Just For Men Hair Color Dye Side Effects Lawsuits Explored

Just For Men Hair Color Dye Side Effects Lawsuits Explored
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Just For Men® hair dye is, arguably, the most popular men's hair coloring product in the U.S and has been for nearly 30 years. Just For Men’s popularity has been attributed to a massive marketing campaign that targets men who want to get rid of gray hair and appear more youthful and vigorous.

However, in recent years, the franchise has come under fire for physically maiming many of its users. Consumer-filed reports show that Just For Men beard and hair products have caused severe chemical burns and allergic reactions on users. These burns sometimes leave extremely painful and potentially permanent facial and scalp damage.

Do You Know What Chemicals Are in Your Just For Men Hair Dye?

While Just For Men – and hair dyes in general – are a fairly common product, they contain a variety of powerful chemical compounds that darken hair and keep that color for an extended period of time. One of those compounds is called p-Paraphenylenediamine (PPD).

What consumers should know is that PPD, an active ingredient in Just For Men, can cause severe allergic reactions, especially when the dose is too concentrated. Many major health organizations, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognize that a concentrated amount of PPD can cause chemical burns, tears, convulsions, tremors, and skin irritations.

Angry Customers Speak Out

In an article by Consumer Affairs, a reader of the site posted a picture of himself with significant swelling around his face and lips, as well as blisters and reddened flesh. He claims the burns were so serious that he had to go to the emergency room and the hospital staff was concerned about his throat swelling shut. Some of the other injured consumers had been long-time users of Just For Men and had only recently been burnt or wounded.

Severe rashes, burns, and permanent scarring: These cases represent a terrible breach of trust and quality on the part of Just For Men, and the franchise’s parent company, Combe Industries, which draws an estimated $250 Million in annual sales. That’s $250 Million dollars’ worth of products that people buy under the assumption that they will be both useful and safe.

JFM Reportedly Denies a Formula Change & Any Wrongdoing

Despite the outpouring of horror stories from injured consumers and the apparent change in the product’s effectiveness, Just For Men refuses to acknowledge that anything is wrong with its hair dye.

A representative for the franchise spoke with Consumer Affairs, stating that the product's formula hasn't changed "in about 7 years." Instead, the representative attributed the burns and reactions to "the fact that body chemistry can change at any one given time." For this reason, the company recommends that users perform what's called a "48-hour allergy patch test" wherein customers apply a small amount of the dye to a patch of skin on their arm to see how they will react to it.

This is an unacceptable response because users of the hair dye have no way to get exact information on their body chemistry and the side effects are potentially so severe that even a so-called “test patch” still involves voluntarily exposing oneself to potential chemical dangers. Further, the effectiveness of this test is highly debatable, given the difference in sensitivity between one’s facial skin and the skin of one’s arm.

Just For Men has tried to portray itself as an open company; however neither its representatives nor its packaging warn consumers that dark-haired men are more likely to develop rashes. This is, obviously, an enormous part of the U.S.’s population that is at an increased risk for injury. If Just For Men neglects to warn its customers about these risks, one must wonder what else is being hidden by the hair-dye giant. 

Victims May Suffer Emotional Traumas That Last a Lifetime

Not only do the injuries caused by Just For Men increase the risk of infection among customers, but they also make it difficult for some men to maintain employment. One user remarked that he couldn’t shave his beard because the rashes beneath it would have prevented him from doing his job. People who work in public and who rely on quickly establishing trust with business partners, coworkers, and investors can have their career, not to mention their self-confidence, ruined by such disfigurements.

Many reactions are not temporary injuries that heal with time and rest – and they must be taken seriously. For some victims, the consequences of a faulty product can last a lifetime.

If you or a loved one has used Just For Men hair dye and have experienced severe burns and/or other adverse side effects, contact Sokolove Law today – you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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Last modified: June 24, 2019