Long Term Disability Laws and Resources

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State Resources

Long term disability laws vary by state. Check the Department of Insurance for the state you live in for more information.

See below for information on insurance laws in your state:

State Agency Phone Number
Alabama Department of Insurance (334) 269-3550
Alaska Division of Insurance (907) 465-2515
Arizona Department of Insurance (800) 325-2548
Arkansas Insurance Department (800) 852-5494
California Department of Insurance (800) 927-4357
Colorado Division of Insurance (800) 930-3745
Connecticut Insurance Department (800) 203-3447
Delaware Insurance Department (800) 282-8611
District Of Columbia Insurance Department (202) 727-8000
Florida Department of Financial Services (877) 693-5236
Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner (800) 656-2298
Hawaii Insurance Division (808) 586-2790
Idaho Department of Insurance (800) 721-3272
Illinois Department of Insurance (877) 527-9431
Indiana Insurance Division (317) 233-4243
Iowa Insurance Division (877) 955-1212
Kansas Insurance Department (800) 432-2484
Kentucky Department of Insurance (800) 595-6053
Louisiana Department of Insurance (800) 259-5300
Maine Bureau of Insurance (800) 300-5000
Maryland Insurance Administration (800) 492-6116
Massachusetts Division of Insurance (617) 521-7794
Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation (877) 999-6442
Minnesota Department of Commerce (800) 657-3602
Mississippi Insurance Department (800) 562-2957
Missouri Department of Insurance (573) 751-2640
Montana Department of Insurance (406) 444-2040
Nebraska Department of Insurance (877) 564-7323
Nevada Division of Insurance (775) 687-4270
New Hampshire Department of Insurance (603) 271-2261
New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (800) 446-7467
New Mexico State Insurance Division (888) 427-5772
New York State Insurance Department (800) 342-3736
North Carolina Department of Insurance (800) 546-5664
North Dakota Department of Insurance (800) 247-0560
Ohio Department of Insurance (800) 686-1526
Oklahoma Insurance Department (800) 522-0071
Pennsylvania Insurance Department (877) 881-6388
Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation (401) 462-9500
South Carolina Department of Insurance (803) 737-6160
South Dakota Division of Insurance (605) 773-3563
Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (615) 741-2241
Texas Department of Insurance (800) 252-3439
Utah Department of Insurance (801) 538-3800
Vermont Insurance Division (800) 964-1784
Virginia State Corporation Commission (877) 310-6560
Washington State Office of Insurance Commissioner (800) 562-6900
West Virginia Insurance Commission (888) 879-9842
Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (608) 266-3585
Wyoming Insurance Department (307) 777-7401

Additional Resources
Many resources are available on the Internet for workers or families in need of assistance. Here are some links that may be helpful to you:

Website Description
Benefits.gov Provides information on more than 1,000 benefit and assistance programs, by state and federal agency
USDA Food and Nutrition Service Information on federal food stamps programs, formally called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
American Public Human Services Association Includes links to state human services agencies
USA.gov Information on government benefits, grants, and financial aid


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