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FDA Adds Warnings to Beovu Product Label

On June 10, 2020, the FDA approved an update to the label of Beovu. This new label added warnings for adverse reactions — including retinal vascular occlusion and retinal vasculitis — that can cause permanent blindness.

The label change came months after the FDA gave Beovu approval in October 2019, meaning thousands of people who used the product before this time may have been put at risk without knowing.

Beovu Lawsuits: Wet AMD Injection Linked to Blindness

Beovu was marketed as a cure to one of the leading causes of vision loss: wet AMD. But we now know this medication can actually make eyesight worse. Some who have received Beovu injections are facing a life of permanent blindness.

Over 50,000 people received Beovu injections before the FDA added new warnings about blindness and vision loss in June 2020. If you used this medication before June 10, 2020, and now suffer from retinal vascular occlusion, retinal vasculitis, or other vision problems, you may be able to file a Beovu lawsuit.

The Beovu lawyers at Sokolove Law are here to help. To date, our attorneys have secured over $1.7 Billion for those harmed by other dangerous drugs, making us well-prepared to fight on your behalf.

What Is Beovu?

Beovu (generic name brolucizumab) is a prescription injectable medication intended to prevent the worsening of wet AMD, or age-related macular degeneration.

Wet AMD occurs when a protein (vascular endothelial growth factor or VEGF) builds up in the eyes and causes the abnormal growth of blood vessels. Excess fluid from these blood vessels can then leak out into the eye and disrupt vision. Beovu is an anti-VEGF drug, meaning it works to prevent this protein from building up in the eyes.

Patients typically receive one Beovu injection a month for the first three months, followed by injections every 8 to 12 weeks after that. The average Beovu dosage has a list price of $1,850, according to representatives from Novartis Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Beovu.

Beovu Side Effects

Beovu may be able to stop or slow the development of macular degeneration, but the drug still comes with several harmful side effects. The most notable side effects of Beovu are eye inflammation, pain, severe vision loss, and blindness.

These dangers first came to light a few months after Beovu became publicly available, starting with a February 2020 report from the American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS).

Today, Beovu is known to cause:

  • Intraocular inflammation (IOI): Also known as uveitis, this condition occurs when the inside of the eye becomes sore. It can cause pain, redness, and decreased vision.
  • Retinal vasculitis (RV): This is a type of inflammation that affects the retinas. Common symptoms include blurred vision and an increase of “floaters” (dark specks or strings) in the eye.
  • Retinal vascular occlusion (RO): In severe cases of RV, the retinal vessels can actually get blocked up due to blood clotting. This is known as retinal vascular occlusion, and it can decrease a person's vision and even lead to blindness.

Beovu Blindness and Delayed Reactions

Some people who receive Beovu eye injections may not experience the health problems that lead to vision loss and blindness until weeks or months later. Patients who have suffered from RO or related eye problems prior to treatment are at a higher risk of developing vision-related side effects from Beovu.

This fact was noted by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and later confirmed by Novartis in November 2020 — over a year after Beovu’s FDA approval.

“In the analysis of data from the IRIS Registry, including 12,000 patients treated with Beovu, the highest observed risk for experiencing retinal vasculitis (RV) and/or retinal vascular occlusion (RO) in the six months after first treatment with Beovu was prior intraocular inflammation (IOI) and/or prior RO in the 12 months before first Beovu injection.”

– Novartis

The delayed reaction to this medication is very troublesome, as patients may continue to receive Beovu dosages without realizing it can worsen their sight until it is too late.

Beovu is also dangerous because patients may experience reactions at different times, so it's hard to know who will suffer and who won't. For example, one woman started to experience symptoms like vision problems and pain three months after starting the treatment. Another developed similar symptoms only a month after receiving Beovu injections.

Beovu Frequently Asked Questions

Has there been a recall on Beovu?

No. Beovu’s FDA approval has remained intact despite the risk of permanent blindness and concerns from doctors across the country.

However, Sokolove Law believes that Novartis is putting profits ahead of customer safety by selling a drug that has any chance of causing blindness — the exact health problem it was created to prevent.

Can I file a Beovu lawsuit?

You may be able to file a Beovu lawsuit if you or a loved one received a Beovu eye injection between 10/8/2019 and 6/10/2020 and were later diagnosed with retinal vasculitis and/or retinal vascular occlusion, or experienced significant vision loss.

Through a Beovu vision loss lawsuit, you may:

  • Receive compensation to offset Beovu’s costs and other expenses
  • Hold the drug manufacturer (Novartis) accountable
  • Help alert other people to the dangers, as there has not been a Beovu recall

Get in touch with a Sokolove Law Beovu attorney to see if you can file a lawsuit.

How much money does it cost to file Beovu lawsuits?

When you work with Sokolove Law, you won't pay any upfront costs to file a Beovu lawsuit.

The Beovu lawyers at our firm work on a contingency basis. This means they are only compensated if they secure an award for you through successful Beovu lawsuit settlements or verdicts.

Get Help from a Beovu Law Firm

Beovu safety concerns are increasing among both doctors and patients. If you or a loved one used Beovu before June 10, 2020, and suffered from significant vision loss, a Beovu law firm may be able to help you.

Beovu lawyers may be able to help you hold Novartis accountable and pursue financial compensation for the harm you suffered.

Sokolove Law has decades of experience filing macular degeneration lawsuits and other lawsuits for injuries caused by dangerous medications.

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