Camp Lejeune Settlement Timeline

There’s over $21 Billion available in Camp Lejeune payouts for veterans and their families, and the first Elective Option claim has already been paid. While the Camp Lejeune settlement timeline will vary for each person, we’re prepared to fight to get you the most compensation as quickly as possible.

At Sokolove Law, we’ve recovered over $9.4 Billion total for our clients nationwide. Call (800) 995-1212 now to find out if we may be able to help you pursue a Camp Lejeune settlement.

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When Will the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Be Settled?

Camp Lejeune settlement timelines will vary based on different factors impacting each individual case. The first Camp Lejeune Elective Option payout occurred in October 2023.

Camp Lejeune Payout Timeline Key Details

  • The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects spending over $21 Billion in Camp Lejeune payouts from 2022 to after 2031.
  • The first Camp Lejeune claim was settled in October 2023 through the voluntary Elective Option.
  • Those who qualify for the Elective Option could receive compensation in just a few months.
  • Camp Lejeune trials are set to begin in 2024.
  • The deadline to file a Camp Lejeune claim is August 10, 2024.

The U.S. government is actively evaluating the more than 232,000 Camp Lejeune claims that have been filed since August 2022 — but you only have a limited amount of time remaining to take legal action.

Let us help you pursue Camp Lejeune compensation. Our team can determine if you qualify and work to get you Camp Lejeune payouts as quickly as possible.

$6.1 Billion Paid Out Between 2022 and 2031

The CBO initially projected spending $6.1 Billion on Camp Lejeune payouts between 2022 and 2031, but no claims were settled by the end of 2022.

As a result, billions are still available in Camp Lejeune payouts, potentially providing thousands of families with compensation over the next 8 years.

$15 Billion in Settlements After 2031

In their Camp Lejeune settlements estimate, the CBO noted that an additional $15 Billion may be paid out to Camp Lejeune families after 2031.

This Camp Lejeune payout timeline highlights a long-term commitment to addressing harm caused by the contaminated water on base, ensuring victims potentially receive much-deserved financial support for years to come.

At Sokolove Law, we’ll fight hard to get you the Camp Lejeune settlement you deserve — but you only have until August 2024 to file your claim.

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5 Factors Affecting the Camp Lejeune Settlement Timeline

The Camp Lejeune settlement timeline will differ according to the various factors in each case. Understanding the factors that affect payout time frames can provide you with a better idea of when you might start receiving compensation from a Camp Lejeune lawsuit.

1. Taking the Elective Option or Pursuing a Settlement

Whether you take the Elective Option or push for a lawsuit settlement can affect both how much compensation you may receive as well as how soon you receive it.

The Elective Option was designed to provide veterans and their families with quicker payouts. It offers fixed compensation amounts based on specific illness categories and the length of time spent living or working at Camp Lejeune.

Camp Lejeune settlement amounts may award more money than the Elective Option, but they may take longer to reach because this litigation is complex and the first of its kind.

2. The Camp Lejeune Health Issue

Your diagnosis can also impact potential Camp Lejeune payout timelines. Certain health conditions are eligible for the voluntary Elective Option, which can offer a faster path to compensation.

Additionally, trials will be divided into separate tracks based on different health issues linked to Camp Lejeune, and cases involving predetermined illnesses will be heard before others.

Trials for track 1 illnesses are scheduled to begin in 2024 and will address:

Lawsuits involving these conditions include both those who are still alive and those who have already passed away.

“Even if your loved one died from a disease caused by the drinking water in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, or any time between then and now, you still have a right to make a claim for compensation.”
– Ricky LeBlanc, Managing Attorney at Sokolove Law

3. How Quickly Your Claim Is Filed & Reviewed

All Camp Lejeune claims must first be filed with the Department of the Navy (DON), and the sooner these administrative claims are filed, the faster you may be able to receive a payout.

Once your claim is filed and reviewed, you may receive compensation within a few months if you qualify for the Elective Option.

The Camp Lejeune Elective Option payout timeline includes:

  • 60 days for you to decide if you’ll accept the payment offer
  • 14 days to complete any necessary paperwork
  • Up to 60 days for the government to disburse the payment

If you don’t accept or qualify for an Elective Option payout, your claim will progress as a Camp Lejeune lawsuit.

4. How Long You Were on Base

A line of U.S. Marines in uniform

How long you were exposed to the dangerous chemicals in the water at Camp Lejeune could impact the severity of the health condition you developed. More severe health conditions like cancer or Parkinson’s disease may need more treatment and be awarded more compensation as a result.

The Elective Option, which only provides payouts for 10 health conditions, awards more money depending on how long someone spent on base.

Compensation tiers for the Elective Option are broken down into the following time frames on base:

  • 30 days to 1 year
  • 1 to 5 years
  • More than 5 years

The Elective Option provides more compensation to those with prolonged exposure to the contaminated water.

5. Whether Your Case Settles or Goes to Court

If you don’t accept an Elective Option payout, filing a Camp Lejeune lawsuit may result in compensation in one of two distinct ways.

  • Camp Lejeune Settlements: Your Camp Lejeune lawyer will work to negotiate a settlement with the defendant, using the evidence they’ve gathered to hopefully reach a settlement and avoid a trial.
  • Camp Lejeune Verdicts: If your case proceeds to trial, your Camp Lejeune attorney is prepared to fight for a verdict on your behalf. Receiving a verdict typically takes longer than settling, as additional steps like presenting evidence in court can extend the timeline of the legal process.

Steps to Pursuing Camp Lejeune Payouts

At Sokolove Law, we can handle every step of pursuing Camp Lejeune payouts for you, working to maximize your compensation and minimize the time it takes as much as possible. This way, you can focus on your health and family.

Steps to pursuing a Camp Lejeune settlement include your legal team:

  • Determining your eligibility to take action during a free case review
  • Gathering evidence to verify your illness and your time on base
  • Submitting an administrative claim with the DON before the August 2024 deadline
  • Filing a lawsuit if you don’t accept or qualify for the Elective Option
  • Negotiating a Camp Lejeune settlement with the defendants on your behalf
  • Fighting for you during a trial if your case doesn’t settle

Camp Lejeune payouts can help families pay for medical care, lost wages, and more. If your loved one has already passed away from an illness caused by the water at Camp Lejeune, a settlement may allow you to secure justice on their behalf.

Our VA-accredited attorneys may be able to help you file a lawsuit and a Camp Lejeune VA claim for benefits. Filing a Camp Lejeune lawsuit will not impact your VA benefits.

We’ll fight hard to get you everything you’re entitled to. Call (800) 995-1212 now to start the Camp Lejeune claim process — before it’s too late.

File a Camp Lejeune Claim Before Time Runs Out Video Thumbnail
Video Summary: Managing Attorney Ricky LeBlanc explains that it's still possible to file a Camp Lejeune claim without affecting VA benefits — but time is limited.

There's been a lot in the news lately about Camp Lejeune and the Marines injured there from the contaminated drinking water.

Some people may not understand that those claims can still be made, meaning the law that established these claims provides a time limit for people to make those claims, and that time limit hasn't come up yet. So make your claim now before that window closes.

Others ask, what happens to my VA benefits if I make the claim? No one wants your VA benefits impacted. The VA has made it very clear on their own site,

If you go there, it will state clearly for you that making a claim for injuries from the drinking water at Camp Lejeune against the United States government will have no impact on VA benefits. That's worth repeating.

There is no impact on VA benefits for making these claims.

While this window to make claims remains open, Sokolove Law continues to accept more clients for Camp Lejeune cases, and we will continue to do so while the window remains open.

If you or a loved one has been injured by the drinking water from Camp Lejeune, call Sokolove Law now.

What Is the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Time Frame?

The Camp Lejeune lawsuit time frame allows veterans and their families to file claims until August 2024. The passage of the Camp Lejeune Justice Act in 2022 opened a 2-year window that allowed veterans and their families to take action for health issues from their time on base for the first time ever.

After August 10, 2024, veterans and their families won’t be able to file a Camp Lejeune lawsuit again.The timeline for potentially receiving a Camp Lejeune payout will depend on the specifics of your case.

Contact us to get started before time runs out. Call (800) 995-1212 now to see if you may be eligible for compensation from a Camp Lejeune lawsuit.

Latest Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Settlement Updates

Every Camp Lejeune settlement update that occurred over the past few months has brought us one step closer to securing justice for veterans and their families.

Learn more about the latest Camp Lejeune settlement updates:

June 2024

Since its introduction, the Elective Option has seen 57 offers approved by the government and accepted by families, leading to $14.4 Million in payouts.

May 2024

Approximately $9.6 Million has been awarded to 40 Camp Lejeune families. The court is in the process of reviewing recommendations for a Settlement Master, who may be able to help resolve Camp Lejeune claims faster.

April 2024

Of the multiple Elective Option offers accepted so far, 26 Camp Lejeune families have received compensation totaling $5.95 Million.

March 2024

So far, the government has made 56 offers through the Elective Option. Approximately 24 of these offers have been accepted, with 15 families already receiving compensation for their Camp Lejeune illnesses. The total payout for these cases has reached $3.6 Million.

February 2024

Ten families have now received compensation for Camp Lejeune illnesses, totaling $2.5 Million.  While there have been talks of a global settlement for all pending administrative and legal claims, a pathway to resolving these claims has not been established at this time.

January 2024

The eight Elective Option payouts distributed to Camp Lejeune families so far total $2.05 Million, and there are an additional 33 Elective Option offers currently pending.

December 2023

In 2023, the government awarded $1.45 Million to six Camp Lejeune families through the Elective Option. Payments for each family ranged from $150,000 to $300,000 and addressed cases of leukemia, bladder cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

October 2023

The first Camp Lejeune Elective Option payment has been secured. This payment was confidential, so the amount of money awarded to the Camp Lejeune victim is unknown. However, the payment highlights the quick turnaround time of the Elective Option.

September 2023

A voluntary Elective Option was announced by the Department of Justice and the Department of the Navy, which will provide some families with quicker access to compensation. It may only take a few months to receive compensation from the Elective Option.

August 2023

The Congressional Budget Office estimates a total of $21 Billion will be paid out to those who file Camp Lejeune claims. So far, more than 1,100 lawsuits and over 93,000 administrative claims have been filed.

May 2023

Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have called upon the U.S. Navy and the Department of Justice to speed up the Camp Lejeune settlement process. These lawmakers requested more information about plans to process and settle Camp Lejeune claims faster.

At Sokolove Law, we’re committed to providing regular Camp Lejeune litigation updates to those who’ve already filed or plan to file a claim.

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Will All Claims Result in Camp Lejeune Settlements?

While many Camp Lejeune claims will likely result in settlements, there are other potential outcomes that could provide victims and their families with compensation.

Camp Lejeune veterans and their families may be eligible for one of the following compensation options:

  • Elective Option payouts for administrative claims
  • Camp Lejeune lawsuit settlements
  • Verdicts from a Camp Lejeune trial

In addition to these options, our VA-accredited attorneys may also be able to help you pursue compensation from VA benefits.

While compensation from a Camp Lejeune claim is never guaranteed, we’ll fight hard to get you everything you’re entitled to.

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Sokolove Law: Fighting for Faster Camp Lejeune Payout Timelines

Lady Justice statueAt Sokolove Law, we understand the impact that Camp Lejeune settlements can have on families like yours. That’s why we’re committed to helping Camp Lejeune veterans and their loved ones get compensation as quickly as possible.

Our firm has secured over $9.4 Billion total for our clients across the country, and we have over 45 years of experience marked by compassion, equity, and success.

We’re also proud to work with Ed Bell, the champion of the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, to fight for justice on behalf of veterans and their families.

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Camp Lejeune Payout Timeline FAQs

Has anyone gotten money for the Camp Lejeune lawsuit?

Yes. The Department of Justice has made multiple offers to Camp Lejeune families through the Elective Option. There have been 57 payout offers accepted as of May 2024, totaling $14.4 Million so far.

There is still time to file your claim and pursue a Camp Lejeune settlement. Call (800) 995-1212 now to see if our experienced lawyers may be able to help you get the money you deserve.

When will the Camp Lejeune settlement be paid?

The first Camp Lejeune Elective Option payout was announced in October 2023. No Camp Lejeune lawsuits have resulted in settlements at this time.

The initial projections by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) anticipated Camp Lejeune settlements would start in 2022, with payments expected to extend until 2031 and beyond.

While this timeline has evolved, we remain committed to assisting you throughout this process and will strive to secure compensation on your behalf as quickly as possible. Call (800) 995-1212 now to get started.

How long will it take to get compensation from Camp Lejeune water contamination?

The Camp Lejeune payout timeline will vary for each individual case depending on many factors, including:

  • When your claim is filed
  • The illness you've been diagnosed with
  • Whether or not you choose the voluntary Elective Option over Camp Lejeune litigation

The timeline for compensation from the Camp Lejeune Elective Option spans up to 134 days, depending on how long it takes you to accept the offer before the government settles the payment.

How much money was set aside for the Camp Lejeune settlement?

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated over $21 Billion will be spent on Camp Lejeune settlements. You could be owed a portion of this money. 

Contact our team now to see if we may be able to help you secure compensation from a Camp Lejeune settlement.

When will Camp Lejeune payouts begin?

The first Camp Lejeune payout occurred in October 2023 from the Elective Option, which can provide veterans and their families with compensation in only a few months.

What is the statute of limitations on Camp Lejeune?

The statute of limitations for all Camp Lejeune water contamination claims is August 10, 2024. This deadline was established by the Camp Lejeune Justice Act.

This means that even if your loved one passed away decades ago from an illness linked to Camp Lejeune, you may still be able to take legal action and secure compensation on their behalf before August 2024.

Who can sue for Camp Lejeune water contamination?

You may be able to sue for Camp Lejeune water contamination if you or a loved one:

  • Lived or worked on base for at least 30 days between August 1, 1953 and December 31, 1987
  • Developed an illness or condition linked to the contaminated water

Not sure if you qualify? Call (800) 995-1212 now to speak with a member of our team. We’ll let you know what legal options may be available to you.

Do I need an attorney for a Camp Lejeune settlement payout?

Working with an experienced lawyer may help improve your chances of securing the highest Camp Lejeune settlement payout as quickly as possible.

Additionally, our Camp Lejeune lawyers can handle every step of the legal process for you, so you can focus on your health and family.

Let us fight for you. Get started now with a free case review.Since its introduction, the Elective Option has seen 57 offers approved and accepted, leading to $14.4 million in payouts.

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