Poligrip Lawsuit

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Did you get zinc poisoning from using Poligrip®?

Zinc is a naturally occurring metal that your body needs to maintain healthiness. Zinc helps your body's immune system fight off diseases. Zinc also helps the body grow during pregnancy and childhood. Zinc can be found in foods like oysters, red meat, poultry, shellfish, beans, and nuts.

Zinc does have its benefits, but too much zinc can be harmful for you. Too much zinc can cause you to vomit, be nauseous, get cramps, lose your appetite, or get a headache.

One of the ingredients in Poligrip was zinc. Too much zinc will cause a copper deficiency in your body. Your body needs a healthy balance of the two metals to keep you healthy. The body only needs small amounts of both metals to maintain healthiness.

These two factors can cause neurological disorders (neuropathy) and other issues like loss of balance, numbness or tingling in your limbs, loss of coordination, or metallic-like tastes when eating food.

Have you or someone you love experienced any of these Poligrip side effects? The neurological damages associated with the Poligrip lawsuits can be permanently disabling, and could even lead to death.

Chronic and excessive use of Poligrip has been found as the possible cause of these side effects; however, GSK did not issue any warnings about the dangers of using Poligrip excessively. Since 2010, GSK has produced a non-zinc Poligrip cream because of the dangers of excessive use of zinc.

Other makers of similar denture creams may still continue to use zinc in their products, and insist that using the cream following the instructions is not dangerous. The information and warnings about excessive use were not available to many people who had been using Poligrip for years.

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