Future Motion Onewheel® Lawsuit

Future Motion’s Onewheel® products are electric skateboards with a single wheel in the middle of the board. Onewheel skateboards, however, may stop unexpectedly while in motion, throwing the rider from the board and putting them at risk of serious, even fatal, injuries.

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Electric Onewheel Skateboards Put Riders at Serious Risk

Future Motion’s Onewheel products have a single wheel in the middle of the skateboard, with areas for the rider’s feet in front of and behind the wheel. However, Onewheel skateboards may not function properly and can put riders at serious risk of harm.

While these one-wheel electric skateboards are designed to balance themselves, they may stop suddenly in motion and throw the user from the device by nosediving or pushback (falling forward or backward off the device).

On September 29, 2023, all models of the Onewheel electric skateboard were recalled due to at least four reported deaths between 2019 and 2021. The recall extends to over 300,000 self-balancing electric skateboards.

“CPSC urges consumers not to buy the Onewheel [or] use it due to the ejection hazard....CPSC urges consumers NOT to resell or donate the Onewheel, so others are not put in danger by the hazard.”
– The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

In November, almost a year earlier, CPSC warned consumers to stop using or avoid buying Onewheel skateboards. Sadly, not buying or using a Onewheel isn’t enough for consumers who have already been seriously, if not fatally, hurt by these products.

As a result, many families nationwide have turned to filing Future Motion Onewheel lawsuits to both hold the company accountable for its dangerous products and seek compensation for their injuries.

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Recalled Onewheel Skateboards

All models of Future Motion’s Onewheel skateboards have been recalled, including:

  • Onewheel®
  • Onewheel+®
  • Onewheel+ XR®
  • Onewheel Pint®
  • Onewheel Pint X®
  • Onewheel GT®

These devices can put riders at risk of death and serious injuries. As a result, the CPSC recommends not buying the products listed above or not using, reselling, or donating them if you already own one.

Who Can File a Onewheel Skateboard Lawsuit?

You may be eligible to file a Onewheel lawsuit if you or a loved one:

  • Own or owned a Future Motion Onewheel skateboard
  • Suffered injuries from the board not functioning properly (like stopping suddenly or not balancing the rider)

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Onewheel Skateboard Injuries

When an electric skateboard is in motion and stops suddenly or fails to balance properly, the rider can be forcefully thrown or ejected from the board, causing them to nosedive or fall to the ground.

Reported injuries from Onewheel skateboard accidents include:

  • Bone fractures or breaking
  • Concussions
  • Ligament damage
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Death

If you were injured by a Onewheel skateboard malfunctioning, you may be eligible for compensation from a Onewheel lawsuit.

How to File a Onewheel Nosedive Lawsuit

At Sokolove Law, we strive to make filing a Onewheel lawsuit as stress-free as possible for families by taking care of the legal process for you.

Generally speaking, our Onewheel lawyers and legal team can handle:

  • Confirming your eligibility to take legal action at no cost
  • Gathering the medical records and evidence to build your claim
  • Filing the Onewheel lawsuit within any state deadlines or statutes of limitations
  • Negotiating a Onewheel settlement offer with the defendant(s)
  • Presenting your case in a court trial if a settlement isn’t reached

Our Onewheel lawyers can do all of this and more — for no out-of-pocket costs or hourly fees. Our team only gets paid if you do, so there’s no financial risk to working with us.

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As a national personal injury and product liability law firm, Sokolove Law has:

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Onewheel Nosedive Lawsuit FAQs

Is Onewheel getting sued?

Yes. Multiple families across the country have filed Onewheel lawsuits after suffering injuries from the dangerous and potentially defective skateboards.

Is there a Onewheel class action lawsuit?

Potentially, yes. A Onewheel class action lawsuit has been proposed after multiple riders nationwide have suffered serious injuries due to the potential defects. Several Onewheel riders have even died as a result.

If you or a loved one was injured by a defective Onewheel skateboard, contact Sokolove Law now. You may be able to join the Onewheel class action lawsuit and pursue compensation for your injuries.

How much do Onewheel accident lawyers cost?

At Sokolove Law, there are no out-of-pocket costs or hourly fees to work with our team. Our Onewheel lawyers only get paid if your case results in compensation.

Is a Onewheel safe?

No. Multiple Onewheel riders around the country have reported injuries after their electric skateboards stopped suddenly in motion, throwing them from the device.

As a result, in November 2022, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a warning to consumers, urging them to:

  • Avoid buying Future Motion Onewheel skateboard products
  • Not use the Onewheel skateboard if they already own it
  • Not donate or resell the skateboard so others are not put at risk

Because the company has failed to recall these potentially dangerous products or address these risks, many families have chosen to file Onewheel lawsuits for compensation instead.

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How many people could be affected by Onewheel skateboards?

Tens of thousands of people could be affected based on a rough estimate of sales nationwide. Countless more could still be hurt by dangerous Onewheel products that are still on the market.

Who makes Onewheel electric skateboards?

Future Motion manufactures Onewheel skateboards. In September 2023, almost a year after the CPSC's first warning about the product, Future Motion announced a full recall of their electric skateboards products due to crash hazard risks.

Have Onewheel electric skateboards been recalled? 

Yes. In September 2023, all models of Onewheel electric skateboards were recalled due to riders suffering injuries after the device stopped unexpectedly and ejected users.

The Onewheel recall affects all models of the company's self-balancing electric skateboards, including:

  • Onewheel (original)
  • Onewheel+
  • Onewheel+ XR
  • Onewheel Pint
  • Onewheel Pint X
  • Onewheel GT

If you suffered injuries from a Onewheel skateboard, contact Sokolove Law now. You may be eligible for compensation a Onewheel recall lawsuit.

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