Ford Motor - Lorain
Ford Motor - Lima
Ford Motor Brookpark - Brookpark
Ford Motor Co - Canton
Ford Motor Co - Lorain
Ford Motor Co - Administration Building - Canton
Ford Motor Co - Boiler House - Walton Hills Village
Ford Motor Co - Cleveland Engine Plant 1 - Cleveland
Ford Motor Co - Engine Plant #2 - Cleveland
Ford Motor Co - Forge Plant - Power House - Canton
Ford Motor Co - Lorain Assembly Plant - Lorain
Ford Motor Co - New Engine Plant - Lima
Ford Motor Co - Route #2 - Lorain
Ford Motor Co Boiler Room - Walton Hills Village
Ford Motor Co Forge Plant Garage Bldg - Canton
Ford Motor Co, Canton Forge Plant - Canton
Ford Motor Co. - Lorain
Ford Motor Co. - Lima
Ford Motor Co. - Walton Hills
Ford Motor Co., Canton Forge Plant - Canton
Ford Motor Company - Sandusky
Ford Motor Company - Sandusky
Ford Motor Company - Canton
Ford Motor Company - Sharonville
Ford Motor Company - Lorain
Ford Motor Company - Brookpark
Ford Motor Company - Fostoria
Ford Motor Company - Brook Park
Ford Motor Company - Cleveland
Ford Motor Company - 2159 Kendel Road - Cincinnati
Ford Motor Company - Cleveland Engine Plant #2 - Brook Park
Ford Motor Company - Cleveland Foundry - Cleveland
Ford Motor Company - Foundry - Brookpark
Ford Motor Company - Ohio Forging Plant - Canton
Ford Motor Company - Walton Hills Plant - Bedford/walton Hills
Ford Motor Company, Cleveland Foundry - Brook Park
Ford Motor Company, Spark Plug Division - Fostoria
Ford Motor Plant - Cleveland
Ford Motors - Brook Park
Ford Motors - Walton Hills
Ford Plate Glass Company - Toledo
Ford-canton Forge Plant - Canton
Forest City - Cleveland
Forest City Brewing Company - Toledo
Forest City Foundry - Cleveland
Forest Hills School - Cincinnati
Forest Park Middle School - Hamilton County - Cincinnati
Forest Park Middle School, Hamilton County - Cincinnati
Forge Products - Cleveland
Form-a-tool - Cleveland
Formica Company - Cincinnati
Formica Corp - Rd Bldg - Cincinnati
Formica Corporation - Cincinnati
Formica Corporation - Evendale
Formica Corporation - Evansdale
Formica Corporation – Evendale Plant - Evendale
Formica Insulation Company - Cincinnati
Formica Press - Reading
Forrest Towel Supply Company - Columbus
Fort Hamilton 'hughes Memorial Hospital - Hamilton
Forum Health, Holding Company - Youngstown
Foseco - Cleveland
Foseco Chemical Company - Cleveland
Foseco Corp. - Berea
Foseco Corp. - Brookpark
Foseco Foundry - Middleburg
Foseco Inc - Berea
Foseco Inc - Brookpark
Foseco Metallurgical - Cleveland
Foseco, Inc. - Cleveland
Foseco, Inc. - Brook Park
Foster Wheeler - Canton
Fostoria Electric Light And Power Company - Fostoria
Fostoria Foundry - Fostoria
Fostoria Industries - Fostoria
Foundry Equipment Company - Cleveland
Foundry Services, Inc. - Brook Park
Fox Paper Company - Lockland
Fox Paper Company - Cincinnati
Fox River Paper Company - Urbana
Fox Valley Corporation - Urbana
Fpld Bldg. 700 - Dock 1 - Evendale
Fpld Bldg. 700-1 - Fred Burggraf No. 300 - Cincinnati
France Mfg. - Westlake
Franciscan Sisters Of The Poor Hospital, Mt. Airy Campus - Cincinnati
Frank Billings - Cleveland
Frank Hill Smith - Dayton
Frank M Tait Station Dayton Power And Light - Dayton
Franklin Board And Paper Company - Franklin
Franklin Boxboard Corporation - Franklin
Franklin Boxboard Corporation - Carlisle
Franklin City* - Franklin
Franklin Enterprises, Incorporated - Cincinnati
Franklin Enterprises, Incorporated - Franklin
Franklin Plating - Columbus
Franklin School - Canton
Frasch Process Soda Company - Cleveland
Fraser Papers - West Carrollton
Fraser Papers, Incorporated - West Carrollton
Fred Christen Sons Company - Toledo
Fred Christen And Sons - Toledo
Fred's Stain Glass - North Olmstead
Freiberg Workum - Lynchburg
Freiberg Workum - Cincinnati
Freiberg Workum Company - Lynchburg
Freibery Workum Company - Lynchburg
Fremont Gas And Electric Light Company - Fremont
French Bauer, Incorporated - Cincinnati
French Brothers Bauer Company - Cincinnati
Freyn Brothers, Inc. - Napoleon
Friction Products Co. - Medina
Friend Paper Company - West Carrollton
Friend Paper Tablet Company - West Carrollton
Frigidaire - Dayton
Frigidaire Corporation - Moraine
Frigidaire Division - Dayton
Frigidaire Division Of General Motors Corporation - Dayton
Frigidaire Plant #3 - Kettering
Frigidare Cororation- Moraine
Fritinger Lumber Co - Middlefield
Frito Lay, Incorporated - Wooster
Fruehauf Trailer - Avon Lake
Fryman-kuch Co. - New Oxford
Ft. Hamilton Hospital - Hamilton
Fulton Foundry - Cleveland
Fusion Inc. - Willoughby