Texas Job Sites Containing Asbestos

You or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos at a past job. Use this alphabetical listing of known asbestos exposure sites in Texas to find any companies you may have worked for.

A M University Engineeer Building College Station
A S Steel Buildings Inc Houston
A B Usi Quantum Equistar Chemical Plant Deer Park
A Brandt And Company Fort Worth
A I S D Computer Room Austin
A T T Co. Orange
A-b Chemical Corp. Deer Park
A. Brandy Company Fort Worth
A. Courchesne El Paso
A. Kroschewsky Gin Taylor
A. P. Green Refractory Freeport
A. Schulman Incorporated Orange
A.c. S. Incorporated Dallas
A.g. Processing, Incorporated Denison
A.h. Belo Company Dallas
A.h. Belo Company Galveston
A.m. Lockett Company Limited Garland
A.m. Lockett And Company Limited Kansas City
A.o Smith Pipe Houston
A.o. Smith Houston
A.o. Smith Chemical Plant Houston
A.o. Smith Corporation Waco
A.p. Green Refactories Plant Freeport
A.p. Hill Houston
A/s. Steelmaker Houston
Abasco, Incorporated Addison
Abc Machines Houston
Aber Houston
Aber Company Houston
Aber Company, Inc. Houston
Aber Insulation (contractor) Houston
Abercrombie (uss) Orange
Abilene Boiler Company Abilene
Abilene, Texas Abilene
Abitibi Consolidated Paper Mill Sheldon
Abitibi Consolidated Paper Mill (fka Donohue Paper) Lufkin
Abitibi Consolidated Paper Mill 1champion International Corp Lufkin
Abitibi Consolidated, Incorporated Sheldon
Abitibi-consolidated Corp. Lufkin
Abitibi-consolidated Paper Lufkin
Able Insulation Port Arthur
Able Supply Company Houston
Abm Machinery Company 4312 Willow Springs Road Austin
Ac Horn Plant Houston
Acands, Inc. Houston
Acands, Inc. Dallas
Acands, Inc. San Antonio
Acbo Aluminum And Brass Plant Houston
Acme Brick Bridgeport
Acme Brick Fort Worth
Acme Brick Co Fort Worth
Acme Brick Co Ft Worth
Acme Brick Company Fort North
Acme Cooperage Co Dallas
Acme Insulation Supply Co. Dallas
Acme Laundry Company El Paso
Actitech Sherman
Ada Oil Co. Clay County
Adair Insulating, Inc Odessa
Adair Insulation Inc Odessa
Adams Food Store Burnet
Administration Building, 2727 Zoological Drive Ft Worth
Administration Building, 405 E.david Mesquite
Administration Building, 702 North N Street Midland
Admiral Linen Services Ft Worth
Ae Caldwell Houston
Aep Southwestern Electric Power Company Avinger
Aep Southwestern Electric Power Company Hallsville
Aep Southwestern Electric Power Company Lone Star
Aep Texas Central Company Mission
Aep Texas Central Company Corpus Christi
Aep Texas Central Company Victoria
Aep, Welsh Power Plant Pittsburg
Aeronautics Missiles Division Dallas
Aeronautics Missiles Division Grand Prairie
Aerospace Medical Division Brooks Air Force
Ag Chemical Plant Freeport
Agricultural Mechanical College Of Texas College Station
Agruim U.s. Incorporated Borger
Aileen, Incorporated Abilene
Air Conditioning Inc. Austin
Air Products Pasadena
Air Products And Chemical La Porte
Air Products And Chemicals, Incorporated Pasadena
Air Products Co Pasadena
Aitken Plant Houston
Aktion Houston
Alamo Ginning Company San Antonio
Alamo Heights High School- Auditorium 6900 Broadway San Antonio
Alamo Industries, Incorporated Deer Park
Alamo Manufacturing Company Dallas
Alamo National Bank 154 East Commerce Street San Antonio
Alamo Polymer Corporation Deer Park
Alamogordo Lumber Company El Paso
Albemarle Corporation Pasadena
Albert S. Burelson Houston
Alco Products Beaumont
Alcoa Point Comfort
Alcoa Port Lavaca
Alcoa Rockdale
Alcoa (aluminum Co Of America) Point Comfort
Alcoa (aluminum Co Of America) Rockdale
Alcoa (aluminum Co. Of America) Sandow Plant Rockdale
Alcoa (f/k/a Reynolds Metals) Rockdale
Alcoa Aluminum Point Comfort
Alcoa Aluminum Rockdale
Alcoa Aluminum Rockville
Alcoa Aluminum Building 127 Rockdale
Alcoa Aluminum Plant Point Comfort
Alcoa Aluminum Plant Rockdale
Alcoa Aluminum Plant/refinery Rockdale
Alcoa Company Point Comfort
Alcoa Point Comfort
Alcoa Rockdale Rockdale
Alcoa, Point Comfort Operation Point Comfort
Aldine High School Houston
Allan Junior High School Girls Gymnasium Austin
Alliant Techsystems Mcgregor
Allied Chemical Orange
Allied Chemical Corp. Orange
Allied Chemical Plant/mccarthy Winnie
Allied Chemical Wax Plant War Orange
Allied Construction Dallas
Allied Industries Houston
Allied Sheet Metal Shop Houston
Allied/signal Oil Refinery Orange
Allison Elementary School Austin
Allison School Austin
Alpha Portland Cement Company Orange
Alumina Plant Point Comfort
Alumina Refinery Point Comfort
Aluminum Co Of America Point Comfort
Aluminum Company Point Comfort
Aluminum Company Of Ameri Rockdale
Aluminum Company Of America Point Comfort
Aluminum Company Of America Rockdale
Aluminum Company Of America San Antonio Warehouse 401 Delgado San Antonio
Aluminum Company Of America Sandow Plant Rockdale
Aluminum Company Of America (alcoa) Point Comfort
Aluminum Company Of America, San Antonio Warehouse, 401 Delgado San Antonio
Aluminum Corporation Of America Point Comfort
Aluminum Corporation Of America Sandow
Aluminum Corporation Of America Bandow
Aluminum Corporation Of America Pt Comfort
Aluminum Plant Rockdale
Alvin C. Cockrell (uss) Orange
Alvin High School Alvin
Am Lockett Brownsville
Am Lockett Deer Park
Am Lockett Houston
Am Lockett San Juan
Amarillo Air Force Base Amarillo
Amarillo Oil Company Fritch
Amarillo Oil Company Turkey Creek Gasoline Plant Fritch
Amarillo Plant Amarillo
Amarillo Schools Amarillo
Amelia Earhart Houston
Amer. Magnesium Co. Snyder
Amerada Hess Corp Galena Park
Amerada Hess Oil Refinery Corpus Christi
American Hoechst- Bayport Works Pasadena
American Airlines Love Field Dallas
American Airlines, Love Field Dallas
American Asphalt Roof Company Fort Worth
American Bank Of Commerce Odessa
American Bridge Orange
American Bridge Division Orange
American Can Company Houston
American Can Company San Antonio
American Can Plant Houston
American Chemical Co Texas City
American Chrome Chemicals Corpus Christi
American Clay Tyler
American Cotton Growers, Incorporated Littlefield
American Cyanamid Chemical Plant Fort Worth
American Cyanamid Company Ft Worth
American Cyanamid Company Fort Worth
American Etching Dallas
American Fmfg Fort Worth
American Hoechst Port Arthur
American Hoechst Corporation Bayport
American Insulation Company Beaumont
American Insulation Company Port Arthur
American Insulation Company Inc. Beaumont
American Linen Service San Antonio
American Linen Supply San Antonio
American Lumber Treating Corp. El Paso
American Magnesium Co Brand
American Manufacturing Fort Worth
American Manufacturing Company Of Texas Fort Worth
American Minerals Spirits Corpus Christi
American Norit Marshall
American Norit (see Also Darco) Marshall
American Norit Company Incorporated Marshall
American Oil Texas City
American Oil Orange
American Oil Door Nbr 3 Houston
American Oil Co Houston
American Oil Company Texas City
American Oil Company Alvin
American Oil Company Galveston Bay Refinery Texas City
American Oil Company (amoco) Galveston
American Oil Company (amoco) Longview
American Oil Company Chemical Plant Texas City
American Permanent Ware Dallas
American Petrofina Port Arthur
American Petrofina Compan Mt. Pleasant
American Petrofina Company Mt. Pleasant
American Petroleum Co. Stitson
American Plant Food Galena Park
American Porcelain Enamel Company Houston
American Public Service Company Abilene
American Rio Grande Land And Irrigation Company Mercedes
American Robin Houston
American Rock Wool Corp Corsicana
American Smelting Refinery Company El Paso
American Smelting Refining Corpus Christi
American Smelting Refining El Paso
American Smelting Refining Co. El Paso
American Smelting Refining Company El Paso
American Smelting Refining Company Corpus Christi
American Smelting And Refin Corpus Christi
American Smelting And Refining Company El Paso
American Smelting Steel Mill El Paso
American Stateman Austin
American Synpol Port Neches
American Valve Hydrant Beaumont
Ameripol Synpol Port Neches
Ameripol Synpol Co. Port Neches
Ameripol Synpoll Bf Goodrich Orange
Ameripol Synpoll Bf Goodrich/michelin Usa (south Plant) Port Neches
Ameripol Synpoll Texas Us Chemical/texas Butadiene/texaco Chemical Port Neches
Ameripol-synpol Port Neches
Amf Tubescope, Inc Houston
Amicable Life Building Waco
Amoco Chocolate Bayou
Amoco Edgewood
Amoco Old Ocean
Amoco Wink
Amoco Sweeney
Amoco Texas City Refinery Fcu Unit 3 Texas City
Amoco Texas City Refinery No 1 Power House Expansion Texas City
Amoco (american Oil Co)/standard Oil Co Alvin
Amoco (american Oil Co)/standard Oil Co Angleton
Amoco (american Oil Co)/standard Oil Co Chocolate Bayou Angleton
Amoco (american Oil Co)/standard Oil Co/pan American Refinery Texas City
Amoco Acid Plant Chocolate Bayou
Amoco Chemcial Plant Alvin
Amoco Chemcial Plant Pasadena
Amoco Chemical Alvin
Amoco Chemical Chocolate Bayou
Amoco Chemical Texas City
Amoco Chemical Company Texas City
Amoco Chemical Corp Chocolate Bayou
Amoco Chemical Corporation Brownsville
Amoco Chemical Corporation Alvin
Amoco Chemical Corporation Chocolate Bayou
Amoco Chemical Plant Texas City
Amoco Chemical Plant Chocolate Bayou
Amoco Chemical Ships/plant Texas City
Amoco Chemicals Texas City
Amoco Chemicals Corp. Texas City
Amoco Chemicals Corporation Texas City
Amoco Corporation Alvin
Amoco Corporation Texas City
Amoco Gas Production Plant Old Ocean
Amoco Oil Company Texas City
Amoco Oil Company Galveston Bay Refinery Texas City
Amoco Oil Refinery Alvin
Amoco Oil Refinery Texas City
Amoco Production Edgewood
Amoco Production Tyler
Amoco Production Co Edgewood
Amoco Production Co Odessa
Amoco Production Co Sweeney
Amoco Production Co Yantis
Amoco Production Company, South Fullerton Gas Plant Andrews
Amoco Refinery Plant Chocolate Bayou
Amstar Corporation, Corn Products Division Dimmitt
Amtek Plant Port Brownsville
Anadarko Corpus Christi
Anchor Hocking Gas Plant Houston
Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation Houston
Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation Jacksonville
Anderson Clayton Co Sherman
Anderson Elementary, 3400 Garden Lane Dallas
Anderson High School Austin
Anderson, Clayton And Company Sherman
Andrews Gas Plant Andrews
Angelica Corporation Dallas
Angelina County Lumber Company Keltys
Angelina County Lumber Company Kellys
Angelina Hardwood Plant Lufkin
Angleton High School Houston
Anheuser Busch Houston
Anheuser Busch Brewery In Houston
Anheuser Busch Incorporated Houston
Anheuser Busch Plant Houston
Anheuser Busch, Incorporated Houston
Anheuser-busch Houston
Annex 18, 406 Caroline Street Houston
Annex 4, 109 East Shaw Pasadena
Anti-pollution Devices In Corsicana
Ao Smith Of Texas Houston
Ao Smith Of Texas Galena Houston
Ap Green Thermo
Ap Green Henderson
Ap Green Houston
Apco Oil Corporation San Antonio
Apparel Mart Dallas
Appleton Electric Company Stephenville
Apprentice School San Antonio
Aramark Corporation Dallas
Arapaho Elementary, 1300 Cypress Richardson
Arch Chemicals, Incorporated Beaumont
Archer County Hospital, 410 Chestnut Archer City
Arco Beaumont
Arco Pasadena
Arco Port Arthur
Arco Houston
Arco (atlantic Richfield Company) Houston
Arco (atlantic Richfield Company) 1sinclair/atlantic Richfield Houston
Arco (atlantic Richfield Company)/sinclair/atlantic Richfield Corpus Christi
Arco (atlantic Richfield Company)/sinclair/atlantic Richfield Pasadena
Arco (atlantic Richfield Company)/sinclair/atlantic Richfield Pledger
Arco Chemical Channelview
Arco Chemical Port Arthur
Arco Chemical Pasadena
Arco Chemical Co Channelview
Arco Chemical Co. Channelview
Arco Chemical Co. (texas Butadine Chemical Corp.) Channelview
Arco Chemical Refinery Plant Pasadena
Arco Oil Gas Longview
Arco Oil Refinery Houston
Arco Oil Refinery Pasadena
Arco Polymers Port Arthur
Arco Polymers Silsbee
Arco Polymers Plant Groves
Arco Refinery Beaumont
Arco Refinery Houston
Arco Refinery Pasadena
Arco Refinery Plant Houston
Arco/ Atlantic Richfield Chemical Co. Channel View
Arco/ Atlantic Richfield Chemical Co. Houston
Arco/sinclair Houston
Arizona Chemical Company Brownfield
Arkansas Cement Foreman
Arkansas Fuel Oil Company Greggton
Arkansas Fuel Oil Company Washom
Arkansas Fuel Oil Company Waskom
Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company Waskom
Arkla Energy Resources Waskom
Armco Sheffield Steel Houston
Armco Steel Houston
Armco Steel Channelview
Armco Steel Corp Houston
Armco Steel Corp Coke Plant Houston
Armco Steel Corp. Houston
Armco Steel Corporation Houston
Armco Steel Corporation Houston Works Houston
Armco Steel Mill Greens Bayou
Armco Steel Mill Pasadena
Armco Steel Mill Channelview
Armco Steel Mill Houston
Armco Steel Mill Plant Houston
Armour And Company Ft Worth
Armour And Company North Ft. Worth
Armour Meat Packing House Fort Worth
Armstrong Cont Supply Houston
Armstrong Container Supply Dallas
Armstrong Contracting Supply Houston
Armstrong Contracting Supply Corporation Wichita Falls
Armstrong Contracting Supply Corporation Houston
Armstrong Contracting Supply Corporation Beaumont
Armstrong Contracting Supply Corporation Galveston
Armstrong Cork Company Houston
Armstrong Cork Company Dallas
Army Reserve Module 450 Austin
Arthur St. Clair Houston
Asarco El Paso
Asarco Corpus Christi
Asarco (american Smelting And Refining Company) El Paso
Asarco Chemical Corpus Christi
Asarco Copper Metals Refinery/plant/smelting Plant Amarillo
Asarco Copper Smelter Elpaso
Asarco Plant Amarillo
Asarco Refinery Corpus Christi
Asarco Smelting Corpus Christi
Asarco Smelting Plant El Paso
Asarco Smelting Plant Houston
Asarco Smelting Plant Corpus Christi
Asarco Zinc Refinery/ecycle Texas Hydrometallurgical Corpus Christi
Asarco, Incorporated El Paso
Ashland Chem Co Aransas Pass
Ashland Chemical Baytown
Ashland Chemical Ashland
Ashland Chemical Company Baytown
Ashland Oil Ashland
Ashland Oil Chemical Baytown
Asidos Houston
Associated Mechanical Contractors Hooks
Associated Oil Odessa
Astro Arena Houston
Astro Dome Houston
Astrodome Houston
Astroworld Houston
Astroworld Amusement Park Houston
Att Mesquite
Atchinson, Topeka And Santa Fe Railway Company Cleburne
Atlantic Gulf Pacific Co. Galveston / Beaumont
Atlantic Gulf Pacific Co. Houston
Atlantic Oil/ol Olsen Co Atlanta
Atlantic Oil/ol Olsen Co Sheridan
Atlantic Refinery Port Arthur
Atlantic Refining Dallas
Atlantic Refining Co Groves
Atlantic Refining Co Atreco
Atlantic Refining Co Atreco Refinery Port Arthur
Atlantic Refining Company Port Arthur
Atlantic Refining Company Atreco
Atlantic Richfield Chemical Company Channelview
Atlantic Richfield Co Houston
Atlantic Richfield Co Silsbee
Atlantic Richfield Company Houston
Atlantic Richfield Company Port Arthur
Atlantic Richfield Company Pasadena
Atlantic Richfield Company Groves
Atlantic Richfield Company Price
Atlantic Richfield Company Atreco
Atlantic Richfield Company (arco) Channel View
Atlantic Richfield Company, Arco Polymers, Incorporated Port Arthur
Atlantic Richfield Corp Houston
Atlantic Richfield Oil Refinery Groves
Atlantic Steamer Supply Houston
Atlas Airconditioning Co Houston
Atlas Bradford Co Houston
Atlas Chemical Industries Inc Marshall Plant Marshall
Atlas Chemical Industries, Inc. Marshall
Atlas Chemicals Inc Marshall
Atlas Incinerator Denton
Atlas Pipe Line Co. Longview
Atlas Pipe Plant Houston
Atlas Powder Company Marshall
Atlas Processing Company Longview
Atofina Petrochemicals, Incorporated Deer Park
Atofina Petrochemicals, Incorporated La Porte
Atofina Petrochemicals, Incorporated Port Arthur
Atomic Energy Commission Amarillo
Atreco Refinery Port Arthur
Auroco Chemicals Corporation Brownsville
Austin Bridge Co. (dpc) Dangerfield
Austin Contracting Dallas
Austin Energy Austin
Austin Junior High, 3410 Austin Street Beaumont
Austin Power Plant Austin
Austin Rapid Transit Austin
Austin State Hospital Austin
Austin State Hospital Ward Buildings 545 519 Austin
Austin State School Austin
Austin State School Hospital Austin
Austin State School Hospital Generators Austin
Austin State School Hospital Mental Health Supply Warehouse Austin
Austin State School Hospital Resocialization Unit Austin
Austin Street Railway Company Austin
Austin White Lime Co Austin
Austin White Lime Co Mcneil
Austin White Lime Company Mcneill
Austin White Lime Company Austin
Austin White Lime Company Mcneil
Aviation Mechanics School Wichita Falls
Axtell Plumbing Supply Fort Worth
Azalea And Loma Victoria
Aztec Manufacturing Co Fort Worth
Aztec Manufacturing Company Houston
Aztec Manufacturing Company Crowley
Aztec Mfg Co Houston