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Reinvention of EPA under Trump and Pruitt Leaves Americans Unprotected

Despite the uproar during his first year in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Donald Trump made very few... (Continue)

Two Fitchburg Elementary Schools Closed Due to Asbestos Scare

The historically cold winter weather – which spread throughout the Midwest and has now gone as far south as Dallas,... (Continue)

Why You Should Be Outraged: Children’s Makeup Sold at Claire’s Found to Contain Asbestos

Last year it was the teen clothing store Justice (formerly known as The Limited Too), and now, this year, it’s... (Continue)

Toledo Firefighters to Participate in Year-Long Study on Cancer Risks

A new study has just begun in Toledo on the relationship between firefighters and cancer. For years, firefighters have suffered... (Continue)

Brazil Asbestos Ban Means U.S. Corporations Must Find Alternate Materials or Turn to Russia

In late November, the Brazilian Supreme Court enacted a ban on asbestos, deciding the mineral can no longer be mined,... (Continue)

How Donald Trump & Scott Pruitt’s EPA Protects Industry While Poisoning American People

By fulfilling his campaign promise to cut regulations and turn the nation into a cesspool, Donald Trump is following through... (Continue)

Donald Trump & Scott Pruitt Allow Corporations to Shape EPA, but Congress Fights Back

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under President Obama made great strides in its mission to protect the environment, and the... (Continue)

Colgate-Palmolive Settles Claims in Asbestos-Containing Talcum Powder Litigation

In the company’s second talc lawsuit in Philadelphia, Colgate-Palmolive on Friday agreed to settle a claim that its asbestos-containing products... (Continue)

Veterans Day: How to Honor Veterans’ Sacrifice and Ensure Them the Best Possible Future

Every year, November 11 marks Veterans Day, a day to pay tribute to the selfless men and women who served... (Continue)

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month: “Shine a Light” and Save Lives

Lung cancer is by far the leading cancer killer. Among both men and women, it accounts for 27 percent of... (Continue)

Trump Backed EPA Endangers Firefighters with Narrow Interpretation of Chemical Safety Law

Millions of tons of asbestos are among the masses of toxic chemicals escaping Congress-ordered review thanks largely to President Donald... (Continue)

Mesothelioma and Veterans: Why Navy Day Is So Important Even Years After War

October 27, 1858 brought the birth of 1 of the most influential military leaders of his era, Theodore Roosevelt Jr.... (Continue)