Illinois Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in Illinois to find any companies you may have worked for.

N L Industries Granite City
N. Shure Company South Wells Street Chicago
N.j. Mattson Co. Chicago
N.k. Fairbank And Company Chicago
N.s.m. Chicago
N.w. Incinerator Rosemont
Naaco Mining Div. Armstrong Mills
Nabisco Bldg 17 Chicago
Nabisco Brands, Incorporated Marseilles
Nabisco Company Chicago
Nalco Chemical Company Chicago
Nat Grey Foundry Div Belvidere
National Accelator Lab Batavia
National Aluminate Corporation Chicago
National Aluminate Corporation Clearing
National Aluminum Mfg Co Peoria
National Baking Co Chicago
National Bank Building Chicago
National Biscuit Co. Chicago
National Biscuit Company Chicago
National Biscuit Company Marseilles
National Biscuit Company Naperville
National Biscuit Company Evanston
National Biscuit Company Plant Marseilles
National Biscuit Company, Kennedy Bakery Chicago
National Box Company Chicago
National Brick Machinery Company Chicago
National Can Company Chicago
National Casket Chicago
National Casting Melrose Park
National Casting Co Cicero
National Castings Co Cicero
National Castings Division Cicero
National Container Corporation Of Illinois Madison
National Dairy Products Corporation Glenview
National Distillers Corps. Tuscola
National Distillers Products Corp. Tuscola
National Distillers Products Corporation Tuscola
National Distilling Company Peoria
National Enameling Stamping Co Granite City
National Enameling And Stamping Company Granite City
National Gas Storage Company Of Illinois Herscher
National Gray Iron Foundry Belvidere
National Laundry Chicago
National Laundry Dry Cleaning Company Chicago
National Light, Heat And Power Company Chicago
National Light, Heat And Power Company N Y Cy Chicago
National Lock Rockford
National Lock Co Rockford
National Lock Company Rockford
National Malleable Casting Company Chicago
National Malleable Castings Company Cicero
National Malleable Castings Company Melrose Park
National Manufacturing Company Sterling
National Marine Service Hartford
National Parking Garage Chicago
National Parlor Furniture Company Chicago
National Pecten Chicago
National Petro Chemical Company Ficklin
National Petro Chemicals Co. Tuscola
National Petro Chemicals Co. Ethylene Unit Tuscola
National Petro Chemicals Co. North Plant Tuscola
National Petro Chemicals Co. Parks Wharehouse Decatur
National Petro Chemicals Cop Tuscola
National Petro Chemicals Cop Decatur
National Petro-chem Corporation Tuscola
National Petrochemical Corp Tuscolo
National Petrochemical Corporation Flicklin
National Petrochemical Corporation Tuscola
National Phosphate Corp Marseilles
National Republic Building Chicago
National Safe Deposit Company Chicago
National Soldiers Home Danville
National Standard Havanna
National Standard Co. Havana
National Standard Company Havana
National Starch Chemical Chicago
National Starch Chemical Co. Meredosis
National Steel Company Chicago
National Steel Corporation Granite City
National Stockyards National City
National Supply Company Robinson
National Tea Company Chicago
National Tea Company Crosby Street Chicago
National Video Corp. Chicago
National Ware House Company Chicago
Natkin Service Co Peoria
Natkin Service Co. Peoria
Natl Cast Co Div Midland Ross Cicero 50
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America Station Hammond
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America Station 110 Geneseo
Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America Herscher
Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America Station 310 Centralia
Natural Homes Bloomington
Naval Supply Depot Bldg #32120 Great Lakes
Naval Supply Depot Bldg #3212c Great Lakes
Naval Supply Depot Bldg #321c Great Lakes
Naval Training Center Great Lakes
Navistar Melrose Park
Navy Regional Finance Center Great Lakes
Naylor Pipe Company Chicago
Ncorn Products Refining Co. Ordux Bldg. 33 Argo
Nehi Royal Crown Corp. Chicago
Neisner Brothers Chicago
Nelch Henry Sons Co Springfield
Nelch Henry And Son Co Springfield
Nell Chevrolet Greenfield
Nelson Laundry And Dry Cleaning System, Incorporated Evanston
Nelson Morris And Company Chicago
Nelson Morris And Company East St. Louis
Nelson Morris And Company, Union Stock Yards Chicago
Nelson, Morris And Company East St. Louis
Nescafe Plant Granite City
Nesco Steel Barrel Granite City
Nesco Steel Barrel Company Granite City
Nestle Co Granite City
Nestle Company Granite City
Nestle Foods Company Franklin Park
Nestle Foods Company Granite City
Nestles Co Inc Granite City
New Chicago Trade School Chicago
New Electric Company Mt Carmel
New Idea, Division Auco Sandwich
New Jersey Company De Pue
New Jersey Zinc Depew
New Jersey Zinc De Pue
New Jersey Zinc Co Depue
New Jersey Zinc Company Depue
New Kordite Bldg Jacksonville
New Process D-enameling Co Aurora
New Trier High School Winnetka
New Trier High School Winetka
New Trier Township High School Winnetka
New Trier Township High School Northfield
New Trier Township High School West Division Bldg Nbr A Northfield
New Trier Township High School West Division Bldg Nbr B Northfield
New Trier Township High School West Division Bldg Nbr C Northfield
New Trier Township High School West Division Bldg Nbr F Northfield
New York Central Railroad Elkhart
New York Central Railroad Ft Wayne
New York Central Railroad Laporte
New York Central Railroad Chicago
New York Central Railroad Company Chicago
New York Central System Mattoon
New York Central System Chicago
New York Life Insurance Co. Chicago
New York, Chicago, And St. Louis Railroad Company Chicago
Newest Steel And Wire Sterling
Newman Grade School Newman
Newport Mining Company Decatur
Newton And Associates, Liz Siding Newton
Newton Powerhouse Newton
Ng Manufacturing Plant Matteson
Ng Manufacturing Plant Waukegan
Nicor Mccook
Niederinghaus Methodist Church Granite City
Nigas Morris
Niles Township High School Skokie
Nitco Chemical Company Lawrenceville
Nitrin Chemical Co Cordovam
Nitrin Chemical Corporation Cordova
Nitrin Gas Corp Cordova
Nitrin Inc Cordova
No Petro Checm Co Morris
No Shore Electric Company Harvey
No West Steel And Wire Sterling
Norchem Inc Morris
Norcross C S Sons Bushnell
Norcross C S And Sons Bushnell
Norfolk Western Railroad Decatur
Norfolk Western Railroad St Louis
Norfolk Western Shops Not Provided
Norge Company Herrin
Norge Div Herrin
Norge Div Of Borg Warner Herrin
Normal Laundry Chicago
North American Asbestos Chicago
North American Can Corp Chicago Ridge
North American Cold Storage Company Chicago
North Building Randolph And Canal Street Chicago
North Central Filtration Company Naperville
North Chicago Refiners Smelters, Inc. North Chicago
North End F Company Rockford
North Middle School, North Middle School Alton
North Shore Coke Chemical Company Waukegan
North Shore Electric Company Waukegan
North Shore Electric Company Maywood
North Shore Electric Company Blue Island
North Shore Electric Company Evanston
North Shore Electric Company Highland Park
North Shore Gas Company Waukegan
North Shore Gas Company Deerfield
North Shore Gas Company Naukegan
North Shore Research And Off Morton Grove
North Shore Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Plant Waukegan
North Shore Sanitation District Waukegan
North Star Concrete Pipe Naperville
North Star Egg Case Company Quincy
Northern Hospital For Insane Elgin
Northern Illinois Coal Company Wilmington
Northern Illinois Gas Morris
Northern Illinois Gas Company Minooka
Northern Illinois Light And Traction Company Ottawa
Northern Pacific Railroad Roundhouse Franklin Park
Northern Petro Chemical Morris
Northern Petro Chemicals Joliet
Northern Petrochem Co. Morris
Northern Petrochemical Joliet
Northern Petrochemical Morris
Northern Petrochemical Co Morris
Northern Petrochemical Company Joliet
Northern Petrochemical Company Morris
Northern Trust Chicago
Northtown National Bank Rockford
Northwest Steel Wire Co Sterling
Northwester University Evanston
Northwestern Elevated Railway Company Chicago
Northwestern Gas Light And Coke Company Oak Park
Northwestern Glue Company Chicago
Northwestern Grain And Malt Company Chicago
Northwestern High School Chicago
Northwestern Industrial Piping Niles
Northwestern Malt And Grain Company Chicago
Northwestern Malt And Grain Company Cragin
Northwestern Memorial Hospital Evanston
Northwestern Steel Sterling
Northwestern Steel Wire Sterling
Northwestern Steel Wire Plant #2 Sterling
Northwestern Steel Wire Co. Sterling
Northwestern Stove Repair Company Chicago
Northwestern Yeast Company Chicago
Norton Brothers Chicago
Norton Brothers Maywood
Norton Chemical Co Ringwood
Nortwestern Steel And Wire Company Sterling
Norwegian American Hospital Chicago
Nowest Steel And Wire Sterling
Nu-way Laundry Cleaners Glen Ellyn
Nubian Paint Varish Company Chicago
Nutwood Drainage Levee District East Hardin
Nutwood Drainage Levee District Jerseyville
Nutwood Drainage Levee District Jerseyville