Ohio Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in Ohio to find any companies you may have worked for.

T. Gray And Company - Piqua
T. O. Murphy Co. - Production Application Lab. - Avon Lake
T. O. Murphy Co. - Warehouse - Oberlin
T.j. Cookson - Cincinnati
T.j. Hanley - Coshocton
T.o. Murphy Warehouse C/o Clark - Oberlin
T.r.w. Inc - Minerva
T.r.w., Incorporated, 23555 Euclid Ave. - Cleveland
Tadd Spring - Hickley
Tadd Spring - Strongsville
Tait Power Plant, Dpl - Dayton
Tait Power Plant, Dpl - Miamisburg
Tamers Creek - Cincinnati
Tampa Bay Engineers - Tiffin
Tanker Transway - Lorain
Tanker Transway - Lorian
Tanners Creek - Cincinnati
Taylor - Warren
Taylor And Thomas - Niles
Taylor Chair Company - Bedford
Taylor Sons Co Charles - Cincinnati
Tec Lab - Cleveland
Technical Center - Granville
Technical Research Center - Granville
Teledyne - Uniontown
Teledyne C.a.e. - Toledo
Teledyne Cae - Toledo
Teledyne Isotopes, Nasa - Sandusky
Teledyne Monarch Rubber Company - Hartville
Teledyne Ohio Steel - Lima
Teledyne Precision - Cincinnati
Telling Belle Vernon Company - Wellington
Temperature Control - Akron
Tennis Railway Equipment Company - Cincinnati
Terex - Hudson
Terex - Cleveland
Terminal Tower - Cleveland
Ternstedt Div - Elyria
Ternstedt Division - Elyria
Ternstedt Division - G M C New Boiler House - Elyria
Ternstedt Division, General Motors Corporation - Cleveland
Ternstedt Division, General Motors Corporation - Columbus
Terrace Hilton Hotel - Cincinnati
Terstedt Division Gmc - Columbus
Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation - Athens
Textile Leather Company - Toledo
Textileather Corporation - Toledo
The Alloy Cast Steel Company - Marion
The Clark Asbestos Co - Cleveland
The Cleve. Trencher Co. - Cleveland
The Cleveland,cincinnati, Chicago St. Louis - Cincinatti
The Factory Power Company - Cincinnati
The Federal Glass Co. Division Of Federal Paper Board Co., Inc. - Columbus
The Johnson Rubber Company - Middlefield
The Lanly Co. - Cleveland
The Leetonia Tool Company - Leetonia
The Marblecliff Quarries Company - Lewisburg
The Mather Company Metal - Toledo
The Ody Co. - Cleveland
The Ohio Asbestos Insulation Company - Cleveland
The Ohio Metal Mfg Co - Dayton
The Philip Carey Manufacturing Co. - Lockland
The Pipe Machinery Company Plant - Wickliffe
The Scioto Paper Company - Columbus
The Timken Company - Colesville
The Witt Co - Cincinnati
Theatrical Equipment - Cleveland
Theodor Kundtz Company - Cleveland
Theodore Roosevelt School - Kent
Thermoplastics - Cleveland
Thew Automatic Shovel Company - Lorain
Thomas Emery Sons, Incorporated - Cincinnati
Thomas Furnace Company - Niles
Thomas Jefferson Elem.school - Ashtabula Harbor
Thomas Phillips Company - Akron
Thomas Steel - Youngstown
Thomas Steel - Warren
Thomas Steel Company - Warren
Thomas Steel Company - Niles
Thomas Steel Strip Corporation - Warren
Thomas T. Gaff - Cincinnati
Thomas Wilson - Lorain
Thompson Products - Cleveland
Thompson Products - Euclid
Thompson Products - Bldg.#31 - Cleveland
Thompson Products Company - Cleveland
Thompson Products Willoughby Works - Willoughby
Thompson Products, Inc. (a/k/a Trw, Inc.) - Cleveland
Thompson Ramo Products - Cleveland
Thompson Ramo Wooldbridge - Cleveland
Thompson Ramo Wooldbridge - Euclid
Thompson Ramo Wooldbridge - Dock 5 - Cleveland
Thompson Ramo Wooldbridge - R W Valve Div - Cleveland
Thompson Ramo Wooldbridge - Valve Division - Cleveland
Thompson Ramo-woolridge, Inc - Euclid
Thornton Company - Cleveland
Thos Phillips Company - Akron
Tidd Plant - Brilliant
Tidd Station - Brilliant
Tiffen Glass - Tiffen
Tiffin Edison Electric Illuminating Company - Tiffin
Tiffin State Hospital - Tiffin
Tile Tite - Cleveland
Tillotson Manufacturing Company - Toledo
Timben Roller Bearing Company - Columbus
Timet Metal Corporation Of America - Toronto
Timken Co. - Canton
Timken Co. - Massillon
Timken - Columbus
Timken "dueber" Bearing - Canton
Timken "gambrinus" Bearing Plant - Canton
Timken Bearing - New Philadelphia
Timken Co. - Canton
Timken Co. - Warren
Timken Mercy Hospital - Canton
Timken Mercy Medical Center - Canton
Timken Roller - Canton
Timken Roller Bearing - Canton
Timken Roller Bearing Co - Bucyrus
Timken Roller Bearing Company - Columbus
Timken Roller Bearing Company - Gambrinus
Timken Roller Bearing Company - Canton
Timken Steel - Canton
Timken Steel - Harrison Plant - Canton
Timken Steel Harrison Plant - Canton
Timms Spring - Elyria
Tinnerman Products Co. - Parma
Titanium Metals - Toronto
Titanium Metals Corp Of A - Toronto
Titanium Metals Corporation Of America - Toronto
Todd Welding Co. - Cleveland
Toledo And Indiana Railroad - Toledo
Toledo And Indiana Railroad Company - Stryker
Toledo And Ohio Central Railroad - Kenton
Toledo And Western Railway - Sylvania
Toledo And Western Railway - Toledo
Toledo Bawling Green And Southern Traction Company - Cygnet
Toledo Bee Company - Toledo
Toledo Blade - Toledo
Toledo Bolt And Nut Company - Toledo
Toledo Brewing And Malting Company - Toledo
Toledo Bridge And Crane Company - Toledo
Toledo Clinic - 4235 Secor Road - Toledo
Toledo Clinic, 4235 Secor Rd. - Toledo
Toledo Consolidated Street Railway Company - Toledo
Toledo Disposal Company - West Toledo
Toledo Edison - Toledo
Toledo Edison - Acme Power Plant - Toledo
Toledo Edison And Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company - Ottawa County
Toledo Edison Co - Acme Plt Storeroom - Toledo
Toledo Edison Co - Acme Station - Toledo
Toledo Edison Co - Acme Station Storeroom - Toledo
Toledo Edison Co - Acme Store Room - Toledo
Toledo Edison Co - Acme Store Room - Lucas Cty - Toledo
Toledo Edison Co - Bayshore Station - Oregon
Toledo Edison Co - Bayshore Station - Toledo
Toledo Edison Co - Bayshore Station - T H Vestibule - Toledo
Toledo Edison Co. - Bay Shore Plant - Oregon
Toledo Edison Company - Oregon
Toledo Edison Company - Port Clinton
Toledo Edison Company - Dilles Bottom
Toledo Edison Company - Davis-besse Nuclear Power Plant - Oak Harbor
Toledo Edison Company- Acme Station - Toledo
Toledo Edison Company, Acme Station - Toledo
Toledo Edison Company, Bayshore Station - Oregon
Toledo Edison Company, Davis Besse Plant - Port Clinton
Toledo Edison Company, Plant X - Toledo
Toledo Furnace - Toledo
Toledo Furnace Company - Toledo
Toledo Furnance Company - Toledo
Toledo Gas Electric And Heating Company - Toledo
Toledo Grain And Milling Company - Toledo
Toledo Heating And Lighting Company - Toledo
Toledo Hospital - Toledo
Toledo Hospital - 2142 North Cove Boulevard - Toledo
Toledo Hospital, 2142 North Cove Blvd. - Toledo
Toledo Machine And Tool Company - Toledo
Toledo Machine Tool Company - Toledo
Toledo Massillon Bridge Company - Toledo
Toledo Newspaper Company - Toledo
Toledo Post Cement Company - Toledo
Toledo Public Schools - Toledo
Toledo Railways And Light Company - Toledo
Toledo Refinery - Toledo
Toledo Shipbuilding Co - Toledo
Toledo Shot Div - Toledo
Toledo State Hospital - Toledo
Toledo Steel Casting Company - Toledo
Toledo Storage And Incorporated Company - Toledo
Toledo Storage Ice Company - Toledo
Toledo Urban And Interurban Railway Do. - Findlay
Toledo Water Works - Toledo
Toledo, Bowling Green And Southern Railway Company - Findlay
Toledo, Bowling Green And Southern Traction Company - Findlay
Toledo, Columbus And Cincinnati Railway Company - Toledo
Toledo, Fostoria And Findlay Railway - Fostoria
Toledo, Port Clinton And Lakeside Railway - Port Clinton
Toledo, St Louis And Western Railroad Company - Toledo
Tomco Metal - Cleveland
Tool Steel Gear Pinton - Cincinnati
Tool Steel Gear And Pinion - Cincinnati
Tool Streel Gear Pinion Company - Elmwood
Topco Company - Salem
Toroidal Winding - Euclid
Toronto Paper Manufacturing Company - Toronto
Toronto Paper Mills - Toronto
Toronto Power Station - Toronto
Totes Incorporated - Loveland
Tower East Office Bldg - Shaker Heights
Towmotor - Cleveland
Town Of Gahanna - Wastewater Treatment Plant - Gahanna
Traction Building - Cincinnati
Trailer Company Of America - Cincinnati
Trailmobile - Cincinnati
Transfue Williams - Alliance
Transmission Division - Toledo
Transportation Office - Columbus
Transportation Office Acc - Dcsc Ac Hi - Reqn - Columbus
Transue And Williams Steel Forging Company - Alliance
Transue And Willliams Company - Alliance
Tray Laundry Company - Cleveland
Tresler Oil Tank - 4015 River Road - Cincinnati
Tri Cash Carry Lumber Co - Canfield
Tri Cash Carry Lumber Co - Cortland
Tri State Railway And Electric Company - Steubenville
Tri Way School - Canton
Triumph Manufacturing Company - Cincinnati
Tropical Paint - Cleveland
Troy Carriage Sun Shade Company - Troy
Troy Laundering Company - Columbus
Troy Laundry Company - Cleveland
Troy Municiple Power- City Of Troy - Troy
Troy Sunshade Company - Troy
True Temper Corp - Cleveland
True Temper Corporation - Geneva
True Temper Corporation - Saybrook
True Temper Group - Ashtabula
Trumbull Cliffs Furnace Company - Warren
Trumbull Public Service Company - Warren
Trumbull Public Services Company - Warren
Trumbull Service Company - Warren
Trumbull Steel - Warren
Trumbull Steel Company - Warren
Trumbull Supply And Manufacturing - Warren
Truscon Steel Company - Youngstown
Trussed Concrete Steel Company - Youngstown
Trw - Cleveland
Trw Euclid Powerhouse - Euclid
Trw Factory - Cleveland
Trw Inc - Cleveland
Trw Inc. - Cleveland
Trw Incorporated - 23555 Euclid Avenue - Cleveland
Trw Valve - Cleveland
Trw, Incorporated - Cleveland
Tucker, Anthony And Company - Hebron
Turbo Blower Steam Generating Fac - Lorain Works - Lorain
Turbojet Systems Inc - Perrysburg
Tuscarawas Valley High School - Canton
Tuscarawas Valley Hs - Zoarsville
Twinsburg Pumping Station - Canton
Twinsburg Pumping Station Heating - Canton
Tyhis Gardner Paper And Manufacturing Company - Middletown
Tyler Manufacturing - Mentor
Tyson Reiler Bearing - Masellton
Tyson Roller Bearing - Hasellton
Tyson Roller Bearing Corporation - Massillon
Tytus Paper Company - Middletown