Minnesota State Employees Allege Bad Faith

A number of Minnesota state employees in a public employee union are alleging that they unfairly lost their insurance coverage due to either bad faith tactics, or something as simple and avoidable as a clerical error.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, a recent audit of state workers and their dependents determined that four percent of those who were enrolled in the state health insurance were actually ineligible. Because of this, approximately 3,100 people had their insurance plans suddenly terminated.

However, at least 20 workers who had their insurance coverage lost have come forward claiming they were unfairly denied. While the audit, they say, was supposed to crack down on cases of fraud, these workers claim that they had their insurance terminated because they simply had not supplied the proper paperwork on time.

Many of them added that they were never contacted about the audit or informed that they had not supplied the proper documents, and therefore hat their policies wrongly terminated.

"I'm not saying we may not have done something wrong but they're basically denying us coverage for what comes down to a paperwork error, which cost us $2,500," said Hugh Killam, one victim of the insurance termination whose wife teaches at Minnesota State University Mankato.

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Last modified: October 19, 2021