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Rare Disease Day 2018 Highlights a Critical Need for Research and Gives Patients a Reason for Hope

Across the world, millions of people affected by rare diseases face daily challenges that others couldn’t imagine. Schools, workplaces, and... (Continue)

Stanford University’s Stem Cell Research Reveals New Way to Shrink Mesothelioma Tumors

Stanford University researchers may have made a significant breakthrough in cancer research. Using a type of regenerative medicine known as... (Continue)

Deadly Children’s Cosmetics Should Carry Warning Labels, New Legislation Proposes

Already struggling with debt and declining sales, international accessories retailer Claire’s closed out 2017 by pulling 17 products off its... (Continue)

Got the Rhythm to Save a Life? Find Out How to Perform CPR in This Interactive Game

Would you know what to do if someone nearby went into cardiac arrest? If you’re afraid of finding yourself in... (Continue)

After Scott Pruitt Weakens TSCA, Staff Exodus Further Jeopardizes Chemical Review

Several decades ago, the EPA tasked a small staff to become the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), a research program... (Continue)

New Documents Perpetuate Johnson & Johnson’s Asbestos Cover-Up

As a January 22nd talc trial fast approaches, Johnson & Johnson is yet again preparing to defend its Baby Powder, a... (Continue)

Under New Bill, Democrats Hope to Make Asbestos Use Illegal within 18 Months

Banning the use of a substance that kills hundreds of thousands of people across the world every year should be... (Continue)

FDA Authorizes Clinical Trial of Latest Advances in Immunotherapy for Mesothelioma

This week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted an application to develop a new immunotherapy drug for the... (Continue)

Reinvention of EPA under Trump and Pruitt Leaves Americans Unprotected

Despite the uproar during his first year in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Donald Trump made very few... (Continue)

Two Fitchburg Elementary Schools Closed Due to Asbestos Scare

The historically cold winter weather – which spread throughout the Midwest and has now gone as far south as Dallas,... (Continue)

Why You Should Be Outraged: Children’s Makeup Sold at Claire’s Found to Contain Asbestos

Last year it was the teen clothing store Justice (formerly known as The Limited Too), and now, this year, it’s... (Continue)

Toledo Firefighters to Participate in Year-Long Study on Cancer Risks

A new study has just begun in Toledo on the relationship between firefighters and cancer. For years, firefighters have suffered... (Continue)