What Is the Time Limit for Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Claims?

Calendar showing the deadline to file Camp Lejeune claims

Since the PACT Act and Camp Lejeune Justice Act were signed into law in 2022, those harmed by the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987 have been able to file lawsuits for compensation.

However, the deadline to file for Camp Lejeune water contamination is quickly approaching.

The deadline to file a Camp Lejeune claim is August 10, 2024. This deadline was established by the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, providing families with a 2-year statute of limitations to file their legal claims.

While the deadline to file may be in August, Camp Lejeune attorneys need time to gather documents and build each case. This makes it even more important for families to get started as soon as possible before it’s too late.

Already families across the country have started to receive Camp Lejeune compensation, and hopefully, more will soon get justice as cases head to trial this year.

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Understanding the Deadline to File for Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Claims

For decades, the U.S. government avoided responsibility for the toxic chemicals in Camp Lejeune’s water, leaving many veterans and civilians who became sick after spending time on base without any options.

When the Camp Lejeune Justice Act was signed into law on August 10, 2022, it opened a 2-year window for all toxic water victims to finally seek justice for the harm they suffered.

“It’s frustrating for families to watch the government build their timelines for their own good, but families and those harmed at Camp Lejeune have a very tight window to make a claim.”
– Chris Carberg, Son of Camp Lejeune Veteran John Carberg

Sadly, more cancers are only now being connected to the water contamination on base, giving victims only a few months to take action.

While many victims have been left reeling as they struggle to deal with serious medical conditions and track down the needed records, the government continues to move slowly to pay families.

Determining Eligibility Before the Camp Lejeune Deadline

Anyone who lived or worked at Camp Lejeune for at least 30 days between August 1953 and December 1987 and later suffered a serious illness may be eligible to file a Camp Lejeune claim. This may include Camp Lejeune veterans, their family members, and civilian workers.

Some Camp Lejeune-related health issues include:

Even if your loved one passed away from a Camp Lejeune health issue decades ago, you may still qualify for compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit.

If you or a loved one suffered one of these health conditions after being exposed to the toxic water at Camp Lejeune, call (800) 995-1212 now. You may be eligible for compensation, but only if you act fast.

3 Tips for Navigating the Camp Lejeune Deadline & Claims Process

Filing a Camp Lejeune claim can be confusing and may deter some victims from pursuing the compensation they deserve. However, following these 3 tips can help you file your claim before the deadline.

1. Contact a Lawyer for Help Today

Working with an experienced Camp Lejeune lawyer can help make filing a claim as stress-free as possible.

A trusted Camp Lejeune lawyer can:

  • Request records to verify your illness
  • Gather evidence to connect your condition to contaminated water on base
  • File your Camp Lejeune claim before the deadline
  • Help you navigate your compensation options
  • Present your case in trial

Even after your claim is filed and the deadline passes, your lawyer will continue fighting for you as your case progresses.

The best Camp Lejeune lawyers will want to ensure that you feel taken care of and will try to maximize the compensation you may receive.

2. Request Military Records ASAP

The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) previously had a backlog of nearly 600,000 records requests for veterans. Thousands of families were held up seeking military records, like discharge details in their DD 214 form, to prove they or their loved one served at Camp Lejeune.

As of March 2024, the NPRC has cleared this backlog. However, the center still gets over 4,000 record requests a day, which can quickly pile up and extend timelines.

Veterans may have to wait weeks to get their records, so it’s important to submit a request as soon as possible.

In some cases, your state representative may be able to expedite the records request process. Your legal team can also help you gather all of the documents you need to support your claim.

3. Be Prepared to Wait Even After the Deadline Passes

Even after the deadline to file Camp Lejeune claims passes, it could still take months before you receive compensation. Only a fraction will be eligible for the expedited Elective Option, while all others will need to go through settlement negotiations or trial.

Be cautious of Camp Lejeune scams that promise large settlements in a short amount of time. The Camp Lejeune claims process is complex and may take time to resolve.

Since Camp Lejeune litigation is so new, the process for these historic lawsuits is evolving every day, and it may continue to change even after the deadline passes.

For example, lawyers representing victims are fighting to have cases heard in front of a jury of the veterans’ peers. However, in early 2024, federal judges overseeing the litigation struck down the right to jury trials, despite outrage from veterans and lawyers.

“We’re military people. We serve to protect this democracy,” stated one Camp Lejeune survivor. “Our Constitution guarantees us a right by trial by a jury of our peers.”

By working with a trusted Camp Lejeune lawyer, you can let them worry about the legal proceedings and keep you up to date as your case progresses.

Where Does Camp Lejeune Litigation Currently Stand?

Despite the government’s delays, some families who filed Camp Lejeune lawsuits are beginning to see progress toward justice.

As of May 2024, over $9.6 Million has been paid to more than 40 families. This is a small fraction of the total $21 Billion the government has projected to pay in Camp Lejeune compensation.

So far, all payments have been made through the Camp Lejeune Elective Option, which the Department of Navy set up in September 2023 to pay families more quickly. In the following month, the first victims received compensation — over a year after the Camp Lejeune Justice Act was signed.

However, only a small number of Camp Lejeune claimants are eligible for the Elective Option, meaning most have uncertain Camp Lejeune settlement timelines.

This wait may hold some veterans and other victims back from filing claims, but legal advocates and some U.S. Senators have pushed the Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG) and Department of Justice (DOJ) to resolve claims faster.

“Further delay is unacceptable, and it is critically important that JAG and DOJ move quickly to adjudicate or settle these cases in a transparent, efficient manner. Anything less is an injustice.”
– North Carolina Senator Ted Budd

The momentum toward justice may pick up pace as the year progresses. Find out about the latest news on our Camp Lejeune litigation updates page.

Get Help Before the Deadline to File for Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

Time is quickly running out for victims of Camp Lejeune water contamination to seek justice. If you or your loved one developed a serious illness after working or living at Camp Lejeune, Sokolove Law may be able to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Remember, taking legal action will not affect your Camp Lejeune VA benefits, allowing you to seek additional compensation for yourself and your family.

Don’t miss your chance for justice. Call us at (800) 995-1212 now or get a free Camp Lejeune case review to start your claim before time runs out.

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